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Burials registered in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Buenos Aires, 1871-1880

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Note in register 4 on page 360:
In the months of March April and May of this year 1871 many died of Yellow Fever, this record of whose deaths must be sought in the archives of the Municipality or at the Southern Cemetery, and the Chacarita Cemetery. The number of deaths in the City of Buenos Ayres this year was about Twenty Five Thousand. HGJ

# vol./pág nombre edad nativo de lugar muerte causa muerte fecha muerte fecha sepelio ocup. testigos ofic.
# vol./page name age native of place of death cause of death date of death date of burial occupation witnesses off. min.
430 4/360A Weston, George W. 35 United States Buenos Aires cancer 12/1/1871 13/1/1871 manager of estancia; married Charles S. Bowers (USA), George E. Wilkinson (USA) HGJ
431 4/360A Gibson, Andrew N. 37 Scotland Buenos Aires general debility 13/1/1871 14/1/1871 tailor, married Charles Murray (England), John Drysdale (Scotland) HGJ
432 4/360A Ferreira, Florentino 13m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires consumption 5/2/1871 6/2/1871 child Alfred J. White (BsAs), Charles Brill (BsAs) JJR
433 4/360A Scott, Francis Ernest 18m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires indigestion 17/2/1871 17/2/1871 child; parents: J. M. and E. Scott George Tucker (England), James F. Stanfield (England) HGJ
434 4/360A Rodriguez, Maria 8m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires indigestion 16/2/1871 17/2/1871 child Antonio Joachin Rodrigues (Portugal), Adam Lorey (Germany) JJR
435 4/360A James, Lucy J. 27 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires consumption 20/2/1871 20/2/1871 wife of Andrew James R. F. Nicholson (Gibraltar), John J. Downing (England) HGJ
436 4/360A Peuchot, Alfredo 8m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires congestion 22/2/1871 22/2/1871 child A. T. Peuchot (France), Rimi M. Enz (France) JJR
437 4/360A Peredieu, Edward 1 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires congestion 1/3/1871 2/3/1871 child Richard Bradley (BsAs), William T. Livingston (USA) L,GP
438 4/360A Murray, Jane 55 Scotland Buenos Aires icteroides 3/3/1871 4/3/1871 wife of P. Murray Richard F. Nicholson (Gibraltar), H. R. Nicholson (England) HGJ
439 4/360A Ferreira, José F. 3 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires hydro cefalitis 15/6/1871 15.6.1871 son of A. Ferreira Pablo Estol (Spain), Juan Duperrut (Switzerland) JJR
440 4/360A Sommers, Benjamin 39 United States Buenos Aires smallpox 13/9/1871 13/9/1871 captain of vessel Henry Kaiser (Germany), Eugene Flood (Ireland) HGJ
441 4/360A Thomson, James Gilmore 16 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires heart disease (instant death) 20/10/1871 21/10/1871 son of J. and M. Thomson William D. Junor (BsAs), Alfred J. White (BsAs) HGJ
442 4/360A Gosweiler, Amalia 4 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires smallpox 3/12/1871 3/12/1871 child Stephen Faccio (Italy), H. Carpenter (England) JJR
443 4/360A Clark, Thomas W. Wiseman 52 England Buenos Aires smallpox 22/12/1871 22/12/1871 miller William J. Reynolds (BsAs), W. D. Junor (BsAs) HGJ
444 4/360A Rockwood, James 69 Me USA Buenos Aires neuralgia 11/1/1872 12/1/1872 scientist Albert M. Hudson (BsAs), William Livingston (BsAs) HGJ
445 4/360B Aldeber, Antonio 11 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires poisoned 17/1/1872 18/1/1872 schoolboy José J. Rial (Spain), José Ferreira (BsAs) HGJ
446 4/360B Maul, George 18m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires inflammation of the bowels 2/2/1872 3/2/1872 child Alfred J. White (BsAs), José C. de Acebedo (Portugal) HGJ
447 4/360B Riley, Wilfred Edward 18m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires diarrhoea 15/2/1872 16/2/1872 child James Weston (England), Robert Hudson (England) HGJ
448 4/360B Bishop, Mary Sidney 23m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires croup 13/3/1872 13/3/1872 child George Howard (USA), H. Carpenter (England) HGJ
449 4/360B Bishop, Isabel 4 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires croup 24/3/1872 25/3/1872 child George Howard (USA), H. Carpenter (England) HGJ
450 4/360B Rafferty, Michael Joseph 33 Liverpool Buenos Aires consumption 28/5/1872 29/5/1872 gasfitter Arnot Leslie (Scotland), George Butterfil (England) HGJ
