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St John's Church is located in the centre of Buenos Aires, at 25 de Mayo 282. It is the oldest Anglican church in Argentina, and was founded in 1831. The first English chaplain arrived in 1825 to take up his duties. St John's is now the cathedral church of the Anglican Diocese of Argentina.
There are 49 monuments located inside the building, taking various forms, principally 18 stained glass windows, 16 marble tablets and 7 wooden tablets. In the cases of four people, there are two memorials for each, a wall mounted memorial and a window. These are entered separately on the list below.

The cardinal points, North, East, South and West, which I have used to describe the location of the monuments in St John's, are relative to the ecclesiastical plan of the building. In other words, the altar and reredos are against the east wall, the entrance on to 25 de Mayo is in the west wall, and the north and south walls of the nave are relative to this orientation.

The 16 coloured glass windows of the nave are numbered from the east, those in the south wall SW01 to SW08, and those in the north wall similarly, NW01 to NW08, in the list of monuments.

There are two groups of monuments mounted on the west wall of St John's. These are on either side of the entrance doorway leading to the atrium and the street outside. It seems to me that these memorial tablets, almost all of which are marble, were once placed on the north and south walls of the nave, and that they were relocated in their present, rather obscure, site at the time of the panelling of the nave. In the list below of the memorials, these monuments are identified as follows:
west wall (S)—those mounted to the south of the entrance doorway;
west wall (N)—those mounted to the north of the entrance doorway.

The table below names the 74 men, women and children commemorated in the monuments of St John's. Some were well known, like Caesar Augustus Rodney, the first U. S. Minister Plenipotentiary to the nascent Argentine Republic, who died in 1824, and whose monument is located in the cathedral atrium. Others include the widow and one of the daughters of Admiral William Brown, the great national hero, who are commemorated in two stained glass windows.

I have aimed to record the text of the monumental inscriptions exactly as they appear. I have added in a separate column the dates of birth and death, some of which have been obtained from other sources. I have additional notes on some of the people in this list, and will be pleased to send them to anyone who wishes to make contact with me.

