Appointment of Curators for those who died intestate

British Consulate, Buenos Ayres, 1842-1899

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In the National Archives, Kew, there is a series of legal registers and archives, class FO 446, pertaining to the British Consulate at Buenos Aires. Pieces 1 to 6, and 28 to 30, refer particularly to transactions and events in the 19th century.

There is a broad miscellany of material here, all giving an interesting view of the lives of British citizens living in Buenos Aires at the time. Use has already been made of some of this material on other pages in this website.

In the Treaty of Amity signed between the British Government and the Government of Buenos Ayres in 1825, one of the sections specifically deals with the issue of what was to happen to the estate of any British citizen who died intestate.

Article XIII says that ‘ the event of any British subject dying intestate ...the consul-general...shall have the right to nominate curators to take charge of the property of the deceased...without interference...’. The implication was that the curator appointed would see to the establishment of the person's assets, the payment of any debts and the rendering of the balance of goods and capital to the next of kin.

Possibly because there were consulate records that have not survived, the details of people who died intestate, and the names of their curators, principally exist for the years 1859 to 1886. This list is presented here, complete with the details contained in the legal registers.

Source Folio Name Died in Date of death
FO446/5 49-51, 124-5 O'Neill, Mrs   order sealed on 20/5/1842 Patrick Stafford
FO446/5 95 Crowe, Thomas   order sealed on 10/11/1843 Edward Lumb (merchant) John Yates (clerk)
FO446/5 98 Gilpin, William (merchant)   order sealed on 8/1/1844 John Harratt, James Spenser Wild
FO446/5 98 Sheridan, Peter (merchant)   order sealed on 17/1/1844 James P. Sheridan, Thomas Hughes
FO446/28 45 Harratt, John (of Leeds)   died 14/7/1849; order sealed on 20/7/1849 Joseph Harratt, Henry Harratt
FO446/1 220-7 Dow, Dr Andrew murdered in Mendoza 24/11/1849 Amador Tablas, Nolaseo Ortiz
FO446/28 46 Ramadge, William (of Scotland)   William Cooper, Peter Dick
FO446/6 149 Reilly, John Buenos Ayres 13/11/1859 J. T. Fox and J. Lewis
FO446/6 152 Glover, Archibald Partido of Ajó 14/3/1860 Robert F. Gibson and J. T. Fox
FO446/6 160 Horton, Alfred Buenos Ayres 22/10/1860 José Echanagusia and William A. McLean
FO446/6 161 Parran, John Partido of Ajó 22/12/1860 Matthew Gilmour and Richard Moran
FO446/6 161 Henry, John assassinated at Giles about 6/3/1861 Adolphus E. Sproston and J. T. Fox
FO446/6 166 Hughes, John Buenos Ayres 12/4/1861 Chas. Tidblom, Geo. Tidblom, William Steward Snr.
FO446/6 178 Comyns, Walter John District of San Vicente 16/12/1861 J. Tabor Fox and Charles Harratt
FO446/6 179 Poore, Henry C. Buenos Ayres 13/4/1862 J. T. Fox and Joseph Green
FO446/6 182 Black, James Buenos Ayres 7/6/1862 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 182 Dalton, John Partido of Morón 10/6/1862 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 219 Donne, John Knight Partido of Cañuelas 4/2/1864 Frances Mary Donne (wife)
FO446/6 220 Drysdale, José British Hospital 1/2/1864 Thomas Drysdale and J. T. Fox
FO446/6 220 Donohoe, Patrick Partido of Fortin de Areco beginning of year (1864) John T. Fox
FO446/6 x Whitfield, Thomas name only occurs in the index; no further details survive
FO446/6 223 Wallace, James Buenos Ayres June 1864 J. T. Fox and Chas. Jackson
FO446/6 224 Tuite, Santiago Buenos Ayres 25/1/1864 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 224 Scally, Bernard killed in the District of Lobos 20/4/1864 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 226 Scally, Matthew (shepherd) Partido of Chascomús 24/12/1864 John Tabor Fox
FO446/6 228 Gainor [Gaynor], Michael (shepherd) District of Pila December 1864 John Tabor Fox
FO446/6 228 Gainor [Gaynor], John District of Pila January 1864 John Tabor Fox