451 4/360B Tallon, William 2½m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires indigestion 20/6/1872 21/6/1872 child John Tallon (Ireland), H. Carpenter (England) HGJ
452 4/360B Rial, Angela A. de 25 Argentine Republic Buenos Aires consumption 19/7/1872 20/7/1872 n(iece?) of J. J. Rial W. D. Junor (BsAs), Alfred J. White (BsAs) HGJ
453 4/360B Ferreira, José 35 Argentine Republic Buenos Aires dropsy 20/7/1872 21/7/1872 bricklayer Pablo Estol (Spain), A. J. White (BsAs) HGJ
454 4/360B Howard, Thomas M. 4y 8m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires croup 16/8/1872 17/8/1872 child Henry Carpenter (England), F. Fraser (USA), J. Anderson (England) HGJ
455 4/360B Morgan, Ann 54 London Flores apoplexy 28/9/1872 29/9/1872   J. Murray (USA), J. West (England) HGJ
456 4/360B Areboe, Hans 1½m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires debility 5/11/1872 5/11/1872 child J. J. Rial (Spain), H. Carpenter (England) HGJ
457 4/360B Parody, Thomas 10 Montevideo Buenos Aires drowned 29/11/1872 29/11/1872   Henry Carpenter (England), Alfred J. White (BsAs) HGJ
458 4/360B, 1873/1 Junor, William 64 Demarara, SA Buenos Aires liver complaint 15/1/1873 16/1/1873 agent, Bible Society William Kitching (Scotland), William John Reynolds (BsAs) HGJ
459 4/360B, 1873/1 Roscoe, Margaret 35 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires childbed 26/1/1873 27/1/1873   wife of Roger Roscoe; John J. McLean (Scotland), Alexander Harkis (Scotland) HGJ
460 4/360B, 1873/2 Ferand, Christina R. 26 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires consumption 28/2/1873 28/2/1873   Salvador Negrotto (Gibraltar), Pedro de Consandier (Rome) HGJ
461 4/360B, 1873/2 Rapes, Henry J. 65 Salem, Mass., USA Buenos Aires smallpox 19/7/1873 20/7/1873 in Recoleta (Cementerio del Norte) merchant Peter Murray (27, England), Victor Lengnick (39, Denmark) HGJ
462 4/360B, 1873/3 Solaris, Juanita 1 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires congestion of the brain (de un ataque cerebral) 18/10/1873 19/10/1873 child of Felipe Solaris and Louisa De Muzzio de Solaris Pablo S. Estol (Spain), Santiago Muzzio (Italy) HGJ
463 4/360B, 1873/4 Gay, Thomas James, child of Juan and Juana Gay (both of England) 9d Buenos Aires Buenos Aires mal 20/10/1873 21/10/1873 child of Juan and Juana Gay (both of England) James Allen (England), Edwin Furz[e] (England) HGJ
464 4/360B, 1873/4 Mitchell, Ellen 23 Ireland Buenos Aires consumption 24/10/1873 25/10/1873 wife of Joseph Mitchell John J. Downing (England), Robert H. Ceiley (England) HGJ
465 4/360B, 1873/5 Knight, William 35 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires apoplexy 4/121/1873 5/12/1873   R. C. Blessing (Germany), Robert Mailer (Scotland) HGJ
466 4/360B, 1873/5 Fernandez, John Flagg 11m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires inflammation of the bowels 8/12/1873 8/12/1873 child José Cardozo de Acebedo (Portugal), Pedro Benavento (BsAs) HGJ
467 4/360B, 1873/6 Riley, Herbert Harold 6m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires gastric fever 19/12/1873 20/12/1873 child Robert Hudson (England), James Weston (England) HGJ
468 4/362A, 1873/6 Backhaus, Federico Carlos 14m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires meningitis 31/12/1873 31/12/1873 child Carlos Schnöckel (30, Germany), Henry L. Carpenter (50, England) HGJ
469 4/362A Starkweather, Edwiges 27 France Buenos Aires cholera 29/12/1873 30/12/1873 in Chacarita music teacher Alfred J. White (BsAs) HGJ
470 4/362A, 1873/7 Booth, John Charles 21m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires inflammation of the bowels 31/12/1873 1/1/1874 child John Fraser (USA), Joseph Murray (USA) HGJ
471 4/362A, 1873/7 Bean, Emily 8m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires bronchitis 17/1/1874 18/1/1874 child of Andrew C. Bean and Maria Augusta Bean (Buenos Aires) Charles Bowers (USA), John Sewell (Canada) HGJ
472 4/362A, 1873/8 Simons, Benjamin Hughes 49 England Buenos Aires liver complaint 1/3/1874 1/3/1874 teacher Carlos Ricardo Simons (Argentina), Juan Simons (Argentina) HGJ
473 1873/8 Roders, Roberto Pringle 24 Scotland Buenos Aires caído en un pozo 1/3/1874 2/3/1873 business clerk John Shaw (Argentina), Alexander Fraser (Argentina)  
474 4/362A, 1873/9 Seili, Louisa 1m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires lockjaw 26/5/1874 27/5/1874 child of Gaspard Seili Henry Carpenter (England), José Berguerand (Switzerland) HGJ
