St Bartholomew's School (1900-03) and the English Commercial College (1904)

From July 1888, St Bartholomew's School, functioning on church premises, was under the newly appointed Head Master, George Robb. His success in attracting new pupils can be measured by the 90 children on the school roll in 1890 and in 1898, nearly 100.

We now know that in 1900, there were 83 on the roll. In 1902 it had dropped to 79 and in 1903 to 61 pupils. This declining number on the School roll, covers an even more complex situation, especially notable between 1900 and 1902 when the school lost 45 pupils, principally in the younger groups and gained 40 new ones.

The financial success of the school was always a major concern. At the beginning of Robb's period as Director, St Bartholomew's Church Committee was shouldering this responsibility. But in 1891, Mr Robb was requested to run the school on his own account, not the church's, as that body was going a difficult financial period.

Apart from paying the salaries of the teachers, George Robb was required to pay a rental for the church hall used as the school premises.

We can see from the drop in numbers of children enrolled that Mr Robb was undoubtedly having financial difficulties by 1903. We know that his contract for the renting of the church hall was terminated in the early part of 1904. His immediate response was to found his own school, the 'English Commercial College'.

Because the Prize Lists for 1900 to 1903 (St Bartholomew's) and 1904 (ECC) survive, we can see how on his departure from St Bartholomew's, he took with him 35 of his then students.

St Bartholomew's School did survive this setback with the appointment of Mr W. B. Hawkins as Head Master in May 1904.

The colour coding in the summary table below highlights those pupils who left the school between 1900 and 1902 and those who left St Bartholomew's early in 1904, following George Robb in his departure and the founding of the English Commercial College.

