edited by Frank Mulhall, published in 1923

being a selection of the obituaries written by Edward Thomas Mulhall
for "The Standard" of Buenos Aires between 1882 and 1899

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For many years "The Standard" was the senior English-language newspaper in Buenos Aires. Founded by Edward Thomas and Michael George Mulhall in 1861, it ceased publication in 1959.

Some of the many obituaries written by his father were collected and published by Frank Mulhall in 1923, under the title "Saudades". This appears to be a book rarely found, and because of this, I am publishing on this page my short notes taken from the copy to be found in the Guildhall Library, in the City of London.

Some of the notes I have augmented by a few other facts collected from other sources. Readers who want to have access to the full version of an obituary will need to consult a copy of the book.

Name Page Summary of obituary, with additional notes
Abbott, Samuel 58 arrived in Argentina in 1885; General Manager of the Great Western Railway Co. (1885-1890); succeeded Mr William Roberts as General Manager; died of Typhoid Fever, aged 48, and buried in the Victoria Cemetery on 18/5/1890; obituary The Standard 21 May 1890
Ackerley, Charles Frederick 112 born in Cheshire, England; arrived in Argentina in about 1848; aged 23, he married Eliza Soriano Cornfoot, aged 22, a British subject, in St John's Church on 8/7/1852; she died leaving him 5 children; he later married (2) the widow Ramsay, having by her four more children, all of whom perished in the burning of the steamer "America" in 1870, travelling between Buenos Aires and Montevideo; died in London aged 67; obituary The Standard 15 Feb 1895
Atkins, Silas 181 for 45 years the manager of Rennie, Tweedie & Co.; eldest son of Mr Atkins, the Boston merchant; brothers José, George Washington, Ovidio and Julio; sisters Pepa, Marta and Mercedes Atkins; obituary The Standard 28 Nov 1897
Auld, Neil M 63 died 4 Jun 1891 at Chascomús; obituary The Standard 7 June 1891: "a kind and generous friend to many".
Barker, Charles Oxtoby 86 of London, Secretary of the Great Southern Railway Company for 30 years; died on 20/3/1893 and buried in the newly opened British Cemetery, Chacarita on 21/3/1893; obituary The Standard 21 Mar 1893
Billinghurst, Mariano 74 son of Robert Billinghurst; auctioneer; Auction Mart, Calle Potosí 78; 'particular attention is paid to the sale of rams, sheep, estancias &c.'; owner, with Federico Lacroze, of the tramways from the centre of Bs.As. to Flores and Belgrano (1870s); died at 82 years; obituary The Standard 15 Jun 1892
Black, Amelia Eleanor 62 (1844-91) daughter of James Black and Elizabeth Wiggins; married Frederick Neild on 5/4/1865 at Chascomús at the age of 21 years; sister of Mrs John P. Boyd ; obituary The Standard 19 Feb 1891
Bookey, Patrick 16 Estancia Santa Catalina for many years belonged to Mr Bookey, and is now a Government model farm; obituary in the Standard 27 Oct 1883
Bouwer, Nicholas 186 born in Britain [in fact in Dutch West Indies]; arrived in Argentina in about 1877; married Isabella Pearson, granddaughter of Samuel B. Hale; became a member of the firm Samuel B Hale & Co.; obituary The Standard 9 Jul 1898
Bowers, Lilian 55 born 15 Jul 1884, daughter of Charles S and Kate Bowers; died 5 Dec; obituary The Standard 8 Dec 1888; cards were left by John Hobson, L Ganahan, P Duggan, J Miller, A MacNally, Thomas O Osborne, Charles Clarke, W Sampson, A P Green, Mohr Bell, Michael Dinneen, Richard A Murray, Edward Casey, Dr A.P. Greene. Those present included W F Biggs, James Cameron, Lincoln Howard, Dr D B Webster
Bragge, William 27 construction engineer of the FC Oeste, the first Argentine railway; founder of the old Gas Company; died in Birmingham; obituary in The Standard 18 Jul 1884
Brown, Mrs Patrick 37 died aged 67 at calle Rincon; obituary in The Standard 16/4/1886; a native of Wexford, Ireland, resident in Argentina for more than 50 years
Browne, John 54 born at Mayglass, Ireland; Estancia La Choza, Luján; one of the early sheepfarmers in Argentina, arriving some 47 years ago; one of the initial subscribers to The Standard; died at Wexford while on a visit to Ireland; obituary The Standard 1 Sep 1888