475 4/362A, 1873/9 Ferreira, Abran 9m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires congestion of the brain 25/6/1874 25/6/1874 child of Idalgo Ferreira José N. Romero (BsAs), Julio Lardani (Italy) HGJ
476 4/362A, 1873/10 Rodgers, Minnie 29 Unites States Buenos Aires general debility 15/7/1874 16/7/1874 wife of James Rodgers (all coloured) Joseph M. Reid (Barbadoes), George Kelly (USA) HGJ
477 4/362A, 1873/10 Murray, Charles 36 England Buenos Aires gangrene 17/7/1874 18/7/1874 druggist and chemist Richard F. Nicholson (Gibraltar), William Pasman (USA) HGJ
478 4/362A, 1873/11 Fuller, George H. 36 United States Buenos Aires smallpox 27/7/1874 28/7/1874 engineer William K. Williams (USA), Gualterio. S. Keaser (USA) HGJ
479 4/362A, 1873/12 Moscher, Rosalena 29 United States Port of Buenos Aires consumption 7/10/1874 on board American ship "Archer" 8/10/1874 widow John E. Pettit (USA), Albion Pinkham (USA) HGJ
480 4/362A, 1873/12 Hill, Elizabeth 78 England Buenos Aires general debility 9/10/1874 at Barracas 10/10/1874 widow Jean Claude Miguet (France), Santiago Dudulert, M. Fernandez (BsAs) HGJ
481 4/362A, 1873/13 Downing, Hannah Mitchell de 31 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires consumption 18/10/1874 at San Vicente 20/10/1874 at San Vicente W. I. Downing Andrew H. James (England), ? Brooken (England) HGJ
482 4/362A, 1873/13 Norton, Clara 38 United States Buenos Aires consumption 20/10/1874 21/10/1874   James Anderson (England), Henry L. Carpenter (England) HGJ
483 4/362A Bradshaw, Francis J. 6m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires indigestion 20/12/1874 21/12/1874 child Robert Hyde (England), George Lampen (England) HGJ
484 4/362A Betat, Martha 7m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires diarrhoea 31/12/1874 1/1/1875 child Daniel Saffores (France), Faustino Srange (France) HGJ
485 4/362A Forchierier, Carlos 3m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires diarrhoea 4/2/1875 4/2/1875 child Henry Carpenter (England), Charles N. R. Carpenter (BsAs) HGJ
486 4/362A Thomson, William 25 Scotland Buenos Aires diabetes 7/2/1875 8/2/1875 clerk Fred Cook (USA), Joseph B. Mitchell (BsAs) HGJ
487 4/362B Peredieu, Leonor 16m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires diarrhoea 16/2/1875 17/2/1875 child Miles A. Pasman (BsAs), F. Livingston (BsAs) HGJ
488 4/362B Coit, Levi H. 30 United States Buenos Aires cancer 16/2/1875 17/2/1875 public works Charles S. Bowers (USA), E. L. Baker (USA) HGJ
489 4/362B Fernandez, Enrique 1 hr Buenos Aires Buenos Aires debility 18/2/1875 18/2/1875   Pastor Fernandez (BsAs), H. Carpenter (England) HGJ
490 4/362B Dickson, John 76 Scotland Buenos Aires congestion of the lungs 18/2/1875 19/2/1875 carpenter Peter Murray (Scotland), Jos. Gibson (BsAs) HGJ
491 4/362B Peredieu, Gustavus 17m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires intento colitis 1/3/1875 2/3/1875 child Frank Livingston (BsAs), Thomas Livingston (BsAs) HGJ
492 4/362B Taylor, Thomas John 18m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires gastric fever 29/3/1875 30/3/1875 child Robert Bingham (England), Charles Lowe (England) HGJ
493 4/362B Rodrigues, Joachin 8d Buenos Aires Buenos Aires mal 31/3/1875 1/4/1875 child H. Carpenter (England), Geronimo Montale (Italy) HGJ
494 4/362B Norhona, Juana P. Manso 54 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires dropsy 24/4/1875 25/4/1875 author and educationalist William D. Junor (BsAs), Joshua Negrotto (Gibraltar) HGJ
495 4/362B Veint, Henry 25 Barbadoes Buenos Aires stabbed 2/5/1875 3/5/1875 coachman Joseph Reid (Barbadoes), Henry Mulford (USA); all coloured HGJ
496 4/362B Scarlett, Charles 7d Buenos Aires Buenos Aires mal 21/5/1875 22/5/1875 child Thomas McClintock (USA), Henry Carpenter (England) HGJ
497 4/362B Andap, Clotilde 2m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires sore throat 27/7/1875 27/7/1875 child Juan B. Esquerre (France), Henry Carpenter (England) HGJ
498 4/362B Bullock, William 34 United States Buenos Aires heart disease 20/9/1875 20/9/1875 engineer Paul Allerton (England), Rodger Roscoe (England) HGJ
499 4/362B Lindstrom, Charles J. 19 Sweden Buenos Aires apoplexy 22/9/1875 24/9/1875 died on board sailor J. J. Englebutch (Sweden), Andrew G. Watson (Scotland) HGJ
500 4/362B Froggatt, William 80 England Mercedes bronchitis 26/10/1875 27/10/1875 propietario David H. Linay (BsAs), Daniel C. Kelley (BsAs) HGJ
