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Marriages at Montevideo celebrated by William Henry Norris, Methodist Minister

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# register and page date of marriage name of man residence name of woman residence married at in the presence of officiating minister remarks
# registro y página fecha matrimonio nombre del hombre domicilio nombre de la mujer domicilio casado en testigos oficiante notas
1 1/1, 4/2 20/10/1839 Penny, Thomas Scotland Wells, Mary B. Scotland British Consulate, Montevideo T. S. Hood, British Consul General and the Father and Brother of the Bride WHN The declaration certificate, &c. registered in the Consulate
2 1/1, 4/2 28/3/1840 Bevans, Thomas P. England Brown, Jane England British Consulate, Montevideo John Bevans, S. S. Smith, Miss Jane Martin and eldest son of H. B. M. Consul WHN The declaration certificate, &c. registered in the Consulate
3 1/1, 4/2 x/5/1840 Wolff, Johann H. L. Germany zum Felde, Charlotte E. Germany Montevideo Capt. Visscher & wife, Mr Rucker of the Custom House & wife WHN The principal parts of the Marriage Service of our Church having been translated into German was repeated to them section by section after I had read the same in English.
4 1/1, 4/2 7/6/1840 Lematabois, Julian French Duporque, Maria French Montevideo John Becker and others WHN The Service of our church was used being translated and read in French by Mr Becker after I had read it in English.
5 1/2, 4/2 18/6/1840 Hayes, Oliver J. United States Walker, Eliza United States At the house of Affred (sic) Peabody, Montevideo A. Peabody and wife, R. M. Hamilton, U. S. Consul & wife and daughter, J. M. Southgate, Sarah M. Norris, Dau. H. Zimmermann and many others WHN  
6 1/2, 4/2   Archibald, John British Waldegrave, Martha Amelia British British Consulate, Montevideo H. B. M. Consul, James P. Flint, Jane Martin, Maria Martin, William H. Martin and others WHN According to Church of England
7 1/2, 4/2 2/9/1840 Loyd, Thomas British Maymia, Harriet British At house of Officiating Clergyman William Nunes and Bridget his wife WHN  
8 1/2, 4/2 5/9/1840 White, Thomas British Downing, Harriet British At the house of H. B. M.'s Consul, Montevideo H. B. M. Consul T. S. Hood and others WHN Miss Downing although an English subject being a Catholic I judged it improper to marry them until I had had an interview with Dr Valencia, Fiscal General of this province, in company with Mr Hood: Dr V. assured us that no law of the land would be violated by this marriage and that I might proceed with safety and propriety and I did so.
9 1/3, 4/2 20/10/1840 Milburn, George British Wilkie, Ann British At house of Officiating Clergyman Mrs Christosson and Sarah M. Norris WHN The parties produced a Certificate from Thomas S. Hood, H. B. M. Consul General, declaring that they had made oath that there existed no legal or other impediment to their marriage.
10 1/3, 4/2 26/x/1840 Berlin, Frederick Christopher not given Peterson, Magdalena Christiana not given At house of Officiating Clergyman Frederic Lange, Francisco Tan and Jose Herschel WHN  
11 1/3, 4/2 31/10/1840 Whitman, Andres not given Stevenson, Betsey Thomas not given At house of Officiating Clergyman John Thomas Stevenson, Sarah T. Stevenson, the bride's sister, and two younger members of the same family WHN Mr Stevenson testified that Mr Whitman was an unmarried man.
12 1/3, 4/2 14/11/1840 Bevans, John British Bevans, Mary British At the British Consulate, Montevideo Thomas Samuel Hood, H. B. M. Consul General, Jane H. Martin, John Naulty, John Dickinson, Thomas P. Bevans & Jane Bevans and others WHN The parties being Quakers having previously made affirmation that they were unmarried and competent to enter the state of matrimony. The usual entries were made by Mr Hood.
13 1/4, 4/2 19/12/1840 Splatt, Capt. William Francis Teignmouth, Devon, England Sauerland, Amelia Henrietta Hamburg At the house of the Officiating Minister Capt. George Balchen of New York and Francis Trowbridge, of Norwich, Conn. WHN The Bridegroom present Certificate that he was unmarried
14 1/4, 4/2 25/5/1841 Ridlay, Charles (widower) England Uriana, Antonina Buenos Aires At the house of John Archbald, Montevideo John Archbald & Amelia M. Archbald his wife, Jane Martin, Maria Martin, John Naulty, D. Cash and several and others WHN The parties were first married by the second teniente cura de la Matriz according to the forms of the R. C. Church. To prevent all future difficulties, I consulted Dr Valencia Fiscal General to ascertain whether there were any legal impediments to a celebration of a marriage by me after it had been done according to the rites of the R. C. Church, one of the parties being a Catholic. He replied that it was perfectly unobjectionable for me to perform "the second marriage, but dangerous to perform the first as the Catholic priests are very jealous of their rights".
