Iglesia Evangélica Metodista Argentina, Rosario

Funeral Record, Methodist Episcopal Church, Rosario 1865-1893
Registers A and B

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All burials in Rosario, Protestant Cemetery, except indicated exceptions

# pág. fecha apellido/nombre lugar edad notas pastor
# pag. date name place age notes pastor
1 200 30/4/1865 Marshall, Frank Rosario 25 born 22/6/1839; arrived from London; resided 20 leagues westerly from Rosario; murdered TC
2 200 14/7/1865 Post, Herman Otto Rosario 2 years son of Lorenzo Enrique (in German Laurens Heinrich) Post TC
3 200 9/10/1865 Margaret Rosario infant daughter of Mary, a Chinese person living with Capt Jeppe Peterson Brandt TC
4 200 13/11/1865 Payne, George Rosario 72 from Kentucky, USA TC
5 200 23/11/1865 Brandt, Henry Hans Rosario infant born 7/11/1865 to Captain Jeppe Peterson Brandt and Christina Brandt TC
6 200 5/12/1865 Meyer, Carl Rosario adult from Prussia; died on one of the ships at the rail head works TC
7 200 11/12/1865 Morris, Thomas Rosario 42 from England TC
8 200 20/12/1865 Stow, Kenyon Rosario 22 from England TC
9 201 19/3/1866 Bergman, Carl Erick A. Rosario adult from Sweden; died in the hospital TC
10 201 5/5/1866 von Post, Lorenzo Enrique Rosario adult from Bremen, Germany; born 11/7/1835 TC
11 201 16/5/1866 Morris, Colonel George W. Rosario 38 from the USA TC
12 201 12/2/1867 Hill, Henry Clayton Rosario child born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, 7/12/1865, son of John and Frances Hill of Yarmouth TC
13 201 21/5/1867 Barclay, George S. Rosario 54 of County Clare, Ireland TC
14 201 11/6/1867 Minturn, Laura Rosario 2 born in Buenos Aires; daughter of Alfred H. and Mary Adele Minturn TC
15 201 10/9/1867 Marshall, Ruth Rosario 63 widow of England; late of San Francisco, Carival? Grande, Departamento Coronda, Pcia. Santa Fe TC
16A 201 5/10/1867 Horn, George S. Rosario 28 of Surrey, England; was murdered near the rail road station at Cañada de Gómez TC
16B 201 13/11/1867 Hanson, Gustavus Rosario 29 of Germany TC
17 201 8/12/1867 Kean, Adelaide Rosario infant daughter of George and Jessie Kean, born 22/10/1867 in Rosario TC
18 201 13/12/1867 Isard, Edwin Rosario 38 of England; died of cholera TC
19 201 15/12/1867 Reynolds, Benjamin Rosario about 24 of Ireland, died of cholera TC
20 202 16/12/1867 Cole, Edward Rosario about 28 of Ireland, died of cholera TC
21 202 20/12/1867 Lett, Francis Junor Rosario 10m born in Buenos Aires, son of Francis Neville Lett and Agnes B. Lett, late of Buenos Aires TC
22 202 22/10/1867 Barker, Mary P. Rosario 21 wife of Clarke H. Barker, late of Delaware, Ohio, USA, lately of Rosario; died of cholera TC
23 202 7/1/1868 Thurston, Robert Rosario 24 of Pennsylvania, USA; died 6/1/1868 on board steamer "Montevideo" at Rosario; buried in the Spanish burial ground; died of cholera TC
24 202 10/1/1868 Smith, Charles F. Rosario 20 of England; died of cholera 9/1/1868 at railroad depot TC
25 202 13/1/1868 Milne, Andrew James Rosario 9m son of Andrew Murray Milne and Harriet Milne, born in Rosario TC
26 202 24/1/1868 Reike, Wilhelmina Rosario 40 of Germany; wife of Frederick Reike; died of cholera TC
27 202 25/1/1868 Cay, Thomas Rosario 30 of Scotland; died of cholera TC
28 202 1/2/1868 Sherwan, Henry Garrick Rosario 31 of Scotland; died of cholera TC
29 202 4/2/1868 Thomas, Celestia Rosario 27 wife of Thomas Thomas, of United States; died of cholera TC