501 4/362B Ferreira, Margarita 18 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires consumption 28/10/1875 29/10/1875   Edward Martin de Sosa (Portugal), José Sanz (France) HGJ
502 4/362B Simmons, Francis H. 30 United States Buenos Aires brain fever 31/10/1875 1/11/1875 book agent George D. Stetson (USA), Henry Nuttall (Montevideo) HGJ
503 4/362B Myer, Albert M. 11m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires lung fever 7/11/1875 8/11/1875   José Mosquito (Africa), Bernardo Calle (Perú) HGJ
504 4/362B Laidlaw, Thomas 80 Scotland Buenos Aires hepatitis 17/11/1875 18/11/1875 teacher John Shaw (Scotland), James Anderson (England) HGJ
505 4/362B Richardson, Amelia M. 27 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires heart disease 18/11/1875 19/11/1875   Eugene Carter (England), Abram Jackson (USA); coloured HGJ
506 4/362B Kelley, Eliza 18m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires gastric fever 10/12/1875 12/12/1875   H. Carpenter (England), Jacinto Boers (Argentina) HGJ
507 4/362B, 1876/1 Tornquist, George P. E. 74 Baltimore, United States Belgrano, Buenos Aires general debility 1/2/1876 2/2/1876 merchant G. E. Maschwitz (Germany), Herman H. Schlieper (USA) HGJ
508 4/362B, 1876/2 Lorian, Arthur 40 New York, United States Buenos Aires apoplexy 6/2/1876 7/2/1876 teacher John L. Jamrues (France), Pedro Renaud (France) HGJ
509 4/362B, 1876/2 Martin, Charles 29 Prussia, North American citizen English Hospital, Buenos Aires tetanus 15/2/1876 16/2/1876   John Boyd (USA), Charles Goerke (Prussia) HGJ
510 4/364A, 1876/3 Ryberg, Sofia 10m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires smallpox 22/2/1876 23/2/1876 child of Carlos and Susan Ryberg James Jardine (Scotland), H. L. Carpenter (England) HGJ
511 4/364A, 1876/3 Johnson, Henry Buenos Aires Buenos Aires diptheria 4/4/1876 5/4/1876 child Eugenio Carter (England), Henry Cumming (USA) HGJ
512 4/364A, 1876/4 Booth, Ada Buenos Aires Buenos Aires diptheria 9/6/1876 10/6/1876 daughter of John and Margaret Booth James Buck (Ireland), John Fraser (USA) HGJ
513 4/364A, 1876/4 Cathcart, Hannah 66 Scotland Buenos Aires heart disease 1/8/1876 2/8/1876 widow Alexander Mitchell (Ireland), Robert Henderson (Scotland) HGJ
514 4/364A, 1876/5 Chissaing, J. B. Edine 38 United States Buenos Aires consumption 2/8/1876 3/8/1876 civil engineer Charles S. Bowers (USA), George E. Wilkinson (USA) HGJ
515 4/364A, 1876/5 Tink, Luke 72 England Buenos Aires cancer in stomach 6/8/1876 8/8/1876 gardener George Manson (Scotland), Richard F. Nicholson (Gibraltar) HGJ
516 4/364A, 1876/6 Hughes, Margaret Glendower 7d Buenos Aires Buenos Aires mal 9/8/1876 9/8/1876 daughter of Thomas Frederick Hughes and Margaret Lauder Hughes George S. Gilchrist (Gibraltar), Henry L. Carpenter (England) HGJ
517 4/364A, 1876/6 Cook, Olivia Ann 49 United States Buenos Aires dropsy 5/9/1876 6/9/1876 wife of James Cook C. S. Bowers (USA), Thomas Livingston (BsAs) HGJ
518 4/364A, 1876/7 Brenigan, Elizabeth Ann 21 England Buenos Aires rheumatic fever 13/9/1876 14/9/1876 wife of John Brenigan George Andrew Jenkins (England), Pascal Gorli (Italy) HGJ
519 4/364A, 1876/7 Fernandez, Amelia 3m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires spinal affection 14/9/1876 15/9/1876 child of Benito Fernandez and Maria Castiñera Francisco Galanes (Spain), Manuel Garabal (Spain) HGJ
520 4/364A, 1876/8 Atkinson, Arthur George 2m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires brain affection 18/9/1876 19/9/1876 child of Arthur James Atkinson and Bertha E. Murray his wife Gustavo Hartenfels (Prussia), Robert Southam (England) HGJ
521 4/364A, 1876/9 Johnson, John Andrew 6m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires tubercular pneumonia 25/11/1876 26/11/1876 child of Daniel Johnson (USA, coloured) and Natalie Johnson (Buenos Aires) Adolfo Baggioli (Argentina), Edward Larrance (Ireland) HGJ
522 4/364A, 1876/9 Brill, John Francis 29 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires consumption 27/12/1876 28/12/1876 employee, tram (or train) company John A. MacLean (Buenos Aires), William D. Junor (Buenos Aires) HGJ
523 4/364A Gibson, William Stuart 4 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires diptheria 13/1/1877 14/1/1877   Andrew Gibson (BsAs), Charles Cumming (BsAs) HGJ
524 4/364A Harrison, Gustavus 50 United States Buenos Aires apoplexy 25/1/1877 26/1/1877 naval officer Samuel B. Hale (USA), Hiniter Davidson (USA) HGJ
