Doctors in practice with the English-speaking community in Argentina during the 19th and early 20th centuries

A list of the sources used is given at the end of the table

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Forename Surname Place Date Range Notes Source
William Luis Luna Alston Buenos Aires 1911 MB Edin. (1906); John Thomson to James Grierson, 29 Aug 1868Bartolomé 441 (1913), Bartolomé 836 (1922); Med. Dir. 1913, 1922
John Alston Buenos Aires 1871 born Glasgow 1839; calle Lavalle 341; LFPS 1859, MD Glasgow 1860; arrived Buenos Aires in 1867/68; MD Bs.As.1867; ‘Dr Brown is on his death bed and Dr Nelson is out of practice. Only two young Scotchmen are in practice, about whom we know very little’ (1868); Hon. Physician British Hospital; author in Revista Med. Chir., Bs.As. 1870; attended the British Hospital between 1861 and 1881; died in 1901, memorial in St John's Church John Thomson to James Grierson, 29 Aug 1868; Med. Dir. 1873-1882, Mulhall 1885, Hist. Brit. Hosp.; St John's memorial inscriptions
James MacMillan Ayer Buenos Aires 1871 physician; children baptised 1870-78 St John's registers
Peter Beck Buenos Aires 1881 calle Chacabuco 46 Mulhall 1885
Thomas Phillips Bevans Buenos Aires 1820s, 1830s doctor of medicine, according to family tradition Hanon_Dicc, p. 146
Arthur Billinghurst Buenos Aires 1910s Cabildo 1641 English Address Book, 1914
Henry Bond Buenos Aires 1821 surgeon; US citizen of Main; arrived in Buenos Aires in 1820; attended C A Rodney in his final illness in June 1824; may have collaborated with the British Medical Dispensary prior to the founding of the British Hospital; died in 1831, aged 32 Jorge Alfonsín; ABCC Bulletin XXI/4, XXII/3; St John's archives
J. A. Blaksley Buenos Aires 1910s Cangallo 1488 English Address Book, 1914
Charles Bouthery Buenos Aires 1881 Cangallo 53 Mulhall 1885
Olga Alberta Boyer (Mrs.) Prov. Buenos Aires 1911 MB Durham 1905; Brandzen 425, Temperley Med. Dir. 1922
Alexander Brown Buenos Aires 1811 Scottish, born in Sorn, Ayrshire on 18/5/1804 (or 1800 or 1806), son of John and Jean Brown from Ireland; arrived in Argentina in 1826; served as a surgeon in the Argentine Navy under Admiral William Brown in the campaign against Brazil; popular, yet noted for his gruff bedside manner; in 1828, set up in practice in the city and served his patients for 40 years; Reconquista 105 [or 195] (1863); ‘Dr Brown is on his death bed and Dr Nelson is out of practice’; died in Buenos Aires in 1868 ABCC Bulletin XXI/4; Hanon_Dicc, pp. 171-2; Mulhall 1863; John Thomson to James Grierson, 29 Aug 1868
Edward Burr Buenos Aires 1891 Uruguay 1167; MD Bs.As. 1897, LRCS 1900; late Resident Medical Officer Rawson Hospital, Bs.As. Med. Dir. 1913
  Campbell Buenos Aires 1811 doctor of medicine (?); a member of the English bachelors group in BA in 1819-20 Robertson-Letters III/118
Colin Campbell Buenos Aires 1811 m. daughter of Don Francisco Escalada Robertson-Letters III/121ff.
Thomas Baxter Carlyon Buenos Aires 1881 MRCS 1877, LS St.Bart's 1876; Hon. Resident Medical Officer British Hospital 1880-1; "British Hospital, Buenos Ayres (BMJ 1883)"; late House Surgeon Royal Berkshire Hospital and West London Med. Dir. 1882, 1883; Hist. Brit. Hosp.
  Carter Buenos Aires 1831 present at the funeral of Dr James McDonnell in March 1839 Hanon_Dicc, p. 569
Louis Colbourne Buenos Aires 1871 physician; Hon. Resident Medical Officer British Hospital Bs.As.(1873, 75, 78); doctor of calle Bolívar (1878), Chacabuco 200 (1882, 3), Alsina 211(1885); MD Bs.As. 1880, MB Edin. 1872; Medical Officer Buenos Aires Tram Co.; attended British Hospital 1861-89; married Leonora Henrietta (Nora) Krabbé on 7/8/1880 at St John's Church, Buenos Aires; children baptised 1882-88 Med. Dir. 1878-1883; Mulhall 1875 p.94; Mulhall 1885; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; Frances Blackburn; St John's records
William Colesberry Buenos Aires 1811 American physician accompanying General San Martín; settled in Mendoza on account of his health in 1818; director of the military hospital; befriended John Gillies Dawe, pages 25-30
Vincent Conyngham Buenos Aires 1861 Potosí 71 (1863); attended at the British Hospital between 1861 and 1873; “upon the death of the well-remembered Dr. Reid (1870), he was appointed to succeed that gentleman at the British Hospital. At the period of his decease he was Surgeon to the Great Southern and Boca Railways. Dr. Conyngham was ever distinguished for the open-heartedness of a true gentleman; his loss will be especially felt amongst the poorer classes of our community, to whom his cheeriness and charity always endeared him”; he died in 1876 Mulhall 1863; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; The Standard obituary 31/10/1876
  Cooper Buenos Aires 1871 doctor attending at the British Hospital during the year 1875 Hist. Brit. Hosp.
