Provincia de Entre Rios

List of clergy officiating at Concordia Anglican Church, 1883 to 1918

Introduction       St Thomas, Concordia Baptisms, 1883-1899     Baptisms, 1900-1904     Baptisms, 1905-1915
Marriages, 1869-1892     Marriages, 1900-1915     Burials, 1883-1918       Clergy

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DOMINGUEZ de Villegas, Joaquín 1881-1886 chaplain
ALLEN, Robert 1886-1893 priest in charge
SHIMIELD, William Henry 1896-1899 priest in charge
WILKES, Thomas 1899-1900 rector
RUSSELL, Charles W. 1900-1903 rector
KENNEDY, Mervyn le Ban 1904-1905 locum tenens
GREEN, Thomas Bakewell 1905-1914 camp chaplain
CLASS, Percy Estcourt 1914-1915 camp chaplain
BATE, John Meredith 1915-1918 camp chaplain

Source: Pastores Anglicanos en la Argentina, 1825-1994, Jeremy N. T. Howat
© The form of presentation of this information is the copyright of Jeremy Howat, April 2010