525 4/364A Naghten, Agnes Jane 15m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires tuber misenterica 7/2/1877 7/2/1877 child of J. R. and Agnes Naghten Peter Murray (England), Luis Puddicomb (BsAs) HGJ
526 4/364A Stant, Henrietta 7d Buenos Aires Buenos Aires mal 15/5/1877 16/5/1877   Frank Beaty (Scotland), H. Carpenter (England) HGJ
527 4/364A Ticardo, Arelino 24 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires consumption 6/6/1877 7/6/1877 coachman (coloured) Daniel Johnson (USA), Eugene Canton (England) (coloured) HGJ
528 4/364B Damon, Walter 7m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires   x/7/1877 x/7/1877 child of Charles and C. Damon Charles Howard (USA), Thomas Boyd (USA) HGJ
529 4/364B Forcherio, Carmen 15 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires whooping cough 26/7/1877 27/7/1877 daughter of A. and M. Forcherio Cunetta Bautista (Italy), Geronimio Miutati (Italy) HGJ
530 4/364B Mulford, Gregorio 4 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires lung fever 28/8/1877 29/8/1877   George Kelley (USA), José Ramon (Santo Domingo) (all coloured) HGJ
531 4/364B Hanson, Elizabeth Jane 3m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires congestion lungs? 9/9/1877 10/9/1877 daughter of John and Agnes Hanson Thomas Newkirk (USA), Dr Moses Newkirk (USA) HGJ
532 4/364B Dodds, Nathaniel 34 England Buenos Aires bronchitis 23/9/1877 25/9/1877 merchant Gustavus Hartenfels (Prussia), Albert Gillie (Scotland) HGJ
533 4/364B Larronde, Pedro 59 France Buenos Aires consumption 25/10/1877 26/10/1877 merchant René Damais (France), Luis Delussey (France) HGJ
534 4/364B Jacobo, Angela Louisa 3m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires inflammation internal 18/11/1877 19/11/1877   Joachin Aynne (Italy), H. Carpenter (England) HGJ
535 4/364B Westerfield, William 56 United States Buenos Aires inflammation internal 20/11/1877 20/11/1877 carpenter José Lelutre (France), Benito Prajir (France) HGJ
536 4/364B Ross, William 23 Nova Scotia Buenos Aires assassinated 24/1/1878 25/1/1878 sailor William Urquhart, William D. Carlaw, L. B. Crowell HGJ
537 4/364B Alexander, Thomas 35 Greece Buenos Aires rheumatic fever 4/1/1878 5/1/1878 sailor Juan J. McClean, Henry Carpenter HGJ
538 4/364B White, Ellen C. de 79 England Buenos Aires cholerina 6/1/1878 6/1/1878 widow Gustave Hartenfels, James Hodge HGJ
539 4/364B Wilde, Robert 68 England Jeppener cancer 23/2/1878 25/2/1878 estanciero Juan J. McClean, John Grant HGJ
540 4/364B Newell, Charles Juan 11m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires enteritis 26/2/1878 27/2/1878 child Henry Carpenter HGJ
541 4/364B Gatliffe, Juana H. de 43 Ireland Buenos Aires diarrhoea 2/3/1878 3/3/1878   William Southron Alfonso Quade HGJ
542 4/364B Hendrickson, Maria 62 Denmark Buenos Aires heart disease 3/3/1878 4/3/1878   Henry Carpenter HGJ
543 4/364B Mortimer, David 40 Wales Buenos Aires consumption 16/3/1878 17/3/1878 clerk James Anderson, Henry Carpenter HGJ
544 4/364B Drenin, Catalina 19 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires consumption 26/3/1878 27/3/1878   Matthew Beggs, Henry Beaumont HGJ
545 4/364B Ferreira, Maria 16 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires consumption 30/3/1878 31/3/1878   Albert M. Hudson, Cesario Gonzalez Alem HGJ
546 4/364B Sjösladt (Carlson), Ana 40 Sweden Buenos Aires consumption 7/5/1878 85/1878   Agusto Bjorkmann, Francisco Lyung HGJ
547 4/364B Mení, Alejandra de Garay de 43 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires enteritis 12/5/1878 8/5/1878   Casimiro Vangenis, Domingo Benedetti HGJ
548 4/364B Connor, Juan N. 49 Buenos Aires Mercedes, BsAs heart disease 26/7/1878 27/7/1878 estanciero Antonio Connor, Nicholas Lowe JFT
549 4/364B Day, Juan 70 United States Buenos Aires result of a fall 27/7/1878 27/7/1878   Thomas Torney (Ireland), James Stoneman (England) JFT
550 4/364B Harvey, Charles Stanhope 84 England Buenos Aires disenteria 31/7/1878 1/8/1878 merchant Mariano Billinghurst (Argentina), Peter Currie JFT
551 4/364B Bailly, William 47 United States Buenos Aires consumption 29/8/1878 31/8/1878 coloured man Albert F. Myers, William Randall JFT
552 4/364B Chapeaurouge, Carlos 65 Switzerland Buenos Aires heart disease 5/9/1878 6/9/1878 buried in Recoleta merchant Luis C. Chapeaurouge, Charles Wismer JFT
553 4/366A Lambert, Henry 38 Scotland Buenos Aires hemophisis 8/9/1878 9/9/1878 sastre Peter Murray, snr., Juan Grant JFT
