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In 2000, at the outset of answering the question: "who were the English-speaking families who came to settle in Argentina?", I collected up the details of historic documents that had been signed by groups of people.

This has included lists of church subscribers, settlers writing to the British Consul about their protection from Indian raids and businessmen in Buenos Aires making protests.

It was after I had begun this project that it occurred to me that the more effective way to collect names would be to set about transcribing the parish registers of the Anglican churches. This project was later extended to include those of the Scots and Methodist churches.

Initially, the target was set to complete this work to the end of the year 1900, a task now largely achieved. But with the passage of time, a decision has been made to extend it to the end of 1915. The project has begun to be very extensive.

On this web page, I am returning to the original, more limited, research with the aim of publishing the lists of names within the text of each document.

1835, 1838 Scots Presbyterian Church, financial supporters

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