Churches and Cemeteries in the Province of Buenos Aires

Studies in 19th and 20th century emigration

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Azul Protestant Cemetery
Bahía Blanca and the Province of Buenos Aires
    Baptisms, 1883-1903
    Marriages, 1883-1911
    Burials, 1884-91
Chascomús Protestant Cemetery
Chascomús, St Andrew's Scots Church
    Baptisms, 1862-1915
    Marriages, 1863-1915
    Burials, 1863-1915
Florencio Varela, St John's Scots Church
    Baptisms, 1857-1910
    Marriages, 1857-1909
Junín, Anglican Mission
    Baptisms, 1903-1915
    Marriages, 1903-1915
    Burials, 1903-1914
San Vicente Protestant Cemetery
Azul Cementerio

Chascomús Cementerio
Chasbaptisms, 1863-1915
Chasmarriages, 1863-1915
Chasburials, 1863-1915
FVarela baptisms, 1857-1910
FVarela marriages, 1857-1909

Junin baptisms, 1903-1915
Junin marriages, 1903-1915
Junin and Mendoza burials, 1903-1914
San Vicente

Sierras de la Ventana

Sierras de la Ventana, 1995

photograph: Jeremy Howat