Iglesia Evangélica Metodista Argentina, Rosario

Marriages in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Rosario and the Province of Santa Fe, 1889-1895
Register B

Baptisms 1865-1881,   1882-1888,   1889-1895   1895-1910   1911-1915     Marriages 1868-1889,   1889-1895   1896-1915    Burials  1865-1893

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# pág fecha nombre del novio edad del novio nacido en domiciado en culto nombre de la novia edad de la novia nacida en domiciada en culto pastor testigos notas
# page date man's name man's age born in resident of church woman's name woman's age born in resident of church pastor witnesses notes
146 100 30/3/1889 Blanc, Louis Henri 28/9/1842 Lauzanne, Switzerland   Protestant Moraz, Jennie Louisa 3/2/1869 Gillars St Croix, Switzerland   Protestant JMS José L. Soltie, Frank A. Noel  
147 101 20/3/1889 Gerber, Rudolf x/x/1856 Switzerland   Protestant Rikli, Maria x/x/1857 Switzerland   Protestant JMS Juan Robles, Maria Roth  
148 101 13/8/1889 Riddle, William R.     San Nicolás, Buenos Aires   Armstrong, Minnie     San Nicolás, Buenos Aires   JMS   the civil law marriage having been first complied with
149 101 25/5/1889 Dent, William 23 England Asunción, Paraguay   Thompson, Fanny 20 Argentina Asunción, Paraguay   JMS George J. Bischoff, Clara J. Gillies Fanny, born of English-American parents
150 102 25/5/1889 Bischoff, George John x/x/1857 New York State, USA Asunción, Paraguay   Gillies, Clara J. x/x/1852 St Louis, USA Asunción, Paraguay   JMS William Dent, Fanny Thompson evidence of divorce not complete
151 102 20/6/1889 Hall, Alfred 9/10/1866 England Ávila   Anderson, Janet Scott 22/6/1868 England Ávila   JMS   after the civil marriage had been performed in Rosario
152 103 3/12/1889 Sutherland, Alick   Scotland Rosario   Michie, Elisabeth   Scotland Rosario   JMS Alexander Watson, James Wilson  
153 103 26/1/1890 Bentley, Eugene Adrian 25/6/1863 Switzerland Armstrong   Bernhardt, Anna Alina Elisabeth Henrietta 29/4/1872 Germany     JMS Enrique Hanson, Anne-Lia Hanson, Agosto Selneck the bride's guardian was Enrique Hanson; the couple has previously gone through the form required by law before the civil judge
154 103 9/10/1889 Biggs, John 7/4/1866 Southampton Rosario   Corbin, Louisa Minnie 11/12/1869 Southampton Rosario   JMS    
155 104 2/6/1890 Battcock, Frederick George 7/4/1861 Woolston, Hampshire, England Rosario Protestant Mazzina, Juanita 24/6/1866 Camorini, Switzerland Rosario Catholic JMS Rosa Porta, Henry Battcock, George Slater and others the said parties having been legally married by the Civil Law before Judge Ramon Pereyra of the City of Rosario
156 105 4/6/1890 Minton [Minturn], James B. 28 Province Mass   Protestant Zerba, Nellie 17 Tigre, Prov. Buenos Aires   Protestant JMS Juan Dedes, Domingo Figola they presented a marriage certificate duly signed by the Judge of the Civil Court, duly signed and certified, showing that they had complied with the civil marriage law
157 105 9/12/1890 Gründel, Gustavo x/x/1864 Germany     Hoffmann, Bertha x/x/1866 Germany     JMS    
158 106 17/7/1890 Roberts, William Arthur x/x/1865 Parish of Hope, County Flint, North Wales   Protestant Patterson, Elisabeth x/x/1874 Rosario   Protestant JMS William Long, John Smith having been duly married in compliance with the laws of the Argentine Republic
159 107 8/10/1890 Macdonald, William Farquharson     Rosario   Simpson, Margaret         JMS John Farquharson Macdonald, Martha Agnetta Spangler they were previously united in marriage to meet the demands of the law before Enrique Alvarez of the second section of Rosario de Santa Fe