Browne, Patrick 91 of calle Rincón 167; a native of Wexford, Ireland; arrived Bs.As. in 1826 and made his fortune as a saladerista at Barracas; died aged 87; obituary The Standard 15 Jun 1893
Carlyle, James Fearnley 61 died Thursday afternoon at Teignmouth, aged 42 years; in 1885 was appointed by the directors of the Buenos Aires and Rosario Railway as their Locomotive and Carriage Engineer and placed in charge of the shops at Campana; obituary in The Standard 23 October 1890
Carroll, Michael 153 born in Galway, Ireland about 60 years ago; for many years manager of Bates and Stokes and Co.; arrived from the USA about 1860; obituary in The Standard 2/2/1896
Clarke, Thomas Charles 88 manager for many years of the Buenos Aires and Rosario Railway; was General Manager of the old Buenos Ayres & Campana Railway from 1879-84 and extended it to Rosario and ultimately to Tucumán; he was the General Manager of the Buenos Aires and Rosario Railway from 1884 to his retirement in 1890; one of his sons, J P Clarke, became the Resident Engineer of the Rosario Railway; died aged 57 in England; obituary in The Standard 28 Mar 1893
Cock, William H 37 engineer of Zárate; born in England; worked in Brazil and Montevideo until appointed to the National Arsenal, Zárate; lived for two years in Santiago del Estero; 1863-4 began the work of canalizing the Rio Salado (Prov. Santa Fe); died 27 May, obituary in The Standard 29 May 1886
Coffin, Telemachus B 67 died 28 Aug 1891 at La Plata aged about 80 years; native of Ohio, USA; arrived Bs.As. about 1830; pioneer estanciero near Lincoln; owner of an import firm in his name; one of the first to attempt the navigation of the upper rivers Bermejo and Pilcomayo, for which he constructed stern-wheel steamers of 18 inches draught; family possibly of French origin; his father lived to be 92 years old; obituary in The Standard 29 August 1891
Cranwell, William 103 native of Athy, Ireland; son of the late William Cranwell, the first English apothecary in Montevideo; head of Demarchi, Parody & Co., Montevideo, the principal drug merchants of the Plata; died aged 54; obituary in The Standard 26/9/1894
Crowther, Mrs 173 daughter of Robert Hunt; married Frederick Crowther c.1867, who survives her; their eldest daughter married Mr Bowen; her sisters are Mrs Gilbery Ramsay and Mrs Charles Ackerley; obituary in The Standard 14/3/1897
Cullen, Tomás 104 born Santa Fe 1835, son of Domingo and Joaquina Cullen; married Josefa Comas; like the Sarsfields of Córdoba and the Lynchs, O'Gormans and O'Sheas of Buenos Aires, the Cullens were descended from an old Irish family that emigrated to Spain early in the 18th century, many of whose scattered members subsequently settled in South America; obituary in The Standard 29 Sep 1894
Davidson, John 89 born in Perth in 1809; arrived at Buenos Aires in 1832; bought Estancia Santo Domingo, Conchitas, near Quilmes; one of the founders of the English races at Belgrano in 1850; died at the age of 83 at the Hotel Londres, Buenos Aires; obituary in The Standard 9/4/1893
Denny, William 44 died 17 March 1887; obituary in The Standard on 20/3/1887
Dodds, James 186 born Cockburnspath 22/2/1823; among his companions on the voyage of emigration out to Buenos Aires in 1844 on the 'Prince of Wales' were James Allan of Chascomús, John Brown of Altamirano and Thomas Drysdale of Buenos Aires; arr. in Argentina to manage George Bell's estancia at Magdalena; married on 8/9/1848 Isabella, oldest daughter of Henry and Helen Bell; they had 14 children; he later managed the Viamonte estate; settled in Chascomús and purchased the Estancia Adela; built the chapel at Chascomús in 1872; moved to Bs.As. in 1877; present at funeral of James Lawrie, 25 Jan 1884; author of 'Records of the Scottish Settlers' publ. 1897; obit. The Standard 17 May 1898
Donovan, Antonio 178 entered the Argentine Army in 1864 and had a successful career; Brigadier General in 1886; retired to his estancia "El Federal" near Concordia, Entre Rios; died 17 Aug 1897
Donovan, Cornelius 100 3rd son of the late Dr Cornelius Donovan and brother of General Anthony Donovan; died aged approx. 35 years; obituary The Standard 4 Sep 1894; left widow and children