Monumental Inscriptions–St John's Anglican Cathedral, Buenos Aires

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name dates text of the monumental inscription description of monument
Barton, James 1781-1850 James Barton born 4th October 1781 died 3rd February 1850; John Alexander Barton died 29th May 1832 aged 6 years marble tablet, west wall (S)
Bell, Arturo Tomás 1876-1927 Arturo Tomás Bell January 21st 1876, December 18th 1927 wooden tablet
Bell, Thomas 1847-1925 Thomas Bell January 5th 1847, December 6th 1925 Jessie Shaw Bell November 30th 1849, December 16th 1934 wooden tablet
Brown, Martina died 1881 To the Glory of God and in memory of Martina daughter of Admiral Brown and relict of Frederic Reincke died Easter Day 1881 window SW02
Chesterman, Job died 1860 Job Chesterman, Quartermaster of HMS Oberon, who was drowned in the severe gale of 30th August 1860 in his endeavours to rescue the surviving crew of the British barque Crusader which had sunk at her anchor in the Outer Roads, Buenos Ayres marble tablet, west wall (S)
Chitty, Eliza 1787-1868 To the Glory of God and in memory of Eliza Chitty relict of Admiral Brown aged 81 years window SW03
Cooper, Leonard 1867-1935 In loving memory of Leonard Cooper M.INST.C.E., F.R.G.S., December 25th 1867 May 14th 1935 wooden tablet
Downes, John 1821-1843 In loving memory of John Downes died 29th April 1843 aged 25 years. This window is placed by his brother and sister William Downes and Anne Downes MacAlister window SW07
Downes, John 1821-1843 John Downes merchant died 29th April 1843 aged 25 years marble tablet, west wall (N)
Duguid, Thomas 1798-1875 In loving memory Thomas Duguid born December 28th 1798 died January 24th 1875 and of his wife Isabella F. Barton Duguid copper tablet, west wall (S)
Fair, George died 1882 In affectionate remembrance of George Fair MD Chevalier of the Legion of Honour &c. who died at Sao Pedro, River Purus Brazel (sic) on the 14th October 1882. He was for many years in charge of the British Hospital of this city and was beloved by his many friends and patients poor and rich also of Tina his wife who died at Sao Pedro on the 11th September 1882 window NW02
Fair, Thomas ???? In affectionate remembrance of Thomas Fair one of the founders of this church and of Harriot Fair his wife for many years resident in this city. This memorial window is placed by his sons and daughters window SW08
Ford, John Chubb 1823-1870 This window was given in memory of John Chubb Ford born 17th June 1823 died 29th March 1870 one light in the East Window
Ford, John Chubb 1823-1870 In Memory of the Revd John Chubb Ford, English Chaplain. Appointed February 20th 1854. Died 29th March 1870. This tablet is placed by the Congregation of this church. memorial brass
Ford, John Hawkins 1859-1877 To the glory of God and in memory of John Hawkins Ford born 16th May 1859 died at Monmouth 24th October 1877 window NW07
Forrester, Matthew died 1884 Blessed are the pure in heart/to the Glory of God in memory of Matthew Forrester of Buenos Ayres died 10th July 1884 window SW06
Harrison, Ernest died 1884 To the glory of God in memory of Ernest Harrison entered into rest September 19th 1884 window NW01
Krabbe, Charles Brehmer 1818-1875 This window was given in memory of Charles Brehmer Krabbe born 12th June 1818 died 22nd January 1875 one light in the East Window
Krabbe, Charles Henry 1850-1901 In memory of Charles Henry Krabbe, 1850-1901 and his wife Ada Mary Smith 1857-1926. For many years faithful worshippers in this church. wooden tablet
Leslie, John died 1868 John Leslie MD who died of cholera while in the devoted and unsparing discharge of his professional duties in the City of Buenos Ayres on 13th January 1868. Deeply lamented marble tablet west wall (N)
Lowe, Richard 1824-1874 To the Glory of God and in memory of Richard Lowe by his brother Nicholas window NW08
Lowe, Richard 1824-1874 In cherished memory of Richard Lowe MD native of County Cork, Ireland died at Mercedes Buenos Aires December 20th 1874 aged 50 years. Erected by his brother Nicholas marble tablet west wall (S)
Ludlam, John 1790-1872 John Ludlam born on the Island of Guernsey 19th September 1790 died Sidmouth, South Devon 6th October 1872. He spent 62 years in Buenos Aires marble tablet, west wall (N)
Ludlam, Matilda 1791-1854 Matilda his wife, daughter of Peter Kendall of Wingfield, Derbyshire, England born 8th December 1791, died 9th June 1854. Fanny, their fifth daughter died Buenos Ayres 24th May 1848 aged 18 years. Also of Mary Anne and Elizabeth Kendall Ludlam daughters of John Ludlam of Buenos Ayres who died 4th and 9th November 1836, aged 11 and 9 years marble tablet, west wall (N)
Mackinlay, Alexander Woodruff died 1849 Alexander Woodruff eldest son of the late Daniel Mackinlay who died 27th May 1849 aged 44 years marble tablet, west wall (N)
Mackinlay, Ann Esther 1804-1837 Anne Esther, second daughter of the late D. Mackinlay Esq. and the beloved wife of Thomas Duguid born at London 7th September 1804 died at Buenos Ayres 17th May 1837, also Mary Henrietta Mackinlay their fourth daughter born 13th May 1837 died 8th June 1840 marble tablet, west wall (N)
Mackinlay, Daniel 1772-1826 Daniel Mackinlay born London November 8th(?) 1772 died Buenos Ayres April 3rd 1826, also Henry third son of the above who died October 8th 1828 aged 13 years marble tablet, west wall (N)
Mackinlay, Harriet Hannah 1803-1830 Harriet Hannah eldest daughter of the late Daniel Mackinlay and wife of William Parish Robertson who died 17th November 1830 aged 27 years marble tablet, west wall (N)
Malcolm, Mary Anne 1835-1893 Sacred to the memory of Mary Anne Malcolm born 9th February 1835 died 11th June 1892 West Window
Moore, Frederick William 1837-1876 This window was given in memory of Frederick William Moore born 7th March 1837 died 19th December 1876 one light in the East Window
Morris, John and Sarah ???? To the Glory of God and in Grateful Memory of John and Sarah Morris who for the extension of the kingdom of God in the Argentine Republic bequeathed a thousand pounds to the South American Missionary Society, 1920 ceramic plaque
Mulcahy, Lovat A. 1849-1934 In loving memory of Lovat A. Mulcahy January 3rd 1849, June 2rd 1934 and Elena Mathilde de Dickson de Mulcahy November 10th 1863, October 17th 1935 wooden tablet
Pizey, John Robert died 1837 John Robert Pizey, merchant, late of London, died 15th August 1827, aged 36 years marble tablet, west wall (S)
Reid, Robert 1836-1870 Robert Reid MD, born Abbotshall, Fifeshire, Scotland 1st March 1836 died Buenos Ayres 2 April 1870 aged 34 years. By his untimely death the Medical profession lost one of its brightest ornaments and the poor and afflicted a sweet and never failing friend. marble tablet, west wall (S)
Reincke, Helena and Leonora died 1871 To the Glory of God and in memory of Helena and Leonora Reincke sister victims of the yellow fever March 1871 window SW04
Robison, Edward Quartano 1868-1898 Sacred to the beloved memory of Edward Quartano Robison, son of S. G. Robison Esq. R.N., born July 22nd 1868, died of wounds November 2nd 1898 at Alberdi, Buenos Aires. This tablet is erected by his Brother and two Sisters. memorial brass
Rodney, Caesar Augustus 1772-1824 A la memoria del Exmo Señor C.A. Rodney primer ministro plenipotenciario de los E.U de N.A. cerca la Repca Argentina. El Gobierno de Buenos Ayres. Decreto de 10 de Junio 1824. Colocado el 28 de Febro 1832 monument in the cathedral atrium
Smith, Henry Archer Wyatt 1833-1877 In loving memory of H. A. Wyatt Smith died March 2nd 1877 Laus Deo window NW03
Smith, Richard and Emily G. 1800-1868 To the Glory of God and in memory of Richard Smith born in London October 21st 1800 died Novr 2nd 1868 and Emily G Smith born in London April 18th 1807 died June 10th 1882) window NW04
Stockdale, Thomas died 1875 To the Glory of God and in loving remembrance of Thomas Stockdale who died Nov 25th 1875 aged 47 years window NW05
Stockdale, Thomas died 1875 Thomas Stockdale formerly of Liverpool who died in this city 25th November 1875 aged 46 years marble tablet, west wall (S)
Thompson, James Clemons died 1864 James Clemons Thompson for many years resident of Buenos Ayres who died at Birkenhead February 17th 1864 aged 62 years marble tablet, west wall (N)
Thompson, William Charles 1815-1871 Erected by his widow and children and in memory of W. C. Thompson who died Jany 3rd 1871 window SW05
Tidblom, Charles Oliver died 1871 Charles Oliver Tidblom also his beloved wife Hannah, and their children George W. Tidblom, Charles S. Tidblom, Hannah Gloede, Emma M. Tidblom marble tablet, west wall (S)
Trillia, Elena Nicholson de 1859-1944 In loving memory of Elena Nicholson de Trillia born 8th December 1859, died 25th May 1944 wooden tablet
Trillia, Robert Fessey ???? In memoriam Robert Fessey Trillia, John Leon Trillia, also Beatrice, Ernesto Leon, Delia Elena, Lila María, John Arthur, Alfred William, children of Robert and Elena Trillia wooden tablet
Whitfield, Thomas Charles 1794-1862 To the memory of Thomas Charles Whitfield who died in Buenos Ayres 29th Sept 1867 and Jane his wife who died in London 15th Febry 1876 by their three children window NW06
Williamson, Archibald 1836-1885 In loving memory of Archibald Williamson 1836-1885 and his wife Mary Helena Krabbe 1848-1939 who loved this church and was beloved by many wooden tablet
Zimmermann, Edward 1820-1897 In memory of Edward Zimmermann, born in Buenos Aires May 3rd 1820 died in London Dec 25th 1897 window SW01

