Foreigners resident in Buenos Ayres in 1863

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listed in M. G. and E. T. Mulhall, "The River Plate Handbook for 1863"
presented in order of addresses:
(2) calles Cangallo to Defensa
calle Cangallo
Cangallo J. Amespil leather merchant
Cangallo y 25 de Mayo Rev. M. F. Goodfellow American (Methodist) Church and
   American clergyman
Ancla Dorada,
  calle Cangallo
Charles Lambra music-master
Ancla Dorada,
  calle Cangallo
Peter McDermott pilot
Ancla Dorada,
  calle Cangallo
Herr Schulz
Cangallo 16 J. Archer
Cangallo 16 J. Blues retail grocer
Cangallo 18 John Blues grocer
Cangallo 25 Bosch & Sempé Hotel Provence
Cangallo 30 Bernal & Cárrega now Juan M. Cárrega (January 1863)
Cangallo 30 Juan Manuel Cárrega
Cangallo 30 Captain David Bruce of the steamer Pavón of Juan Manuel Cárrega
Cangallo 40 A. J. Minturn & Chamberlain ship brokers
Cangallo 51 N. Parody clothier
Cangallo 80 George Temperley merchant tailor
Cangallo 83 A. Rossignol
Cangallo 99 Fusoni Bros.
Cangallo 101 & 103 William Leslie manager, Mauá Bank
Cangallo 101 & 103 I. Foley Mauá Bank
Cangallo 103 John Leslie doctor of medicine
Cangallo 211 Offer and Coca photographers
Cangallo 212 Edward Zentz Mensagéries Impériales
Cangallo 232 Eugene Labougle University Professor of Philosophy and French
Cangallo 266 Fleury Klein & Co. importers
calle Chacabuco
Chacabuco F. Cibils merchant
Chacabuco 12 Mr Twyford retail grocer
Chacabuco 20 Drabble Brothers importers
Chacabuco 20 H. Smith
Chacabuco 25 E. Leinau merchant
Chacabuco 25 Ernest Oldendorf
Chacabuco 34 L. B. Wilcke & Co. druggists
Chacabuco 34 J. Schutt
Chacabuco 61 J. Clark
Chacabuco 61 J. Don
Chacabuco 61 W. Steward
Chacabuco 61 Hess Bros. merchants
Chacabuco 61 J. Tucker
Chacabuco 78 Antony Zivingen grocer
Chacabuco 81 and 83
  and Potosí 134
Semple Drysdale & Co. importers and dealers in foreign and domestic
  hardware goods and agricultural implements
Chacabuco 129 John P. Bailey importer
Chacabuco 179 P. M. Nouguier
Chacabuco 287 N. Stanfield
calle Comercio
Comercio 270 Hill Brothers distillers
calle Córdoba
Córdoba 10 M. Craig pilot
Córdoba 139 D. Krutisch
calle Corrientes
Corrientes 8 George P. E. Tornquist manager, Immigrants' Asylum
Corrientes 52 J. Koch produce broker
Corrientes 53 J. Carmichael (moved in January 1863)
Corrientes 59 Patrick Flemming estanciero
Corrientes 61 H. J. Hastler haberdasher and draper
Corrientes 129 Henry Shaw cabinet maker, upholsterer and furniture mart
Corrientes 133 Colegio Inglés
Corrientes 134 Mr Krause dentist
Corrientes 160 Messrs J. and J. Black,
  successors to James Black
coal and lumber yard
Corrientes 190 and
  Plaza Constitución
Wells and M. Beckhaus wool broker
Corrientes 259 John Butler house-owner
Corrientes 272 William Pasman comb manufacturer
calle Cuyo
Cuyo 1 Henry Dowse steam-boat agency
Cuyo 6 Thomas Elliot carpenter
Cuyo 19 Emilio Arnaud merchant
Cuyo 19 Emilio Teissereul
Cuyo 28 British Consulate and
  Post Office
Cuyo 28 Rev. J. Chubb Ford English chaplain
Cuyo 28 Joseph A. Green consulate clerk
Cuyo 28 Frank Parish British Consul and postmaster
Cuyo 28 Thomas B. Hall merchant, c/o British Consulate; removed to
  San Martín 65 (in January 1863)
Cuyo 36 E. Vogel
Cuyo 59 Marcos Leonard money broker
Hotel Louvre,
  Cuyo 65
J. Collins estanciero
Hotel Louvre,
  Cuyo 65
J. Leader
Hotel Louvre,
  Cuyo 65
Mrs Walter music teacher
Hotel Louvre,
  Cuyo 65
W. Wheelwright Córdoba Railway Co.
Cuyo 66 A. Kreglinger
Cuyo 70 M. Le Long botanist
Cuyo 81 Vincent Collins stable keeper
Cuyo 84 P. Gerbe
Cuyo 100 J. C. Matzembechen
Cuyo 100 J. F. Sassenberg merchant
Cuyo 123 N. James Brittain merchant
Cuyo 160 F. W. Reynolds money broker
Cuyo 279 E. Gilbert
Cuyo 518 Emilio Miller undertaker
calle Defensa
Defensa y México J. Gregory livery stables
Defensa John McDonald carpenter
Defensa Nicholas Newall carrier
Defensa J. Simons estanciero
Defensa J. Downes quinta
Defensa 5 John Duffy librarian, British Library
Defensa 7 Eastman & Co. druggists
Defensa 7
  and Piedad 503
C. A. Burgess
Defensa 19 & 21 Alexander Fleming boot maker, boot and shoe shop
Defensa 19 & 21 David Fleming boot maker, boot and shoe shop
Defensa 23 William Claypole
Defensa 23 J. Colton
Defensa 23
  and Potosí 262
H. M. Moss grocer and newsagent
Defensa 39 George Ellis bespoke tailor
Defensa 45 Ralph Barton apothecary
Defensa 51 William Gibson draper
Defensa 65 Barton & Torres chemists & druggists
Defensa 66 J. B. Camm
Defensa 66 David Fulton
Defensa 66 C. T. Getting & Co. merchants
Defensa 66 Frederick Getting
Defensa 66 Sydney Getting
Defensa 71 William White junr.
Defensa 73 James White & Co. iron merchants
Defensa 78 Richard Hastings groceries and dried goods
Defensa 83 J. Moller
Defensa 97 Barry & Walker, successors to
  Messrs James Bell & Co.
general grocers and dried goods merchants
Defensa 97 James Bell & Co.
Defensa 97 C. S. Bowers agent sheep wash
Defensa 100 Richard Godsall boot and shoemaker
Defensa 114 Thomas Gowland auctioneer
Defensa 135 William Southron saddler
Defensa 147 (or 17) Mathew McHugh boot-maker
Defensa 162 Urie & Muir groceries and dried goods
Defensa 162 Robert Muir grocer
Defensa 163 Antonio Demarchi druggist and Swiss consul; member of the
  Pharmaceutical Society
Defensa 255
  and Moreno 64
Thomas Drysdale & Co. merchant, wood and coal yard
Defensa 256
  and Perú 467
Gilbert Ramsay University Professor of English
Defensa 289 John Klenk dyer and baker
Defensa 490 Henry Harratt estanciero
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