Downes, William 65 merchant; 'last male scion of the elder branch of Downes in Cheshire'; elder son of John Downes and Margaret Robinson (who married 24/9/1812 at Wrenbury, Cheshire); b. Shropshire 5/7/1813, baptised 11/7/1813 at Mucklestone; his sister was Anne and his brother John; brought out by parents to Bs.As., arriving 19/6/1822; established a saladero at Barracas al Norte; estanciero at Arrecifes; wife(1) died 1870 of yellow fever; they had 2 daughters; married his second wife, an English lady, in 1878; he died 20/8/1891 and was buried in the Victoria Cemetery; obit. in The Standard 22 August 1891
Drysdale, (Mrs) Thomas 185 arrived Argentina c.1850 from Scotland; m. c.1853; her sons John and Thomas now head head the firm; daughters( 1) m. Rev. M. Mackenzie (in England); (2) Carolina m. Mr Howard of Howard & Co (in Great Britain); (3) Inez unmar. (at home); died at Moseley Hill, Liverpool; obituary The Standard 14 May 1898
Drysdale, John D 87 born born in Haddington, Scotland in 1833; arrived In Argentina 1849/50; nephew of Thomas Drysdale; head of J and J Drysdale; brother of Margaret Drysdale (1830-96), who married William Gibson; in July 1873 at the annual meeting of subscribers to the British Hospital he was elected the honorary president; mourner at the funeral of James Lawrie in Jan 1884; died aged 60; obituary The Standard 23 Mar 1893
Drysdale, Thomas 59 he was one of James Dodds' (1823-98) companions on the voyage of emigration out to Buenos Aires in 1844 on the 'Prince of Wales'; the others were James Allan of Chascomús and John Brown of Altamirano; Thomas Drysdale & Co., calle Moreno 66 (Iron Yard) and calle Defensa 255 (Wood Yard); mourner at the funeral of James Lawrie in Jan 1884; died aged 76 on 30 May 1890, aged 77, at Southampton; obituary The Standard 1 Jun 1890; his wife died May 1898 in Moseley Hill, Liverpool
Drysdale, Thomas James 176 son of Joseph Drysdale, who founded with his cousin, John Drysdale, the firm of J. & J. Drysdale; died of typhoid fever on his estancia; obituary in The Standard 30/3/1897
Duggan, Daniel 164 last surviving member of Duggan Bros. (Michael, Thomas and Daniel), woolbrokers; a woolbuyer par excellence; born Co. Westmeath, Ireland, in 1835 and arrived in Argentina in 1855; died 1 Aug 1896; obituary The Standard 2 Aug 1896
Duggan, Miguel 51 sheepfarmer and wool broker; arrived in the Argentine about 40 years ago; brothers Thomas and Daniel; firm Duggan Bros., Woolbrokers; obituary in The Standard 12 Jul 1888
Duggan, Mrs Hugh 167 wife of Hugh Duggan; daughter of one of the richest pioneer sheepfarmers; her sister married James Carthy; in her illness she was attended by Drs Peacan, Mackern and Davison; died 27 Aug 1896; obituary The Standard 29/8/1896
Eastman, Ricardo 108 son of one of the pioneer English merchants; died aged 45; obituary The Standard 4 Dec 1894
Elliffe, Matthew 66 of Irish descent; died at Mercedes aged 64 years on 12 August 1891; obituary The Standard 22 Aug 1891
Fahy, David 81 arrived in Argentina in 1847 being 14 years old; died at Estancia Los Pinos, Ayacucho on 17 Aug 1892 aged 59; left widow and children; obituary The Standard 1/9/1892
Fair, George 11 doctor of medicine; MD Edin., LRCS 1853 at 21 (followed by military service in the Crimean War - received Legion of Honour), FRCS Edin. 1859; Late Asst. Surgeon RN; Director of the British Hospital in Buenos Aires; married Tina Black; his father, Thomas, was a large landowner in Argentina for the previous 50 years; 2 older brothers in trade in Argentina; a memorial window (NE2) was erected in t John's Cathedral; he died at Sao Pedro, River Purus, Brazil on 14/10/1882; 'he was for many years in charge of the British Hospital of this city and was beloved by his many friends and patients poor and rich, also of Tina his wife who died at Sao Pedro on 11/ 9/1882'
Fisher, Henry 77 he served 19 years on the Central Argentine Railway; died in England aged 56; obituary in The Standard 1/7/1892
Fitzsimon, Edward J 38 British Vice-Consul at Corrientes; younger brother of the Rector and Vice-Rector of the National College, Corrientes; his father, Dr Fitzsimon, was also Director of the National College and died of the plague in 1871; the family came from Co.Clare, Ireland; died 18 July, obituary The Standard 20 July 1886
