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Jun 1999 Launch of first version of website
Jun 1999 Introduction to Emigration page
Sep 1999 Passenger list of the Mimosa, 1865, sailing from Liverpool to Patagonia (166 names)
Jan 2000 Writings page
Jan 2002 Launch of new version of the website
Jan 2002 Foreigners resident in Buenos Ayres, Mulhall Handbook, 1863 (1577 names)
Dec 2002 Beginning the checking of the webpages with HTML Validator 6.5 Lite version
Dec 2002 Launch of the Aims, Despair, MIs and Saudades pages (125 records)
Jan 2003 Launch of third version of the opening page
Jan 2003 Marriage Declarations pages (343 records)
Jan 2003 Links page
Apr 2003 Transcription of burials registers of St John's, Buenos Aires, 1821-1900 (4089 records)
July 2003 Transcription of marriage registers of St John's, Buenos Aires, 1824-1900 (957 records)
July 2003 Electronic edition of La Nueva Historia de la Iglesia Anglicana San Bartolomé, Rosario
Aug 2003, Sep 2009 British subjects who died intestate in Argentina, 1842-1899 (237 records)
Feb 2004 The Welsh in Patagonia, baptisms, marriages and burials, 1865-1909 (421 records)
Mar 2004 Transcription of baptisms registers of St John's, Buenos Aires, 1825-1900 (3115 records)
Mar 2004 Argentine National Census for Barracas, Buenos Aires in 1869 (604 names)
Apr 2004 Lists of British residents from Mulhall's Handbook, 1875 (925 names)
Apr 2004 North Eastern Argentina, baptisms, marriages and burials, 1868-1918 (457 records)
Jan 2005 Redesign of opening pages and launch of fourth version of website
Jan 2005 Initial conversion of website to Cascading Style Sheets format
Mar 2005 St Andrew's Scots Church, Buenos Aires, initiation of the publication of baptisms, marriages and burials registers
Jun 2005 Transcription of marriage registers of St Bartholomew's, Rosario, 1869-1901 (688 records)
Jul 2005 Upgrade of the language checker to HTML Validator 7.0
Aug 2005 Start of use of HTML Tag remover
Nov 2005 Transcription of baptism registers of St Bartholomew's, Rosario, 1868-1900 (2903 records)
Jan 2006 Cascading Style Sheets as standard formatting for new pages
Jan 2006 Kelly's Directory of Merchants and Manufacturers, 1903
Jan 2006 Site history page
Jan 2006 Site map
Feb 2006 Rodolfo A. Warner's map of Santa Fe Province of 1895/1898, landowners (1144 records)
Feb 2006 Córdoba Anglican Church, baptisms, marriages and burials, 1870-96 (285 records)
Feb 2006 Newly designed combined opening page
Feb 2006 British merchant shipping at Buenos Aires, 1834
Feb 2006 St Bartholomew's School, Rosario, pupils, 1875-1880 (178 records)
Apr 2006 Chascomús Protestant Cemetery, 1863-2004 (1425 records)
Apr 2006 St Andrew's Church, Alejandra, Prov. Santa Fe, registers 1871-91, (548 records)
May 2006 Allen Gardiner Memorial Chapel, Alberdi, baptisms 1897-1902, marriages, 1897-99 (76 records)
Aug 2006 Correction of error in CSS language for last 7 months' work
Aug 2006 Province of Buenos Aires, baptisms, marriages and burials, 1883-1900, (239 records)
Aug 2006 British Cemetery: list of names on old headstones from Victoria Cemetery (1029 records)
Nov 2006 Transcripts of 11 maritime adventures with British shipping in Argentine waters, 1827-40
Nov 2006 Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires, baptisms and marriages, 1874-1901 (382 records)
Dec 2006 Wills of British Subjects recorded at the British Consulate, Buenos Aires, 1843-54 (26 records)
Dec 2006 News from Buenos Aires: Dr Michael O'Gorman attended British wounded, 1807
Dec 2006 News from Buenos Aires: A Sailing Match, 1832
Dec 2006 News from Buenos Aires: Grand Ball and Supper given by Capt Herbert, 1839
Dec 2006 News from Buenos Aires: Queen Victoria's Birthday and Marriage celebrated, 1840
Dec 2006 News from Buenos Aires: Letter written between two brothers, 1851
Feb 2007 Pioneering Days: The Lincolnshire Farmers and Annie Godward
Mar 2007 Alexandra Colony: The Journal of Arthur L. Powys, 1872
Apr 2007 All Saints Church, Quilmes, baptisms, marriages, and burials (157 records)
Aug 2007 Azul Protestant Cemetery, monumental inscriptions (28 records)
Aug 2007 Belgrano, St Saviour's, baptisms and marriages, 1895-1902 (227 records)
Aug 2007 Palermo, St. Paul's, baptisms, 1898-1903 (14 records)
Aug 2007 Completion of publication of the Argentine Anglican Church 19th century records
Jan 2008 Completion of publication of the St Andrew's Scots Church 19th century records, baptisms (3933 records), marriages (1154 records) and burials (1621 records)
Feb 2008 Transcription of Chascomús Scots Church marriages (213 records)
Mar 2008 Transcription of Chascomús Scots Church burials (389 records)
Aug 2008 Transcription of Chascomús Scots Church baptisms, 1863-1900 (1172 records)
Aug 2008 Completion of publication of the St Andrew's Scots Church, Chascomús 19th century records
Nov 2008 Transcription of Florencio Varela Scots Church marriages (139 records)
Dec 2008 Transcription of Florencio Varela Scots Church baptisms, 1857-1871
Jan 2009 St Bartholomew's School, Rosario—Prize Lists for 1900, 1902 and 1903
Feb 2009 English Commercial College, Rosario—Prize Lists for 1904
Feb 2009 Analysis of pupils, 1900 to 1904 (174 names)
Feb 2009 Commercial Academy, Buenos Aires, Prize List for 1835
Sep 2009 List of Curators, 1842-1899, approved by the British Consulate (237 entries)
Oct 2009 List of doctors in practice with the English-speaking community (196 names)
Feb 2010 British merchant vessels at Buenos Aires, 1826-1835
Apr 2010 Complete reconstruction of Entre Rios folder and files
Apr 2010 Transcription of Rev. Lachlan McNeill's register of baptisms and marriages in Banda Oriental and Concordia (225 records)
May 2010 Burials in the Protestant section in San Vicente, Prov. B. A., 1868-1934 (136 records)
Jun 2010 Methodist Episcopal Church, Montevideo, Baptisms and Marriages, 1839-42 (38 records)
Oct 2012 Methodist Episcopal Church, Buenos Aires, BMD, 1837-1908 (3134 records)
Jul 1913 Viejo Cementerio de Disidentes, Rosario, burials to 1889 (932 records)
Nov 2013 First Methodist Church, Rosario, BMD, 1865-1915 (1346 records)
Jan 2014 Junín Anglican Church, 1903-1915, BMD (141 records)
Feb 2014 Bahía Blanca, baptisms, 1883-1903 (219 records), marriages, 1888-1911 (13 records)
Feb 2014 St Peter's, Flores, 1879-1915, BMD (632 records)
Mar 2014 Barracas al Norte, Christ Church, 1902-1915, baptisms (97 records), marriages (42 records)
Mar 2014 General Urquiza chapel, 1908-1915, baptisms (32 records)

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