Monumental Inscriptions–St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Buenos Aires

St John's introduction     St John's     St Andrew's     Chacarita     Rosario     Bell Ville

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church (otherwise known as "the City Church" or "the Scots Church") is situated in central Buenos Aires, Avenida Belgrano 579.

The present church was built between 1894 and 1896. In 1950, as a consequence of the plan to widen Avenida Belgrano, the tower was taken down. Its plan consists of a substantial, single aisled nave and a short choir and chancel. A crossing is formed by its having two transepts. The orientation of the building is unconventional, being as much the result of its location in the neighhood.

As a result, the porch by which the congregation enter is located in the south wall, on Avenida Belgrano. Its corresponding, facing, wall, that behind the communion table, is the north wall. The transepts are known as the east and west transepts.

In the locations of the memorials listed below, this orientation is used, it being the format adopted by the authors of "A Hundred Years in Buenos Aires, 1829-1929: Being a brief account of St. Andrew's Scots Chuch and its work, during the first century of its existence", and the current leaflet "Bienvenidos a la Iglesia Presbiteriana San Andrés del Centro".

Name Memorial inscription Location
Alston, John
Luna, Carlota

To the Glory of God and in memory of John Alston, Doctor of Medicine, 1839-1901,
also his beloved wife Carlota Luna, 1860-1890. Erected by their children.

Window (upper)
W wall
Begg, R. and M.

Robert and Margaret Begg

Window (lower)
W wall
Bell, George

In memory of George Bell, late of Liverpool and Buenos Aires, who died March 9, 1879.
This window is placed by his affectionate widow and children.

Entrance E
Bell, J. W.

This tablet, with the pulpit canopy / is erected by
George, Charles, Frederick and Ernest Bell
in loving memory of their father / James Watson Bell
Born at Buenos Aires in the Year 1839
An affectionate Father, an upright Man, a respected Elder

Marble tablet
Nave W aisle
Black, James
Black, Elizabeth

In Loving Memory of her Parents James / And Elizabeth Black.
This Window is Erected / By Their Affectionate Daughter G.C. Black 1876

E transept
S wall
Brown, Dr W.

