Burials in the Protestant cemeteries of Buenos Aires, 1821 to 1915—Introduction

These pages consist of a list of the burials that took place in the Protestant cemeteries in Buenos Aires in the nineteenth century. They are based on the information contained in the burial registers that are held at St John's in that city.

These registers are in the care of the Council of the Cathedral of St John the Baptist, the cathedral church of the Anglican Diocese of Argentina. The Rector and Cathedral Council have kindly consented to their publication on the internet. The details of sources used are noted in each web page.

There is one principal gap in the record, between 26th May 1890 and 2nd January 1898. However it has been possible, through the generosity of the Administrator of the British Cemetery, Chacarita, to complete the record from the registers in his care.

Starting in 1856, the various Protestant churches in Buenos Aires began to keep their own registers of burials, beginning with the Lutheran Church. Two years later the Scots Presbyterian and American Methodist Churches began to maintain their separate records of burials. So what is published here before 1856 are the non-Roman Catholic burials in Buenos Aires, and after that year the details of the burials conducted by the Anglican clergy.

During the 19th century, three principal Protestant cemeteries were used in succession. Jorge Alfonsin has written an account of them in his Cementerios de Disidentes Protestantes de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, published in Buenos Aires in 1996.

The cemeteries were:  
The Socorro Cemetery 1821—1833
The Victoria Cemetery 1834—1855
The British Cemetery, Chacarita1892—1900

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