Fraser, Alexander 42 arrived in Argentina over 30 years ago; member of an ancient Scottish family; brother-in-law to William Duguid; managing partner of Messrs Thompson & Co.; died approx. 55 years old; obituary The Standard 26 Jan 1887
Furlong, Lucy E 40 Estancia San José, Pila; died of smallpox at the Hotel de la Paz, Azúl; obituary The Standard 23 Sep 1886
Furlong, Powell Mathew 40 died of heart disease at his mother's residence Estancia San José, Pila; obituary The Standard 23 Sep 1886
Gahan, (Mrs) J F 10 aged 18, of Mercedes; buried in Lobos; obituary The Standard 10/10/1882
Gahan, John 38 a member of one of the earliest band of Irish sheepfarmers to settle in the province; obituary The Standard 16 Jun 1886
Gaynor, James 76 of Capilla del Señor; native of Co. Westmeath, Ireland; arrived in Argentina some 60 years ago; paterfamilias now of some estimated 150 souls; died aged 90; obituary The Standard 26 Jun 1892
Gibson, Andrew John 143 (1859-1893) married Miss J Drysdale, daughter of the late John Drysdale; died 27 Mar 1893 of diabetes; aged 34; obituary The Standard 28 Mar 1893
Glover, Edward 47 merchant of Rosario; died at Carcarañá, Santa Fe Province, aged 56; obituary The Standard 1 Feb 1887
Goldie, Alexander 77 ship's captain; served his apprenticeship on the Clyde; arrived River Plate in 1861 as engineer of the first "Villa del Salto", Nueva Companía Salteña; at the outbreak of the Paraguayan War he was commanding the "Cosmos"; afterwards he commanded the "Silex" and the "Saturno" of the Mensajerías Fluviales; later lived in Montevideo; left a widow and 3 young sons; died 1 Jul 1892 aged 53; obituary The Standard 2 Jul 1892
Gowland, Eduardo 96 arrived in Argentina with his three brothers Daniel, Thomas and John; a prominent merchant in Montevideo with his brother John; died aged 87; obituary in The Standard 2 June 1894
Green, Mrs H A 22 widow of H A Green; died accidentally at her residence near Flores; eldest daughter of the late Mr Lumb; the funeral is on 14 April; obituary in The Standard 15 April 1884
Grieve, Christopher 156 estanciero of Concepción del Uruguay; born Hayck, Scotland in 1825; aged 18 married Miss Jane Elliot; left Scotland for the River Plate in 1869; died aged 71 years; obituary The Standard 15 May 1896
Grigg, WilliamTully 45 a stockbroker; born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil of British parents; arrived in Buenos Aires in 1863; aged 28, he married Maria H Dowse, aged 20, of England, in 14/12/1867 at St John's Church; died in Almagro on 20 Mar 1887 aged 47; obituary The Standard 24 Mar 1887
Horne, Charles Ridgely 21 US citizen; born in Baltimore in 1801; arrived at Montevideo at the age of 18 with his father; he married there on 1826 Ana Garriel, of a French family; in 1830 he, with his family, came across to settle in Buenos Aires; he became a partner in a shipping business that made much of its profit from smuggling and gun-running; later went into partnership with Alvaro Alsogaray; received a legacy from his mother, Dorothy M Ridgely, which enabled him to purchase in 1846 the property previously owned by Alexander W Mackinlay, now known as Parque Lezama, in the house which later became the National Historical Museum; witness at the wedding of Samuel Fisher Lafone and María Quededo y Alsina; when his wife died in 1851, he married the sister of General Lavalle; left Bs.As. after the fall of Rosas in 1852, and the confiscation of all his property, left for Montevideo; there he was agent for the Lamport & Holt Line; descendants numerous on both sides of the R.Plate; died aged 83, his obituary appearing in the The Standard, 15 March 1884
Hudson, Elizabeth A J 22 member of the Episcopal Methodist Church; obituary The Standard 5 Apr 1884
Hughes, John 154 born in Newry, Ireland; arrived in Argentina when a boy; reputed to have made 3 fortunes; m. (1) Miss Vernet in 1851 and (2) Miss Brown in 1859; a hide broker; died aged 73; obituary The Standard 28 Feb 1896
Mrs Hunt de Crowther 173-74 daughter of Robert Hunt; married Frederick Crowther; their eldest daughter, Alice Anita, married Albert Edward Bowen in 1884; eldest son married Bp Stirling's niece; her sisters are Mrs Gilbert Ramsay and Mrs Charles Ackerley (now living in London); obituary The Standard 14 Mar 1897
