Foreigners resident in Buenos Ayres in 1863

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listed in M. G. and E. T. Mulhall, "The River Plate Handbook for 1863"
presented in order of addresses:
(3) calles Esmeralda to Moreno
calle Esmeralda
Esmeralda J. Gehrke German pastor
Esmeralda, quinta on
  the barranca
J. C. Simpson engineer
Esmeralda 44 (or 48) Meeks and Kelsey photographers
Esmeralda 81 to 89 T. B. Coffin & Son agricultural implements and machinery,
  and lumber merchant
Esmeralda 87 A. Meyer
Esmeralda 98 John & William Martindale cabinet makers
Esmeralda 102 Nicholas O'Donnell livery stables
Esmeralda 301 Addison Dorr money broker
Esmeralda 320 Edward A. Hopkins
calle Estados Unidos
Estados Unidos 34 John Cumming cartwright
calle Europa
Europa 29 John Ayliffe
calle Florida
Florida and
Mrs Appleyard
Florida y Cangallo Francischelli Corti
Florida 17 A. Godfrey
Florida 17 Shaw Barber & Co. merchants
Florida 17 Alfred Barber & Co. importers
Florida 19 E. Glover merchant
Florida 20 John Emmet, junr.
Florida 20 N. Thompson
Florida 20 H. G. F. Grigg
Florida 24 Edward Lumb merchant, concessionaire of the
  Great Southern Railway
Florida 29 Sempe & Boch hotel
Florida 38 Roosen Hopman Co. merchants
Florida 40 Roosen Bunge consul of Hamburg
Florida 40 William Günther secretary, Strangers' Club
Florida 40 R. Schutz
Florida 46 Hugh Brown
Florida 48 Mantels & Pfeiffer,
  General Deposit
Florida 59 Covert & Blyth kerosene depot (as from January 1863)
Florida 70 Arthur Terry photographer
Florida 73 H. Rosselin
Florida 86 Darbyshire Green & Co. importers, now Darbyshire & Co. (January 1863)
Florida 86
  and Piedad 85
John Henry Green manager, London and River Plate Bank
Florida 86 N. Brown  
Florida 112 Pfeiffer (Mantels & Pfeiffer) merchants
Florida 116 Eugene Guion agent Erard's Pianos
Florida 136 Antonino Llambi saladerista
Florida 136 and
  quinta on the barranca
Constant Santamaría Oldenburg consul general; director of the
  Casa de Moneda
Florida 146 J. Carthy merchant
Florida 149 J. B. Vignal director of the Casa de Moneda
Florida 159 Mariano de Espinosa consul of Uruguay
Florida 189 H. S. Yateman
Florida 196 F. Dorr commissioner
Florida 251 Adolfo E. Carranza Bolivian consul
Florida 259
  (or Piedad 344)
Edward Hudson land surveyor
Florida 260 S. Hallbach
Florida 269 A. van Praet
Florida 278 Charles Jackson money broker
Florida 292 Beyfuss & Barbieri German College
Florida 301 W. Jones
Florida 301 M. Hine
Florida 310 Mrs Cadet
Florida 315 Mrs. Zambianchi lodging house
calle Independencia
Independencia 96 Augustus Powell preceptor, Scots School
Independencia 164 Miss. A. King schoolmistress
calle Juncal
Juncal J. Langden estanciero
calle Lima
Lima 99 Edward Seymour
calle Luján
Luján N. Alexander
calle Maipú
Maipú C. H. Stock & Co. merchants
Maipú 6 Edward Ashworth & Co. importers
Maipú 6 J. Salmond
Maipú 6 F. M. Wells merchant
Maipú 12 Evon Klaynach
Maipú 12 C. Schauffler
Maipú 19 A. Auchterlonie
Maipú 19 R. Cooper
Maipú 19 J. Holt
Maipú 19 Brownells & Co. merchants
Maipú 23 E. Stamm
Maipú 27 Henry Pickenpack
Maipú 28 J. Bacque merchant
Maipú 28 Bletscher & Co. leather merchants
Maipú 55 Bates Stokes & Co. importers and ironmongers
Maipú 55 Michael Carroll
Maipú 55 M. Forrester
Maipú 55 John Laing merchant
Maipú 55 M. Pasman
Maipú 55 Robert Ramsay
Maipú 74
  and Reconquista 36
J. M. Crosbie doctor of medicine
Maipú 91 Robert Hempel schoolmaster
Maipú 100 Campbell Bros. land surveyors
Maipú 100 Mrs. McLean
Maipú 175 C. F. Woodgate
Maipú 205 Mrs. Smith headmistress, Anglo-Porteño School
Maipú 227 W. Rumball engineer, Great Southern Railway Co.
Maipú 230 Captain Craig
Maipú 310 F. Poucel
calle México
México 41 J. Gregory livery stables
México 70 J. Kennan  
calle Moreno
Moreno 64
  and Defensa 255
Thomas Drysdale & Co. merchant, iron yard
Moreno 64 John Smith
Moreno 73 M. S. Zumaran
Moreno 100 Raoul Legout Model School
Moreno 107 W. Kitchen plumber, coffin maker
Moreno 126 Charles Ackerly
Moreno 126 Nicholas Deetjen merchant
Moreno 126 A. P. Jordan merchant
Moreno 126 S. C. Jordan merchant
Moreno 126 F. J. Nordwholr
Moreno 126 N. Peters
Moreno 126 C. B. Krabbe
Moreno 128 Jordan Krabbe & Co. exporters
Moreno 151 Rosenthal Gayen & Co. merchants
Moreno 151 G. Rosenthal
Moreno 235 James Butner
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