Foreigners resident in Buenos Ayres in 1863

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listed in M. G. and E. T. Mulhall, "The River Plate Handbook for 1863"
presented in order of addresses:
(1) calles 25 de Mayo to Buen Orden
calle 25 de Mayo
25 de Mayo J. Unsworth blacksmith
25 de Mayo Dr Forster doctor of medicine
25 de Mayo Daniel Maxwell Commercial Rooms
25 de Mayo 5 Mathew Griffin house owner; rooms for let
25 de Mayo 7 George Wilks life and fire insurance agent
25 de Mayo 7 J. Heath house owner; rooms for let
25 de Mayo 9 David Flynn house-owner; rooms for let
25 de Mayo 9 Michael Murtagh  
25 de Mayo 12 John Carmichael blacksmith
25 de Mayo 20 Daniel Moody grocer
25 de Mayo 21 N. Roberts  
25 de Mayo 25 Mrs Kelly inn and lodging house
25 de Mayo 31 John Hardy blacksmith
25 de Mayo 31 H. Lentz jeweller
25 de Mayo 39 Robert Duncan money broker
25 de Mayo 40
  and Cangallo 40
A. H. Minturn ship broker
25 de Mayo 41 Henry Ropes merchant
25 de Mayo 49 Bunge & C. W. Benn & Co. ship brokers and general commission agents
25 de Mayo 49 M. Deichmann c/o Bunge & Co.
25 de Mayo 49 Ferdinand Deichmann committee member of the Strangers' Club
25 de Mayo 50 H. J. Powell & Co. ship brokers
25 de Mayo 50 Mrs. Smith (or Smyth) lodging house; rooms for let
25 de Mayo 51 H. Eckell inn keeper; (appendix) removed to Paseo Julio 45
25 de Mayo 54 Mrs. Knox boarding house
Europa Hotel,
  25 de Mayo 59
Mrs Whittaker rooms for let; British Mail packet office
  (agent Mr Robinson)
25 de Mayo 62 Charles Grumbein ship chandler
25 de Mayo 64 Monsieur Nestier French hairdresser
25 de Mayo 77 Neville Mortimer civil engineer, land surveyor
25 de Mayo 77 J. Potter Northern Railway Co.
25 de Mayo 77 J. Robinson British Steam Packet agent, later Abraham Robinson
25 de Mayo 77 J. G. Stodhert  
25 de Mayo 77 Ritchie Curlewis captain, Royal Mail steam packet Mersey
25 de Mayo 78 Albert Herring victualler; (appendix) removed to Paseo Julio
25 de Mayo 82 James Anderson undertaker
25 de Mayo 92 Nuttall Thomas & Co. retail grocer
25 de Mayo 135 John Coghlan government engineer; (appendix) removed to
  Whitfield's quinta
25 de Mayo 136 (or 168) Mrs Bradley lodging-house
25 de Mayo y Cuyo St John's English Church probably no. 142
25 de Mayo y Cuyo Mrs. Fitzpatrick teacher, St. John's Church School
25 de Mayo 171 Mrs Admiral William Brown  
25 de Mayo 220 Peter Murray  
25 de Mayo 232 N. F. Hughes  
calle de las Artes
Artes 118 Samuel Hardy hatter
Artes 274 and
  Reconquista 83
John Hughes produce broker
calle Balcarce
Balcarce 2 Casares & Sons merchants
Balcarce 15 Julio Becker  
Balcarce 34 Bleumstein & La Roche millers
Balcarce 47 J. M. Langenheim  
Balcarce 47 R. Hoevel  
Balcarce 88 Daniel Gowland  
Balcarce 97 Henry Hoeker  
Balcarce 110 Vicente Cásares Spanish consul
calle Belgrano
Belgrano 29 Horace Harelaes estanciero
Belgrano 38 Dom Lahitte L. S. Acevedo Portuguese Minister
Belgrano 38 Alves Pinto acting consul for Portugal
Belgrano 62 Diehl Fernau & Co. importers
Belgrano 62 George Fernau  
Belgrano 72 and 74 Edward Thomas Mulhall joint editor and proprietor of "The Standard"
Belgrano 72 and 74 Michael Giovanni Mulhall joint editor and proprietor of "The Standard"
Belgrano 72 and 74 P. O'Brien The Standard office
Belgrano 72 and 74 Patrick J. O'Neill foreman of "The Standard"
Belgrano 72 and 74 John Kemsley sub-editor "The Standard", public translator and
  agent in all transactions with the government
Belgrano 74 Lacombe Bros. wine merchants
Belgrano 78 Mrs Jones  
Belgrano 113 Thomas Jones  
Belgrano 136 Ventura Fernández Peruvian consul
Belgrano 149 F. Hue coach maker
Belgrano 176 John J. Russell barraquero; member of the committee of the
  Strangers' Club
Belgrano 176 H. Anderson  
Belgrano 176 Russell & Anderson produce brokers
calle Bolívar
  British Hospital
Dr Reid doctor of medicine, director of the hospital
Bolívar 2 J. Corfield Bible Society; moved to Rivadavia 102 (January 1863)
Bolívar 7 G. Cripps
Bolívar 7 John Fair Louvre Hotel
Bolívar 7 H. J. Jones
Bolívar 7 P. B. Moller consul for Bremen
Bolívar 7 Zimmermann Fair & Co. merchants; Bremen consulate
Bolívar 12 Luís Bonich merchant
Bolívar 20 Barbour Barclay & Co. importers
Bolívar 20 George Hughes
Bolívar 20 Robert Muhr
Bolívar 20 George Tidblom
Bolívar 29 Gibson Bros. bespoke tailors
Bolívar 70 M. Burmeister produce broker
Bolívar 71 Louisa Hill milliner
Bolívar 76 Bonnemason & Heydecker importers
Bolívar 100 German Altgeel
Bolívar 111 Richard O'Shee merchant
Bolívar 119 Juan Carlos Pereira Pintos consul general of Brazil
Bolívar 166 John Guimaraes importer
Bolívar 171 Henry Haymes
Bolívar 186 Edward Thornton Minister Plenipotentiary, British Legation
Bolívar 186 William Doria acting Chargé d'Affaires, Great Britain and Ireland
Bolívar 186 Eric Robert
  Townsend Farquhar
attaché, British Legation
Bolívar 186 J. W. Williams clerk to the mission, British Legation
Bolívar 190 Constant Pequin
Bolívar 284
  and Quilmes
John Davidson estanciero
calle Brasil
Brasil 77 N. King
calle Buen Orden
Buen Orden 245 Van de Velde Brothers iron fence factory
Buen Orden 285 H. Jeannes silversmith
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