William Hutchins Covernton Santa Fe Province 1881 Canadian, born 1848; doctor attending probably at the British-German Hospital/Sanatorium, Rosario Mulhall, 1885, Argentine National Census, 1895
Edward Owen Cox Argentina 1881 doctor of medicine (retd); LRCS Edin. 1886; Cañuelas Med. Dir. 1913
Jasper Creagh Buenos Aires 1881 calle Corrientes 130; known by Dr Arthur Paget Greene and mentioned in his memoirs Mulhall 1885; Susan Wilkinson
John O'Dwyer Creaghe Prov. Buenos Aires 1871 LKQCP Irl. 1869, LRCS Irl. 1865; Member Facultad de Medicina, Bs.As. 1874; Massachusetts Medical Soc.; practising in Mercedes (1878) and afterwards in Lujan; known by Dr Arthur Paget Greene and mentioned in his memoirs Med. Dir. 1878-1922; Susan Wilkinson; SILAS article
John Herries Maywell Crosbie Buenos Aires 1851 surgeon; children baptised, 1851-57; calle Reconquista 36 and Maipú 74; died at Chascomús in 1868 St Andrew's records; Mulhall 1863; Chascomús Burials
Adam Lind Patterson Cruickshank Buenos Aires 1891 son of James Cruickshank; b. at Tyrie 29 Apr 1868; MA 1889 Univ Aberdeen, MB CM 1893; later resident medical officer at British Hospital, Buenos Aires, 1894-7; then at Fraserburgh, Scotland; died at Long Crendon Bucks 3rd July 1957 Graduate, Aberdeen Univ; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; Glasgow Medical Journal 1897
  Cunningham Buenos Aires 1861 ‘I have just returned from Dr Cunningham's funeral, he having died suddenly of apoplexy. His loss will be much felt...’ John Thomson to James Grierson, 29 Aug 1868
Charles L Cunningham Prov. Santa Fe 1881 Lay Reader at St Bartholomew's, Rosario, 1881-82; in charge of the Anglican church at Córdoba, 1882; returned to England with ill-health, 1882 Hist. St Bart's, Rosario
  Davidson Prov. Córdoba 1881 Córdoba Mulhall 1885
James Mackenzie Davidson Prov. Buenos Aires 1851 born Estancia Santo Domingo, Quilmes on 6th Dec 1856, eldest son of John Davidson; MB CM 1882 (Aberdeen); later Ophthalmic Surgeon Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, then later Medical Officer in charge Roentgen Dept Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital and Charing Cross Hospital; later Professor of Ocular Surgery at Aberdeen University; a descendant, Viscount Davidson donated the house and land that forms the W H Hudson Museum Gesta Brit. 1/40, IIA/49; Saudades p.89; Aberdeen Graduates
James Thomas Richard Davison Buenos Aires 1891 physician; children baptised in 1887 and 1896; Corrientes 881 (1914) St John's and St Andrew's registers; English Address Book, 1914
Andrew C Dick Buenos Aires 1811 described as a proprietor when he arrived from Scotland in 1817; Estancia El Espartillar, Guardia de Monte, Partido de Monte; registered cattle brand 28 Apr. 1828; 'an ardent sportsman' (ABCC Bulletin XXI/4, Oct 1975); had a walking match with Robert P Staples and R. Carlisle (Robertson; subscribed $500 to the cost of building the Scotch Presbyterian Church of Buenos Aires in 1833; prominent in the British Medical Dispensary, including member of the committee in 1840-41; second Resident Physician at the British Hospital, 1845, 1853-61; Hon. Resident MO; 25 de Mayo 61; Piedad 48 and 50 (1863); died 1867 Gesta Brit. 1/89, James Dodds pp. 4, 190-4; Robertson-Letters III/143; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; Hanon_Dicc, pp. 266-7; Mulhall 1863
Lionel G. Dodds Buenos Aires 1910s oculist, Maipú 794 English Address Book, 1914
Robert Mohr Dodds Buenos Aires 1891 married 1893; Arenales 1345 (1914) St Andrew's registers; English Address Book, 1914
John Knight Donne Buenos Aires Province 1861 surgeon of Cañuelas; his child was baptised at St John's, 1857 Mulhall 1863; St John's records
Henry Donnelly Buenos Aires 1811 born c. 1795 in Ireland; arrived in Buenos Aires in 1818; called as a witness in the notorious case of Dr Oughgan vs Dr John Sullivan in 1835; died in 1837 Hanon_Dicc, pp. 278, 785
Cornelius Donovan Argentina 1851 born in Cork, Ireland; arrived in Argentina in the 1850s; had sons including Cornelius; died at Bs.As. aged 42 on 29 July 1860? Saudades p.100; Med. Dir. 1861
C W Drabble Buenos Aires 1891 attended at the British Hospital in 1899 Hist. Brit. Hosp.
George Fair Buenos Aires 1861 MD Edin., LRCS 1853 at 21 (followed by military service in the Crimean War - received Legion of Honour), FRCS Edin. 1859; Fellow of the Royal Society, Copenhagen; Late Asst. Surgeon RN; Director of the British Hospital in Buenos Aires; married Tina Black; his father, Thomas, was a large landowner in Argentina for the previous 50 years; 2 older brothers in trade in Argentina; a memorial window (NE2) was erected in St John's Cathedral; he died at Sao Pedro, River Purus, Brazil on 14/10/1882; 'he was for many years in charge of the British Hospital of this city and was beloved by his many friends and patients poor and rich, also of Tina his wife who died at Sao Pedro on 11/ 9/1882 Med. Dir. 1861, 73, 82; Saudades p.11; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; St John's Inscriptions
Thomas Falkner Argentina 1731 qualifying both as a physician and a surgeon; born in Manchester in 1707 where his father was an apothecary; arrived in the River Plate in 1731, a simple doctor on board a slave transport; yet he was an excellent botanist and pharmacologist; fell ill while in Buenos Aires, and was nursed back to health by the Jesuits; he converted to Roman Catholicism and started studying for ordination in Córdoba in 1732 while still practising as a doctor; ordained in 1740; explored northern Patagonia and later wrote "Descripción de Patagonia"; a copy was given to the Biblioteca Nacional by Henry L Jones; established Nuestra Señora del Pilar, a "reducción indigena"; with the expulsion of the Jesuits he returned to England in 1767 and settled down to write his reminiscences; died in 1784, 77 years old. Gesta Brit. IIA/48; ABCC Bulletin XXIV/8; Gordon Bridger pp. 9-20; Hanon_Dicc, p. 313
Arthur Fenton Prov. Santa Cruz 1901 official doctor to the Provincial Governor before handing over to his brother, Victor Fenton Mainwaring p.272
Victor A. Fenton Prov. Santa Cruz 1881 present at the funeral of Wm. Halliday in Bs.As. in 1917; b. in Sligo in 1865; MD Trinity Coll., Dublin; in 1889 joined his brother Thomas at Fenton Station; moved to Río Gallegos becoming official doctor to the Governor; moved to Tucumán and died in 1938 Mainwaring p.254, 272; English Address Book, 1914
Ernest George Fenton Prov. Santa Cruz 1901 FRCS Irl. 1897; practising in Río Gallegos; previously in South Nigeria Med. Dir. 1913
Albert Finck Buenos Aires 1881 calle Cuyo 206 Mulhall 1885
William Herbert Forshaw Prov. Corrientes 1901 FRCS 1909; Monte Caseros (1913), Curuzú Cuartiá (1922); in partnership with Dr Samuel William Robinson (1913); Medical Officer to the N E Argentine Railways (1922) Med. Dir. 1913, 1922
  Forster Buenos Aires 1861 calle 25 de Mayo Mulhall 1863
Alfred French Buenos Aires 1881 calle Perú 491 Mulhall 1885
John Alfred Frend Prov. Santa Fe 1881 physician; MRCP Irl. 1884, MD Bs.As. 1880, LKQCP Irl. 1877, LRSCI 1876; City of Santa Fe, Santa Fe 104 (1882); Rosario (1883); children baptised 1894-1900; Tucumán 1045 (1913), Rosario; Medical Officer, Central Argentine Railway; Urquiza 1140, Rosario (1914) Med. Dir. 1882-83, 1913; Rosario Church registers; English Address Book, 1914
  Furst Buenos Aires 1841 attended at the British Hospital between 1844 and 1852 Hist. Brit. Hosp.
