Provincia de Buenos Aires: Chascomús—marriages 1863-1915

bautismos 1863-1872,   1873-1882,   1882-1890,   1891-1900,   1901-1915   matrimonios 1863-1904,   1904-1915   sepelios 1863-1900,   1901-1915

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pág Fecha Marido Edad Ocupación Domicilio   Mujer Edad   Domicilio Testigos Lugar
page Date of Marriage Name of Male age profession parish and place of business details of bridegroom name of female age details of bride Parish and place of business names of witnesses where married
1 31/3/1904 Ritchie, Henry William (argentine) 32 estanciero   eldest son of James Smith Ritchie and Mary MacKiddie both of Scotland Donaldson, Margaret Ann 21 second daughter of John Donaldson native of Scotland and of Helen Johnstone native of Argentina   Mary E. Donaldson, Juan A. D. Ritchie Chascomús
2 11/4/1904 Bruce, Thomas Stuart (argentine) 32 estanciero Chascomús son of Robert Stuart Bruce native of Argentina and Margaret Henley Ower of Scotland Smyth, Mary 25 eldest daughter of Owen Smyth (deceased) native of Argentina and of Elizabeth Matilda Wilde native of Argentina Chascomús Robert MacGaul, Maggie Smyth Chascomús
3 16/9/1904 Sentell, Francisco (argentine) 24 educationalist Ayacucho son of Don Antonio Sentell and of Doña Maria Costas, both native of Spain Purdie, Catalina (Kate) 22 daughter of William Purdie native of Scotland and Jane Bolton native of Argentina Ayacucho William Purdie, Felipe A. Pouchan Ayacucho
4 24/9/1904 Ferreira, Ernesto Felix (argentine) 24   Estancia Santa Maria, Mar del Plata son of José Ferreira and of Sofia Grela both of Argentina Vincent, Mary Ann (argentine) 33 daughter of Arthur Vincent native of Argentina and of Mary Carron native of Ireland Mar del Plata Miguel Orlezabala, Margarita Elena Vincent Mar del Plata
5 5/10/1904 Nelson, Benjamin Sayler (argentine) 30 engineer Tandil son of George Nelson and Sarah Sayler Bentzen, Mary Alice (argentine) 19 daughter of Christian Bentzen and Helen Pearson   D. H. Blythway, Henry Reynoso Tandil
6 23/2/1904 Edgar, Joseph Nathaniel (argentine) 30     son of Robert Edgar (Uruguay) and of Alice Mitchell (Argentina)' Moore, Bessie Elmsley Leys (argentine) 24 daughter of James Thomas Moore and Juanita Margarita Leys both of Argentina Las Flores J. J. van Domselaar, Jeanie E. Moore Las Flores
7 1/2/1905 Savage, William (England) 57     son of John Savage and Elizabeth Chapelhow, both of England Sproat, Agnes (Argentina) 44 daughter of James Sproat and Jane Johnstone, both of Scotland   Jane R. Ritchie, Robert H. Potts Chascomús
8 26/4/1905 Johnstone, John McCargo (argentine) 28     son of Ninian Johnstone and Martha McCargo, both of Argentina Donaldson, Ann Isabella (argentine) 25 daughter of William Donaldson, native of Scotland and Louisa Olivia Ayliffe native of Argentina   Mary E. Donaldson, John McG. Sproat Chascomús
9 27/4/1905 Mackinnon, Alexander (Scotland)     son of Malcolm Mackinnon and of Catherine Mackinnon both of Scotland Walker, Jessie Williams (argentine) daughter of Robert Walker and of Margaret Brown, both of Scotland   Euphemia F. Fracker, Thomas Walker Chascomús
10 26/7/1905 Foulkes, Richard (argentine) 23     son of Richard Foulkes of England and of Mary Ellen Ford, native of Argentina Iseas, Ana (argentine) 25 daughter of Don Fortunato Iseas and Dominga Echegoyen, both of Argentina   Thomas Foulkes, Ana Foulkes Chascomús
11 22/11/1905 MacGaul, Robert (argentine) 25     son of the late Samuel MacGaw of Scotland and of the late Elizabeth McGaw native of Argentina Bruce, Alice Louisa (argentine) 26 daughter of Robert Stuart Bruce native of Argentina and of the late Margaret Hurley Ower of Scotland   J. Dodds Watson, Frank Bruce Chascomús