Jackson, Helena 6 Miss Jackson was known as "an Angel of Charity"; obituary in The Standard 11/9/1881
Jackson, John 82 died at Montevideo on 17/12/1892; obituary in The Standard 20/12/1892
Jacobs, Wilson 121 native of Maine, USA; arrived in Argentina over 50 years ago; exchange broker and banker of calle San Martín 65; one of the founding members in November 1854 of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange; agent for the National Bank of Ireland, London and Dublin; obituary The Standard 13 May 1895
Kavanagh, James G 84 born Co. Wexford; his father was the late James Kavanagh of Bragado and one of the pioneering sheep farmers in the Province; died in Buenos Aires 6 Feb 1893 aged 44 years
Kiernan, John B 39 born St.John's, New Brunswick; of Irish descent; lived in Argentina for nearly 60 years, arriving with his parents and other relatives at the beginning of the War with Brazil (1825); died at Morón aged 71; obituary in The Standard, 21 Jul 1886
Kincaid, Alexander 79 marine and railway engineer; arrived at the River Plate in 1868; with his brother Thomas he brought out a river steamer to ply on the Río Negro, Patagones; but the want of water and the great current of the river, especially in the thaw, because of the Andes, proved too much for the little steamer; managed the dry dock in Colonia; Locomotive Engineer of the Central Entrerriano Rly.; obituary The Standard 30 Jul 1892
Klappenback, Santiago 95 died aged 63 in Capilla del Monte, Córdoba; obituary in The Standard 9/2/1894
Lawrie, James (Santiago) 18 oldest son of James Lawrie and Ann Irving; born 13/8/1838; married Jane Margaret Hardy; bought Ea. Los Sajones and changed the emphasis from sheep farming to horse breeding; a founder of the Sociedad Hipódromo and a member of the Jockey Club; left a wife and four sons; died 25 Jan 1884 aged 45 years, and buried Victoria Cemetery, Buenos Aires, by the Rev. J H Gybbon-Spilsbury; obituary in The Standard 29/1/1884; bearers were Purvis, J & W Whittaker, John Grant, H T Ramsey, Warden. Mourners were Joseph D Drysdale, A Day, A. Gebbie, J T Ramsey, Robert McClymont, Thomas Drysdale, John D Drysdale, James Dodds, William F Mulhall
Lawrie, Thomas Dick 80 born Edinburgh on 4/5/1832; medical doctor; arrived at Montevideo 1/5/1861 to take charge of the British Hospital, running it until 1872; then set up in private practice; married the eldest daughter of Edward H. Gowland; died aged about 60; obit. in The Standard 30 July 1892
Leahy, Michael Largo 25 RC priest; the 'Irish pastor' in Buenos Aires during the outbreak of yellow fever in March-May 1871; in 1875 the Irish Chaplain at Carmen de Areco, Salto and Rojas; died in Mendoza aged 42; obituary The Standard 7 Jun 1884
Lett, Francis Neville 19 SAMS missionary; Assistant Chaplain at St John's, 1870-77; the English pastor in Buenos Aires during the outbreak of yellow fever in March-May 1871; chaplain Alexandra Colony, Prov. Santa Fe, 1878; Rector St. Bartholomew's, Rosario, 1878-84; after the departure of the Revd J H Gybbon-Spilsbury from Córdoba to Buenos Aires, Lett was responsible for the Anglicans living in Bell Ville and Córdoba; died 8/2/1884 of typhoid fever, obituary in The Standard 9 February 1884
Lett, Ralph H 125 of Rosario; b. 1849 in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford; leaves widow and children; arrived in Argentina with his brother Richard when they were young; other brothers were Thomas and Hugh; near relative of the Revd Francis Lett; killed when crossing the railway in Córdoba; obituary The Standard 6 Jun 1895
Lowry, James 94 native of Belfast, Ireland; sold the land in Paraguay for the New Australia Co.; died aged 77; obituary in The Standard 29/8/1893
Lumb, Mary Ann 22 eldest daughter of the late Mr Lumb; widow of Henry Applin Green; funeral 14 April; obituary The Standard 15 Apr 1884
Mackern, William 70 with his brother Hector arrived in the River Plate on 17 Nov 1843 on the "Talintyre" after a voyage of 77 days; among the earliest Irish settlers in Argentina; his older brother, George Mackern arrived in 1847; in 1860 opened a business in Montevideo, though returned to Buenos Aires two years later to be made a partner in Mackern Bros.; lived at "The Elms", Temperley; died aged 65 years; obituary The Standard 22 Nov 1891; his son William died in London in 1889; his brother-in-law was Canon James Miller
