British Cemetery(Victoria), Buenos Aires

Register of interments, 1843-1846

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page date names where born age grave occupation disease service conducted by
2 / 21C 10/5/1843 Fatless [Farley], Charles England 46 N43 saddler decline Rev. B. Lodge
  11/5/1843 Watson, Henry Buenos Aires 15m N44   bowel complaint  
  13/5/1843 Crowe, Anne England 28 H20     Rev. B. Lodge
  17/5/1843 Gow, Catherine Scotland 18 x51   smallpox Rev. B. Lodge
  18/5/1843 Weeks, George Cumberland, England 15 x67/2 seaman drowned Rev. B. Lodge
  19/5/1843 Mission [Mason], William North America 67 x1 captain   Rev. W. Norris
  18/5/1843 Clare, Mary London 34 N44   constipation Rev. B. Lodge

21/5/1843 Priston [Preston], Hyram North America 38 I10 labourer smallpox  
  31/5/1843 Slfiver, Mary North America 32 x9   inflammation of the bowels Rev. W. Norris

4/6/1843 Priston Preston, Hyram North America 3m F9   smallpox  
  5/6/1843 Bellerby, Anita England 1m H   convulsions Rev. B. Lodge
  7/6/1843 Mack[ay], Caroline German 7d x35   mal  
  28/6/1843 Brash, John German 10m x33     Rev. B. Lodge
  28/6/1843 Wallace, William North America 35 x66  
  2/7/1843 Brown, Mary Buenos Aires
I11   smallpox  
  10/7/1843 Twyford, Thomas Buenos Aires 9m x66      
  10/7/1843 Gilmore, John England 28 x1   inflammation of the lungs Rev. B. Lodge
  15/7/ 1843 Smith, John North America 25 I88   inflammation of the throat Rev. B. Lodge
  18/7/1843 Leeson, James Buenos Aires 7d I12 mariner decline  
  21/7/1843 Hardy, Mary England 11m x89   mal  
  23/7/1843 McIntosh, Eliza Buenos Aires 8d x90   smallpox  
  28/7/1843 Hunt, Eleanor London 43 x160   mal  
  29/7/1843 Clare, Mary Buenos Aires 3m x61   mortification Rev. B. Lodge
  5/8/1843 Crosby, Stephen London 15 x44   cramp  
  16/8/1843 Blackett, Daniel London 27 x45 mariner drowned Rev. B. Lodge
  17/8/1843 Hector [Hayter], John Scotland 56 x63     Rev. B. Lodge
22 8/9/1843 Tucker, Thomas Plymouth, Devon 61 N46 tailor inflammation Rev. B. Lodge
  12/9/1843 Brown, Benjamin England 48 * tile maker liver complaint Rev. B. Lodge
  13/9/1843 Shedden, George Scotland 34 * farmer   Rev. Dr Brown
  25/9/1843 Kruger, Charles German 23 * mariner drowned Rev. B. Lodge
  26/9/1843 Christopher, John Russia Finland 36 *   inflammation  
  3/10/1843 Allen, Philip Alymer England 35 * officer fractured skull Rev. D. Carson
  14/10/1843 Gard, John Cornwall, England 49 * pilot paralysis Rev. B. Lodge
  21/10/1843 Cadett, Lucilla Buenos Aires 2 *   water on the brain Rev. B. Lodge
  25/10/1843 Graham, Joseph England 28 * carpenter    
  27/10/1843 Richardsons, William England 14 days *   mal Rev. W. Norris
  3/11/1843 Mario, Joseph John Liverpool 36 * barraquero sudden death Rev. Dr Brown
  5/11/1843 Bideford, William England 26 * mariner drowned Rev. B. Lodge
  5/11/1843 Davison, William Scotland 24 * carpenter inflammation Rev. Dr Brown
  7/11/1843 Fuchs, John German 38 *   inflammation Pastor A. L. Siegel
  8/11/1843 Crow, Thomas England 41 * stable keeper   Rev. B. Lodge