FO446/6 229 Wheeler, Samuel (proprietor) Partido of Navarro 15/2/1865 John Tabor Fox
FO446/6 238 Conelly, Miguel District of Chascomús 23/2/1865 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 238 Kaine, Miguel District of Chascomús year 1859 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 238 Geoghegan, Thomas (shoemaker of Lobos) British Hospital 4/6/1865 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 239 Gibbons, George (pilot, of calle Mayo 66) Buenos Ayres 1/7/1865 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 240 Menzies, Thomas Buenos Ayres 24/5/1865 J. T. Fox
FO446/7 240 Murphey, Henry D. Buenos Ayres 21/7/1865 not declared intestate; "his effects trifling"; Thomas L. Keen to report results after expenses paid
FO446/6 240 York, Thomas S. Buenos Ayres 1/8/1865 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 243 Crowe, Thomas Convalecencia, Buenos Ayres 6/7/1865 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 247 Youall, Jorge British Hospital, Buenos Ayres 13/12/1865 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 252 Gainor, Margaret Partido of Pila 10/4/1866 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 252 Martinez, Antonio (native of Gibraltar) calle Mayo 50, Buenos Ayres 12/5/1865 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 256 Davison, Godfrey Wentworth Villa Urquiza, Prov. Entre Rios 20/10/1865 Francis M. Ogilvie
FO446/6 256 McKean, Andrew on board RMS "Arno" during the passage from the River Plate to Rio de Janeiro 2/7/1866 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 257 Kennedy, William J. British Hospital, Buenos Ayres 18/6/1864 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 259 Smith, Matthew Henry Partido of Lobos 9/5/1865 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 260 Bailey, Edwin (aged 27) calle Maipú, Buenos Ayres 31/12/1866 Frederick Getting
FO446/6 261 Fletcher, Jabez Buenos Ayres 16/12/1866 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 261 Corriegan, John Buenos Ayres 5/1/1865 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 262 Scott, David (murdered) Partido of San Vicente March 1867 J. T. Fox
FO446/6 262 Hoston, Samuel Esquina, near Corrientes 3/3/1867 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 25 Wood, James Buenos Ayres 5/4/1867 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 25 Quantock, John Buenos Ayres 15/12/1866 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 25 Smith, Robert Buenos Ayres 19/4/1867 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 25 Webster, G. F. Buenos Ayres 15/4/1867 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 25 Dermody, Peter Tigre 18/4/1867 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 25 Kirk, Frederick British Hospital 19/4/1867 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 25 Bedford, William Buenos Ayres prison April 1867 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 25 Kenny, Daniel ?? ?? J. T. Fox
FO446/29 34 Barron, James and William assassinated in the Provincia de San Juan 7/2/1867 Augusto Martin
FO446/29 36 Inverarity, James Tigre 21/4/1867 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 36 Kitts, Henry Partido of Monsalvo 31/3/1867 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 36 Donne, Francisca Partido of Cañuelas end Jul. or early Aug. 1867 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 36 Brian, Patrick District of Lobos about end of June 1867 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 36 Drew, James District of Ramallo 24/8/1867 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 36 Thompson, James Boyd Buenos Ayres 30/9/1867 entry crossed out