E. Gaing Buenos Aires 1910s Cerrito 416 English Address Book, 1914
Diego Gannon Buenos Aires 1881 Cerrito 268; LRCS Irl. 1883; Hon. Resident Medical Officer British Hospital 1887-8, (1914) Congreso 2765 Med. Dir. 1913; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; English Address Book, 1914
Juan Pedro Garrahan Buenos Aires 1921 physician and paediatrician mentioned in SILAS article
Arnoldo Geoghegan Catamarca ???? physician mentioned in SILAS article
John Gill Buenos Aires 1881 calle Moreno 290 Mulhall 1885
John Gillies Prov. Mendoza 1821 doctor of medicine and botanist; born Orkney 1792; arrived in Buenos Aires in 1820, settling in Mendoza in 1823; acquired the estancia Piedras de Afilar; ill-health forced him back to Scotland in 1828 and he died in Edinburgh in 1834 Dawe, pages 21-78; Gesta Brit. IIA/248-50
  Golland Prov. Santa Fe 1881 Santa Fe Mulhall 1885
  Gordon Prov. Córdoba 1831 40 years resident in Córdoba; an indefatigable geologist; died in December 1870 The English in South America, p. 477
Ildefonso Gowland Buenos Aires 1881 San José de Flores (1885); Río Bamba 958 (1914) Mulhall 1885; English Address Book, 1914
A. Gowland Buenos Aires 1910s Río Bamba 958 English Address Book, 1914
Archibald J. Graydon Prov. Tucumán 1891 MRCS 1892; Ingenio La Corona, Concepción de Tucumán, F.C.C.A Med. Dir. 1913; English Address Book, 1914
Walter Greaven Prov. Santa Fe 1910s San Lorenzo 1326, Rosario English Address Book, 1914
Arthur Paget Greene Buenos Aires 1871 LRCS Irl. 1870, LRCP Edin. LM 1872, MD Bs.As. 1876; Professor of Facultad de Medicina Bs.As. 1875; attended British Hospital between 1887 and 1893; left a card at the funeral of Lillian Bowers 5 Dec 1888; practised in Calle 33 No. 285, Mercedes, F.C.O. (1878-1913); Cangallo 833, Belgrano (1922); mother: Lydia Phillips; one of seven brothers; John, Thomas, Charles, Robert and Godfrey and one other; Arthur married María Latham née Menzies Med. Dir. 1878-1922; Saudades p.55; Susan Wilkinson; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; Glasgow Medical Journal 1897; English Address Book, 1914; reference in SILAS article
John Samuel Greene Buenos Aires 1871 Rivadavia 30 (1878), Rivadavia 44, LKQCP Irl. 1863, LRCSI 1863; Grad. Med. at Montevideo 1870 and Bs.As. 1872; late Surgeon emigration ships and District Surgeon, Division of Upper Umkomazi, Port Natal; arrived in Argentina c.1868; (1913) Ferrocarril Pacífico; oldest son of Lydia Phillips; joined his brother Thomas in Argentina; first doctor in Salto, Prov. of Bs.As; later bought Ea. El Bagual, in Vedia (see 'Sebastian's Pride'); one of seven brothers, including Arthur, Charles, Thomas, Robert and Godfrey Med. Dir. 1878, 1882, 1913; Susan Wilkinson; reference in SILAS article
Robert Greene Buenos Aires 1861 physician; Dr John O'Conor refers to 'my friend Dr. Robert Greene'; first cousin of the brothers Arthur, John, Charles, Thomas, Robert and Godfrey; 'he went to the Tuyú (now Gral. Lavalle) where Thomas had built a mud-house called El Cimarron; when Thomas went to live in Montevideo, Robert took over his practice which was far-flung covering a vast distance of "camp"; Robert married the daughter of an Argentine landowner and is mentioned in a history of the Tuyú which has recently been written' (Wilkinson); his children were baptised at St John's, 1878-86; evidently a child of this marriage was buried in the Victoria Cemetery, Buenos Aires on 5/2/1883, Robert Irwin Greene, aged 5, born in Tuyú, the cause of death: laringitis, died at Tuyú, minister officiating: A.G. Lennox Robertson Glasgow Medical Journal 1897; Susan Wilkinson; St John's records; reference in SILAS article
Thomas William Nassau Greene Argentina 1861 born 19/1/1844, at Kilkea, Co. Kildare; second of 7 brothers, John, Thomas, Charles, Arthur, Robert, Godfrey + another; mother Lydia Phillips; LRCS Irl. 1862; LRCP Edin. 1865; doctor on board the Mimosa, May 1865, and later to the Welsh Colony; in November 1865 he left the Colony following the disagreement between Lewis Jones and the Council, claiming that the Council had broken his contract by giving him too small a ration of food; settled first in the area around Dolores (el Tuyú), where he was joined by his brothers Charles and Robert; he went to Montevideo 1869-70, while his cousin Robert Greene (vide) took over his country practice; he remained in Montevideo, being appointed Physician at the British Hospital, residing in the Partido of San José; m. Lucy Day; they had no issue; he died in June 1921 on a small farm near Carlow, Co. Kildare (see "The Doctor on the Mimosa" by Susan Wilkinson, published in two installments by The Southern Cross, November and December 1992) Jeremy Howat's Mimosa study; Med. Dir. 1871; Susan Wilkinson; Brian McGinn; reference in SILAS article
Charles Bailey Greenfield Buenos Aires 1871 late Asst Surgeon RN; United Club, Buenos Aires; MD 1865, MRCS Eng. 1865, MD Edin. 1870; doctor appointed to care for sick, destitute British subjects at the time of the yellow fever outbreak 1870-1; afterwards he wrote a report on the yellow fever outbreak to the HBM Chargé d'Affaires Med. Dir. 1871, 1882; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; FO118/145_YF; Yell_Fev
D. Greenway Buenos Aires 1910s Tucumán 1577 English Address Book, 1914; reference in SILAS article
Cecilia Grierson Buenos Aires 1851 daughter of John and Juana Grierson; born Bs.As. 1859; father died in 1872 and she moved to Entre Rios; qualified as a teacher in 1878; first woman medical doctor in Argentina (1889); founded School of Nursing in 1886; died in 1934; Conesa 2147, Belgrano (1914) Gesta Brit. 1/98, IIA/223-7; English Address Book, 1914; reference in SILAS article
John Gullióan Buenos Aires 1811 described as a proprietor from Ireland when he arrived in 1818 James Dodds p. 4
George Gundin Buenos Aires 1881 calle Chacabuco 180 Mulhall 1885
Robert Edwin Halahan Buenos Aires 1901 surgeon; MD Dublin 1903; attended British Hospital between 1909-38; Cerrito 268 (1913), Santa Fe 1414 (1914), Suipacha 1156, (1922) Med. Dir. 1913, 1922; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; English Address Book, 1914
John G. Halahan Buenos Aires 1891 MB Dublin 1892; Lavalle 308 (1892); Charcas 708 (1914) Med. Dir. 1913; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; English Address Book, 1914
Alfredo M. Ham Buenos Aires 1910s Lavalle 1312 English Address Book, 1914
E A Hanly Buenos Aires 1881 Hon. Resident Medical Officer at the British Hospital 1883; attended at the Hospital between 1882-94 Mulhall 1885; Hist. Brit. Hosp.