  16/11/1843 Mckinlay, James Scotland 37 * mariner lock jaw Rev. Dr Brown
  23/11/1843 Mcdougal, Donald Scotland 36 * labourer sudden death  
  27/11/1843 Lockley, Anne Buenos Aires 10 days *   mal Rev. B. Lodge
  30/11/1843 Schaffenuth, Henry German 25 * mariner drowned Pastor A. L. Siegel
  1/12/1843 Overweg, Friedrick Prussia 37 *     Pastor A. L. Siegel
  2/12/1843 Jackson, Samuel North America 85 * cook natural debility  
  21/12/1843 Smith, Alaice Buenos Aires 6 days *   mal  
  30/12/1843 Parr, John D. Liverpool 33 * tinman Inflammation  
  3/1/1844 Eastman, Thomas London 44 *      
4 4/1/1844 Gilpin, William Yorkshire, England 46 C15 merchant apoplexy Rev. B. Lodge
  6/1/1844 Blake, George W. North America 56 L8 merchant inflammation in the bowels Rev. W. Norris
  7/1/1844 Samuelson, Pieter German 26     sudden death  
  8/1/1844 Kirchner, Anthony German 36     sudden death Pastor A. L. Siegel
  15/1/1844 Sheridan, Peter Dublin, Ireland 53 A9 merchant sudden death Rev. Dr Brown
  17/1/1844 Gellhidy, Dominic England 58 N54   internal complaint  
  24/1/1844 Wilson, John Buenos Aires 1d C16     Rev. Dr Brown
  27/1/1844 Young, Barbara Scotland 39 C28     Rev. Dr Brown
  4/2/1844 Bering [Baring], John North America 46 P2 pilot dysentery Rev. W. Norris
  6/2/1844 Burmister, Martin German 27 C32      
  13/2/1844 Pixton, William England 58 N55 carpenter mortification Rev. B. Lodge
  18/2/1844 Nepier [Napier?], John German 27 C33   dropsy on the chest Pastor A. L. Siegel
  22/2/1844 Gillimor, Dorcas Buenos Aires 1 H88   inflammation Rev. B. Lodge
  24/2/1844 Clark, Catherine Buenos Aires 7d E6   mal Rev. W. Norris
  24/2/1844 Wildrigge, John Whitby 35 N56 captain drowned Rev. B. Lodge
  3/3/1844 Howland, Peleg Boston, North America 27 T14   inflammation of the bowels Rev. W. Norris
  13/3/1844 Mackinlay, Edmond Buenos Aires 6d A   mal Rev. B. Lodge
  19/3/1844 Louis, James Buenos Aires 1d L79   mal  
  24/3/1844 Clare, John North America 38 T15   drowned Rev. W. Norris
  25/3/1844 Quin, James Ireland 47 K   drowned Rev. B. Lodge
  6/4/1844 Rowe, Harriett Buenos Aires 21m C7   inflammation in the bowels Rev. B. Lodge
  7/4/1844 Slane, Mary Scotland 55 N57   liver complaint Rev. B. Lodge
  13/4/1844 Oliver, Alexander England 8 N58   bowel complaint Rev. B. Lodge
  13/4/1844 Jardill, William Jersey. England 29 N59     Rev. B. Lodge
  20/4/1844 Junnir [Junor?], Robert Buenos Aires 10m H11     Rev. W. Norris
  20/4/1844 McJeydall, Frederick German 12d C34   mal  
  21/4/1844 Blake, Georgiana Buenos Aires 10d L9   mal Rev. W. Norris
  25/4/1844 Nash, Henry North America 4 L4   inflammation Rev. W. Norris
6 26/4/1844 Brownlee, George Liverpool 38 N60 doctor liver complication Rev. B. Lodge
  1/5/1844 Pingels, John German 7 C43   mal  
  2/5/1844 Brown, Elisabeth Buenos Aires 8d H103   mal  
  16/5/1844 Barclay, Helen Buenos Aires 17 N61   fever Rev. B. Lodge
  22//5/1844 Best, John Thomas Buenos Aires 1 A1   nursing? Rev. Dr Brown
  24/5/1844 Bathurst, William England 48 N62 captain aneurism Rev. B. Lodge