554 4/366A Cook, Juan 40 Argentina Buenos Aires consumption 15/9/1878 9/9/1878 laborer Alex. McClean, William Cook JFT
555 4/366A Fraser, John A. 36 United States Buenos Aires aneurism 6/10/1878 7/10/1878 pilot Charles F. Howard, Charles Mulvany JFT
556 4/366A Hasking, Robert 2 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires meningitis 11/10/1878 12/10/1878 child Edward Somers, Henry Thsis JFT
557 4/366A Livingstone, Thomas M. 36 Argentina Buenos Aires heart disease 5/11/1878 6/11/1878 merchant Miles A. Pasman, Frank Livingstone JFT
558 4/366A Henderson, Peter C. 35 Denmark Buenos Aires asthma 5/11/1878 6/11/1878 R. R. employee James F. Noble, Thomas Campbell JFT
559 4/366A Wilkinson, Adolfo F. 48 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires cancer 22/11/1878 24/11/1878 merchant Charles Jasné, Maximiliano Hoeffner JFT
560 4/366A Southam, Henry M. 9m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires cholera infantum 27/11/1878 28/11/1878 child William Nowell, G. Hartenfels JFT
561 4/366A Coutts, David 52 Scotland Buenos Aires hernia 14/12/1878 15/12/1878 mechanic Juan Brook, Robert Myers, James Gentles JFT
562 4/366A Fernandez, Daniel 7m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires tumour 31/12/1878 31/12/1878 child Basilio Mira, Francisco Galanes JFT
563 4/366A, 1879/1 Naulty, John 64 United States Buenos Aires softening of brain 10/1/1879 11/1/1879 merchant John F. Pearson (USA), Miles A. Pasman (Argentina) JFT
564 4/366A, 1879/2 Leslie, Ellen 9d Buenos Aires Buenos Aires mal 9/2/1879 9/2/1879 child of Arnot Leslie Albert M. Hudson (Argentina), Arnot Leslie (29, Scotland) JFT
565 4/366A, 1879/3 Ferreyra, Florentino 3½m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires brain disease 12/3/1879 13/2/1879 child of Adolfo Ferreyra Albert M. Hudson (36, Argentina), Adolfo Ferreyra (52, Argentina) JFT
566 4/366A, 1879/4 Glasgow, William 44 Scotland Campana apoplexy 17/4/1879 18/4/1879 mechanic William Patrick Boyd (42, Scotland), Thomas Ireland (28, Scotland), John Glasgow (18, Scotland) JFT
567 4/366A, 1879/5 Boyd, Alexander 48 Scotland Hospital Inglés, Buenos Aires tetanus 19/4/1879 20/4/1879 camp laborer Juan C. Zimmermann (31, Montevideo), Henry L. Carpenter (58, England) JFT
568 4/366A, 1879/6 Geltes, Albert 8d Buenos Aires Buenos Aires mal 2/5/1879 3/5/1879 child of Gelte Geltes 34, Holland) and Ernestina Geltes (29, Argentina) ; born 24/4/1879 Samuel Niggli (44, Switzerland), James G. O'Farrell (18, Argentina) JFT
569 4/366A, 1879/7 Martinez, Mercedes   Buenos Aires Buenos Aires smallpox 13/6/1879 13/6/1879 child of the late Francisco Martinez (36, Spain) and Desideria de la Concepción (39, Uruguay) ; buried in the Cementerio del Norte Juan Diego de la Concepción (59, grandfather, Spain), Ramon Blanco (29, child's brother-in-law, Spain) JFT
570 4/366A, 1879/8 Paul, Agustina   Buenos Aires Buenos Aires lung fever / pulmonía 14/6/1879 15/6/1879 child of Francisco Paul (44, France) and Josephine Paul (28, France) Teófilo Jost, snr (46, Alsace), Teodoro Ockelmann (43, Germany) JFT
571 4/366A, 1879/9 Newell, Julio Guillermo 2½m Provincia de Buenos Aires Belgrano, Provincia Buenos Aires lung fever / pulmonía 7/7/1879 8/7/1879 child; born 21/4/1878 Pedro Digier (47, France), Ramon Frédifon (33, France) JFT
572 4/366A, 1879/10 Walker, José Marcelino 3 y 8m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires empacho 16/10/1879 17/10/1879 child Emilio Raybaud (Argentina), Mainard Bertrand (France) JFT
573 4/366A, 1879/11 Galanes, Aurora 22m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires measles 21/10/1879 21/10/1879 child of Francisco and Teresa Galanes (both of Spain) Benito Fernandez (28, Spain), Basilio Mira y Deus (43, Spain) JFT
574 4/366A, 1879/12 Tallon, William 62 Ireland Buenos Aires tumour of glands 24/10/1879 26/10/1879 blacksmith William Glennie (43, Scotland), Robert Tallon (21, Uruguay; son of the deceased) JFT
575 4/366B, 1879/13 Lia, William Kennedy   Buenos Aires Buenos Aires carditis 16/11/1879 17/11/1879 son of Samuel and Margarita Lia Richard B. Masefield (66, England), Charles L. Tidblom (20, Argentina) JFT
576 4/366B, 1879/14 Denegri, Orastes 1m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires whooping cough 20/11/1879 21/11/1879 child José Perfetti (33, Italy), Francisco Denegri (32, father of the child) JFT
577 4/366B, 1879/15 Dubertrand, Luciano 1d Buenos Aires Buenos Aires debility 1/12/1879 2/12/1879 child Augusto Solle (27, France), Santiago Dubertrand (26, France; brother of child's father) JFT
