Foreigners resident in Buenos Ayres in 1863

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listed in M. G. and E. T. Mulhall, "The River Plate Handbook for 1863"
presented in alphabetical name order:
(8) Hoare to Kelsey
H continued
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
Hoare Robert   Obligado  
Hoeker Henry   Balcarce 97  
Hoevel R.   Balcarce 47  
Hogan Christopher   Luján  
Hogan James   San Antonio de Areco  
Hogan John   Arrecifes  
Hogan John   Fortín de Areco  
Hogan Nicholas   Giles  
Hogan Patrick estanciero Fortín de Areco  
Hogan Richard   Arrecifes  
Holt J.   Maipú 19  
Holterhoff C. barraquero Barracas, calle Larga  
Hopkins Edward A.   Esmeralda 320 son of the Bishop of Vermont, former consul to Paraguay (1853); concessionaire Great Northern Railway to San Fernando
Hossack George estanciero Quilmes  
Howard Charles builder Venezuela 14  
Howland Patrick   Mercedes  
Hoyne F.   San Martín 33  
Hudson Daniel chacrero Quilmes father of William Henry Hudson (1841-1922), author and naturalist
Hudson Edward land surveyor Piedad 344 (or Florida 259)  
Hue F. coach maker Belgrano 149  
Hughes George   Bolívar 20  
Hughes John produce broker Artes 274 and Reconquista 83  
Hughes N. F.   25 de Mayo 232  
Hughes William H. J.   Plaza Once de Setiembre  
Hume H.   Potosí 58  
Hunt & Schroeder architects Piedad 89  
Hunt Henry   Piedad 89  
Hunt Hiram carpenter Reconquista 218  
Hussey Michael estanciero Chischis  
Hussey Patrick   Ensenada  
Hyne John   Luján  
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
Inglis N.   Piedad 30  
Isaac Leon L. merchant Rivadavia 124  
Itellfeld H.   Barracas, Barraca de Möhr  
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
Jackson Charles   Florida 278  
Jackson John   Cañuelas  
Jacob Wilson broker San Martín 65  
Jaeggli & Diavet watchmakers Perú 3  
Jager J. grocer Perú 77  
Jaspers C.   Strangers' Club, San Martín 44  
Jeannes H. silversmith Buen Orden 285 (appendix)  
Jeppener G.   Strangers' Club, San Martín 44  
Jolly A. barraquero Strangers' Club, San Martín 44  
Jones H. J.   Bolívar 7  
Jones Mrs   Belgrano 78  
Jones Robert   Guardia del Monte  
Jones Thomas   Belgrano 113  
Jones W.   Florida 301  
Jordan A. P. merchant Moreno 126  
Jordan Edward   Chascomús  
Jordan James   Luján  
Jordan Nicholas   Chascomús  
Jordan S. C. merchant Moreno 126  
Jordan Krabbe & Co. exporters Moreno 128  
Jourde P. C. importer San Martín 88  
Joyce John F.   Ranchos  
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
Kalkuch E.   Strangers' Club, San Martín 44  
Kane Thomas   Luján  
Kavanagh Edward Rev.   Baradero  
Kavanagh Edward   San Antonio de Areco  
Kavanagh James estanciero Leones, Mercedes  
Kean George lighter-man Paseo Julio 39  
Kean John   Morón  
Keane Henry estanciero Bragado  
Keane J. estanciero Bragado  
Keane Michael   Ranchos  
Keane Thomas   Galpones, Ranchos  
Kearnes John   Morón  
Kearney Mathew   Mercedes  
Kearney T. estanciero costa de los Salados, Mercedes  
Kearns John   Estancia Zamudio, Lobos  
Keegan Mrs   Luján  
Keena John   Chischis  
Keena Peter   Ensenada  
Keenan George pilot Reconquista 241  
Keenan Mrs widow Lobos  
Kehoe John   Arrecifes  
Kehoe Patrick   Arrecifes  
Kein M.   San Martín 154  
Kelly Daniel estanciero Pilar  
Kelly Francis   Lobos  
Kelly Francis   Luján  
Kelly Hugh   Capilla del Señor  
Kelly Laurence   Cañuelas  
Kelly Laurence estanciero Mercedes  
Kelly Michael   Capilla del Señor  
Kelly Michael   Fortín de Areco  
Kelly Mrs   Chischis  
Kelly Mrs inn and lodging house 25 de Mayo 25  
Kelly Patrick   Pilar  
Kelly Patrick   Luján  
Kelly Peter   Lobos  
Kelly Peter   Navarro  
Kelly Robert estanciero Pilar  
Kelly Thomas   Posta Barnachea, Matanzas  
Kelly Thomas   Luján  
Kelsey W. barraquero Barracas  
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