Summary table of pupils attending from 1900 to 1904

Name 1900 1902 1903 1904
Aires, A.       ECC1904_2
Anderson, Arthur CSB1900_JuniorUpper.1      
Anderson, Henry CSB1900_Elementary.2.2 CSB1902.4    
Andresen, C. CSB1900_Elementary.1      
Angel, A. CSB1900_JuniorUpper.1      
Angel, H. CSB1900_JuniorLower.1      
Arocena, A. CSB1900_Senior.1.1      
Ashforth, Dudley   CSB1902.1 CSB1903.2  
Ashforth, Florence   CSB1902.3    
Baker, Edward       ECC1904_2
Baker, Florence CSB1900_Elementary.2.2      
Barfoot, William CSB1900_Elementary.3 CSB1902.4 CSB1903.5  
Barnes, Andrew CSB1900_JuniorLower.1 CSB1902.5 CSB1903.6 ECC1904_6.2
Barnes, Augustus CSB1900_Senior.1.2 CSB1902.6    
Barnes, Mabel CSB1900_Elementary.2.1      
Barnett, E. CSB1900_Senior.1.2 CSB1902.6    
Bisio, A. CSB1900_JuniorLower.1      
Borraz, F.       ECC1904_5
Bosco, Charles CSB1900_Elementary.3 CSB1902.4 CSB1903.5 ECC1904_6.2
Bronenberg, A.       ECC1904_3
Broome, Bertram CSB1900_JuniorUpper.1      
Broome, M. CSB1900_Elementary.2.2      
Browning, Cecil CSB1900_Elementary.1 CSB1902.3 CSB1903.4  
Cameron, C.   CSB1902.3 CSB1903.4 ECC1904_5
Cameron, Stanley   CSB1902.1 CSB1903.2 ECC1904_3
Capdevila, Saturnino   CSB1902.4 CSB1903.5 ECC1904_6.1
Caraccia, Juan CSB1900_Senior.1.1      
Carpenter, C.   CSB1902.3    
Carpenter, Henry   CSB1902.5    
Carpenter, J.   CSB1902.1    
Casey, Michael CSB1900_Elementary.3 CSB1902.4    
Caspersen, Conrado CSB1900_Elementary.2.1 CSB1902.4    
Chapman, Edward     CSB1903.5 ECC1904_6.1
Chapperon, Francis   CSB1902.5 CSB1903.6 ECC1904_6.2
Colson, Arthur CSB1900_JuniorUpper.1 CSB1902.6    
Colson, Percy CSB1900_Elementary.3 CSB1902.4    
Crawley, Herbert       ECC1904_2
Crawley, Willis   CSB1902.3 CSB1903.4 ECC1904_5
Crease, James CSB1900_JuniorUpper.1      
Cunnington, F. CSB1900_Senior.1.2      
Cunnington, L. CSB1900_Senior.1.1      
Curti, A CSB1900_JuniorLower.1 CSB1902.5 CSB1903.6 ECC1904_6.2
Dallison, G.     CSB1903.6  
Davidson, William CSB1900_Elementary.2.2      
De La Haye, Cecil     CSB1903.2 ECC1904_3
De La Haye, George     CSB1903.5 ECC1904_6.1
De La Haye, Lillian     CSB1903.4 ECC1904_5
Dogliani, B.       ECC1904_6.1
Doubell, Wilfred CSB1900_Elementary.3      
Dover, F CSB1900_JuniorLower.1      
Dover, Frederick   CSB1902.5   ECC1904_6.2
Dover, H   CSB1902.5    
Edwards, Arthur     CSB1903.3  
Falco, Frederick       ECC1904_3
Ferguson, Charles CSB1900_Senior.1.1      
Fernandez, Julio     CSB1903.3 ECC1904_4
Fernandez, L.       ECC1904_2
Fielder, Frank CSB1900_Elementary.2.1      
Foss, Arthur   CSB1902.3    
Frend, G.       ECC1904_2
Furlong, J.     CSB1903.3 ECC1904_3
Galli, Edith CSB1900_Elementary.2.2      
Galli, Eliot CSB1900_JuniorLower.1 CSB1902.5 CSB1903.6  
Galloway, Robert CSB1900_JuniorLower.1 CSB1902.5 CSB1903.6  
Garassino, Edith   CSB1902.4 CSB1903.5  
Gauna, A.     CSB1903.4  
Gibbon, Alexander CSB1900_Senior.1.1      
Godward, Charles CSB1900_JuniorUpper.1 CSB1902.6    
Godward, Daniel   CSB1902.4 CSB1903.5 ECC1904_6.1
Godward, John CSB1900_JuniorUpper.1 CSB1902.6    
Goodfellow, Archibald CSB1900_JuniorLower.1      
Greenslade, Edward       ECC1904_3
Griffin, E.   CSB1902.1    
Gruner, Bertha   CSB1902.4 CSB1903.5  
Gruner, Emily   CSB1902.3 CSB1903.4  
Guillem, Arthur CSB1900_Elementary.1   CSB1903.3  
Hachen, Theophilus CSB1900_JuniorUpper.1 CSB1902.5 CSB1903.6 ECC1904_6.2
Hamblin, Thomas CSB1900_JuniorUpper.1 CSB1902.6 CSB1903.7  
Hardy, W. CSB1900_Senior.1.1      
class="tdpalered" Hardy, William CSB1900_Elementary.2.1      
Harris, A. CSB1900_Elementary.2.2      
Harris, M. CSB1900_Elementary.2.2      
Hill, Ernest CSB1900_Elementary.2.2      