160 108 25/7/1890 Johnson, Hugh Barr     Rosario   Ross, Janet Harvey   Rosario     JMS    
161 109 27/9/1890 Goldman, Enrique         Witscher, Clara         JMS Theodore Brem, Otto Kohnt  
162 109 x/x/1890 Petterson, Claes Emanuel 29 Stockholm   Protestant Baird, Annie x/x/1849 Scotland   Protestant JMS    
163 110 20/12/1890 Mitchell, Nathaniel E.         McClymont, Catherine Eliza         JMS Robert Day, Mary Elisa Day and various others  
164 110 9/3/1891 Clarke, Thomas         Mitchell, Isabel Maria         JMS Nathaniel Mitchell, Robert Day  
165 110 30/3/1891 Vallen, Henry         Elliott, Anna         JMS Rosa Porter, George Spooner  
166 111 7/4/1891 Roberts, Sydney W. 30/3/1865 Sandhurst, Australia   Protestant Montgomery, Lizzie Alma 31/10/1863 Woolwich, England   Protestant JMS B. A. Pritchard, John Clarke  
167 112 24/7/1891 Hara-Jaaffe, G. O. 27 USA   Protestant Smith, Amy 30 Denmark   Protestant JMS Dr Edward Lund, Carlos Rees  
168 113 17/7/1891 Smith, Donald Macalister       Protestant Vighicca, Fanny   Corrientes   Catholic JMS   first married by the civil authorities and the Catholic priest of Corrientes
169 113, 4 16/9/1891 Jutting, Herbert x/x/1864 employed on railway; born London   Protestant Gates, Julia x/x/1873 under age Chester   Protestant JMS Allen Shukery, William H. Sellers Herbert's parents were Arthur and Fanny Jutting; Julia's parents were Henry and Elisabeth Gates
170 114 20/9/1891 Grüssi, Santiago 24 Switzerland Cañada de Gómez   Garcia, Vicente 20 Tortoras Cañada de Gómez   JMS Martin Frederico Grüssi, Elisa Foss  
171 115 26/9/1891 Browning, Robert 19/3/1859 Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland Rosario Protestant Salman, Anna Maria 17/7/1865 Hull, England Rosario Protestant JMS Thomas Barkas, Sarah Ann Barkas, John Beck  
172 115 18/2/1892 Wasey, Edward John Spearman 4/4/1857 London Cañada de Gómez   Ison, Amy Florence 19/12/1870 Rosario Cañada de Gómez        
173 116 2/1/1892 Jones, Edward 15/8/1865 Liverpool, England   Protestant Ulrich, Ida 31/10/1869 Lausanne, Switzerland   Protestant JMS W. G. Morris, A. I. Poulter  
174 116 12/6/1892 Döhle, Enrique Guillermo 12/8/1863 Germany Cañada de Gómez   Ahrens, Margarita 12/10/1866 Germany Cañada de Gómez   JMS Thomas Weekes, Mr Highland  
175 117 15/10/1892 Willis, Frederick George 23/2/1869 Southampton Rosario   Sparkman, Amelia 29/5/1878 Rosario Rosario   JMS Walter Sparkman (bride's father), Lizzie Sparkman, James Lamb  
176 117 20/10/1892 Mathews, Benjamin x/x/1866 Staffordshire Cañada de Gómez   Roberts, Martha Ann ("Patty") x/x/1871 Beresford, Denbighshire, England (sic) Cañada de Gómez   JMS Samuel and Anna Roberts (bride's parents)  
177 118 15/11/1892 Batty, Thomas 23 Cumberland, England Rosario Protestant Stanley, Charlotte 22 London Rosario Protestant JMS   Thomas son of Robert and Elisabeth Batty, Charlotte daughter of David and Ellen Stanley
178 119 30/11/1892 Watson, Richard 27/2/1864 Edinburgh, Scotland Rosario   Hall, Jennie Scott Anderson (W) 22/6/1868 Edinburgh, Scotland Rosario   JMS   Jennie's first husband (deceased) was Alfred Hall; they married on 20/6/1889; he died a year later
179 119 14/12/1892 Campbell, Daniel 32 Woolwich, England Paraná   Eccleston, Emily 23 USA Paraná   JMS Guillermo Thompson, William Foley Gansey Daniel's profession: civil engineer, living at Calle Santa Fe esq. Malvinas; son of Daniel and Joanna Campbell; Emily's profession: teacher in "Normal" school, living at Calle Rivadavia 34, daughter of Charles and Sara Emilia Eccleston