MacLaughlin, Joseph 151 arrived in Argentina from Ireland in 1851 to start sheep farming; made a fortune; obituary The Standard 22 Jan 1896
McClymont, William 14 (1834-1883) second son of John and Catherine McClymont; born in Bs.As.; aged 27 when he married Lucinda Miller, aged 20, of Buenos Aires, at St Andrew's Scots Church on 17/6/1863; Ea. Caledonia Argentina; killed with his companions, Messrs Purvis and McPhail, in an attack on them by Indians; he was developing newly bought land at Lao-Lauquen, then beyond the territorial limits guarded by the frontier police; obituary The Standard 27 Apr 1883
Methven, David R 43 proprietor and gentleman; mourner at the funeral of James Lawrie in Jan 1884; arrived in Argentina some 50 years previously; one of the pioneering Scots residents of the River Plate; married Jane Grierson; the family quinta was in the district of San José de Flores; he returned with his family to Scotland in 1859; died of cancer of the stomach aged 81 years and buried on 1/2/1887; obituary The Standard 1 Feb 1887
Methven, William Grierson 170 younger son of the late David Methven; managed the family sugar factory in Tucuman; died aged 39 and buried in Buenos Aires; funeral attended by many mourners; obituary The Standard 8 Dec 1896; present were: C Lockwood, R H Moore, J Hughes, T S Boadle, J M Malbran, William Leslie, John Francis Black Neild, Thomas Bell, B Jewkes, A Boyd, C G Drabble, F G Hughes, J G Walker, Tomas D Drysdale, N H Smith, W Ford, T A White, R B Gibbings, W Stokes, W Samson, Richard Agar, A Forrester, H D Mackinlay, J C Dickenson, J Shaw, Julio A Mulhall, Robert Grant, H M Mills, W Warden, T Crowther, R G Shearer, R A Norton, J M Mullaly, C Clarke, J C Bell, J Grant, W Goodwin, B Guy, J L Browne, H Tudor, J D Peters, R O Watson, James Watson Bell, G Nuttall, W Miller, W A Agar, H B Burr, V B Thomson, H G Wilding, J Russell, A F Ennor, J P Browne, G H Todson, M Wilson, T Duggan, T Drysdale, José N Drysdale
Miller, James 39 of Scottish descent; converted to Catholicism; ordained a priest on the death of his wife; Canon of the church; brother-in-law of William Mackern; died 2 Aug 1886 in Paraguay; obituary in The Standard 5 Aug 1886
Moores, William H 63 has been in Argentina over 30 years; director of Great Southrern Railway Co. and some tramway companies; of calle Cuyo 783; obituary The Standard 4 Aug 1891
Mulhall, Edward Thomas 188-90 born Dublin 21 Dec 1832; second son of Thomas Mulhall of Dublin and Carlow; his brothers were Michael G. Mulhall and Francis Healy Mulhall; aged 20 when he landed in New York; saw the opportunities of Buenos Aires and landed there in the mid 1850s; aged 22, he married Sarah Eliza Eborall, aged 15, of Litchfield, England in in St John's Church, on 28/6/1856; named as Director of the Bienhechora del Plata Mutual Life Insurance Co. (estab. 1864); proprietors of the 'Standard', "Standard" Court, calle San Martín 116 & 118; the brothers Mulhall gained a silver medal at the International Córdoba Exhibition of 1871 for various exhibits; in July 1875 at the annual meeting of subscribers to the British Hospital was elected a member of the management committee; of San José de Flores, Lambaré; obituary The Standard 13 Feb 1899; author of the obituaries published in 'Saudades' by his son Frank in 1923
Murphy, Edward W 50 died 1 Apr 1888 aged 45; obituary The Standard 3 Apr 1888
Murphy, John P 9 obituary in The Standard 10/6/1882
Murray, Peter 120 well-known estanciero of Suipacha, Mercedes; father Michael Murray; sisters are Mrs Dr Villanueva, Mrs W J Dillon, Mrs Kelly of Boston; died 17/4/1895 aged 42 or 43; obituary The Standard 19 Apr 1895
Naghton, John Robert 29 organist of the First Methodist Episcopal Church; died 21 Mar 1885, aged 36 years, at calle Andes 163; obituary The Standard 22 Mar 1885
O'Dwyer, Gillespie 99 native of Dublin; member of the London Bar; son of Carew O'Dwyer; he arrived in Argentina some 30 years ago; for 20 years managed Estancia Guillermo, Entre Rios; leaves a widow and 5 children; died at Gualeguay; obituary The Standard 31 Jul 1894