In memory of William Brown, D.D. / Professor of Divinity in the University
of St. Andrew´s Scotland / where he died on the 19th July 1868 / aged 68 years
He was the founder of the first / Presbyterian Church in South America
and was for 24 years the faithful / and devoted Pastor of this Congregation
He being dead yet speaketh

Marble tablet
Nave S Wall E
Bruce, Revd D. W.

In Grateful and Loving Memory of the
Rev. Douglas Williams Bruce O.B.E., D.D.
Assistant Minister 1910–1912 and Minister of this / Church 1926–1953.
Born in Banff Scotland / 1st of June 1885 : Died in Buenos Aires 27th, May 1953
Have Finished the Work When / Thou Gavest me to do.

Campbell, M. E. B.

In Memory of
Maud Elizabeth Birrell
born 19 November 1874 : died 13 March 1876
daughter of
John and Mary Rosary Robson Campbell

Memorial brass
E transept
N wall
Campbell, R. H.

In memory of Roderick Hugh Campbell who died 1 April 1904 aged 25 years
dearly loved younger son of John and Mary Rosary Robson Campbell.

Window (upper)
E wall
Cook, W.

Sacred to the / memory of / William Cook
born in / Buenos Aires, / April 5th, 1852
died January 4th, / 1908

Marble tablet
Nave E aisle
Cook, W. N. C.

Sacred to the / memory of / William Norman / Caldwell Cook
born in Buenos / Aires May 19th, 1881
died in London / Nov. 13th, 1918

Marble tablet
Nave E aisle
Corbett, G.

To the Glory of God / In Grateful Memory of / George Corbett
An Elder of this Church who Died Nov. 8th, 1915 / In His 77th Year,
and of his Relict / Helen Margaret Macgregor / Who Died August 18th, 1944
In her 95th Year
This Tablet is Placed by Their Affectionate / Children and Grandchildren

Davidson, J.

In Memory of John Davidson of Quilmes, native of Scotland. Born 1809.
Died 1893, after 61 years residence in this country.

Window (upper)
E wall
Drysdale, A. T.

In affectionate memory of / Alfred Thomas Drysdale
born in Hamilton, Scotland, 1865 / died in Buenos Aires 1926
For thirty years an attached member / of this Church

Bronze tablet
W transept N wall
Drysdale, J. E.

In Memory of Jessie Elizabeth Drysdale
Born August 3rd, 1860 / Died April 27th, 1945

Drysdale, Juan

In loving memory of / Juan Drysdale
Born February 12, 1857 : died April 13th, 1901
these windows erected by his / wife and children

S wall
Drysdale, John

To the Glory of God and in the loving memory of John Drysdale
Born 2 July 1833–Died 22 March 1893

Memorial brass
Choir N wall
Drysdale, R. C.

In Memory of / Ronald Carr Drysdale O.B.E.
An Elder of this Church
Born June 27th, 1884 : Died April 20th, 1958

Drysdale, T.

In loving memory of / Thomas Drysdale
Born January 17, 1814 : died March 30, 1890
The upper windows erected by his / wife and children

S wall
Felices, Revd J.

In Memoriam of José Felices / A Loving Husband and Father
Born in Spain 5.6.1881
The Steps of a Good Man / Are Ordered by the Lord / Ps. 37. 23.

Fleming, E. A. M.

Erbie Ann Macdiarmid / Fleming / 1856–1929
for Fifty Years she Loved / and Worked for this Church

Fleming, H. J. G.
Fleming R. S.

Hugh John Grant Fleming, 1882-1888.
Roy Stuart Fleming, 1891-1892

Window (lower)
W wall
Fleming, Dr J. W.

This tablet is placed by his grateful and affectionate people in honoured memory of
the Rev. James William Fleming, D.D., O.B.E., Minister of this Church 1879-1925.
Born Inveravon, Morayshire, 28 August 1855. Died Buenos Ayres, 14 June 1925.
The path of the just is as the shining light that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

Bronze tablet
E transept
N wall
Gebbie, Revd F.

In memory of / the Rev. Francis Gebbie,
born in Ayshire in 1831, / died in Edinburgh in 1918
He was Minister of St. John´s Church, Quilmes, / from 1857 till 1883
This Tablet is erected as a token / Of esteem by his many friends

Granite tablet
Nave E aisle
Grant, A.

The above window was erected in / memory of Alexander Grant
for many years a faithful Elder of this Church / Born 1850–Died 1904

Memorial tablet
W transept
Grant, J.

