Berwyn's Register, 1865 to 1875

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See the Introduction for an explanation of the origin of this document.

As with the births, I have added information, where known, to fill out the record. This is indicated by printing it in italics. The spelling of the place names is as they appear in the 1997 Spanish version of Berwyn's Register.

The presentation of this table of marriages is of my own creation, designed in the hope that it will make it easier for readers to look for the records that interest them.

Marriages in the Welsh Colony, Patagonia, 1865 to 1875

No. Date of marriage
Name of man Abode of man or place of origin His father's name Name of woman Abode of woman or place of origin Her father's name Place of marriage Officiating minister
1 ??/6/1865 Hughes, William Abergynolwen   Lewis, Anne Abergynolwen   On the Mimosa Lewis Humphreys
2 18/8/1865 Jenkins, Thomas Mountain Ash   Jones, Mary Mountain Ash   Madryn Abraham Matthews
3 29/1/1866 Roberts, John Moelwyn Festinuog   Roberts, Elizabeth Bangor   Neuad Drerawson Abraham Matthews
4 5/2/1866 Hughes, Rhydderch (widower) Mancenion   Jones, Anne Bethesda   Neuad Drerawson Lewis Humphreys
5 5/2/1866 Thomas, Thomas Mountain Ash   Davies, Cecilia (widow) Llwyni   Neuad Drerawson Lewis Humphreys
6 20/3/1866 Humphreys, John Ganllwyd, Dolgellau   John, Mary Anne Aberdaar   House of Rev. Abraham Matthews Abraham Matthews
7 30/3/1866 Evans, Thomas Pennant [Dimol] Pennant Mallangell   Pritchard, Elizabeth Waenwen, Bangor   Caherfyn, Rawson  
8 19/4/1866 Roberts, Edwyn Cynrig Wisconsin, USA   Jones, Anne Mountain Ash Jones, John (snr.) Plas, Heddwch  
9 19/4/1866 Jones, Richard Mountain Ash Jones, John (snr.) Davies, Hannah Dyffryn Dreiniog (prev. Aberdaar) Davies, Thomas Plas, Heddwch  
10 4/6/1867 Rhys, William Dregethin, Morganwg   Williams, Jane Liverpool Hughes, Hugh [Cadfan] (stepfather) Madryn Abraham Matthews
11 8/6/1867 Jones, Josuah Castellnewydd Emlyn   Hughes, Catherine Birkenhead   Madryn Abraham Matthews
12 15/6/1867 Williams, Richard Howell Llanfair Fechan Williams, Robert Meirion Hughes, Jane Caerfyn Hughes, Rhydderch Madryn Abraham Matthews
13 3/7/1868 Rhys, James Berry Rhymni   Roberts, Grace Bethesda   Glan Camwy Abraham Matthews
14 12/9/1868 Jenkins, Aaron (widower) Mountain Ash   Jones, Margaret Mountain Ash Jones, John (snr.) Coed Newydd Abraham Matthews
15 25/12/1868 Berwyn, Richard Jones New York Jones, Dafydd of Berwyn, Llandrillo, Llangollen Pritchard, Elizabeth Gaergybi widow of Thomas Pennant Evans [Dimol] Rawson Abraham Matthews
16 18/1/1870 Jones, Thomas Aberdaar Jones, Dafydd (deceased) and stepson of Thomas Davies Jones, Sarah Mountain Ash widow of James Jones Rawson  
17 22/1/1870 Jones, Evan Aberdaar Jones, Dafydd (deceased) and stepson of Thomas Davies Davies, Elizabeth Dyffryn Dreiniog Davies, Thomas Castell Oneida, Rawson  
18 7/5/1870 Jones, John (snr.) Mountain Ash   Hughes, Catherine Beaumaris   Coednewydd  
19 10/1/1872 Hughes, Richard Carnarfon   Jones, Elizabeth Aberdaar Jones, Dafydd and stepdaughter of Thomas Davies Morfa Mawr  
20 ??/1/1873 Whitty, Nicholas     Heycock, Frances   Heycock, John (presumably)   Abraham Matthews
21 13/5/1873 Doyle, John sailor of Nova Scotia   Evans, Margaret Llandeimolen   Plas yr Escob Bishop Waite H. Stirling
22 19/6/1873 Awstin, William Merthyr (Mountain Ash)   Hughes, Jane Bodryffyd Hughes, Griffith Salon Drerawson  
23 3/2/1874 Price, Edward (jnr.) Liverpool Price, Edward (snr.) Williams, Ruth Cefn Gwyn Williams, Rhys    
24 30/4/1874 Jones, David Morfa Mawr Jones, Dafydd (deceased) and stepson of Thomas Davies Williams, Rachel Cefn Gwyn Williams, Rhys    
25 29/9/1874 Lynn, Charles     Jones de Hughes, Elizabeth Aberdaar Jones, Dafydd and stepdaughter of Thomas Davies Morfa Mawr Rev. D. S. Davies of New York
26 2/12/1874 Beynon, Thomas M. Caerdydd   Richards, Mary Anne Mahonay Richards, Jenkin    
27 17/4/1875 Hughes, Griffith Edward Bodryffyd Hughes, Griffith (snr.) Evans, Mary Lyn y Morwynion, Festiniog      
28 27/5/1875 Awstin, Thomas Mountain Ash   Williams, Mary Cefyngwyn Williams, Rhys    
29 16/7/1875 Jones, William J. Aberystwyth, later Kansas (USA)   Davies, Anne Dyfryn Dreiniog Davies, Thomas    

Source: St David's Church archives, item 82-20-01
Data from the registers of the Anglican Mission in Chubut © the Diocese in Argentina, November 2003

© The form of presentation of this information is the copyright of Jeremy Howat, February 2004