O'Shea, Ricardo 98 one time important merchant of Buenos Aires; family left Ireland late 17th C. for Spain and thence to South America; Messrs. Cullen, O'Shea, and Lanus founded the Argentine Bank, calle San Martín 33 in 1867; died in Seville, Spain; obituary The Standard 5 Jun 1894
Parker, Sophia 47 wife of Dr Charles Small; died at the residence of her sister Mrs Wallace Chute, calle Paraná 673; she was the youngest daughter of William Parker and grand-daughter of Admiral William Parker of the Brazilian Navy; she had a daughter Elvira; her sister married Dr Kimball; obituary The Standard 2 Jan 1888
Passman [Pasman], William 127 born in USA on 25 Nov 1810; one of a group of important American merchants in the 1860s, which included: Messrs B Carman, H J Ropes, S B Hale, Folmar, W T Livingston, Hayes, T B Coffin and Atkins; one of his sons, Miles, is thought to have married Elizabeth, one of William T. Livingston's daughters; died 13 Jun 1895 aged 84; obituary The Standard 14 Jun 1895
Perkins, William 93 born Canada; arrived in Argentina shortly after fall of Rosas and settled in Rosario; founded the first newspaper in the city, the "Ferro-Carril"; from 1866 he promoted the foundation of colonies in Santa Fe Province; he accompanied the Californian settlers in the selection of their lands in the Gran Chaco, close to Alexandra Colony; he was commissioned by the Central Argentine Railway in 1869 to proceed to Switzerland and recruit agricultural familes for the townships of Roldán, Carcarañá and Tortugas; as a result he brought out more than 1000 families in the following 2 years; on the jury appointed to judge agricultural machinery at the International Córdoba Exhibition which opened on 15/2/1871; winner of a grand gold medal for promoting agricultural colonies; the death of William Wheelright in 1873 changed the character of the C. A. Railway; it now bcame more profit-driven, and as a result Perkins resigned from the Board; died 4 Jul 1893 at Rosario; obituary The Standard 6 Jul 1893
Petty, William Richard 159-60 born Orpington, Kent, July 1822; at the age of 12 ran away to sea; joined the British Navy, leaving it at the age of 26; arrived Buenos Aires about 1846, he married Maryanne Brinkett, of Kent, on 3/9/1850 at the Merced Church, Buenos Aires; with the death of Captain Brinkett, Petty took over the trading schooner with which he traded up and down the South American coast; he was instrumental in saving many of Rosas' would-be victims by smuggling them across the River Plate; he sold up his wife's property in Tristán Suárez and they moved across to Uruguay, where they bought Estancia Caro; in 1856 he was appointed the River Plate pilot by the RMSPCo.; it is said that he helped Rosas to flee the country in 1852; Captain Petty was a well known figure in Buenos Aires; his three daughters were unmarried, and his second son was Dr Michael J Petty of Belgrano; he died while on a visit to his son in Cardiff; his obituary was in The Standard 20/7/1896
Pierson, Francis 29 born in France of English descent; arrived over 20 years ago in Argentina; first settled to farm sheep near San Nicolás; then managed Almonacid & Parchappe, building the smelting works at San Miguel, near Chilecito; died Chilecito 29 Mar 1885 aged under 50 years; obit. in The Standard 9 April 1885
Puleston, Arthur 95 he was Her Majesty's Vice-Consul at La Plata; his brother was E T Puleston; died at La Plata on 20 Jan 1894, aged 30; buried there; obituary The Standard 23 Jan 1894
Russell, John George 148 born in England; arrived in Argentina c. 1850; founded Russell & Anderson, hide and produce brokers; aged 20, he married Anita Sheridan, daughter of Dr Hugh Thomas Sheridan, aged 20, of Buenos Aires, at St John's Church in 9/5/1867; founder of Jockey Club; with John Davison, James White, George Ponsonby Crawford kept up the English horse races; Anita, aged 25, died of typhoid fever and was buried in the Victoria Cemetery on 26/2/1871 (according to she died of yellow fever); died aged 69; obituary The Standard 31 Dec 1895
Scrivener, Dr 21 medical doctor; wrote papers on the Yellor Fever epidemic in 1871 which were republished by all the medical press of Europe; obituary in The Standard 12/3/1884