In affectionate Memory of John Grant
born 1832 : died 1901
His many friends dedicate this tablet / and the above window together / with a scholarship in St. Andrew´s Scotch School
in recognition of his high character / and Christian example
and his many services to the Community

Memorial tablet
W transept
Haig, Field Marshall

To the Glory of God / and in memory of / Field Marshall Earl Haig, K.T.
Born 1861 : Died 1928
Commander in Chief of the British Armies in France 1915-1918
A gallant Soldier and Gentleman / And a loyal Scot
Placed by the St. Andrew´s Society of the River Plate / 1928
Fight the Good Fight of Faith

Bronze tablet
Hodge, F. S.

Francis Setts Hodge (1865-1931)

Window (lower)
W wall
Kent, Revd J.

In Grateful and Loving Memory of the / Rev. John Kent M.A.
Assistant of Minister of this Church 1934–1935 and / Minister of this Church 1954–1961.
Born in / Glasgow 11th, August 1907 : Died in Buenos Aires / 16th, April 1961.
Be Thou Faithful Unto Death / and I will Give Thee a Crown of Life

Maclean, A. M

[no inscription] [window originally erected in 1874 in the old Church
by Mr William Wilson in memory of his wife, Ann Margaret Maclean]

W transept
S wall
McCallum, I. W.

In Proud and Happy Memory of
Ian Wallace McCallum. Lieut. 27th., Lancer R.A.C.
Beloved Son of Sir William and Lady McCallum
Killed in Action While on a Special Service with P.P.A.
At Coccanile, Italy on the 23rd. April 1945. Aged 21 Years
"E´en as he Trod that Day to God
so Walked he from his Birth
in Simplesness and Gentleness
and Honour and Clean Mirth"

McClymont, William

Thy Will be done.
In memory of William McClymont, died 20 April, 1883, Aged 48 years.

Entrance W
McNeill, Revd L.

In memory of the Rev. Lachlan McNeill, born in Argyllshire in 1834, died in England in 1917
Minister of the Presbyterian Church in Uruguay and Entre Rios from 1866 till 1877.
Minister of St. John´s, Florencio Varela, from 1883 till 1910.
This tablet is erected as a token of esteem by his many friends

Granite tablet
Nave W aisle
Methven, D.

In loving Memory of David Methven, born in Dundee 13 February 1806.
Died in Buenos Aires 30 January 1887. God in Love

Window (upper)
E wall
Reid, Dr R.

In memory of / Robert Reid, M.D.
Born at Abbotshall, Fifeshire, Scotland / 1 March 1836
died at Buenos Aires 2 April 1870 aged 34 years
By his untimely death the medical profession / lost one of its brightest ornaments,
and the poor and afflicted a kind and / never-failing friend

Marble tablet
Nave S wall W
Riddle, John
Riddle, Ann

In loving memory of John and Ann Riddle
this window is presented by their affectionate children.

Window (upper)
W wall
Runciman, R. I.

To the Glory of God / And in memory of / Robert Inglis Runciman
born in Glasgow 1848 / died in Buenos Aires 1911 / Elder and
Session Clerk of this Church for 28 years
this tablet / and the memorial windows above / have been erected by
the Congregation and his friends / to commemorate his many and
valued services to St. Andrew´s Church / and to the British Community
and in thankful recognition of / his steadfast Christian character and
of his zeal in all good works

Choir N wall
Runciman, R. I.

To the Glory of God / these windows and this tablet
are dedicated to the Memory of / Robert Inglis Runciman
by his widow / Mary Spring Inglis Runciman / and his children
Blessed are the Peacemakers

Choir N wall
Shaw, J.
and MacLean, M.

In affectionate memory of / John Shaw and Mary MacLean his wife
both Natives of Glasgow, / died in Buenos Aires,
this tablet and window / are erected by their loving family

Memorial tablet
W transept
Shearer, R. G.

In Affectionate Memory / Of / Richard George Shearer
Born Brechin, Scotland 8th, June 1862 / Died Buenos Aires 14th, February 1945
His Loving Family

Smith, Revd James
Smith, Matilda

To the Glory of God / and in loving memory of / James Smith, D.D.
born 1817 : died 1906
and his wife Matilda / born 1823 : died 1868
This Window is Erected by their Daughters

Memorial bronze
E transept
N wall
Taylor, Revd T. E.

Rev. T.E. Taylor, B.L. / Assistant Minister / in this Church 1894–1895
Died in India 25 December, 1906
This Window is erected by / his friends in affectionate / remembrance.

Brass memorial
E wall
Thompson, H.
Thompson, M.

In revered and loving memory of
Henry Thompson and Margaret his wife.

Window (upper)
W wall
Towers, A. and M.

In Memoriam. Arthur and Mary Towers.