FO446/29 49 Dowd, Patrick Partido of Chivilcoy 22/1/1868 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 49 Martin, Edward Partido of Chivilcoy February 1868 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 49 McGreary, Thomas Buenos Ayres 4/1/1868 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 50 Bennett, Alexander Partido of Saladillo 18/2/1868 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 50 Higgins, Margarita Buenos Ayres Feb. 1868 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 52 Judge, two brothers Partido of Chascomús 1867 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 52 two brothers Partido of Ranchos 1867 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 52 Dunley, James Cornish master mariner of Buenos Ayres 22/12/1867 Owen Scripps Tudor
FO446/29 57 Rourke, Bernardo Partido Carmen de Areco 19/5/1868 Frederic Wanklyn
FO446/29 58 Murry, James Villa de Mercedes 30/1/1868 Michael Murry (brother)
FO446/29 58 Thormy, Geronimo Rojas 1/2/1868 Edward Cullingham
FO446/29 58 Flyn, Thomas Partido of Lobos January 1868 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 65 Leslie, Dr John Buenos Ayres 13/1/1868 Mrs Fanny Jane Leslie (wife)
FO446/29 66 Clark, Thomas Barracas 29/12/1867 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 69 Evans, William Bowen Partido of Azul 24/12/1868 Harry Courthope Morgan
FO446/29 73 Cormick, John Partido of Saladillo 1868 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 78 Perteza, Francisco Buenos Ayres 11/11/1862 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 78 Evans, William Bowen Partido of Azul 24/12/1868 Stanley Morgan, in place of Harry Courthope Morgan
FO446/29 81 Brash, Tomás B. Ramallo, San Nicolas 15/1/1869 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 85 Hernest, Edward Calle Parque 82, Buenos Ayres 2/7/1869 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 89 Scally, Laurence Ramallo 1868 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 114 Rusin, Ana ?? ?? John Tabor Fox
FO446/29 114 Caning, Timothy ?? ?? John Tabor Fox
FO446/29 122 Fahy, Revd. Anthony D. Buenos Ayres 20/2/1871 Thomas Armstrong and Michael Duggan
FO446/29 122 Russell, Matthew Parnham Buenos Ayres 30/1/1871 William McClymont
FO446/29 130 Warden, John Buenos Ayres 23/3/1871 James Watson Bell (cancelled and J. T. Fox substituted)
FO446/29 130 Hazell, Samuel (partner of the aforesaid John Warden) Buenos Ayres 15/3/1871 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 131 Gallacher, William Buenos Ayres 2/4/1871 John Mair and Samuel Kay
FO446/29 131 Rock, James Buenos Ayres April or May 1871 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 135 Duffy, John Buenos Ayres 3/4/1871 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 135 Herring, Thomas Buenos Ayres 11/3/1871 Henry Mallett of the Northern Railway
FO446/29 135 Allinson, William Buenos Ayres 19/3/1871 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 135 Allinson, Mary Wilson Buenos Ayres 18/3/1871 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 136 Jordan, Arthur P. Partido of Saladillo 22/10/1871 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 143 Davies, Edward Buenos Ayres 6/4/1871 Paul Frugoni
FO446/29 144 Kenny, Timothy Partido of Magdalena July 1870 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 144 Mactavish, Hugo District of Dolores 2/1/1872 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 144 Forrester, Guillermo Buenos Ayres 3/3/1872 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 145 Stewart, James Buenos Ayres June 1870 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 145 Flanigan, Michael Monsalvo Feb. 1872 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 152 George, Richard Buenos Ayres Nov. 1871 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 154 Herbert, Thomas Buenos Ayres 26/4/1871 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 163 Murray, Andres British Hospital 26/4/1873 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 166 Munro, John killed on the Northern Tramway ?1869 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 176 McMahon, Thomas ?? May 1873 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 178 Flanagan, William Cañada Rica, near Chivilcoy 27/9/1873 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 179 Herman, Robert Buenos Ayres 30/10/1873 J. T. Fox