30 202 4/2/1868 Hall, Julie Lura Rosario 25 wife of Alanson S. Hall of United States; she and Mrs Thomas were buried in same grave; died of cholera TC
31 202 22/2/1868 Thomas, Carrie Rosario 8m daughter of Thomas Thomas and Celestia Thomas (deceased) TC
32 202 8/3/1868 Webb, John William Rosario 9d born in Rosario; son of William Charles and Charlotte Louisa Webb of England TC
33 202 14/3/1868 Steggles, Arthur Rosario 14 born in England, son of Henry and Priscilla Steggles TC
34 202 2/6/1868 Park, James A. Rosario 28 born in Port Midway, Nova Scotia; was captain of the "Alpha" from New York; died of smallpox on board 1/6/1868 TC
35 202 12/7/1868 Niel, James Rosario 27 of Great Britain; was assassinated in the night of 11th July near railroad depot TC
36 202 1/8/1868 Davis, Samuel James Rosario 35 of England; he was married to a native wife and was known among the Spanish people as "Don Santiago" TC
37 203 13/8/1868 Pierce, Allen M. Rosario about 30 of Maine, USA TC
38 203 23/11/1868 Greenfield, Edward Rosario 28 of England TC
39 203 20/11/1868 MacKinnon, Ewen Rosario 39 of Prince Edward Island, British America; buried by Rev. W. Coombe TC
40 203 6/1/1869 Griffiths, Robert Rosario 19 of Cardiff, Wales TC
41 203 7/1/1869 Morris, Maria C. Rosario 44 widow of Thomas Morris who was buried 11/12/1865 TC
42 203 13/1/1869 Mitchell, John Rosario 56 of Scotland TC
43 203 16/1/1869 Schoenauer, Johann Rosario 38 of Germany TC
44 203 3/2/1869 Gäser, Adela Rosario 9m daughter of Jacob and Annie M. M. Gäser of Piedmont, Italy; child born 12/4/1868 TC
45 203 12/8/1869 Cowle, Charles Rosario 68 of the Isle of Man, Great Britain TC
46 203 8/9/1869 Dolphin, Thomas Edmund Rosario infant born in Rosario 30/5/1869; son of Thomas and Grace Dolphin of Great Britain TC
47 203 3/10/1869 Thompson, Margaret Rosario infant born in Rosario 26/7/1869; daughter of William and Mary Thompson of Rosario, formerly of England TC
48 203 24/1/1870 Phillips, William Rosario 27 of Wales, now resident in Rosario TC
49 203 9/2/1870 Davis, Thomas Rosario 17 of Wales; was brought sick from ship "William" and died at Mr Clayton's on the beach TC
50 203 21/2/1870 Brown, Henry Rosario 21 of Holland TC
51 204 16/5/1870 Sinclair, John Rosario 67 from Greenock, Scotland; died of a pistol shot received in a café from a drunken Scotsman TBW
52 204 27/5/1870 Halliday, William Rosario about 45 from Jedburgh, Roubargshire (sic) (Roxburghshire), Scotland; died of consumption TBW
53 204 22/10/1870 Thompson, Frances Rosario 3 daughter of William and Mary Thompson, formerly of England; died of bilious fever TBW
54 204 11/1/1871 Brandt, William James Rosario 7m son of Jeppe Peterson and Christina Brandt of Rosario; died of brain fever TBW
55 204 14/1/1871 Alback, Alexander Rosario 51 born in Finland, resided some time in England and lately near Rosario; died of consumption TBW
56 204 23/9/1871 Squire, Emily Caroline Anson Rosario 2y 2m daughter of Anson and Caroline Mary Squire, former residents of Tours, France, now residing in Rosario; died of inflammation of the brain TBW
57 204 3/10/1871 Melvin, Robert William Rosario 2y 2m died 2/10/1871; son of John and Rosa Melvin TBW
58 204 18/1/1872 Coombe, Frederick Allen Rosario 4½m son of Rev. W. T. and Mrs C. J. Coombe (British Chaplain at Rosario); died 12/1/1872 TBW
59 204 5/4/1872 Pedlar, Mary Brown Rosario 22 from Barnstaple, Devonshire, England; the wife of William Pedlar of Rosario TBW