  26/5/1844 Wardhaugh, Mary Buenos Aires 15m H104   dolane? Rev. B. Lodge
  8/6/1844 Nilsom, Robert Buenos Aires 17d H105   mal  
  8/6/1844 Riencke. Auguste Buenos Aires 8d C44   inflammation in the throat Pastor A. L. Siegel
  16/6/1844 Enza, Helen German 7 C45   inflammation in the throat Pastor A. L. Siegel
  16/6/1844 Thomas, John England 59 N63 pilot old age Rev. B. Lodge
  7/7/1844 Prithauer, Henry German 58 C35   decline Pastor A. L. Siegel
  18/7/1844 Campbell, Patrick Buenos Aires 22m A3   dropsy Rev. B. Lodge
  24/7/1844 White, Hugh England   M2   brain fever Rev. B. Lodge
  24/7/1844 Trodden, Jacob German 8 C36   fever Pastor A. L. Siegel
  25/7/1844 Stuart. Charles England 46 N64   asinact? Rev. B. Lodge

1/8/1844 Bell, Thomas Buenos Aires 16m C35 transferred to Henry Bell’s vault 5/2/1862 croup Rev. Dr Brown
  7/8/1844 Nagel, Christian Wolf German 48 E36      
  8/8/1844 Robison, Hugh Buenos Aires   H      
  22/8/1844 Wells, John England 32 N65      
  22/8/1844 Wardhugh, William Buenos Aires 8d H104   mal Rev. W. Norris
  26/8/1844 Pickance, Maria Rio de Janeiro 29 N66   consumption Rev. B. Lodge
  27/8/1844 Bolton, George Buenos Aires 3d H107   mal  
7 5/9/1844 Diuart, John Scotland 19 N67 seaman from fatigue and cold Rev. B. Lodge
  10/9/1844 Handy, Serious North America 36 T14 carpenter insinity  
  13/9/1844 Wood, James England 36 N68 carpenter drowned  
  18/9/1844 Baylis, Nathan Jamaica 26 N69      
  20/9/1844 Johnson, Samuel North America 36 T16   dropsy Rev. W. Norris
  2/10/1844 Smith, Thomas Portsmouth, England 63 N70 bricklayer cancer in the face Rev. B. Lodge
  3/10/1844 Burford, Anthony England 74 N71   natural debility Rev. B. Lodge
  7/10/1844 Fisher, James Manchester 56 N72 seaman debility Rev. B. Lodge
  23/10/1844 Walker, John Scotland 27 C32   sudden death Rev. Dr Brown
  24/10/1844 Miller, Mungo Scotland 38 N73   brain fever Rev. Dr Brown
  7/11/1844 Killer, Caroline German 11m C32   fever  
  12/11/1844 Trillia, Caroline Buenos Aires 7m H85   brain fever Rev. B. Lodge
  14/11/1844 Mr Hargreaves stillborn child     H3      
  20/11/1844 Nash, Belinda North America   L4/2     Rev. W. Norris
  30/11/1844 Portis, George England 41/2 C38     Rev. B. Lodge
  1/12/1844 Nothstrang, John German 18 C37 sailor by a fall from the top Pastor A. L. Siegel
  4/12/1844 Fridrich, William German 50 C38   consumption  
  8/12/1844 Bletscher, Coraleis German 10d C35   mal Pastor A. L. Siegel
  9/12/1844 Sharpe, Samuel Yorkshire, England 32 N74   sudden death Rev. B. Lodge
  15/12/1844 Raslett, Master stillborn child   H104      
  17/12/1844 Raslett, Sally Buenos Aires 36 N75     Rev. B. Lodge
  17/12/1844 McKay, John England 40 N76   dropsy Rev. B. Lodge
  18/12/1844 Whitaker, Caroline Buenos Aires 21/2 E3   sudden death Rev. B. Lodge
  26/12/1844 FitzClarence, John North America 28 T17   drowned Rev. W. Norris
  28/12/1844 Younger, Andrew Scotland 24 N77 seaman consumption Rev. B. Lodge
8 12/1/1845 Schmidt, Charles German 18 C39 sailor consumption Pastor A. L. Siegel
  12/1/1845 White, Edwin H. Buenos Aires 7d M2   mal Rev. D. De??
