República Oriental del Uruguay and Entre Rios, Argentina

Presbyterian and Anglican clergy serving in Uruguay and Entre Rios, Argentina

Introduction    Salto Baptisms, 1868-1897    Salto Marriages, 1869-1912     Salto Burials, 1869-1920
Fray Bentos Marriages, 1871-1892    Lachlan McNeill    Scots Church Baptisms, 1866-1883 and Marriages, 1868-1883    Clergy

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Scots Church in Banda Oriental and Entre Rios
McNEILL, Lachlan 1866-1883 Camp chaplain
Source: History of the Presbyterian Church in Argentina

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Montevideo
ADAMS, Samuel -1860-1865- Chaplain
ASH, Thomas E. 1868 Asst. Chaplain
FERNANDEZ, Luís A. 1874 Asst. Chaplain
LAW, J. K. -1875- Asst. Chaplain
HOSKINS, J. -1875- Chaplain
LANGBRIDGE, R. -1884-  
Anglican Church in Fray Bentos and Salto, Uruguay
SCHMID, Theophilus Fredric 1867-1874 Missionary
SHIELLS, John 1868-1873 Chaplain
CROKER, Richard 1875-1878 Chaplain
SHIMIELD, William Henry 1874-1882 Chaplain
CONDER, John 1882-1885 Chaplain
ALLEN, Robert 1886-1893 Chaplain
SHIMIELD, William Henry 1895-1899 Acting Chaplain
MERMAGEN, Caryl Francis 1903, 1914 Assistant Minister
KENNEDY, Mervyn Le Ban 1904-1905 Chaplain
GREEN, Thomas Bakewell 1905-1914 Chaplain
BATE, John Meredith 1915-1918 Chaplain
MURRAY, J. H. -1869- Missionary

Methodist Episcopal Church, Montevideo
NORRIS, William Henry 1839-1842 Minister
Source: Archives of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Buenos Aires

The complete list of clergy serving these churches is still to be fully researched.

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