Window (lower)
W wall
Wilson, Janet S.

In loving memory of Janet S. Ritchie de Wilson, born Riccarton, Scotland, 30th July 1841,
died Buenos Aires 1st October 1904.
In recognition of the efforts of their Mother on their behalf, her two sons erected this window

E transept
N wall

Memorial to the Fallen of the First World War (1914-1919)

David Lyall Anderson William G. Lacey
Magnus M. Angus William Weir Laird
John Lyle Barr John Archibald McColl
Andrew Baxter David McCorquodale
Thomas Beattie John Stewart McHardy
Thomas H. Bell John McRostie
Allan Brodie Frederick McWilliam
Arthur S. Buchanan Hugh Meikle Miller
Walter Bell Burns Harold Methven Musson
John Argentine Campbell Rev. W. N. Monteith
Herbert David Coldwell Alfred Mountjoy
Norman Cobbold William Gilmour Moore Orr
Ian Stavely Drysdale Raymond Stanley Pearse
Henry Howard Drysdale Victor Ernest Irvine Reid
Donald Roy Drysdale William Halliday Reynolds
James J. W. Fairbairn Joseph Robinson
Gibson Finlayson Ben Matthews Roberts
William James Nisbet Glasgow Edmund Inglis Runciman
George Hugh Graham Alexander Shrewsbury
William H. Grassick Charles Faulkner Smith
Cecil B. Grundy Kenneth Struthers
John Mackie Hay Peter Sutherland
William Muir Hayman Charles Peter Waddle
Frank Henderson Geoffrey Philip Walsh
James Moore Hopson Alfred Ernest Walter
Robert Colvill Jones George H. White
Thomas Colvill Jones Robert Scott Whigham

These laid the world away
Poured out the red sweet
1914–wine of youth–1919

Memorial to the Fallen of the Second World War (1939-1945)

Robert Hastings Ancell   Kenneth Forbes Macdonald
Douglas Allen Barnfather   Duncan Farquhar Macdonald
Annie B. Beck   Gordon Macdiarmid Mackinnon
Irene Phillips Brown   Ian Andrew James MacQueen
John Francis Burton   Samuel McAllister
George Deryk Cribbes   Ian Wallace McCallum
Harold Frank Darbyshire   Harold Mohr Bell
Philip Keith Dimalow In Proud and Grateful James Alexander Murchinson
Allan Knowles Edgar Remembrance Charles Neil
Norah Helen Frazer Of the Men and Women George Graham Paul
Ronald Frazer Of this Church who James Pollock
Michael Thomas Flood Laid Down their Lives John Marquis Rankin
James Florence In the World War II Daniel Ross
Francis Hugh Fullager Who come After Ernest Ronald Maurice Runnacles
William Darnley Dewar Gammie To the Glory of God Ian Sanderson
Charles Richard Patrick Gregg Be not Forgotten William Harvey Spreull
Rev. Peter Hamilton   Alexander Miller Wylie Taylor
Francis Reginald Maitland Heriot   Rev. James Sheppard Taylor
George John Hunter   William Turnbull
John Scott Hutton   Harold Edward Upton
Iris Mabel Jordan   Charles John Wyllie
Edgar Bowen James    

Monumental Inscriptions–British Cemetery, Chacarita, Buenos Aires

St John's introduction     St John's     St Andrew's     Chacarita     Rosario     Bell Ville

The British Cemetery at Chacarita contains many thousands of graves and headstones. The following inscriptions are only a tiny proportion of all there is to be seen there. The 38 headstones, whose monumental inscriptions I noted on a visit in 2000, are all positioned inside the cemetery against the perimeter walls. I started the noting down at the entrance portico on Avenida El Cano, first working along the wall to the right, the north west wall, and then turning the corner and proceeding along the south west wall.

These stones were originally were in the Victoria Cemetery, the old British Cemetery. On its closure, they relocated here at Chacarita, but erected against the perimeter walls. Thee is an account of the transfer of a total of 457 such headstones from the old cemetery on another page. It includes an explanation of how they may be located.