578 4/366B, 1879/16 Añon, Enrique 5 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires smallpox 2/12/1879 2/12/1879 child Francisco Rosadas (33, Spain), Manuel Ceoane (25, Spain) JFT
579 4/366B, 1879/17 Añon, Matilde 3 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires smallpox 4/12/1879 5/12/1879 child Francisco Rosadas (33, Spain), Timoteo Carrasco (24, Uruguay) JFT
580 4/366B, 1879/18 Nowell, Charles Albert 12 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires typhus abdomenalis 10/12/1879 10/12/1879 lad, son of Guillermo and Juana Nowell Gustavo Hartenfels (53, Germany), Henry Bentham (40, England) JFT
581 4/366B, 1879/19 Collins, Daniel 32 Ireland On board the "Belle Alliance", Buenos Aires stabbed 14/12/1879 15/12/1879 2nd Mate, English barque Alexander N. White (53, Scotland, Captain of the "Belle Alliance"), Robert Henderson (59, Scotland, of BsAs), James Buck (45, Ireland, of BsAs) JFT
582 4/366B, 1879/20 Megnin, George 48 France Buenos Aires kidney disease 14/12/1879 15/12/1879 watchmaker Lino Abeledo (25, Spain) JFT
583 4/366B, 1879/21 Brownlie, Andrew 22 Scotland Buenos Aires drowned in the port 14/12/1879 20/12/1879 sailor off the English ship "Frucesicesia??" Edward Smith, master of ship to which these two men belonged……… JFT
584 4/366B, 1879/21 McIntyre, Hugh 16 Scotland Buenos Aires drowned in the port 14/12/1879 20/12/1879 sailor off the English ship "Frucesicesia??" ………also: Robert Henderson (59, Scotland), Peter Smith (44, England) JFT
585 4/366B, 1880/1 Añon, Carmen 9m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires úlceras en la garganta 2/1/1880 2/1/1880 child Manuel Añon (32, Spain), Antonio Cores (42, Spain) JFT
586 4/366B, 1880/2 Bowers, Felipe 27m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires anemia 12/2/1880 13/2/1880 child of Carlos & Catalina Bowers Andrew C. Bean (43, USA), George E. Wilkinson (37, USA) JFT
587 4/366B, 1880/3 Ferreira, Adolfo J. 20 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires tuberculosis 22/2/1880 23/2/1880 student, son of Adolfo and Lucinda Ferreira Luis Lopez (50, Argentina), Luis M. Caicia (28, Argentina) JFT
588 4/366B, 1880/4 Foster, Sarah 62 England Buenos Aires heridas y contusiones recibidas cuando fue atropellada por una locomotora en uno de las vias del país 3/3/1880 3/3/1880 wife of Thomas Foster Thomas Foster (49, England; husband), Elijah Foster (26, England; son) JFT
589 4/366B, 1880/5 Newell, William John Barron 38 England Belgrano apoplexy 18/3/1880 19/3/1880 not stated William Goodwin (30, England), Pedro Vigier (48, France) JFT
590 4/366B, 1880/6 Carman, James 68 United States Buenos Aires gangrene 19/3/1880 20/3/1880 merchant; widower John A. Kelly (34, Argentina), Richard Eastman (30, Argentina) JFT
591 4/366B, 1880/7 Johnson, Daniel (coloured) 38 West Indies and citizen of USA Buenos Aires inflammation of kidneys 26/3/1880 26/3/1880 shipping master William S. Smith (40, USA), George Ovington (39, USA) JFT
592 4/366B, 1880/8 McGuire, Ernest 26 England Buenos Aires consumption 4/4/1880 5/4/1880 shepherd; single man A. W. Percy (35, England), William Boggan (56, England) JFT
593 4/366B, 1880/9 Bowers, Henry S. 6y 5m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires meningitis 11/4/1880 12/4/1880 child of Carlos & Catalina S. de Bowers Andrew C. Bean (43, USA), George E. Wilkinson (37, USA) JFT
594 4/366B, 1880/10 Craigdallie, George 53 Scotland Buenos Aires insuficiencia valvular 24/4/1880 26/4/1880 carpenter; married Robert McDuff (26, Scotland), Henry Scherer (35, Argentina) JFT
595 4/368A, 1880/11 Nelson, James C. 65 Ireland Buenos Aires enteritis and paralysis 8/5/1880 8/5/1880 physician; single Albert M. Hudson (36, Argentina), Ignacio Gomez (39, Argentina) JFT
596 4/368A, 1880/12 Cook, Ida 2m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires lack of development 8/5/1880 9/5/1880 child of Frederick Cook (USA) and Jacinta Cook (England) Alejandro Crosbie (30, Argentina), Gideon F. Cook (25, North American) JFT
597 4/368A, 1880/13 Anselmo, Manuel 8d Buenos Aires Buenos Aires mal 12/5/1880 12/5/1880 child of Juan Anselmo (22, Italy) and Natividad Peralta (26, Argentina) Francisco Minguella 26, Spain), Antonio Sala (27, Italy) JFT
598 4/368A, 1880/14 Trant, Pedro Nicolas 30 England Partido de Lincoln, Pcia de BsAs gunshot wound 14/5/1880 16/5/1880 estanciero; single Hamelton N. Langley (30, England; resident in the Partido de Bragado), Raymond O. Watson (30, England; resident in Buenos Aires) JFT
