Foreigners resident in Buenos Ayres in 1863

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listed in M. G. and E. T. Mulhall, "The River Plate Handbook for 1863"
presented in alphabetical name order:
(16) Wheeler to Zumaran
W continued
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
Wheeler Bernard   Fortín  
Wheeler P.   Chascomús  
Wheeler Patrick   San Antonio  
Wheeler Thomas   San Andrés de Giles  
Wheelwright W. Córdoba Railroad Co. Louvre Hotel, Cuyo 65  
Whelan John   Pilar  
Whelan Peter   San Antonio de Areco  
White James & Co. iron merchants Defensa 73  
White James estanciero & merchant Belgrano, White's quinta died in the 1871 yellow fever epidemic (?)
White James estanciero Chivilcoy  
White J. estanciero Guardia del Monte  
White James   San Antonio de Areco  
White N.   Piedad 160  
White Robert   San Martín 176  
White William senr. estanciero Cañuelas married Janet McClymont (1804-1840)
White William junr.   Defensa 71  
Whitty Thomas   Baradero  
Wilcke L. B.   Chacabuco 34  
Wilde J. A. apothecary Quilmes  
Wilkinson A   Plaza Once de Setiembre  
Wilks George fire insurance agent Mayo 5  
Williams Andrew estanciero San Vicente  
Williams J. W. clerk to the mission British Legation, Bolívar 186  
Williams John   Cañuelas  
Williamson & Milligan merchants Rivadavia 34  
Wilson & Co. importers Victoria 218  
Wilson Robert   San Antonio de Areco  
Wineberg Dr. dentist Piedad 81  
Winter Louis broker San Martín 35  
Witz Emilio engineer Paraguay 208  
Wolff R. apothecary Perú 176 (or 76)  
Wolter Luis   Strangers' Club, San Martín 44  
Woodgate C. F.   Maipú 175  
Woodgate J. estanciero Mercedes  
Woolly Robert   Ranchos  
Wynne John   Arrecifes  
Wynne Patrick   Zárate  
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
Yateman H. S.   Florida 189  
York M.   Northern Railway Co.  
Youall M.   Gas Works, Plaza Retiro  
Youans N.   Chascomús  
Young Thomas estanciero Pilar  
Young William   Quilmes  
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
Zambianchi Mrs. lodging house Florida 315  
Zeigler C.   Victoria 93  
Zentz Edward Mensageries Imperiales Cangallo 212  
Zimmermann Henry Northern Railway San Martín 126  
Zimmermann Fair & Co. merchants Bolívar 7  
Zinny Anthony Mayo College Suipacha 50  
Zivingen Antony grocer Chascomús 78  
Zuberbühler Charles   Victoria 93  
Zumaran M. S.   Moreno 73  
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