Harry Patrick Hannigan Prov. Santa Fe 1911 MB 1911; La Compañía de Tierras de Santa Fe, Lola, Km. 263 (1913); Cia. La Forestal (Ramal al Rey) (1922); formerly worked in Dublin Med. Dir. 1913, 1922
D. Harrington Prov. Buenos Aires 1910s physician and surgeon; Bartolomé Mitre, F.C.C.A. English Address Book, 1914
Frank Melville Harvey Buenos Aires 1901 Perdriel 74; MRCS 1909; Assistant Resident Medical Officer British Hospital Med. Dir. 1913; English Address Book, 1914
George Hiron Buenos Aires 1881 calle Corrientes 077 Mulhall 1885
William Nathaniel Hiron Buenos Aires 1871 MD Brussels 1873, LRCP Lond. 1869, MRCS 1866, LSA 1868; at Birmingham, Guys and Moorfields Hosps.; admitted to practise in Montevideo; late Surgeon-Major, Argentine Army; on the Medical Staff of the Popular Health Commission during the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1871; author of 'Yellow Fever in the River Plate' in Medical Times and Gazette 1871, Jul-Dec, pages 124-6, 158-9; in July 1875 at the annual meeting of subscribers to the British Hospital was elected a member of the management committee; attended the British Hospital 1861-87; 187½ Rivadavia, Buenos Aires (1883); prev. Surg. London & New York Steam(ship)(?) Line Med. Dir. 1871-1883; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; Yell_Fev
  Holder Prov. Buenos Aires 1871 doctor of medicine (?); on the Anchorena estate, Partido of Mar Chiquita, at Loma de Gongora; Dr Holder and Mr Reddy fatten cattle for Buenos Ayres Mulhall 1875 p.138
Edmond Hyde Homan Buenos Aires 1861 LRCP Edin. 1862, LRCSI 1862 Med. Dir. 1871-1882
Thomas Hussey Houghton Buenos Aires Province 1861 surgeon; died Chascomús in 1873, aged 36 Chascomús records
Richard Lewis Hughes Chubut Province 1891 Bryn-y-Neuadd, Upper Valley, married 1895. children baptised 1897, 1902 Chubut registers
George Arthur Humble Prov. Buenos Aires 1861 MRCP(London), MRCS(Eng.) 1856, Lic. of Fac. of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, Lic. of the Soc.of Apothecaries, St Andrew's 1853; MRCP 1859, MRCS 1856, FFPS Glasgow 1858; aged 36, of Berkshire, England, announced his intention to marry Elizabeth Louisa Williams, aged 32, of Wales, in Aug, 1867; aged 39 in 1869 Argentine census; mission hospital and also Military Hospital at Patagones; missionary doctor and clergyman for the S. Am. Miss. Soc. (1864-97); nursed Mrs Louisa J Stirling, wife of Rev. Waite H Stirling, 1864 at El Carmen, where she died; son: George William Humble; a daughter died young; George Musters wrote in his book: “the English Mission Station, a considerable building occupying two sides of a square, a wing containing a room used as a chapel, whilst the other constituted the residence and dispensary of the missionary, Rev. Dr. Humble. This gentleman, whose hospitality I frequently enjoyed, combined in his own person the functions of doctor and clergyman. As regards the mission, the converts did not appear to be numerous; indeed, an Indian girl, who acted as servant and nurse, seemed to be the only specimen. the whole establishment was scrupulously neat and clean, and afforded an agreeable contrast to the surrounding buildings.
Dr. Humble formerly had a school for children, but it was given up, I believe, on account of the opposition raised by the Padre. The church was generally pretty full on Sundays, when the British flag was hoisted to denote the hour of prayer; and as half the service was conducted in Spanish a good sprinkling of the native inhabitants was generally present—some perhaps with a view to obtaining advice from the pastor in his medical capacity, in which his skill and kindness made him deservedly popular.”
Consular Marriages FO446/29; Mulhall 1869, 1875 p.149; SAMM; Med. Dir. 1882; George Chaworth Musters At home with the Patagonians, 1871
G. Hunt Buenos Aires 1910s Arcos 2170, Belgrano English Address Book, 1914
Thomas Joseph Hutchinson Santa Fe Province 1861 diplomat, physician and travel writer, though there is little evidence that he was a qualified medical doctor; British Vice-Consul, 1861-1870 SILAS article; Juan Delius
  Isard Buenos Aires 1881 attended British Hospital between 1881 and 1885 Hist. Brit. Hosp.
Miguel ap Iwan Prov. Buenos Aires 1881 MB CM Edin. 1887; Medical Officer, Pacific Railway, Junín F.C.P. Med. Dir. 1913; English Address Book, 1914
Hugh Jamieson Buenos Aires 1881 Hon. Resident Medical Office, British Hospital 1889-90 Hist. Brit. Hosp.