FO446/29 181 Hinde, Federico San Nicolas 8/12/1873 Francisco W. Davis
FO446/29 185 Samuel Hazell, John Warden, John Cormick, Francisco Perteza, Thomas Flyn, James Rock, Laurence Scally, Thomas Brash, Michael Kane 7/3/1874 Dr Edward Fox, in place of J. T. Fox (deceased)
FO446/29 185 James Drew, John Smith, Matthew Smith, James Stewart, Henry Roberts 17/3/1874 Dr Edward Fox, in place of J. T. Fox (deceased)
FO446/29 185 Thompson, John & Ellen   24/3/1874 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 185 Roger, Robert P. Buenos Ayres 1874 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 186 Mandino, Luis Tigre Jan. 1874 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 187 Swinerton Dyer, Maria Emilia calle Temple 58, Buenos Ayres 16/3/1874 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 190 Ramsay, John Francis Buenos Ayres 5/10/1873 Robert M. Ramsay
FO446/29 191 Cashman, John Buenos Ayres Oct. 1871 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 193 Rocheford, Jaime Salto, Pcia. Buenos Ayres 9/7/1874 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 195 Carthy, Joseph Buenos Ayres 3/10/1874 James Carthy
FO446/29 201 Maguire, Christobal Partido 9 de Julio 1875 Carlos Bonorino
FO446/29 201 Cleaver, Edward Esmy Buenos Ayres 31/1/1855 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 201 Lain, Guillermo San Fernando 28/5/1875 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 201 Anderson, John Convalescencia (leaving property in Partido de Lobos) 13/7/1873 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 201 Ballasty, James Partido of Lobos March 1875 Carlos Bonorino
FO446/29 201 Blanco, Tomás at the request of Judge Julio Balbin of 1a Instancia; testimentaria initiated by Chief of Police Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 202 Murphy, Don Juan as requested by Judge Marenco   Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 204 Mulany, Thomas Dolores   Narciso Zepedano, A. Dolores
FO446/29 204 Hotten, Theodore Robert drowned in the Partido of Las Conchas 9/12/1875 William Henry Leslie Hotten
FO446/29 206 Dudgeon, Tomás Buenos Ayres 9/8/1875 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 206 Fagan, Thomas Estancia of Joachin Cazon, Partido of Saladillo 29/11/1875 Carlos Bonorino, Mercedes
FO446/29 206 Dowd, Patrick     Dr Edward Fox, in place of his father
FO446/29 207 O'Gorman, Tomas Partido Chacabuco 11/4/1876 Carlos Bonorino
FO446/29 207 Hotten, Theodore Robert     Dr Edward Fox, in place of William Henry Leslie Hotten (gone to Europe)
FO446/29 209 Gill, Bernardo Suipacha 1876 Angel C. Lagasta
FO446/29 209 Wheeler, Lorenzo Salto Oct. 1876 Angel C. Lagasta, of Mercedes
FO446/29 210 Burns, Miguel Manantiales, near San Nicolas about 1871 John L. M. Armstrong, of San Nicolas
FO446/29 210 Davis, Thomas     Adolpho Cano, of Dolores
FO446/29 210 Parvis, John Buenos Ayres 4/4/1877 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 210 Hazle, James killed in the Partido of Chivilcoy 21/4/1877 Angel C. Lagasta, Mercedes
FO446/29 211 Havey, Bernardo     Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 213 Hume, Jorge     Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 214 Coffey, John and his wife died in or near San Nicolas 1877 John Armstrong, of San Nicolas
FO446/29 214 Kidd, Horace died while temporarily in England, leaving property in Buenos Ayres 12/5/1877 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 214 Flanagan, Juan   1864 Angel C. Sagastra
FO446/29 215 Flanagan, Santiago   1857 Angel C. Sagastra
FO446/29 215 Farrell, Michael died on Edward Garrahan's camp, Partido of Lobos 19/11/1877 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 215 Currie, John murdered in the Partido of San Pedro 10/11/1877 John Armstrong, of San Nicolas
FO446/29 217 Nally, Bernard San Pedro Oct. 1869 Juan M. Argerich
FO446/29 217 Foulkes, Maria calle San Martin 550, Buenos Ayres Jan. 1878 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 217 Edwards, Thomas assassinated at San Antonio de Areco, as per despatch   Angel C. Sagastra