  17/1/1845 Richards, Richard English 45 N78   consumption Re. Birgh
  18/1/1845 Christinsen, John K. German 18 C40 sailor brain fever Pastor A. L. Siegel
  26/1/1845 Drysdale, Betsy Scotland 6m M44   fever  
  5/2/1845 Kidd, Andrew Buenos Aires 8d H109   mal  
  7/2/1845 Mison [Mason], Margaret Buenos Aires 7d H24   mal  
  11/2/1845 Vickers, James England 25 N79 seaman drowned  
  12/2/1845 Crage [Craig], Elizabeth Scotland 37 N80   dropsy Rev. W. Norris
  13/2/1845 Sheddon, James Scotland 8d K54   mal  
  15/2/1845 Meminger, Fredrick German 60 C42   debility Pastor A. L. Siegel
  16/2/1845 Macdonnell, Rebecca Ireland 45 B52   apoplexy Rev. Dr Brown
  17/2/1845 Laing, Robert Buenos Aires 7d A   mal Rev. B. Lodge
  18/2/1845 Junor, Lydia Buenos Aires 7d H11   mal Rev. W. Norris
  27/2/1845 Kidd, Jane Buenos Aires 10m H110   fever  
  5/3/1845 Schumarser William German 26 C43   consumption Pastor A. L. Siegel
  7/3/1845 Raine, George England 40 N81      
  14/3/1845 Smith, John England 64 N82   mortification Rev. B. Lodge
  18/3/1845 Tornquist, Ferdinand German 42 C44   consumption Pastor A. L. Siegel
  19/3/1845 Dweg, Francis Buenos Aires 8d P5   mal  
  31/3/1845 White, William Buenos Aires 4 M2   brain fever Rev. B. Lodge
  2/4/1845 Kirmode, William Isle of Man 47 N83 tailor consumption  
  2/4/1845 Green, Christopher Buenos Aires 3h H111      
  4/4/1845 Clear [Clare], Mary Buenos Aires 9d N44   mal  
  11/4/1845 Hillner, Charles Buenos Aires 10d C36   mal  
  13/4/1845 Dickson’s stillborn child     H112      
9 13/4/1845 Robson [Robinson], James Scotland 46 H84 carpenter liver complaint Rev. Dr Brown
  13/4/1845 Blues, Margaret Buenos Aires 14d H113   could  
  17/4/1845 Hillsen, Henry Germany 60 G48 merchant liver complaint Pastor A. L. Siegel
  25/4/1845 Schultz, William     C37 clerk inflammation Rev. B. Lodge
  6/5/1845 Drysdale, Elizabeth Scotland 31 M44   decline  
  7/5/1845 Robertson, William Scotland 19 N85 mariner drowned Rev. Dr Brown
  12/5/1845   Denmark   C49     Pastor A. L. Siegel
  15/5/1845 Fowler, James England 32 N86 bricklayer asthma Rev. B. Lodge
  17/5/1845 Pronton, Augusto Prussia 26 C50   lockjaw Pastor A. L. Siegel
  19/5/1845 Tucker, Julia Buenos Aires 4m H114   inflammation in the chest Rev. W. Norris
  22/5/1845 Harrison, Joseph Ireland 23 N87   inflammation Rev. B. Lodge
  22/5/1845 Jones, Edwin Wales 24 N88 sailor drowned Rev. B. Lodge
  6/6/1845 Constable, Robert Ireland 47 N89     Rev. B. Lodge
  11/6/1845 Hardy, John Buenos Aires 7d H115   mal  
  16/6/1845 Thompson, Robert W. English 40 N90 carpenter inflammation in the kidney Rev. B. Lodge
  17/6/1845 Lees, Mary Ireland 47 H105   consumption  
  18/6/1845 Henderson, Andrew England 3 H105   water in the head  
  24/6/1845 Major, George English 64 K8 blacksmith consumption Rev. B. Lodge
  24/6/1845 Whitaker, John English 63 E3 plumber enlargement of the heart Rev. B. Lodge
  22/6/1845 Williams, John English 38 N91     Rev. B. Lodge
  28/6/1845 Richardson, Anthony Buenos Aires 3d H101   mal Rev. B. Lodge
  5/7/1845 English, Robert England 55 N92   apoplexy Rev. B. Lodge
  6/7/1845 Rorison, Alex Scotland 33 N94 captain inflammation Rev. B. Lodge

21/7/1845 Ejegical [Ziegler], Frederick Buenos Aires 2m G11      
  24/7/1845 Scot, Jannet Scotland 50 N95   sudden death Rev. B. Lodge
10 1/8/1845 Blair, John English 50 N96   consumption Rev. B. Lodge
  12/8/1845 Shortridge, Jean Buenos Aires 19d H116   inflammation in the Rev. B. Lodge
  26/8/1845 Seal, Charles Buenos Aires 22d H117   cold in the brist Rev. B. Lodge
  2/9/1845 Leach, George Buenos Aires 8d H108   mal Rev. B. Lodge
  19/9/1845 Trillia, Amelia Buenos Aires 7d H85   mal  
  20/9/1845 Swan, Mary Scotland 50 N37     Rev. Dr Brown
  2/10/1845 Knight, Ellen Buenos Aires 7d H61   mal Rev. B. Lodge