Henry Lewis Jones Buenos Aires 1891 aged 39, married in 1896 St John's registers
Archie Vivian Jubb Prov. Chubut 1901 MRCS 1905; formerly of Sheffield and Liverpool; Gaiman Med. Dir. 1913
E. W. Kaden Buenos Aires 1910s Sarmiento 1154 English Address Book, 1914
Matthew Joseph Kehoe Buenos Aires 1881 LRCS Irl. 1877; Hon. Resident Medical Officer at British Hospital, 1885-6; attended British Hospital between 1884-7 Med. Dir. 1913; Hist. Brit. Hosp.
  Kemmerick Prov. Entre Ríos 1881 Paraná Mulhall 1885
  Kimball Buenos Aires 1881 married a daughter of William Parker; attended British Hospital 1881 Hist. Brit. Hosp.
Andrew Kirwan Buenos Aires 1861 A.B., M.D., R.C.P.I., consulting physician, visits and receives patients at all hours; Calle Reconquista 48 Mulhall 1863 advs.21
J J Kyle Buenos Aires 1881 doctor attending the British Hospital during the years 1880-93 Hist. Brit. Hosp.
F. M. Lane Buenos Aires 1910s Paseo Colon 1228 English Address Book, 1914
Percy Lang Prov. La Rioja 1901 MRCS 1907; Famatina Development Corporation, Santa Florentina, Chilecito Med. Dir. 1913
Arthur Edmund Leeson Buenos Aires 1861 aged 31, of Dublin, Ireland, announced his intention to marry Alice Fraser, aged 23, British, of Bayonne, France, in Jun 1863; calle Reconquista 66 (1863); children baptised at St John's in 1864 and 1868; attended the British Hospital between the years 1875 and 1887 Consular Marriages FO446/6; Mulhall 1863; St John's register of baptisms; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; reference in SILAS article
James Lepper Buenos Aires arr. 1820 physician; attended C A Rodney in his final illness in June 1824; member of the board of the local men's hospital, which dated from colonial days; one of the founders of the Argentine Academy of Medicine, and then active in the University of Buenos Aires, he became at a later date a medical advisor to Juan Manuel de Rosas; physician to the British Legation; his will signed 13/1/1851 (folio 134 to 138); died February 1851, aged 66 Jorge Alfonsín; ABCC Bulletin XXI/4; Hanon_Dicc pp. 508-9; British Settlers; Wills of British subjects FO446/28
John Leslie Buenos Aires 1851 physician; born in Belfast; M.D. 1840; M.R.C.S. Edinburgh; arrived from Brazil in c. 1853; local title granted in Buenos Aires in 1853; his wife was Fanny Jane Leslie; his children were baptised at St John's between 1854 and 56; opened the first private clinic in Bs. As. in 1856; Cangallo 103 (1863); awarded gold medal by the Municipality of Buenos Aires for his work during the cholera epidemic; aged 51, died of cholera on 13/1/1868 , while 'in the devoted and unsparing discharge of his professional duties in the City of Buenos Aires' and was buried the following day in the Victoria Cemetery; his son was William Leslie; a marble tablet was erected in his memory in St John's Church Carmelita Murray; Mulhall 1863, 1869; St John's Records; FO446/29 (curators)
Richard Lowe Prov. Buenos Aires 1871 native of Co. Cork, Ireland; died at Mercedes on 20/12/1874 aged 50 years; a stained glass window (NE8) and a marble tablet were erected in St John's in his memory by his brother Nicholas St John's Inscriptions
Edward Lund Buenos Aires 1910s Paraguay 1338 English Address Book, 1914
Richard Lynch Buenos Aires 1910s Pellegrini 224 English Address Book, 1914
John Macdonald Buenos Aires 1871 MD Glasg. 1862, FFPS Glasg. 1863; late Surgeon Major Argentine Army and Resident Surgeon at Glasgow Royal Infirmary 1862-3; ‘Dr Brown is on his death bed and Dr Nelson is out of practice. Only two young Scotchmen are in practice, about whom we know very little’ (1868); he was an elected member of the British Hospital Management Committee 1873-4, and 1875-6; Hon. Resident Medical Officer 1873-75; attended the British Hospital between 1861 and 1876; "The Late Dr. MacDonald of Skye" pp. 305-306 Obituary taken from the North British Mail: 'The Buenos Ayres papers make special reference to the lamented death of Dr. Macdonald, who died at Lyndale, Skye, in December last. He was an M.D., F.F.P.S. Glas., and was for some years surgeon-major of the Argentine Army, latterly filling the highly responsible position of visiting surgeon to the British Hospital at Buenos Ayres. Last year his health gave way, and his friends thought he would be benefited by a voyage to Scotland. But overwork and disease of the liver speedily ended a useful career, he died at Lyndale on 7th December 1879. John Thomson to James Grierson, 29 Aug 1868; Med. Dir. 1871-78; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; obituary: The Lancet, 7th February 1880, page 229-230
James McDonnell Buenos Aires 1821 physician and surgeon; born Newton Stewart, County Tyrone, Ireland; MD, MRCS, MCS London, St. John's College, Cambridge, Royal Asiatic Society; of Calle de la Biblioteca 136, according to his advertisement in La Gaceta Mercantil and/or The British Packet 29/12/1826; m. Francis Matilda Platt on 20/9/1828 at St. John's; his children were baptised 1830-38; died 28/3/1839, headstone in British Cemetery, Chacarita Gesta Brit. IIA/37; St John's records; headstone; Hanon_Dicc, pp. 568-9
Andrew MacInnes Prov. Santa Fe 1881 calle Santa Fe 164, Rosario Mulhall 1885
William John Mackenna Buenos Aires 1841 first surgeon to the British Medical Dispensary, and from 1844 to 1853 of the British Hospital; signed a loyal address directed to Rosas, dated 27/10/1849 ABCC Bulletin XXI/4; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; FO118_145A
George Mackern Buenos Aires 1881 arrived in Argentina in 1847; attended the British Hospital between 1882 and 1889; Visiting Physician, British Hospital (1889); calle Florida 137 (1883); calle Lavalle 208 (1885); calle Tucumán 549 (1889) Saudades; Mulhall 1885; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; Lomas de Zamora baptisms
  Macksey Buenos Aires 1901 calle Esmeralda 247 mentioned in SILAS article
Charles James C. Macquarie Prov. Salta 1901 MB Glasgow 1907; Argentine Quebracho Co., Tartagal Med. Dir. 1913
James Hunter Mair Buenos Aires arr. 1825 surgeon; died December 1826, aged 40 Hanon_Dicc, p.548; St John's archives
William Mair Buenos Aires 1861 LRCP Edin.1860, LRCS Edin.1860 LM 1860; author Med. Dir. 1871-1882
Samuel Hugo Marcos Buenos Aires 1901 Paraguay 1200; MRCS 1913; Professor of Urinary Diseases, Bs.As. Med. Dir. 1922
  Mason Prov. Entre Ríos 1881 Paraná Mulhall 1885
Carlos L. Mason Buenos Aires 1910s Cabildo 1718, Belgrano English Address Book, 1914
Donald Irvine McNaughton Prov. Jujuy 1911 MB Glasgow 1908; San Pedro de Jujuy Med. Dir. 1922