Main name on headstone Inscription Tablón
Playfair, James Octavius James Octavius Playfair (late Lieut. Royal Engineers) died 19th August 1864, aged 24 52
Brown, William Erected by Joseph Brown in memory of his father and sister William Brown, born in London 23rd July 1816, died in Buenos Aires 20th September 1859 Elizabeth Brown, born Ensenada 23rd December 1855, died Buenos Aires 13th February 1885 69
Wilson, Elizabeth Elizabeth, wife of William Wilson, MD who died 5th November 1849, aged 38 years also of John, their son, died 19th April 1850 aged 1 year 58
Craig, Isabella MacRieve Isabella MacRieve Craig, born 15th March 1834, died 22nd April 1892; Archibold Craig, born 21st August 1829, died 14th August 1890 59
Roger, R. P. R.P. Roger of Aberdeen NB, born 8th February 1850, died 1st March 1874. Erected by his loving parents. 59
Cooper, Arthur Arthur, son of George and Lucy Cooper, born 31st July 1878, died 21st January 1881; Mary, daughter of George and Lucy Cooper, born 8th October 1866, died 24th November 1881 68
Parry, Henrietta Hudson Henrietta Hudson Parry, wife of William Griffith Parry, died 13th November 1891, aged 19 68
Cook, George George Cook, who died at Rosario 10th November 1884, 34; and Alexander Cook, died 28th January 1891, aged 43; Margaret Cook, died 22nd January 1895, aged 42; Elizabeth Cook, died 16th April 1879, aged 7; James Cook, died 21 May 1878, aged 21; Alexander Cook, native of Arran, died 3rd July 1865, aged 63 years; also his wife Mathilde Brown, died 23rd September 1892, aged 62 years; John Cook, died 14th April 1895?, aged 48 years 68
Graham, Jemima Jemima, died 7th May 1860, aged 5 years, Mary Ann, died 25th May 1860 aged 4; Helena, died 20th May 1860, aged 2 years, William Charles, died 20th July 1865, aged 6 weeks, Children of William and Jemima Graham 68
Bell, Asahel Pilkington Asahel Pilkington Bell CE, born 21st November 1847, died 17th June 1891 67
Fort, Thomas Thomas Fort of Silsden, Yorkshire, died 20th July 1887, aged 29 years 69
Newton, Richard B. Richard B. Newton, born 16th March 1801, died 15th January 1869 67
Foulis, Robert Liston Robert Liston Foulis, only brother of Sir James Liston Foulis Bt., of Colinton, Scotland, born 3rd July 1849, died Buenos Aires 21st February 1874 67
Forbes, John Murray John Murray Forbes (remainder indecipherable) 67
Ford, John Chubb Rev. John Chubb Ford, English Chaplain, appointed 20th February 1854, died 29th March 1870 66
Mitchell, Robert Robert Mitchell, native of Capbelton (Campbeltown), Argyleshire, died 2nd August 1841, aged 42 years; John Mitchell, his son, died 17th February 1889, aged 52 years; Jane Tweedie , his widow, born 7th August 1807, died 25th October 1889 66
Fair, George George Fair, son of the late Thomas Fair, Knight of the Legion of Honour, died 11th October 1882 at San Pedro Mission, River Purus, Brazil and was interred there, aged 50 years 66
Horrocks, Charlotte Matilda Charlotte Matilda, only daughter of the late James Horrocks, native of Bolton, England, born Buenos Aires 19th November 1875, died 25th February 1890 66
Horrocks, Diego Diego Horrocks (1864-1890) and Matilde Horrocks (1875-1890) 66
Taylor, Frederick Thomas Frederick Thomas Taylor (remainder of the text illegible) 65
Plummer, Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson Plummer, born in Sandford(?), Maine, USA, on 9th January 1812, died 27th August 1862, also Olive Ann, daughter, died 12th December 1855 aged 10 days 65
Milne, Alexander Alexander Milne, native of Edinburgh, Scotland, died 24th January 1835 aged 40 years; Henry, son of the above, died 24th February 1871, aged 46 years; William, son of the above, died 3rd May 1873, aged 6 years and 5 months 65
Livingstone, Isabella Milne Isabella Milne Livingstone, native of this city, born 23rd September 1825(?), died 28th September 1869 65
Atherton, James James Atherton, of ?????, died in Buenos Aires 12th February 1837, aged 38 64
Graham, R. Irving Ruth Irving Graham died in the parish of Magdalena (the rest is indecipherable) 64
Price, Douglas Capt. Douglas Price, native of Kirkudbright, Scotland, died 26th December 1866 aged 36 years; Mary Anne, his wife, died 28th June 1876, aged 36 years; John Birkett Long (Price), died 3rd December 1888, aged 36 years 64
Lindsay, James James Lindsay of Gualeguaychú, born Stanhope, Peeblesshire, Scotland, died Buenos Aires 24th April 1877, aged 33 years 63
Connor, Edward Edward Connor, died 1st March 1854, aged 59 years; Juan Connor, died Mercedes 26th July 1878 63
Walls, William P. William P. Walls, of Scotland, died 1834 63
Taylor, Richard Arthur Richard Arthur Taylor, died 22nd March 1863, aged 49 years; Mary Taylor Clark, died 11th May 1884, aged 73 years 63
McClymont, Robert Robert McClymont, native of Ayrshire, Scotland, died 5th September 1862; Mary Ann Henderson, his wife, native of Edinburgh, Scotland, died 30th January 1871, aged 66 years 60
Milne, William William Milne, native of Buenos Aires, died 3rd September 1871, aged 40 60
Reincke, Eleanora Eleanora Isabella Reincke, died 21st March 1871 48
Reincke, Helena Anita Helena Anita Reincke, died 30th March 1871 48
MacDonnell, James James MacDonnell MD, Mem. Col. Physicians and Royal Asiatic Society, Coll. of Surgeons, London and St. John's, Cambridge, born Newton Stewart, County of Tyrone, Ireland, died 28th March 1859 (1839?) aged 52 years 45
McClymont, Thomas Thomas McClymont, died 20th December 1845, aged 40 years; Jessie McClymont, died 16th December 1850, aged 20 years; John McClymont (Junior), died 15th September 1858, aged 29 years; John McClymont (Senior), died 16th August 1865, aged 67 years; Robert McClymont, died 16th December 1880, aged 39 35
McClymont, William William McClymont, died 20th April 1883, aged 48 years 30
McClymont, Helen Maud Helen Maud, daughter of William and Lucinda McClymont, died 22nd August 1882 30

