Foreigners resident in Buenos Ayres in 1863

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listed in M. G. and E. T. Mulhall, "The River Plate Handbook for 1863"
presented in alphabetical name order:
(9) Kemmeter to Lewis
K continued
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
Kemmeter J. soap boiler Barracas  
Kemsley John sub-editor "The Standard" Belgrano 72 & 74  
Kennan J.   México 70  
Kennedy Andrew   Mercedes  
Kenny Daniel   Luján  
Kenny James   Guardia del Monte  
Kenny James   Lobos  
Kenny James   Luján  
Kenny John   Magdalena  
Kenny John   Luján  
Kenny Laurence   Luján  
Kenny Martin   Luján  
Kenny Michael   Luján  
Kenny Mrs. estanciera Fortín de Areco  
Kenny Nicholas   Guardia del Monte  
Kenny Patrick   Luján  
Kenny Peter   Posta Zanoleta, Giles  
Kenny Peter   Capilla del Señor  
Kenny Thomas   Fortín de Areco  
Kenny Thomas   Mercedes  
Kerr and Grierson merchants Potosí 54  
Kiernan Christopher   Luján  
Kiernan J.   Morón  
Kiernan John   Ensenada  
Kiernan Thomas   Mercedes  
Killimed Bryan   Guardia del Monte  
Killimed John   Guardia del Monte  
Killimed Michael estanciero Guardia del Monte  
Killimed Timothy   Guardia del Monte  
Kilmurray John   Arrecifes  
Kilmurray Owen   Arrecifes  
Kilmurray Thomas   Mercedes  
Kinch Robert   Piedad 108  
King Frederick auctioneer Recoba Nueva 84  
King M. engineer, G. N. Railway San Martín 126  
King Michael   Luján  
King Miss. A. schoolmistress Independencia 164  
King N.   Brasil 77  
Kiniff Charles   Lobos  
Kiniffe Edward   Pilar  
Kirby J.   Mercedes  
Kirby Martin   Mercedes  
Kirk Edward   Chascomús  
Kirk Hon. Mr United States of America Resident Minister San Martín 190  
Kirk Mrs.   Plaza de Marte  
Kirk Thomas   Chascomús  
Kirwan Andrew A.B. & M.D., R.C.P.I doctor of medicine Reconquista 48  
Kirwan Rev. J. rector, Irish College Riobamba y Tucumán  
Kitchen W. plumber Moreno 107  
Klappenbach A.   Barracas, Barraca Atalaya  
Klappenbach and Sons merchants Piedad 116  
Klappenbach E.   Barracas, Barraca Atalaya  
Klaynach Evon   Maipú 12  
Klengel A.   Rivadavia 143  
Klenk John dyer and baker Defensa 289  
Knight George estanciero San Vicente  
Knight James draper Suipacha 316  
Knox Mrs. boarding house Mayo 52  
Kob P.   Reconquista 70  
Koch J.   Corrientes 52  
Koenig Julius estanciero San Vicente  
Kohlstedt G. & Co. importers San Martín 33  
Korn Dr. estanciero San Vicente  
Krabbe C. B.   Moreno 126  
Kratzenstein R. lithographer San Martín 56  
Krause dentist Corrientes 134  
Kreglinger A.   Cuyo 66  
Krutesch W. broker Bolsa, San Martín 100  
Krutisch D.   Córdoba 139  
Krutiske J. broker Victoria 668 (appendix)  
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
Labougle Eugene University Professor of Philosophy and French Cangallo 232  
Lacombe Bros. wine merchants Belgrano 74  
Lacroze J. miller Strangers' Club, San Martín 44  
Laing John merchant Maipú 55  
Lambra Charles music-master Ancla Dorada, calle Cangallo  
Langden J. estanciero calle Juncal  
Langdon E.   Plaza Once de Setiembre  
Lange J. lithographer San Martín 1  
Langenheim J. M.   Balcarce 47  
Langer G.   San Martín 98  
Laplam A.   Rivadavia 555  
Larkin John   Chischis  
Latham Austin merchant Reconquista 24  
Latham W.   Quilmes, Atalaya (appendix)  
Latham Wilfred merchant Reconquista 24  
Lawler Patrick   Navarro  
Lawler Simon   Navarro  
Lawless Michael   Luján  
Lawlor John   Lobos  
Le Jeune M. cigar merchant Piedad 164  
Le Long M. botanist Cuyo 70  
Lea Samuel broker Tucumán 140  
Leader J.   Hotel Louvre, Cuyo 65  
Leary John   Chischis  
Leddon William   Ranchos  
Ledwidge Thomas   Salto  
Ledwidge Thomas   Mercedes  
Leeson A. doctor of medicine Reconquista 72 (or 66)  
Legout Raoul model school Moreno 100  
Legout Robert professor Perú 35 (appendix)  
Leguinechi A.   San Martín 72  
Leider P.   Piedad 118  
Leinau E. merchant Chacabuco 25  
Lenaghin Henry   Luján  
Lengnick V.   Reconquista 142  
Lennon Edward estanciero Capilla del Señor  
Lennon Edward estanciero Luján  
Lennon James   Quilmes  
Lennon John   Luján  
Lentz H. jeweller 25 de Mayo 31  
Leslie John doctor of medicine Cangallo 103  
Leslie William manager Mauá Bank, Cangallo 101  
Lewis David classical teacher Potosí 331  
Lewis John estanciero Fortín de Areco  
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