Jonas Wolfe Morris Buenos Aires 1911 Salta 1024 (1913), Talcahuano 90 (1922); MRCS 1905; British Hospital, Bs.As. Med. Dir. 1913, 1922; English Address Book, 1914; photo in SILAS article
Morris Morrison Buenos Aires 1831 present at the funeral of Dr James McDonnell in March 1839; prominent during the period of the British Medical Dispensary prior to the founding of the British Hospital Hanon_Dicc, pages 568-9; ABCC Bulletin XXI/4
Lovat Ashe Mulcahy Buenos Aires 1881 physician; born 3/1/1849 (or 1850) in Dublin, son of Dr. John Moore Mulcahy, from Co. Tipperary; arrived in Buenos Aires on 4/9/1867 on the Córdoba (sailed from Liverpool); calle Maipú 320 (1885), Maipú 566 (1914); attended the British Hospital 1880; after re-validating his diploma on 21 December 1877, he was a M.D. at the British Hospital of Buenos Aires; in 1880, he offered his services to the Buenos Aires army, and was assigned to Sebastián Casares‘ regiment; afterwards, Governor Carlos Tejedor publicly recognized his services; married at St John's Church on 11/1/1888 Elena Mathilde Dickson (1863/65-1935), the daughter of George Dickson, estanciero in 25 de Mayo; Census 1895 in Buenos Aires (2); he died on 2/6/1934, and his wife died on 17/10/1935; there is a wooden tablet to their memory in St John's; there is a railway station and town in Buenos Aires province (partido 9 de Julio) named after him (Coghlan 1987: 686); they had five children Mulhall 1885; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; St. John's Records; Edmundo_Murray; English Address Book, 1914
Robert Munroe Buenos Aires 1831 surgeon; died in 1832, aged 44 St John's archives
Michael Murphy Buenos Aires 1881 calle Tucumán 238 (1885); Chacabuco (1914) Mulhall 1885; English Address Book, 1914
Stuart Murray Prov. Jujuy 1901 Calilegua Med. Dir. 1913
John Nelson Buenos Aires 1861 doctor attending the British Hospital in the years between 1861 and 1875; he presided over the Medical Board from 1871 to 75; ‘Dr Brown is on his death bed and Dr Nelson is out of practice’ (1868) Hist. Brit. Hosp.; John Thomson to James Grierson, 29 Aug 1868
M. J. Nelson Prov. Buenos Aires 1910s Martínez, F.C.C.A. English Address Book, 1914
  Newkirk Prov. Corrientes 1881 Goya Mulhall 1885
A. J. Newton Buenos Aires 1910s Tucumán 1072 English Address Book, 1914
Robert George Nothwanger Buenos Aires 1901 Salta 1024 (1913), Córdoba 487 (1922); MRCS 1903; late Resident Medical Officer British Hospital Bs.As. Med. Dir. 1913, 1922; English Address Book, 1914; photo in SILAS article
John O'Conor Buenos Aires 1891 MB 1886, M.A., M.D. TCD; children baptised in 1894 and 1897; attended at British Hospital between 1891 and 1926; Av. De Mayo 1042 (1914, 1922); later created Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire; Senior Medical Officer to the British Hospital Buenos Ayres (1896) St John's registers; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; Glasgow Medical Journal 1896, 97, 99; English Address Book, 1914; Med. Dir. 1913, 1922; photo in SILAS article
M. Z. O'Farrell Buenos Aires 1910s San Martín 637 English Address Book, 1914; reference in SILAS article
Michael O'Gorman Buenos Aires arr. 1779 physician; rendered medical assistance to the soldiers in the English attack on Buenos Aires in 1807; died in 1819; father of Argentine medicine British Settlers; Hanon_Dicc, pp. 642-3
Thomas Osbourne Prov. Buenos Aires 1861 Chascomús; MB MCh Dublin 1869; attended at the British Hospital 1861 Med. Dir. 1878-1882; Hist. Brit. Hosp.
John Oughgan [Oughagan] Buenos Aires arr. c.1815 attended C A Rodney in his final illness in June 1824; prominent during the period of the British Medical Dispensary prior to the founding of the British Hospital; PRO FO446/3 fº 24 details his will and disbursements Jorge Alfonsín; ABCC Bulletin XXI/4; Hanon_Dicc, pp. 650-2; SILAS article
Alfred Parody Buenos Aires 1881 calle Defensa 179 Mulhall 1885
James Paroissien Buenos Aires 1811 doctor of medicine and surgeon; born in Barking, Essex in 1784; became enthused with the cause of Latin American freedom; Adjutant of the First Royal Regiment of South American Militia, which garrisoned Montevideo in June and July 1807 during the second invasion; died Sept 1827 ABCC Bulletin XXIV/1, XXII/7, XXII/7; Hanon_Dicc, pp. 661-2; Cathy Murray
Henry Parrot Prov. Buenos Aires 1861 Bahía Blanca; single, English, literate, 32 years old in 1869 1869 Census
William Cleland Paterson Prov. Tucumán 1911 Ayacucho 482, Tucumán (1913), La Esperanza (1922); LRCS Edin. 1893; Director of Bacteriological Laboratory at Tucumán (1913), Medical Officer Leach's Argentine Estates Ltd Med. Dir. 1913, 1922
Luke Bartholomew Peacan Buenos Aires 1871 Tucumán 223 (1878), Lavalle 216 (1885), Lavalle 650 (1913), Rodríguez Peña 538 (1914), 233 (1922), Tigre, F.C.C.A. (1914); MD Philadelphia 1869, MD Bs.As. 1877, LKQCP Irl. 1873, MRCS Eng. 1869, House Surgeon, British Hospital; attended at the British Hospital between 1880 and 1887; author in Revista Médica Quirúrgica, Bs.As. 1876 Med. Dir. 1878-1922; Mulhall 1885; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; English Address Book, 1914
Henry William Peard Buenos Aires 1891 Coronel Suárez, FCS; child baptised in 1898; calle Córdoba 436 (1914) Bahía Blanca registers; English Address Book, 1914; reference in SILAS article
George Herbert Pennell Buenos Aires Province 1890s physician of Lomas de Zamora; married in 1893; his children were baptised, 1894-97 Lomas de Zamora and St John's registers
Miles Stuart Pennington Buenos Aires 1910s Honorary Visiting Physician, British Hospital; Florida 509 and Quilmes English Address Book, 1914
George William Pettinger Buenos Aires 1891 physician; his child was baptised at St John's, 1892 St John's records
Michael John Petty Buenos Aires 1851 son of William and Maryanne Petty; born in Buenos Aires in 1858; LRCS Edin. 1885; married Lucy Bryden; returned to Buenos Aires in 1884 to revalidate his medical qualifications; late of the British Hospital, attending there between 1895 and 1897, and Surgeon to the Buenos Aires and Rosario Railway (1913); Echeverría 2396 (1913), San Martín 186 and Moldes 2368, Belgrano (1914); known as 'el médico de los pobres'; Michael and Lucy's children were Michael, Mary, Gertrude and Kathleen; he died in 1933 Saudades p.159, Med. Dir. 1913; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; Petty family notes; Glasgow Medical Journal 1897
J H D Phelps Buenos Aires 1901 doctor attending the British Hospital during the years 1900-3 Hist. Brit. Hosp.