Shaw, Carlos 116 son of John Shaw, the founder of Juan Shaw & Sons; married Flora, daughter of John Wells; they had 5 sons and 1 daughter; died 14 Mar 1895 aged about 50; obituary The Standard 19 Mar 1895
Simons, Charles R 182 proprietor of the Bazar Inglés, calle Perú; died 28 Nov 1897 aged 48; obituary The Standard 29 Nov 1897
Simons, Ricardo 158 head of CR Simons & Co.; in the 1850s was one of the best known English estancieros and sheep farmers in the Partido de Magdalena; his neighbours were Plowes, Richard Newton, Daly, Hamilton, Malcolm, Carman, and Henry Thompson; brother was Benjamin Simons; died aged 79 years; obituary The Standard 16 Jun 1896
Small, Sophia Parker de 47 wife of Dr Charles Small; died 19 December 1887 at her sister's home (Mrs Wallace Chute), calle Paraná 673; daughter of William Parker; born in Buenos Aires; obituary in The Standard 2 January 1888
Smith, Juan 146-7 born in Ayrshire; arrived in Argentina 1834; nephew of Captain David Smith of the barque 'Isabella' that brought immigrants to the River Plate; wool, hides and sheepskins broker; he traded on the barrancas with H J Ropes, Gifford and Ned Newton; he enjoyed the trust of the estancieros of the day, Sheridan, Harratt, and Thwaites; when John Hannah started as a sheepfarmer in Ranchos, John Smith helped him with the purchase of the land; unmarried; left Argentina in 1871-72; died in London in retirement; obituary The Standard 7 Dec 1895
Spring, Samuel E 28 born in Brownfield, Oxford County, USA on 15 May 1812; came to Buenos Ayres in 1841 to join his nephew Arthur Spring; he formed a partnership with S B Hale & Co. until 1854 when the Springs returned to Maine; his first wife, the daughter of General Daniel Bean of Brownfield, died in Buenos Aires in 1842; he died at his residence near Portland, USA on 8 August 1884; obituary in The Standard 5 October 1885
Spurr, Captain 92 fought in the Parguayan War on board the "Buenos Aires"; in 1866 he was Sub-Lt. on the "Gualeguay"; he was Sub-Prefect at Patagones between 1870 and 1874; in 1881 he was appointed commander of the "Villarino"; in 1888, he was promoted to the rank of capitán de navio; obituary in The Standard 28/6/1893
Stevens, Chalmers W 20 Córdoba; citizen of Claremont, NH, USA; a young man who joined the staff of the National Observatory in 1879; assistant to Dr Gould; struck and killed by lightning 16 Feb 1884; left behind an ancient father and stepmother; obituary in The Standard 21/2/1884
Stockton, Thomas H 78 clergyman; he arrived in Buenos Aires in 1884 to take charge of the First Methodist Episcopal Church in Buenos Aires, Av. Corrientes; founder of the North American School; died aged 50 on 29/7/1892; obituary in The Standard 30/7/1892
Taylor, John 44 died in London; obituary in The Standard on 5/3/1887
Walker, John 139 Irishman; previously a sheepfarmer; later of the firm of grocers Barry & Walker, esquina Defensa and Moreno, the shop previously owned by James Bell; obituary The Standard 18 Oct 1895
Wanklyn, John Bradshaw 172 arrived in Bs.As. as a young man about 27 years ago; his uncle was Frederic Wanklyn, the banker; he was the company accountant for the Gran FC al Sud; aged 48, he was assassinated 6/3/1897 by a Gabriel Etchegaray, who was a partner of Fraser's in the start-up company that became Alpargatas SA; obituary The Standard 7/3/1897
White, William 69 died aged 61 years; obituary The Standard 21 Nov 1891
Williams, John Wills 71 arriving in Argentina in 1840, immigrant from Wales; poet; published "Correntino" and a small volume of fugitive poems which were published in London; he died 30 Nov 1891 leaving a widow and 9 children; obituary The Standard 2 Dec 1891
Williams, Ricardo 123 one of the oldest residents in Salto, Uruguay; obituary in The Standard 24 May 1895
Williamson, Archibald 33 born 1836 in Scotland; at the age of 31 he married Mary Helena Krabbe (aged 18) at St John's Church on 13/3/1867; Managing Director of the leading English firm of Milligan & Williamson; he died 13 Sep 1885 aged 50 and buried in the British Cemetery; obituary The Standard 15 Sep 1885
Woodgate, Arthur 62 died at Rosario, having resided in Argentina for 30 years; obituary The Standard 13 Feb 1891

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