60 204 7/6/1872 Steggles, Frankie Rosario   son of Henry and Priscilla Steggles of Rosario; died of smallpox TBW
61A 204 24/9/1872 Dawson, Richard Rosario 24 from Cheltenham, Gloucester, England; died of brain fever TBW
61B 204 7/3/1873 Kropf, Franz Georg? Rosario 5m son of Heinrich and Marie Kropf; died 6/3/1873 TBW
62 205 13/4/1873 Richardson, Frances Mary Rosario daughter of Henry Graham Stewart Richardson and Gertrude Studdert Richardson; died at Bellville, was refused burial there in the Catholic burial ground and so was buried in a garden on April 1st; afterwards disinterred and brought here and this day buried herein the Protestant cemetery TBW
63 205 29/6/1873 Best, Francis W. Rosario 31 from Surrey, England; died from effects of a fall from his horse on 28th June TBW
64 205 2/7/1873 Rodriguez, Antonio Joaquín Rosario 52 received into the church by letter from Buenos Aires, January 31st 1873; died 1st July of Painter's Liver complaint TBW
65 205 29/10/1873 Robinson, James Rosario 58 from Dundee, Scotland; a sailor on board British barque "Isabella Wilson"; died in hospital TBW
66 205 5/12/1873 Riede, Caterina Veraguilti Rosario 51 from Switzerland; she was received into the church as probationer December 1st 1872 TBW
67 205 30/3/1874 Harvey, Rebecca Thorpe Rosario 35 or 36 Prickwillow, Cambridgeshire, England; wife of Richard Harvey; died March 29th in childbed TBW
68 205 6/4/1874 Decker, Wilhelmina Maria Rosario 1m daughter of Bernard and Wilhelmina Decker; from Elberfeldt, Germany TBW
69 205 20/6/1874 Ratto, Jacomin George Rosario 2 child of Joseph and Augusta Ratto, residents of San Lorenzo; died on 19/6/1874 TBW
70 205 1/7/1874 Harvey, Rebecca Rosario 8m daughter of Richard and Rebecca Thorpe Harvey TBW
71 205 26/7/1874 Jagger, Wilhelm Friedrich Rosario infant son of Edward Friedrich and Rosina Bella Jagger TBW
72 205 17/9/1874 Cowell, George Rosario about 72 from Kirk Bride, Isle of Man; died of old age TBW
73 206 14/10/1874 Friedrich, Johann Rosario infant son of Johann Jacob and Elizabeth Steng Friedrich; from Stanfi, Canton Argau, Switzerland; died 12th October TBW
74 206 7/11/1874 Peterson, Peter Rosario 31 native of Norway; seaman belonging to US Brig "Eliza Morton"; died in hospital 5th November of consumption TBW
75 206 14/12/1874 Carpendale, Reuben Rosario infant son of John and Sarah Ann Billsdon Carpendale TBW
76 206 8/12/1874 Marks, Edith Rosario 1y 2m daughter of John and Lucy S. Marks; died December 6th in Rio Cuarto of dysentery TBW
77 206 19/3/1875 Nichols, Eliza Emma Rosario 7m daughter of D. W. B. and Emma Freckleton Nichols; died 18th March of dysentery TBW
78 206 11/8/1875 Dodd, Edward Thomas Rosario 1y 6m son of Joseph and Jane Cowell Dodd; died 10th August TBW
79 206 2/10/1875 Windels, Engelbert Heinrich Rosario   son of Martin Heinrich and Juanita Windels TBW
81 206 12/11/1876 Siepel, Juan Robert Rosario 13m child of Erke and Anna Kolb Siepel; died 11th November of dentition JRW
82A 206 13/4/1877 Benitz, Charles Theodore Estancia La California, north of Cañada de Gómez 20 son of Wiliam and Josephine Benitz, born 2/7/1856 at Fort Ross, Sonoma County, California USA; he died 12/4/1877 at Cañada de Gómez of heart disease JRW
82B 207 5/4/1878 Hoffes, J. Rosario 36 sailor from the USA; died the day before from the effects of a fall JRW
83 207 17/12/1878 Sands, Maria Anna Rosario 55 wife of James Sands from England; died the same day of heart disease JRW