Eustace Graham Pilgrim Buenos Aires 1891 physician; married in Flores in 1892; doctor attending the British Hospital during the years 1898-9 Flores registers; Hist. Brit. Hosp.
John William Power Chaco Prov. 1881 LRCS Irl. 1888; La Palmas, Chaco Austral Med. Dir. 1913, 1922
  Priestly Buenos Aires Prov. 1861 Capilla del Señor Mulhall 1863
Kenneth Douglas Pringle Buenos Aires 1901 MRCS 1908; Assistant Medical Officer British Hospital Bs.As. Med. Dir. 1913
Aman Rawson Prov. Mendoza 1821 a naval surgeon from the USA, brought out by William Colesberry; he became a firm friend of John Gillies; he started a medical practice in San Juan; the father of William Colesberry Rawson Dawe, page 30; Gesta Brit. IIA/249
Joseph Redhead Argentina 1801 a Scots doctor of medicine (Univ. of Edinburgh) who came to South America in 1809 in the suite of the Viceroy Cisneros; resided for many years in Salta, dying there in 1840; attended General Belgrano from the time of the Battle of Salta; he died in his arms; he produced many medical and scientific studies The English in South America, page 472-3; Gesta Brit. IIA/51
Robert Reid Buenos Aires 1861 born Abbotshall, Fifeshire, Scotland 1/3/1836; graduate of Edinburgh University; director of the British Hospital, calle Bolívar (1863); attended the British Hospital between the years 1861 and 1869; died Buenos Aires 2/4/1870, being at the time Resident Physician, aged 34 years; a marble monument was erected in St John's, 'by his untimely death the medical profession lost one of its brightest ornaments and the poor and afflicted a sweet and never failing friend'; 'one of the outstanding medical men of his time' Mulhall 1863; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; Sr Andrew's Inscriptions; St John's Burials; John Thomson's diary, pages 275-6
David Reid Buenos Aires 1803 in Buenos Aires from 1803; died before 1821 Hanon_Dicc, pp. 694-5
Robert Henry Reynolds Buenos Aires 1890s baptism of child in 1899; Santa Fe 5091 (1914) St John's reg1sters; English Address Book, 1914
Peter Alexander Richardson Buenos Aires 1832 surgeon; arrived in Buenos Aires in November 1832 Hanon_Dicc, p. 698
Peter Roberts Buenos Aires 1881 calle Victoria 188 Mulhall 1885
C. L. Robertson Buenos Aires 1910s Tucumán 529 English Address Book, 1914
William Robertson Buenos Aires arr. 1839 doctor of medicine and physician; member of the committee of the British Medical Dispensary in 1840-41 Hist. Brit. Hosp.; Hanon_Dicc, p. 708
M Robinson Buenos Aires 1841 first physician at the British Hospital, 1844; after a short time he left Buenos Aires for Havana, and was replaced by Dr Andrew Dick Hist. Brit. Hosp.
Samuel William Robinson Prov Entre Rios 1891 MB 1887, MD Dublin 1891; Medical Officer NE Argentine Railway Company; partner with Dr William Herbert Forshaw Med. Dir. 1913
William Roche Argentina 1901 LRCS Irl. 1906; Leach's Argentine Estates, San Pedro de Jujuy, FCCN; previously worked in Dublin Med. Dir. 1913; English Address Book, 1914
Robert Rodman Prov. Buenos Aires 1871 MB Glasgow CM 1871; Chascomús; children baptised 1882-1895; died in 1895 aged 53 Med. Dir. 1878-1882; Chascomús registers
  Rogers Prov. Buenos Aires 1861 surgeon; San Antonio de Areco 1863 Mulhall
John Henry Rumsey Buenos Aires 1861 died of consumption, aged 25 St John's registers
  Saxild Buenos Aires 1841 doctor attending the British Hospital in the years between 1844 and 1851 Hist. Brit. Hosp.