599 4/368A, 1880/15 Blanco, Berta Menn [Moran] de Atkinson de 22 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires smallpox 16/5/1880 17/5/1880   Francisco Menn [Moran] (24, Argentine; deceased's brother), Ricardo White (23, Argentina) JFT
600 4/368A, 1880/16 Sturgeon, Eliza 39 Mauritius Barracas al Norte heart disease / morbus cordis 16/5/1880 18/5/1880 married William Perkin (32, England), John H. Jarvis (42, England, resident in Barracas al Norte) JFT
601 4/368A, 1880/17 Ferreyra, Adolfo 4m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires meningitis 25/5/1880 26/5/1880 child of Adolfo Ferreyra (53, Argentina) and Justa Ferreyra (29, Argentina) Elias James (42, USA), William D. Junor (42, Argentina) JFT
602 4/368A, 1880/18 Vigier, Maria Kones de 58 France Buenos Aires softening of brain 27/5/1880 29/5/1880   Juan Gasquet (50, France), Ramon Fredefoud (34, France) JFT
603 4/368A, 1880/19 Halkett, Carolina Wiggins de 69 England Buenos Aires inflammation of bowels 31/5/1880 1/6/1880 widow William Black (59, Argentina), Arthur W. Thompson (44, England) JFT
604 4/368A, 1880/20 Rubert, Federico 1½m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires croup 1/6/1880 2/6/1880 child of Federico Ruprecht de Rubert (45, Switzerland) and Magdalena de Rubert (30, Switzerland) el padre del inño y Ramon Palma (26, Argentina) JFT
605 4/368A, 1880/21 Bagley, M. S. 42 United States Buenos Aires heart disease / morbus cordis 14/7/1880 16/7/1880 merchant General Thomas O. Osborn (U.S. Minister to Argentina), John Fisk Pearson (USA, representing S. B. Hale y Cia, BsAs) JFT
606 4/368A, 1880/22 Monbelli, Dolores Soper de 24 Uruguay Buenos Aires smallpox 9/8/1880 9/8/1880   Augustin Cano (39, Argentina), Juan M. Romero (30, Argentina) JFT
607 4/368A, 1880/22 Monbelli, Dolores 3d Buenos Aires Buenos Aires lack of development 9/8/1880 9/8/1880 daughter of Dolores Monbelli Augustin Cano (39, Argentina), Juan M. Romero (30, Argentina) JFT
608 4/368A, 1880/23 Casalli, Alberto 24 Uruguay Buenos Aires consumption 9/8/1880 10/8/1880 clerk, printer George Huggard (26, England), Emilio Basset (23, Argentina) JFT
609 4/368A, 1880/24 Randle, Guillermo P. 75 Gibraltar Buenos Aires heart disease 11/8/1880 12/8/1880 landlord; married Alfredo Morsaline (42, France), Mariano F. Marenco (35, Argentina) JFT
610 4/368A, 1880/25 Cabanos, Maria Manuela 10d Buenos Aires Buenos Aires tétano 16/8/1880 17/8/1880   Basilio Mira y Deus (45, Spain), Marcelino Gandara (24, Spain) JFT
611 4/368A, 1880/26 Cullen, Henry 41 England Barracas al Norte peritonitis 25/8/1880 25/8/1880 station master, Barracas al Norte Station, F.C. del Sud James Yorston (27, Scotland), James Francis (39, England) JFT
612 4/368A, 1880/27 Hodge, Laura Emma 28m Buenos Aires Belgrano, Pcia. de Bs.As. croup 26/8/1880 26/8/1880   James Hodge (51, England), James D. Hodge (27, England) JFT
613 4/368A, 1880/28 MacLean, Lucy Mabel 6m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires meningitis 3/9/1880 4/9/1880   Alexander MacLean (45, Scotland), John Grant (47, Argentina) JFT
614 4/368A, 1880/29 Hansson, Roberto 50 Sweden Buenos Aires Bright's disease 7/9/1880 8/9/1880 painter; married Alexander Etchichury (45, Argentina), Miguel Constantino (39, Italy), Carlos Rodriguez (23, Argentina) JFT
615 4/368A, 1880/30 Junor, Margarita Wilson de 71 Scotland Buenos Aires pneumonia 24/9/1880 25/9/1880 widow William Kitching (56, England), William R. Froggatt (57, Argentina) JFT
616 4/368A, 1880/31 Nuñez, Rafael 6m Buenos Aires Buenos Aires brain fever 17/11/1880 17/11/1880 Rafael Nuñez Rafael Nuñez (36, Spain), Beltrand Maynard (Mainar) (46, France) JFT
617 4/368A, 1880/32 Matthews, Juan 8 Buenos Aires Buenos Aires drowned in Almagro 21/11/1880 22/11/1880   Guillermo Furness (37, England), Joseph Fallon (29, Argentina), William Morrow (39, England) GT
618 4/368A, 1880/33 Scott, James H. 56 United States Buenos Aires cholera morbus 22/11/1880 23/11/1880 maquinista de la escuadra nacional Manuel Alfredo Viale (36, Argentina), Kosciusko Canfield (21, Uruguay) JFT
619 4/368A, 1880/34 Arena, Francisco O. 9y 6m France Buenos Aires caries vertebral 30/12/1880 30/12/1880   José Rechu (47, France), Inocencio Mattei (35, France) JFT

Fuente: Archivo parroquial, Iglesia Episcopal Metodista de Buenos Aires
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