Foreigners resident in Buenos Ayres in 1863

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listed in M. G. and E. T. Mulhall, "The River Plate Handbook for 1863"
presented in alphabetical name order:
(1) Acevedo to Beyfuss
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
  Dom Lahitte L. S.
c/o Belgrano 38  
Ackerly Charles   Moreno 126  
Alexander N.   calle Luján  
Allen John engineer Parque Station  
Allen Michael estanciero Fortín de Areco  
Allen Michael   Villa Mercedes  
Allen Thomas superintendent Western Railway  
Allen William estanciero Fortín de Areco  
Allen William   Quilmes  
Allinson William L. stables Rivadavia 23 and Piedad 26 he, his wife and daughter all died in the 1871 yellow fever epidemic
Allison estanciero Rojas  
Altgeel German   Bolívar 100  
Altgelt Ferber & Co. merchants Rivadavia 192  
Altieri Giuditta Miss primadonna Roma Hotel gone to Europe (appendix)
Amespil J. leather merchant calle Cangallo  
Amy W. R.   San Martín 90  
Anderson David   Rojas  
Anderson H.   Belgrano 176 (appendix) of Anderson & Russell
Anderson James undertaker Mayo 82  
André Adriano tobacconist San Martín 88  
André M.   gone to Antwerp (appendix)  
Appleyard Mrs   calle Florida and Gualeguaychú  
Archer J.   Cangallo 16 (appendix)  
Armstrong Andrew   Luján  
Armstrong John   Luján  
Armstrong T. St. George   Perú 19  
Armstrong Thomas merchant Perú 16 and 19  
Arnaud Emilio merchant Cuyo 19  
Arning & Hutz merchants Piedras 19  
Arning F. W.   Piedras 19  
Arning Otto merchant Reconquista 111  
Arthur William   Ensenada  
Ashton Peter   Temple 179  
Ashworth Edward & Co. importers Maipú 6  
Astoul Anthony draper Rivadavia 226  
Astoul S. saddler Piedad 156  
Atherton William   Reconquista 28  
Atkins Silas   Potosí 58  
Atkins the Misses   Barracas, calle Larga  
Aubri H.   Barracas, Barraca de Comercio  
Auchterlonie A.   Maipú 19  
Audin Charles merchant Strangers' Club, San Martín 44  
Austen W. lodging house Tucumán 62  
Ayliffe John   Europa 29  
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
Bacque J. merchant Maipú 28  
Bader Charles broker Bolsa, San Martín 100  
Baggetto Edward boatman Paseo Julio  
Bailey John P. importer Chacabuco 129  
Balbin & Plowes auctioneers Victoria 202  
Ball William estanciero Ranchos  
Ballasty James estanciero Rojas moved from Mercedes
Ballesty Gerald   Lobos  
Balton Patrick   San Antonio de Areco  
Banks Adolphus broker Bolsa, San Martín 100  
Banks Henry   Ranchos  
Barber & Co. Alfred importers Florida 17  
Barbolani Count Ulysses Italian Chargé d'Affaires Tacuarí 28  
Barbour Barclay & Co. importers Bolívar 20  
Barderuyck Charles barraquero Strangers' Club, San Martín 44  
Barker Calvin   San Antonio de Areco  
Barker Edward broker Bolsa, San Martín 100  
Barnes Joseph   Laguna de los Padres  
Barrow W. H.   Piedad 65  
Barry & Walker grocers Defensa 97  
Barry Louis   Villa Mercedes  
Barry Robert   San Antonio de Areco  
Barry William schoolmaster calle Venezuela  
Barry William   San Antonio de Areco
   (died January 1863)
Barth C. A. importer Reconquista 78  
Barton Ralph apothecary Defensa 45  
Barton W. estanciero Villa Mercedes  
Bates Stokes & Co. importers Maipú 55  
Baumeister A.   Rivadavia 41  
Bayne Ronald estanciero Monte Grande  
Bazil M. hatter Perú 55  
Beare Peter civil engineer Custom House Plaza 25 de Mayo
Becker Fred.   San Martín 33  
Becker Julio   Balcarce 15  
Beckhaus M. wool broker Corrientes 190  
Becour M. Lefebre de French Chargé d'Affaires Venezuela 111  
Beecham Hubert merchant Strangers' Club, San Martín 44  
Belausteguí Dr Victor manager, Colón Theatre Plaza de la Victoria  
Bell James & Co.   Defensa 97 James Mohr Bell, wife Mary Robson
Bell George & Son lumber merchants Potosí 60 George MacKenzie Bell, wife Margaret Robson
Bell estanciero Fortín de Areco  
Bell A. M.   Reconquista 28  
Bell George estanciero Ensenada  
Bell William estanciero Quilmes  
Bemberg & Co. o. merchants Reconquista 60  
Benn Charles W. & Co. ship brokers Mayo 49 (appendix)  
Bentham H. W.   Rivadavia 92  
Bercht Henry   Rivadavia 134  
Berducco J. apothecary Barracas  
Bergin John grocer Lobos  
Bernal & Cárrega steam-boat agents Reconquista 89 now Juan M. Cárrega
Bernheim & Boneo printers Perú 147 (appendix)  
Berry John estanciero Luján  
Bertarelli John merchant Perú 92  
Bertram J. barraca calle Defensa, Barracas  
Bertram William   Strangers' Club, San Martín 44  
Best Bros. merchants Rivadavia 96 also ship brokers of Victoria 158 (Mario D. Kurchán)
Beutefuhr Ernest broker Piedad 147  
Bevans M.   San Vicente  
Beyfuss & Barbieri German College Florida 292  
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