Monumental Inscriptions—St Bartholomew's Anglican Church, Rosario

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Inscriptions on the memorials, windows and furniture in the Anglican Church of St. Bartholomew, Rosario, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina, noted October 2002. This the second oldest Anglican Church in Argentina. The church, situated in the centre of Rosario, was completed in 1879. There is a fine array of 19th century brass plaques on the interior church walls.

Barnett, William William Barnett, died 8th August 1921, and Emma Barnett, died 30th September 1921. Founder members of this church; leaders of Christian work in this city; these choir stalls have been erected
Boardman, John John Boardman, died in Rosario 17th August 1881, aged 34 years
Duguid, Henry Peter Henry Peter Duguid, third son of the late Thomas Duguid of Liverpool and Isabella Frances his wife, died Rosario 5th October 1879, aged 36 years; Edmund Duguid, M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge, fourth son of the late Thomas Duguid of Liverpool and Isabella Frances his wife, died Mendoza 19th November 1884, aged 39 years, "From their mother"
Eggington, John John Eggington, died Rosario 12th January 1893, aged 50 years, resident for 22 years
Eggington, Theophilus Ernest Theophilus Ernest Eggington, died 6th January 1906
Fisher, Henry Henry Fisher, died at Clifton, England 25th June 1892, aged 57 years. 19 years resident in Rosario
Gay, John Maydwell John Maydwell Gay, died in Rosario 22nd July 1882, aged 47 years
Robinson, Harold Percival Harold Percival Robinson, born 2nd January 1893, died in action in France of 31st July 1917, youngest son of William and Elizabeth Gibson Robinson
Studdert, Francis Gore Francis Gore Studdert, died Rosario, 22nd November 1891, aged 29 years
Studdert, Mary Mary Studdert his mother, died Rosario 25th July 1897, aged 64 years (mother of Francis Gore Studdert)
Studdert, Robert Gore Robert Gore Studdert, died 5th December 1910

Monumental Inscriptions—Cementerio "La Piedad", Bell Ville, Provincia de Córdoba

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Bell Ville (formerly known as Fraile Muerto) was the town in the Province of Córdoba where an important group of farms was established from 1864 by people from Great Britain. There still is a small group of headstones in the Piedad Cemetery belonging to these settlers. The inscriptions were noted in November 2000 with the help of Fausto Tulio Re.

Howarth, Norman Mr Norman Howarth, (born) 14/5/1892, Bradford, England, (died) 25/4/1972, Bell Ville, Argentina. Cristalina vida de rectitud y honestidad
Darrow, William William Darrow, born Liverpool, died Estancia Los Algarrobos 11th August 1951 aged 94 years
MacGregor, John John MacGregor, born Edinburgh, died Estancia Los Alagarrobos 10th July 1948 aged 74 years
Bury, Percival C. In memory of Percival C. Bury, died May 17th 1941 aged 68
Robertson, F. A. In memoriam F. A. Robertson, born in London 12th April 1881, died at Los Algarrobos 3rd February 1937
Petre, Alejo QEPD en memoria de Alejo Petre, nacido el 5 de abril de 1898, falleció el 19 de julio de 1906 y Reginaldo Petre, nacido 8 de octubre de (text illegible)
Douglas, Adam Thompson In memoriam Adam Thompson Douglas, estanciero, who died at "Los Chañaritos del Loco" 23rd June 1870, aged 51 years. Formerly of Moneylaws, Carham, Northumberland
Barnett, Willie J. J. In memory of Willie J. J. Barnett, third son of Albert Barnett, died 27th April 1902 aged 24 years (tablet mounted on the wall to the left of the cemetery entrance)

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