  Scrivener Buenos Aires 1861 accompanied General Paroissien's mining expedition to Potosí in 1825; afterwards Inspector of the military hospitals at Lima and Chorrillos; calle San Martín 303 (1863); his services during the cholera epidemic at Las Conchas in 1865 were rewarded with the thanks of the Government of Buenos Aires and by a gold medal; ‘his contributions to medical science have appeared in the Medical Times, upon yellow fever at Lima, Buenos Ayres and Montevideo’; wrote papers on the Yellow Fever epidemic in 1871 which were republished by all the medical press of Europe; obituary in The Standard 12/3/1884 Mulhall 1863; The English in South America, p. 477; Saudades
Lionel Pierrepont Shadbolt Buenos Aires 1891 physician; doctor attending the British Hospital during the years 1894-7; married at St John's, 1895 Hist. Brit. Hosp.; St John's records; Glasgow Medical Journal 1897
Hugh Thomas Sheridan Buenos Aires 1841 signed a loyal address directed to Rosas, dated 27/10/1849; doctor attending the British Hospital in 1851; aged 45, of Ireland, a widower, announced his intention to marry Catherine Anne Scurr, aged 28, of Liverpool, England, in Mar.1856; children baptised 1857-60; of Ranchos (1863); he died in 1866, probably in the Estancia Los Sajones FO118_145A; Mulhall 1863; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; Consular Marriages FO446/6; St John's registers; Hanon_Dicc, p. 741
Douglas William Sibbald Buenos Aires 1901 Lavalle 1710; MB Edin. 1905; late of the British Hospital, Paris Med. Dir. 1922
Albert Victor Sly Buenos Aires 1901 child baptised, 1902 Belgrano Church registers
Charles Small Buenos Aires 1881 doctor of medicine?? Saudades p.47
E. C. Smith Buenos Aires 1910s Bolívar 1285 English Address Book, 1914
Henry E. Spencer Chaco 1891 deaths, on 5/9/1891 at Puerto Bermejo, Colonia de Vecchi, suddenly, aged 36 years, L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Edinburgh, late of York British Medical Journal 31/10/1891, p. 980
Alexander Stewart Prov. Chaco 1901 MB Glasgow 1909; La Palmas, Chaco Austral Med. Dir. 1913
Richard Sudnick Buenos Aires 1881 calle Rivadavia 187 Mulhall 1885
John Sullivan Buenos Aires arr. 1818 surgeon; prominent during the period of the British Medical Dispensary prior to the founding of the British Hospital; died 1835 ABCC Bulletin XXI/4; Hanon_Dicc, pp. 784-5
John Sullivan Buenos Aires arr. 1851 calle Parque 105, later Perú 91 and later 25 de Mayo 57 Hanon_Dicc, page 784
Robert Tait Buenos Aires 1871 MD St Andrew's 1855, LRCS Edin. 1853, LSA Lond. 1857; late Medical Officer, African Association New Calabar Med. Dir. 1878-1882
George William Thompson Buenos Aires 1891 aged 27, married 1892 St Andrew's registers
John Tindall Buenos Aires arr. c. 1798 born in Liverpool, c. 1769; later qualified as a doctor in Buenos Aires; granted citizenship in 1812 Hanon_Dicc, p. 806
Patrick Vernet Buenos Aires 1881 calle Uruguay 128 Mulhall 1885
Philip Seston Vickerman Buenos Aires 1911 OBE; Tucumán 729; MB Edin. 1905, FRCS 1910; formerly Capt. acting Lt. Colonel RAMC Med. Dir. 1913
Henry Muirhead Walker Santiago del Estero; Buenos Aires 1890s Santiago del Estero (1895); Belgrano (1897); Córdoba 460 (1914) Belgrano Church baptisms; English Address Book, 1914
F. P. Wallace Buenos Aires 1910s Victoria 1265 English Address Book, 1914
Patricio Walsh Buenos Aires Province 1901 surgeon in Salto mentioned in SILAS article
C Watkins Buenos Aires 1891 doctor attending the British Hospital during the years 1890-3 Hist. Brit. Hosp.
Ecford W. Watson Entre Ríos 1881 died 1885, Estancia Cuí, Federación Entre Ríos registers
D B Webster Buenos Aires 1881 attended the British Hospital between 1881 and 1885; present at the funeral of Lillian Bowes 5 Dec 1888 Saudades p.55; Hist. Brit. Hosp.
William Weir Buenos Aires 1871 MD Glasgow 1864 Med. Dir. 1878-1882
C. Welchli Buenos Aires 1910s Hon. Visiting Ophthalmic Surgeon, British Hospital; Pellegrini 757 English Address Book, 1914
Harry Wells Prov. Entre Rios 1871 Gualeguaychú, Entre Rios and Vice Consul; MD Surg. Obstet. Facul. de Med. Montevideo 1871; served in Crimean War, also late surgeon in charge of Fortress of Humaitá, Military Service Paraguay 1857-59; British Legation (1871); MD Bs.As. 1874; MD Pa USA 1876; MD NY USA 1876; Gualeguaychú (1878); San Isidro, Buenos Aires (1883); the English Vice-Consul at Gualeguaychú Med. Dir. 1871-1883; Mulhall 1875 p.299
Robert F. Wernicke Buenos Aires 1880s Lavalle 57 (1885); Lavalle 445 (1914) Mulhall 1885; English Address Book, 1914
José Antonio Wild Prov. Buenos Aires 1811 ‘the English physician of Quilmes’, son of James Wild; born in Buenos Aires in 1813; author in 1868 of 'Compendium of Public and Private Hygiene' and the 1870s of 'Buenos Aires desde Setenta Años Atrás'; founded 'El Progreso' in 1873, the first Quilmes newspaper; appointed Director of the National Library in 1884; died in Quilmes in 1885 Mulhall 1875 p.135; ABCC Bulletin XXIII/5
Eduardo Wild Buenos Aires 1841 son of Diego Wellesley Wilde, born in Tupiza, Bolivia, in 1844; his mother, Visitación García, came from an old Tucumán family; he received his primary education in Tupiza and then received a scholarship from Urquiza to attend the Academy of Concepción del Uruguay, in the Province of Entre Ríos; at the age of 19, Eduardo come up to Buenos Aires to study Medicine, from which he graduated in 1870; whilst studying medicine he worked as a journalist and as a teacher for a short period; he then served as an intern surgeon in the several hospitals, in 1867/68 he attended cholera patients; he was one of the heroic doctors during the yellow fever epidemic of 1871, he was attacked both by cholera and yellow fever while attending patients; his consulting rooms were in Calle Florida, where he offered free advice and treatment to those who could not afford to pay his fees, and later in calle Tucumán; well known journalist, he was drawn into politics, serving as member of Congress, Minister of Justice under President Roca, and Minister of the Interior under President Juárez Celman; subsequently he was appointed to diplomatic posts abroad (Washington, Brussels, Madrid) and he died in 1913 in Brussels while serving as Argentine Minister in Madrid. He was a well known sanitarist, a fantastic humorist and one of Argentina's best writers in the 1880's ABCC Bulletin XXIII/5; Hist. Brit. Hosp.; Maxine Hanon
William Wilson Prov. Buenos Aires 1821 the medical doctor for the Monte Grande colony, who arrived on the 'Symmetry' in 1825, aged 25; subscribed $250 to the cost of building the Scotch Presbyterian Church of Buenos Aires in 1835 Gesta Brit. 1/98,131; James Dodds pp.18-20, 190-4; Hanon_Dicc, p.866-7
Shirley Lawrence Woolmer Prov. Entre Ríos 1881 MRCS 1885; Concordia Med. Dir. 1913, 1922
Frank Wyatt-Smith Buenos Aires 1861 born in Buenos Aires in 1861; his parents were Frank Wyatt-Smith and Margaret Black; Honorary Resident Medical Officer at the British Hospital during the year 1888; subsequently he went back to England and married Sarah Ann Bull in 1891; they had no children Hist. Brit. Hosp.

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