84 207 16/2/1879 Gruber, Ernestina Clara Rosario daughter of Rudolph and Johanna Gruber; died the day before of croup JRW
85 207 28/10/1879 Jelly, infant Rosario 2d child of Walter and Francisca Jelly; died the same day JRW
86 207 6/6/1880 Siepel, Juan Rosario 7m son of Erke and Anna Kolb Siepel; died the day before of smallpox JRW
87 207 15/10/1880 Benitz, Francis Xavier Estancia La California, north of Cañada de Gómez 63 born in Endigen, Baden, Germany of 16/10/1816; died on the estancia of a carbuncle and buried on the estancia; brother of the late William Benitz JRW
88A 207 29/5/1881 Schultz, three infants Rosario infants born the day before; children of Louis and Maria Schultz JRW
88B 207 17/6/1881 Schultz. Maria Renoza Rosario 34 of Catamarca; wife of Louis Schultz; died the day before of peritonitis JRW
89 207 3/8/1881 Daguerra, Santiago Rosario 15m son of Bernardino and Presentación Daguerra, residing in Candelaria JRW
90 208 23/12/1881 Dodd, Charles Rosario 6m son of Matilda Dodd JRW
91 208 14/1/1882 Brandt, Christina Rosario 26 daughter of J. P. and Christina Brandt; died 2 January JRW
92 208 14/1/1882 Perelli, Alexander Rosario 38 Italian; died 2 January JRW
93 208 27/4/1882 Rischar, Louisa Rosario child of Santiago and Maria Rischar; died the day before of diphtheria JRW
94 208 15/9/1882 Crowley, Emilia Louisa Rosario 15m child of Amiel B and Mary S. Crowley; died the day before of cerebral meningitis JRW
95 208 9/11/1882 Sealy, Edmund Rosario 54 from England JRW
96 208 14/12/1883 Marks, Ethel Susan Rosario 10m child of John and Lucy Marks; residing in Villa Maria, when the child died two days before of cerebral meningitis JRW
97 208 1/2/1884 Eggington, Mabel Rosario 7y 8m child of John and Edith Eggington; died of typhoid fever JRW
98 208 25/3/1884 Laws, John Francis Rosario 22 from England; son of William and Isabella Laws; died on the day before of typhoid fever JRW
99 209 6/5/1884 Soames, George Carcarañá 53 buried in the public cemetery; from Kent, England, but a resident of Carcarañá for many years; where he died the day before JRW
100 209 20/5/1884 Youmans, Mary J. Rosario 26 buried in the municipal cemetery; from the US; teacher in the national normal school of Rosario; the coffin was placed in a niche, lent by Dr Pedro Rueda, on purpose to facilitate exhumation, which was carried into execution, June 19, and sent to the States by Captain Seth Arey, schooner "Chapin" of Boston JRW
101 209 17/8/1884 Krebster, Emma Rosario 10m child of Jacob and Amanda Krebster; died the day before of atrophia JRW
102 209 26/11/1884 Dodd, infant Rosario infant an infant child of John C. and Flora M. Dodd JRW
103 209 16/4/1885 Thomas, Mary Reconquista 36 Welsh Colony of Reconquista: buried in the cemetery of the colony Mary Thomas, wife of David Thomas, from Wales JRW
104 209 26/8/1887 Gill, Joaquín Rosario 65 from Portugal; died at the English and German infirmary of cancer in the stomach GHV
105 138 3/11/1888 Bryant, Captain E. Rosario 33 a native of Annapolis, Nova Scotia JMS
106 138 18/9/1888 Mitchell, Joseph Day Rosario 19   JMS
107 138 x/12/1888 Mitchell, Dorothy Mary Rosario 8m daughter of John H. and Sophia Mitchell JMS
108 138 25/2/1889 Adams, Captain Merrill Rosario 52 a native of Maine, USA; died in Rosario of Bright's Disease of kidneys; died 25/2/1889 JMS

Register B