180 120 28/12/1892 Stephenson, Wilhelm     Rosario Protestant Struis, Johana     Rosario Protestant JMS August Johanson, Jorge Steig, A. K. Struis  
181 121 25/1/1893 Dedes, Juan     Rosario   Zerba, Emilia     Rosario   JMS J. B. Minturn, Pantalin Zerba  
182 121 7/3/1893 Reun, George     Cañada de Gómez   Chapman, Susan Catalina     Cañada de Gómez   JMS    
183 122 4/2/1893 Andersen, Arnold     Rosario   Qunainty, Magdalena     Rosario   JMS    
184 122 25/4/1893 Hickethier, Carlos Rodolfo 1866 Germany La Rosas   Haage, Olga 28/9/1870 Germany Las Rosas   JMS many witnesses wedding took place at Estancia Santa Clara, near Las Rosas
185 123 22/5/1893 Hepburn, Henry 38 London, England Bellville, Pcia. Córdoba   Sosa, Aurora 22 Argentina Bellville, Pcia. Córdoba   JMS George Hertzog, William Surry  
186 124 22/5/1893 Surry, William 32 London, England Bellville, Pcia. Córdoba   Hepburn, Florence Elizabeth Maude 18 London, England Rosario   JMS George Hertzog, Henry Hepburn Henry Hepburn was the father of the bride
187 125 10/7/1893 Fresor, William Gregor 9/11/1871 England Rosario   Turner, Alice Emma 8/3/1874 England Rosario   JMS W. Turner (bride's father), John S. Adams, E. Turner, N. Turner  
188 126 19/8/1893 Wentzel, Pablo     Rosario   Huhn, Lottie?     Rosario   JMS witnesses: members of the English congregation  
189 126 24/8/1893 Woods, William 23 Wigan, England Rosario   Clayton, Rosa 22 London Rosario   JMS James Barton, Minnie Evans William son of Thomas and Mary Woods; Rosa daughter of William Clayton and Clara Clayton (deceased)
190 127 24/8/1893 Camp, John James 23 Nottingham, England Rosario   Martin, Emma Jane   Ajò, Pcia. Buenos Aires Rosario   JMS Thomas Chandler, Fred Camp  
191 128 9/9/1893 Ahlmstrom, Thor Erik x/x/1858 Sweden Rosario Protestant Siepel, Helene Federika Rosa Luisa x/x/1874 Rosario Rosario Protestant JMS Arvid Ewnison, Luisa Siepel, Teo. R. Morel Thor son of Otto Edward and Beata Sofia Ahlmstrom; occupation: a commercial man; Elena daughter of Erke and Annie Siepel; they were married in the Hotel Inglés, Rosario
192 129 11/9/1893 Hall, Sydney Chevin 27/11/1865 London Rosario Protestant Jones, Eliza Ann 10/6/1870 Stockport, England Rosario Protestant JMS William Purdy Pell, John Beck Sydney son of Samuel Hall and Mary Ann Pearman; Eliza daughter of John Jones and Frances Clark
193 130 26/9/1893 Glover, Henry George 13/7/1865 Donnington, district of Speen, Berkshire, England Rosario Protestant Slater, Moneckia Annie 13/2/1875 Rosario Rosario Protestant JMS W. Jackson, D. J. Hancock George son of John and Mary Hannah Glover, now residing in London; Moneckia daughter of George and Ann Slater
194 131 6/10/1893 Marshall, Jacob   Plymouth, England Rosario   Hollis, Clara 17/9/1870 Rosario Rosario   JMS   Jacob son of William and Elisa Marshall; Clara daughter of John Hollis (mother deceased)
195 131 22/11/1893 Ellison, Robert J.     Rosario   Blackman, Naomi Ada     Rosario   JMS    
196 132 17/1/1894 Leake, Frederick William 28 England Tucumán   Porter, Elizabeth 25 Ireland Tucumán   JMS Thomas Porter, A. Soley and many other witnesses Frederick: manager of the Electric Lights in Tucumán
197 133 25/1/1894 Seco, Juan 25 Argentina Villa María, Pcia. Córdoba   Morton, Emily 16 Argentina Villa María, Pcia. Córdoba   JMS   married in the home of the bride's father and mother with their full consent
198 134 17/4/1894 Knight, Thomas         Hadden, Mary         GT John Thomas Chandler, Jessie Rofer  
199 135 25/3/1895 Love, James     Rosario   Ashford, Eliza Mayne     Rosario   GT A. Macdonald, A. H. Mayne, E. Camp  

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