15 1/4, 4/2 20/6/1841 Meyer, Johan Heinrich Reinfeldt, dukedom of Schleswig Holstein Johansen, Haunchen Auguste Hadersleben, Denmark At the house of Luis Morits, Montevideo José Herschel, Luis Morits & wife, A. W. Klense, Johan H. L. Wolff & wife and others WHN I read the marriage service in English and it was translated and read in German by the Rev. A. W. Klense of the German Protestant Church.
16 1/5, 4/2 3/7/1841 Dunn, George British Lane, Amelia British At the house of Mr Brown, the butcher Mr Brown & wife, William Nunes and two priests WHN Of the priests present, one was in a citizen's dress and one shut in the closet by his own request.
17 1/5, 4/4 25/9/1841 Oxehufoud, Adolphe George Sweden and Norway Facio, Teresa Montevideo At the residence of Miss Facio's mother in the Calle del Portón The bride's mother, brother and sisters of the bride, Robert M. Hamilton Esq., John Tarrass Esq., Mr Steward and others. WHN They were first married by the Teniente Cura of the Matriz and afterwards by me according to the rites of the Church of England; Mr Tarrass, Swedish Consul, read the Service from the Spanish edition of the (Book of) Common Prayer. The parties had been engaged twelve years.
18 1/5, 4/4 2/10/1841 Chamberlin, Henry James British Harlington, Mary British At the house of the Officiating Minister William Nunes and Bridget his wife WHN The parties produced the usual certificate from Mr Dale, the British Pro Consul General.
19 1/6, 4/4 10/10/1841 Richards, John British resident in Montevideo Creighton, Jane British resident in Montevideo At the house of the Officiating Minister (witnesses not named) WHN The usual certificate was produced from the British Pro Consul General.
20 1/6, 4/4 26/8/1841 Fiddess, Hugh E. American citizen living in Montevideo Wright, Alphonsa E. American citizen living in Montevideo At the house of Robert M. Hamilton U. S. Consul R. M. Hamilton and wife, Sarah M. Norris, Sarah P. Ginkins, Margaret and Thomas Hamilton and others WHN  
21 1/6, 4/4 6/3/1842 Bennett, Alexander British subject long resident in Montevideo Creighton, Mrs Sarah Hannah British subject long resident in Montevideo Montevideo John and Jane Richards WHN Immediately afterwards baptised their two children, viz Alexander born 13/6/1838 and John born 14/5/1840.
22 1/6, 4/4 20/3/1842 Ingeman, Daniel Antonio German Bletsher, Magdalena German At the house of Madame (blank) in Montevideo A large party of their friends WHN Among them was a French lady a partner of Mr Ingerman in the dyeing business. The ceremony was performed in English and translated into German. I gave them a certificate of their marriage in Spanish.
23 1/7, 4/4 7/4/1842 Gowland, Edward Hamilton British Wright, Louisa Ellen United States At the house of Hugh E. Fiddes(s) Hugh E. and Mrs Fiddes(s), Robert M. and Mrs Hamilton, Sarah M. Norris and many others WHN The usual certificates were produced.
24 1/7, 4/4 17/4/1842 Guillermo, Juan German Klenshmit, Louisa German At the house of Mrs Ginkins, No. 49 Calle San Ramón, Montevideo Several of their German and Spanish friends WHN The Service was performed in Spanish.
  The above marriages were celebrated by Rev. Mr Norris in the city of Montevideo but I think it proper to preserve the record in this book and consequently have transcribed it from the Record book marked "A", in which I also find the following statement:—"On my arrival at this mission (Buenos Aires) December 22nd 1842 I found no Class book, no church Records or papers of any kind, no register of Marriages or Baptisms; except a small book of ten leaves marked on the outside 'General List' and containing a few lines of pastoral advice with the following names in the handwriting of several persons" W. H. Norris. The names mentioned in the above quotation are those of some of the members of the church and need not be transcribed. Henry Y. Jackson  

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