FO446/29 217 Crowley, Christobal Mercedes 21/2/1877 Angel C. Sagastra
FO446/29 218 Doyle, Philip Lujan 22/4/1878 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 218 Flannigan, Juan   8/2/1864 Dr Edward Fox, in place of Angel C. Sarastra
FO446/29 219 Noone, Miguel 25 de Mayo   Angel C. Sarastra
FO446/29 220 Lambert, Henry Buenos Ayres 8/9/1878 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 220 Gregg, William Exaltacion de la Cruz Jan. 1878 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 221 Wilson , William Barracas 9/8/1877 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 222 Hely, Michael Partido of Chacabuco 16/1/1879 Angel C. Lagasta
FO446/29 222 Brennan, Patrick died in the camp of Mateo Tormy 1/3/1879 Charles A. Davis
FO446/29 227 Kirwan, Fr. Laurence Buenos Ayres 12/10/1879 C. Davis
FO446/29 228 Smyth, John Valentine died in Dublin Jun. 1877 C. A. Davis
FO446/29 230 Ware, James Stewart Dolores   Agustin de Vedia
FO446/29 230 Ware, James Stewart Dolores   Adolfo Cano, to replace Agustin de Vedia
FO446/29 244 Faye, Juan Partido of San Pedro 15/9/1880 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 246 Lynn, James Rodriguez 20/5/1881 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 247 Curran, Lorenzo Navarro about Mar. or Apr. 1881 Charles A. Davis
FO446/29 247 Keeffe, Michael Barracas Jan. 1882 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 259 Hadaway, Stephen San Isidro 3/12/1882 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 259 Hunter, Arthur Allan, estanciero murdered at Concordia, Entre Rios 15/12/1882 Dr Edward Fox, later placed in the hands of the Vice-Consul at Concepcion del Uruguay
FO446/29 263 Muir, Captain Mathew drowned at Santa Fe 26/4/1883 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/29 265 Morran, Mr British Hospital   Mr Grimsdick
FO446/29 265 Cochrane, Robert Olivarría (sic) 9/8/1883 Robert C. Paterson
FO446/29 279 Harrison, Ernest R. W. Brandzen Sep. 1884 Albert James Lloyd
FO446/29 279 Nicholson, Thomas Sauce Grande Sep. 1884 Carlos A. Davis
FO446/29 281 Lewis, David     Carlos A. Davis
FO446/29 282 Cruikshank, T. G. killed at Mercedes by W. Weir 9/2/1885 Carlos A. Davis
FO446/29 282 Allen, José Baños de Natación, Balcarce 32, Buenos Ayres 18/1/1885 Carlos A. Davis
FO446/29 286 Tebbut, Arthur M. Buenos Ayres 16/8/1885 Carlos A. Davis
FO446/29 287 Kenny, Martin Rodriguez 23/6/1885 Carlos A. Davis
FO446/29 287 O'Dwyer, John Ingenio 1a Maria Concepcion de Misiones Jun. 1883 Albert Morrish
FO446/29 289 Doreley, Roger committed suicide at Hotel Europa, Buenos Ayres 6/1/1886 Charles A. Davis
FO446/30 13 Henderson, William Ewart Boyd died at Mr Dorman's house, Buenos Aires on 24/7/1887 26/7/1887 Jorge H. Tucker [see below]
FO446/30 13 Masefield, Richard Barscoe   28/6/1887 Charles Trevolmold
FO446/30 13 Hannay, Juan assassinated in National Territory on 31/7/1887 2/8/1887 Frederic Cobbold
FO446/30 14 Wilkie, Roger drowned in San Fernando Dock on 28/8/1887 5/9/1887 William Glennie
FO446/30 14 Suttil, John Partido Tornquist on 29/6/1887 5/7/1887 Alfred Newnham
FO446/30 14 Wade, Carlos (estate of) Nueve de Julio on 1/10/1887 4/10/1887 Valdermar Braestrip, apoderado of Dr Rawson
FO446/30 14, 15 Power, John assassinated in Partido Bolívar on 15/11/1887 21/12/1887 (Dr) Dn Fox
FO446/30 14 Keen, Santiago Partido 25 de Mayo, Prov. Buenos Aires 21/1/1888 Nicholas Lowe of Mercedes
FO446/30 15 White, Frederick Walter German Hospital, Buenos Aires in June 1888 July 1888 Edward Fox
FO446/30 46 Henderson, W. E. B.   29/5/1890 Dr Dn Eduardo Fox in place of G. H. Tucker
FO446/30 46, 52 FitzMaurice, Santiago died in April 1876 25/8/1890 Dr Dn Eduardo Fox
FO446/30 46 Cosgrove, Patricio died on 9/12/1890 8/1/1891 Don Carlos A. Davis [see below]
FO446/30 53 Vivanti, Anselmo Luigi Buenos Aires on 1/1/1891 12/1/1891 Dr Fox
FO446/30 53 Goodhall, Henry W. Hotel Universelle, Buenos Aires on 5/2/1891 16/2/1891 Dr E. Fox [see below]
FO446/30 53 Cosgrove, Patricio Partido Ayacucho in Dec. 1890 27/1/1891 Don Pedro Beldeman, Dolores