  7/10/1845 Hale, George North America 2 U2   whooping cough Rev. W. Norris
  7/10/1845 Kirns [Cairns], Makol [Michael] Buenos Aires 7d C36   mal Rev. B. Lodge
  8/10/1845 Rowley, George Buenos Aires 7d H109   mal  
  22/10/1845 Cowell, Joseph Buenos Aires 6m H110   mal Rev. B. Lodge
  30/11/1845 Love, George London 53 F2   inflammation Rev. B. Lodge
  8/12/1845 Rae, George England 36 N98   illegible text Rev. B. Lodge
  13/12/1845 Williams, John North America   T18 seaman drowned Rev. B. Lodge
  13/12/1845 Pheatins, Edward North America   T18 seaman drowned Rev. B. Lodge
  21/12/1845 McLymont, Thomas Scotland 40 M28   palsy Rev. Dr Brown
  14/1/1846 Nichols, William England 23 N99 sailor dysentry Rev. B. Lodge
  21/1/1846 Smailie, James Cornwall 44 N100 gardener constipation Rev. B. Lodge
  22/1/1846 Spitker, Polonia German 18m C41   whooping cough Pastor A. L. Siegel
  23/1/1846 Gleden, Julia German 12m C45   whooping cough Pastor A. L. Siegel
  25/1/1846 Beckman, Julia German 10m C46   whooping cough  
  29/1/1846 George, Rodrigo New York 38 T19   sudden death Rev. W. Norris
11 31/1/1846 Martin, John English 42 N101     Rev. B. Lodge
  6/2/1846 Renison, George England 44 N102 watchmaker   Rev. B. Lodge
  8/2/1846 Davis, Joseph English 19 N103   cause of death: a fall from a horse Rev. B. Lodge
  14/2/1846 Clark, Lucy Buenos Aires 8m T6   whooping cough Rev. W. Norris
  20/2/1846 Ramsay, Ann England 17 N104   consumption Rev. B. Lodge
  20/2/1846 Lyis [Lees], Elizabeth Buenos Aires 7d M3   mal  
  24/2/1846 Davison, David Buenos Aires 2m H1011   bowel complaint  
  2/3/1846 Erly [Early], James New York   T20 seaman accident Rev. W. Norris
  17/3/1846 Clark, James Buenos Aires 26d M10   bowel complaint  
  17/3/1846 Kiiler, Elisabeth Buenos Aires 1 C48   inflammation in the bowels  
  1/4/1846 Nisbet, John England 3 H1012   whooping cough Rev. B. Lodge
  17/4/1846 Helsby, Sharon E. Buenos Aires 26d H1013   teething Rev. B. Lodge
  17/4/1846 Gerding, Rosa Buenos Aires 15m E3   teething  

20/5/1846 McFale [McPhail], Elspeth Buenos Aires 7d I15   mal  
  4/6/1846 Mitchell, Robert Buenos Aires 7d H114   mal  
  11/6/1846 Spraggon, Alice Buenos Aires 9d M46   mal Rev. B. Lodge
  24/6/1846 Robison, James Buenos Aires 9m H115   sudden death  
  25/6/1846 Moreton, Susan Buenos Aires 9d H116   mal Rev. W. Norris
  4/7/1846 How, Lewis Buenos Aires 17 N105   lockjaw Rev. B. Lodge
  7/71846 Lothian, James Buenos Aires 6d H117   mal  
  11/7/1846 Robison, Edwin German 68 C60   old age Pastor A. L. Siegel
12 12/7/1846 Korn, Peter German 8 T21   fever  
  5/8/1846 Johnstone, William North America 35 T21 cook consumption Rev. W. Norris
  24/8/1846 Dunston, Henry England 28 N106     Rev. B. Lodge
  4/9/1846 Jons [Jones], William England 9 H1018   sudden death Rev. B. Lodge
  16/9/1846 Butler, William Ireland 39 N107   inflammation Rev. B. Lodge
  28/9/1846 Moffatt. William Buenos Aires 6d H1019   mal Rev. B. Lodge
  3/10/1846 Hospital, Badeax English 46 N108     Rev. B. Lodge
  4/10/1846 Luhrobe   stillborn        
  6/10/1846 Robertson, Helen English 37 M24     Rev. Dr Brown
  11/10/1846 Stevens,William English 55 K blacksmith   Rev. B. Lodge
  14/10/1846 Henderson, Richard Buenos Aires 7w H105     Rev. B. Lodge
  14/10/1846 Godfrey, Henry English 35 K7     Rev. B. Lodge
  19/10/1846 Brocksop, Ralph England 42 M7   inflammation Rev. B. Lodge
  23/10/1846 Peterson, Samuel German 6w C44   sudden death Pastor A. L. Siegel
  28/10/1846 Ride, George W. English 42 N119     Rev. B. Lodge
  13/11/1846 Hall, Rachel North America 58 T22   dropsy Rev. B. Lodge
  16/11/1846 Steward, Hugh Scotland 30 N1010 captain inflammation Rev. Dr Brown
  28/11/1846 William, Victoria Anna Buenos Aires 11d K63   mal Rev. B. Lodge

fuente: tomo dos, oficina directiva, Cementerio Britanico, Buenos Aires