# pág. fecha entierro fecha muerte apellido/nombre lugar edad notas pastor
# pag. date of burial date of death name place age notes pastor
109 300 9/6/1890   Pilbeam, Eliza Ann San Nicolás. Pcia. Buenos Aires 33 buried in the general cemetery of the town; wife of Robert George Pilbeam; daughter Sarah Smith of Mild Milton, Kent; witnesses: Theodore Morris, Robert Ridley, F. Whittaker JMS
110 300 x/7/1890   Jansen, Pedro Tomás Armstrong   died suddenly of apoplexy JMS
111 300 23/10/1890 22/10/1890 Lawson, Julius Rosario   a sailor, native of Norway; he fell over the bank of the river and died of cerebral congestion JMS
112 300 9/10/1890 8/10/1890 McDonald, Jeanie Young Rosario   wife of J. Farquharson McDonald; gathering on neck JMS
113 300 18/10/1890 17/10/1890 Nona, Deolindo Rosario infant infant son of Amadeo and Teresa Nona; died from pulmonia JMS
114 301 14/10/1890 13/10/1890 Coldrey, Lillie Rosario infant daughter of John and Maria Coldrey; congestion of the lungs JMS
115 301 20/10/1890 19/10/1890 Coldrey, Anna Rosario infant daughter of John and Maria Coldrey; congestion of the lungs JMS
116 301 28/10/1890 28/10/1890 Lozen, Laz Rosario   a Swede, sailor on the ship "Betty"; cerebral congestion JMS
117 301   9/11/1890 Nona, Deolinda Rosario infant infant daughter of Amadeo and Teresa Nona; twin of Deolindo Nona JMS
118 301 12/12/1890 11/12/1890 Chaplin, Louisa Rosario 40d daughter of Frederick and Maria Chaplin JMS
119 301   7/1/1891 Sutherland, Alick M. Rosario   of Scotland; died of cholerine; buried in New Protestant Cemetery JMS
120 301   3/12/1890 Tixier, Luis Rosario     JMS
121 301   10/1/1891 Martin, ?   infant daughter of ? JMS
122 302 28/2/1891 27/2/1891 Reid, Harriet Rosario 32 single, English, died at Calle Güemes 274 of tuberculosis; buried in the New Protestant Cemetery JMS
123 302 x/5/1891 4/5/1891 Yohanson, Ana Emelia Rosario infant daughter of August and Kerstin Yohanson; died of meningitis; buried in New Cemetery JMS
124 302 31/3/1891 30/3/1891 Pearsall, Mary Ann Elisabeth Cañada de Gómez   wife of Joseph Walker; died of cold taken after childbirth JMS
125 302     Gilfire, Elisabeth Rosario an adopted child of William Bickness; died of consumption JMS
126 302 11/6/1891 11/6/1891 Thurnburg, Charles Rosario   an employee of Lamport and Holt's steamship service JMS
127 303 15/12/1891 14/12/1891 Roberts, William Arthur Rosario infant son of William Arthur and Elisabeth Roberts JMS
128 303 15/12/1891 14/12/1891 Nickson, Jessie Gertrude Rosario infant born 11/8/1891; daughter of Robert Nickson and Annie Richardson JMS
129 303 20/1/1892   Durish, Pablo     native of Switzerland; died of typhoid fever JMS
130 303   22/2/1892 Williams, Evangeline Cañada de Gómez 17 second daughter of Thomas and June Williams; died of diptheria; born in England 12/5/1875 JMS
131 303 10/4/1892 9/4/1892 Sparkman, Matilda Rosario 34 born in Germany on 11/11/1857; daughter of Rudolf Carl Ludwig Hamann and Anna Elisabeth Yohan Yohansen; married Walter Sparkman in Rosario on 11/8/1875; buried in the New Cemetery JMS
132 304 5/9/1892 5/9/1892 Braschi, Carlos Rosario infant son of Carlos Braschi and Ana Maria Berger JMS
133 304 20/9/1892   Strong, Sarah H. Rosario about 45 she died of consumption JMS
134 304 2/10/1892 1/10/1892 Struckmann, Juan Rosario about 37 unmarried; a Dane employed as a chemist in the English-German Hospital; died of cerebral apoplexy JMS
