Provincia de Entre Rios

Marriages celebrated at Salto, Uruguay, 1869 to 1892

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Introduction to the archive
This selected list of people from Argentina, married at the Salto Anglican Church in Uruguay, was found on loose pages tucked into the duplicate register of marriages belonging to St Thomas' Church, Concordia, Entre Rios Province.

At the end of the second page is the explanation: "Marriages entered in the Anglican Church Register, Salto, Uruguay. If ever necessary apply at Banco de Londres".

This can be explained by the fact that the Argentine provinces of Entre Rios and Corrientes in the 19th century had easier access to Salto, Uruguay than to Buenos Aires. At those times when one or other of the clergy who were stationed at Concordia or at Salto was unavailable, members of the Anglican Church would travel to Salto or vice versa for baptisms or marriages.

Although the list below only names the bridegrooms and the places they came from, the full identity of 13 of the couples can be found out through the details given of the baptism of their children at the Salto Church.

Last Name and initials Domicile
1 26/6/1869 Studler, H. L. Concordia, Entre Rios
3 19/10/1869 Kearn, J. J. Mandisoví, Entre Rios
6 13/4/1870 Stirling, Robert Gualeguaycito, Entre Rios
8 3/9/1870 MacKinlay, B. Concordia, Entre Rios
16 23/7/1875 Miller, Harry Chacarí
17 6/9/1875 Ward, B. Concordia, Entre Rios
20 5/7/1876 Black, W. Buenos Aires
22 8/11/1876 Crocker, C. K. Gualeguaycito, Entre Rios
24 18/2/1877 Wifflar, G. Concordia, Entre Rios
25 23/3/1877 McLachlan, N. Gualeguaycito, Entre Rios
28 5/6/1877 Fraser, Alex Gualeguaycito, Entre Rios
29 6/6/1878 McNeil, N. Campo Mandisoví, Entre Rios
31 24/8/1878 Ricardes, A. Concordia, Entre Rios
32 31/3/1879 Scott, W. N. Gualeguaycito, Entre Rios
34 7/12/1879 McKellar, A. Dist. Dep. Concordia, Entre Rios
38 1/10/1880 Grimwald, G. Concordia, Entre Rios
38 10/11/1880 Robinson, H. M. Concordia, Entre Rios
40 7/2/1881 Barrospe, J. Concordia, Entre Rios
42 27/4/1881 Morley, W. Concordia, Entre Rios
43 4/7/1881 Ercant [Ereant], G. Concordia, Entre Rios
44 20/12/1881 Muller, G. Indio Muerto, Yatutí
45 5/2/1882 Beyerman, A. Corrientes, Entre Rios
46 6/2/1882 Sullivan, T. Dis. Torres, Concordia
47 2/3/1882 Clinton, N. L. Concordia, Entre Rios
48 9/6/1883 Sinclair, M. G. Concordia, Entre Rios
51 9/4/1884 Marley, W. Mandisoví Grande, Entre Rios
52 9/4/1884 Fraser, D. Mandisoví Grande, Entre Rios
53 9/4/1884 Greiner, E. Mandisoví Grande, Entre Rios
54 8/6/1884 Bireche, J. Concordia, Entre Rios
55 9/6/1884 Schmidt, E. Chacarí
58 31/12/1884 Schneider, T. Mandisoví
59 3/2/1885 Rohrer, T. J. Mandisoví
60 11/4/1885 Allam, T. Buenos Aires
61 5/9/1885 Larken, H. Concordia, Entre Rios
62 14/9/1885 Miller, H. Mandisoví, Entre Rios
63 3/10/1885 McRae, A. Gualeguaycito, Entre Rios
64 16/2/1887 Morley, T. B. Sauce
65 18/2/1887 Kammerman, O. T. Colonia Alemana
67 23/4/1887 Lawrie, J. R. La Paz
68 30/4/1887 Finis, E. Buena Esperanza
69 8/7/1887 Fraser, G. Caseros
70 30/12/1887 Kent, J. H. Concepción
74 15/2/1892 Morrish, A. E. Santa María, Misiones
75 11/4/1892 Williamson, W. R. Concordia, Entre Rios
77 19/5/1892 Buller, G. Yarde Concordia, Entre Rios
78 26/7/1892 Etheridge, H. H. Monte Caseros

Source: document 50-20-02, Diocesan Office, Buenos Aires
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