Hill, Rosy CSB1900_Senior.1.2      
Hug, W. CSB1900_Senior.1.2      
Hughes, W. CSB1900_Senior.1.2      
Johanson, Elida     CSB1903.1 ECC1904_2
Johanson, John   CSB1902.2 CSB1903.3 ECC1904_4
Jones, Edward   CSB1902.2 CSB1903.3 ECC1904_4
Jones, J. CSB1900_Senior.1.1      
Keihn, A.       ECC1904_3
Keihn, William   CSB1902.2 CSB1903.3 ECC1904_4
Kelly, John Charles CSB1900_Elementary.3 CSB1902.4 CSB1903.5  
Kelly, Lilly CSB1900_Elementary.2.2      
Kent, Robert   CSB1902.3 CSB1903.4 ECC1904_5
Knight, Dorothy   CSB1902.5    
Knight, Geoffrey   CSB1902.6    
Knight, J.   CSB1902.3    
Land, Charles       ECC1904_2
Lang, C.       ECC1904_1
Lang, E.       Sewing
Lang, Henrietta     CSB1903.1 ECC1904_2
Le Bas, Cecil O.       ECC1904_2
Le Bas, Henry CSB1900_Senior.1.2      
Le Bas, Inez CSB1900_JuniorLower.1      
Le Bas, Narciso CSB1900_Senior.1.1 CSB1902.6 CSB1903.7  
Light, W. CSB1900_JuniorUpper.1 CSB1902.6    
Lynch, Charles     CSB1903.2 ECC1904_3
Marchisio, Mario   CSB1902.2    
Marinesco, A.   CSB1902.5 CSB1903.6  
Martin, Ethel CSB1900_Elementary.2.1 CSB1902.4    
Martinez, Henry CSB1900_JuniorLower.1      
Mathey, Jenny   CSB1902.4    
Mathey, Mary   CSB1902.3    
Mathey, Numa   CSB1902.2    
McGarrell, A   CSB1902.5 CSB1903.6 ECC1904_6.2
McMaster, Maxwell       ECC1904_5
Minturn, Arthur     CSB1903.1  
Minturn, Arthur       ECC1904_2
Minturn, James     CSB1903.1 ECC1904_2
Moncalieri, Adolfo CSB1900_Senior.1.1      
Moncalieri, Irene CSB1900_JuniorLower.1      
Mulhall, Ethel CSB1900_JuniorLower.1 CSB1902.5 CSB1903.6  
Mulhall, George CSB1900_Elementary.2.1 CSB1902.4 CSB1903.5 ECC1904_6.1
Mulhall, William CSB1900_Senior.1.1 CSB1902.6    
Murray, A.   CSB1902.3    
Murray, D.   CSB1902.1    
Murray, H.       ECC1904_1
Murray, M. CSB1900_Senior.1.2      
Page, Elsita     CSB1903.1 ECC1904_1
Paton, James   CSB1902.3 CSB1903.4 ECC1904_5
Ransdale, Alfred   CSB1902.1 CSB1903.2 ECC1904_3
Ranzini, Michael       ECC1904_4
Re, H. CSB1900_JuniorUpper.1      
Redin, L   CSB1902.4    
Richter, Antonio CSB1900_Senior.1.2      
Robb, Helen   CSB1902.2 CSB1903.3 ECC1904_5
Robb, Maggie       ECC1904_1
Roberts, Herbert CSB1900_Senior.1.1      
Robins, B.   CSB1902.5    
Robinson, Cecil CSB1900_Senior.1.2      
Robinson, Frederick CSB1900_JuniorUpper.1 CSB1902.6 CSB1903.7  
Robinson, Harold   CSB1902.3 CSB1903.4  
Robinson, T.   1902Scripture Knowledge    
Ross, George CSB1900_Senior.1.1 CSB1902.6    
Rosset, Emilio CSB1900_Senior.1.2      
Ryan, Patrick       ECC1904_4
Ryberg, Frank       ECC1904_1
Schellhas, Ludovico     CSB1903.1 ECC1904_2
Schellhas, M.       ECC1904_5
Schellhas, R.       ECC1904_1
Silva, C.     CSB1903.5  
Skinner, Catherine   CSB1902.5    
Skinner, M. CSB1900_Senior.1.2      
Smith, Donald CSB1900_Elementary.1 CSB1902.3 CSB1903.4 ECC1904_5
Stetson, Charles CSB1900_Elementary.3 CSB1902.4 CSB1903.5  
Stetson, William CSB1900_Elementary.1 CSB1902.3 CSB1903.4 ECC1904_5
Sword, H. CSB1900_JuniorUpper.1 CSB1902.6    
Taborda, D.     CSB1903.5  
Talbot, Richard CSB1900_Senior.1.1 CSB1902.6    
Tapper, Charles       ECC1904_1
Tapper, Emma       ECC1904_2
Tapper, F.       ECC1904_4
Tapper, W.       ECC1904_5
Tenac, James CSB1900_JuniorLower.1 CSB1902.5 CSB1903.6 ECC1904_6.2
Thomas, E.   CSB1902.2 CSB1903.3  
Tomatis, B.     CSB1903.3  
Topping, Ethel CSB1900_Elementary.2.2 CSB1902.4    
Topping, John CSB1900_JuniorLower.1 CSB1902.5 CSB1903.6 ECC1904_6.2
Unsworth, J.       ECC1904_6.2
Vaccarezza, Raul CSB1900_Elementary.2.2 CSB1902.4 CSB1903.5  
Van Oppen, E.   CSB1902.3    
Watson, John E. CSB1900_Senior.1.2      
Watson, Richard CSB1900_Elementary.2.2      

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