135 304 3/10/1892 2/10/1892 Thomas, Thomas Carcarañá 74 died of what some called softening of the brain, others called it slow paralysis, but the doctor called it "old age", which in view of the man's appearance—not seeming to be more than 60 years, and in view of his physical powers could not have been correct. The said Thomas was a native of Wales—was buried in his own private grounds JMS
136 305 8/10/1892 7/10/1892 Finker, Berta Francisca Rosario 2 child of John and Antonia Dorotea Finker; died of convulsions after gastric fever; buried in the New Protestant Cemetery JMS
137 305 21/10/1892   Johnson, Mrs Elisabeth Rosario 69 English; died in Avenida Wheelwright, in family of Mr Broome, of cancer of the stomach; buried in the New Protestant Cemetery JMS
138 305 2/10/1892   Carter, Harriett Evaline Cañada de Gómez 6m daughter of Charles Henry and Rosina George Carter; born in Cañada de Gómez 23/3/1892; died in the same place and buried in the Cemetery JMS
139 305 24/11/1892 23/11/1982 Hardy, George F. Rosario 26 died in the Anglo German Hospital of apoplexy of the brain; interred in he New Cemetery JMS
140 306 24/11/1892   Schneider, Otto Wilhelm Rosario 9m son of William Otto Schneider; born in Rosario in March 1892; buried in the New Cemetery; died in teething JMS
141 306 24/11/1892 23/11/1892 Mortimer, Fred Rosario 11m son of Thomas and Mary Mortimer; born 29/11/1891; buried in the New Protestant Cemetery JMS
142 306 30/11/1892 29/11/1892 Richards, William Sydney Rosario 5m son of William and Kate Richards; born in Rosario 17/7/1892; buried in the New Protestant Cemetery JMS
143 306 10/12/1892 9/12/1892 Crowe, Bella Rosario infant daughter of David and Agnes Crowe; died of cholera infantile; buried in the New Cemetery JMS
144 306 14/1/1892 22/6/1892 Bourne, Hilda Florence Emily Rosario 5m daughter of George and Charlotte R. Bourne; born in Rosario 22/6/1892; died of cholera infantile JMS
145 307 6/2/1893 31/1/1893 Benitz, Hermann Vitalis Las Rosas 29 born at Fort Ross, California on 28/4/1863; died at Mar del Plata of gunshot wound and was brought from that place to his home on the Estancia California near Las Rosas; he was buried there JMS
146 307 21/2/1893 19/2/1893 Chute, Robert Rosario   a photographer, North American by birth, domiciled in Calle Córdoba, Rosario; buried in the Protestant Cemetery; died of dropsy and other complications JMS
147 307 7/6/1893 7/6/1893 Jochinsen, Claus Rosario 65 born in Husum, Schleswig, Germany on 12/10/1827; died at Rosario of cerebral apoplexy; interred in the New Protestant Cemetery; Claus Jochinsen was domiciled in Calle Entre Rios 139; his father's name was Jochen Jochinsen and mother Christine Margaretha Jochinsen, both born in Husum, Schleswig, Germany JMS
148 308 26/7/1893 25/7/1893 Brennan, Patrick Rosario 38 an Irishman; single; son of Martin and Alice Brennan; died in the Hospital Anglo-Alemana; died of weakness of the heart according to medical certificate; buried in the New Protestant Cemetery at the expense of Great Britain JMS
149 308 29/7/1893 28/7/1893 Reynolds, Frank Rosario 35 born in Rochester, New York; occupation a painter; died in the Anglo-German Hospital of pulmonía; buried in the New Protestant Cemetery JMS
150 308 21/9/1893 20/9/1893 Seal, Ellen Rosario 10m daughter of William and Ann Seal; born in Rosario 20/11/1892; died of whooping cough; buried in the New Protestant Cemetery JMS

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