FO446/30 53 Baxter, Archibald   2/3/1891 Dr E. Fox
FO446/30 53 Tabor, J. W. died on 31/12/1890 18/3/1891 Dr E. Fox
FO446/30 61 Cole, Charles C.   7/1/1891 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/30 71 Allen, William Thomas   2/3/1891 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/30 73 Godwin, Henry C. on board the ss "Elbe" on 25/12/1891 15/3/1892 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/30 82 Fitzgerald, Gerald   13/7/1892 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/30 82 Goodhall, Enrique William   26/7/1892 Dr Antonio Cerda, in place of Dr Fox
FO446/30 82 Devilin, James   26/7/1892 Dn E. Fox
FO446/30 82 McGregor, John Santa Cruz on 10/1/1892 3/9/1892 William H. Greenwood
FO446/30 100 Burgan, John William of San Isidro, Prov. Buenos Aires 29/5/1892 Dr Edward Fox
FO446/30 112 Mounsey, Charles Edward 838 Thames St, Buenos Aires on 8/10/1893 10/10/1893 Charles Alfred Lowe
FO446/30 112 Harrow, James of Azul British Hospital on 28/1/1893 13/4/1893 Dr E. Fox
FO446/30 112 Rawlins, Thomas (accountant of FC Sud) British Hospital on 11/12/1893 18/12/1893 Llewelyn Phillips
FO446/30 124 Whitehead, Joseph Farley died on 28/3/1894 28/3/1894 Jesus A. Tenorio of FC Sud
FO446/30 124 Evans, John Carmen in 1894 14/11/1894 Drimeen, Cangallo 1889
FO446/30 124 Evans, John Carmen 16/5/1895 Santiago F. Kenny, in place of Drimeen
FO446/30 130 Gowagan, James Estancia Segundo, Monasterio, FC Sud 6/9/1894 Dr E. Fox
FO446/30 130 Gowagan, James Estancia Segundo, Monasterio, FC Sud 22/11/1894 Ochoa Segundo, in place of Dr E. Fox
FO446/30 137 McCormack, Pedro (Patrick) British Hospital on 10/8/1894 (house in calle Belgrano 1215; effects moved thence to the Consulate 28/8/1894) 2/10/1894 Dr Fox
FO446/30 139 Salmon, C. J. W. Mendoza on 26/12/1893   Albert Coates of Gt Western Railway, Mendoza
FO446/30 167 Barnett, Thomas of San Martín 923, killed between two trucks at Retiro Station on 9/6/1895 10/6/1895 G. M. Beck
FO446/30 188 Murphy, Edward Bragado in Oct. 1895 30/11/1895 S. F. Kenny, 430 Moreno, Buenos Aires
FO446/30 194 Hughes, Samuel British Hospital, Buenos Aires late employee at FC Bs.As. a Ensenada 23/1/1896 Dr Fox
FO446/30 198 Raine, William Sherwood Belgrano on 23/6/1895 16/4/1896 Dr E. Fox
FO446/30 200 Alexander, James C. Britannia Hotel on 2/5/1896 4/5/1896 George Brougham
FO446/30 202 Lynch, Martin Hotel Deutsches Bund, Paseo de Julio on 6/4/1896 11/7/1896 Dr Fox
FO446/30 204 Rahilly (alias Ready or Rayley), Dionisio British Hospital on 2/2/1895 19/8/1896 Dr Fox
FO446/30 207 Smith, W. Henry Tucumán on 16/8/1896 16/9/1896 Dn Victor Negri, C. Mendoza 437, Tucumán
FO446/30 207 Kenny, John J. San Fernando in Sept. 1896 2/10/1896 Stephen P. Kenny, c/o FC Central Argentino
FO446/30 225, 226 Gaynor, Thomas Partido Coronel Vidal on 12/3/1897 18/3/1897 Martin Ham de Rosos [later substituted by Dr Santiago O'Farrell]
FO446/30 225 Box, Eliza Pirovano Hospital, Buenos Aires on 1/3/1897 3/4/1897 J Clark Curtin
FO446/30 234 Pendergast, John Suipacha on 2/7//1897 6/4/1897 John P. Kavanagh of Lobos
FO446/30 234 McCormack, Margaret Campana on 20/3/1897 19/7/1897 Don Antonio Cerda
FO446/30 236 Hammond, Edward calle Brandzen 1600 on 1/10/1897 7/10/1897 William McEwen
FO446/30 238 Donohoe, Patrick died in Dublin with property in Mercedes, Prov. Buenos Aires   Dr LeBreton
FO446/30 240 Eden, Hon. Frank F. of Constitución 379, Buenos Aires, died in Montevideo on 22/3/1898 23/3/1898 Dr LeBreton, Piedras 1282
FO446/30 240 Molesworth, Bevil(?) Santa Cruz on 14/3/1898 24/3/1898 Dr V. E. Denton of Rio Gallegos, Santa Cruz
FO446/30 249 Harrison, Henry Bernal 11/5/1898 Mr Edward Peake, 387 Reconquista, 2º patio
FO446/30 269 Parritt, Thomas G. Comisaria of 14 Section 19/10/1898 Escritorio Falck, Mr Hancock, subsequently, Dr Edward Fox
FO446/30 292 Dunne (or Alison), Ida Elizabeth calle Las Heras 1729, Buenos Aires, died about 24/1/1899, leaving a child (boy) of 7 years, taken in charge by the Defensor de Menores 28/1/1899 Dr E. Fox
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