12 30/1/1906 Hare, Enrique (Spain) 41     son of Hipólito Hare and Maria Mas both of Spain Tod, Emily (argentine) 30 daughter of Peter Tod native of Scotland and of Janet Gilmour native of Argentina   José Tod, Mary Hardie Ayacucho
13 7/2/1906 Chambers, Richard Alexander (argentine) 31     son of Richard Chambers native of England and of Margaret Johnstone native of Argentina Reeves, Florence Kathleen (argentine) 19 daughter of he late George Reeves native of England and Esther Kinley native of the Isle of Man, England   Robert K. Reeves, Julia T. Chambers Chascomús
14 19/4/1906 Candy, John Robert (England) 41     son of Walter Yeoman Candy and of Sarah Wigmore both of England Bell, Margaret Alison (argentine) 26 daughter of Andrew Bell of Scotland and of Maria Ann Woollands native of Argentina   Ninian Johnstone, Rosa Jane Candy Chascomús
15 25/4/1906 Noble, John (argentine) 48     son of Alexander Noble and Jane McRevie, both of Argentina Young, Jane Rankin (argentine) 28 daughter of Andrew Young and Margaret McCargo, both of Argentina   Isabella Harrison, Alexander Noble  
16 24/4/1906 Cowan, Albert Henry (argentine) 31     son of John Cowan and Eleanora Noble, both of Argentina McCargo, Ann Hosie (argentine) 27 daughter of Francis McCargo and Janet Noble both of Argentina   John McCargo, Louie C. Cowan Robon Hall, Chascomús
17 21/4/1906 Herdman, Archibald (Scotland) 50     son of Archibald Herdman and Christina Alister both of Scotland Giras, Claudia (argentine) 22 daughter of Domingo Giras and Catherine Munro both of Argentina   Antonio N. Walker, Fanny Walker Chascomús
18 18/7/1906 MacCulloch, George Bannerman (Scotland) 35     son of Alexander MacCulloch and Jessie Bannerman both native of Scotland Lela, Paula (argentine) 17 daughter of Francisco Lela native of Italy and of Paula Ponce native of Argentina   Domingo Giménez, Jorge Schoener Chascomús
19 9/4/1906 Henderson, George William (argentine) 27     son of George Henderson and of Charlotte Dewey both of Argentina Henderson, Lucia Cecilia (argentine) 19 daughter of William Albert Henderson and of Maria Catalina Broberg both of Argentina   Tomás B. Henderson, Lucia C. Henderson Chascomús
20 22/6/1906 Lawrie, Robert Cecil (argentine) 31     son of Robert Lawrie native of Argentina and Rosanna Allen native of England Noble, Mary Jane (argentine) 40 daughter of George Noble and of Ann Lawrie both of Argentina   Carlos L. Goad, D. Chen Azúl
21 3/6/1907 Alexander, James 22     son of James Alexander native of England and of Fanny Reeves native of Argentina Méndez, Serafina (Spain) 26 daughter of Antonio Méndez and Antonia Luiña both of Spain   Juan Méndez, Margarita T. Alexander Maipú
22 20/9/1907 Graham, Joseph Lawrie (argentine) 37     son of James Lawrie Graham and Jane Lawrie both of Argentina Liddle, Janet Chisholm (argentine) 23 daughter of James Liddle and Janet Kay both natives of Scotland   D. Liddle, Hilda Graham Paraguil FCS
23 5/10/1907 Maire, Antonio Pablo (argentine) 28     son of Hipólito Maire and Agustina Segretina ,both natives of France Harkis, Maria Luisa (argentine) 22 daughter of Adam Harkis and Maria Mercedes both natives of Argentina   A. J. Anderson, Berta L. Maire Chascomús
24 17/10/1908 Gravell, George (argentine) 37     son of John Gravell and Anne Lindsay Bell both of England Justo, Carolina Sixta daughter of Saturnino José Justo and Elena Capdevila both of Argentina   J. Andrés Clark, Grace H. Clark Chascomús
25 2/1/1909 Gómez, Marcial (argentine) 35     son of Hortensio Migueus and of Mercedes Gómez natural of Argentina Harkes, Adela Feliciana Montenegro (argentine) 22     Patricio C. Wallace  
26 3/3/1909 Roscoe, Robert William (argentine) 27     son of Robert Henry Roscoe native of England and of Margaret Smyth native of Argentine Smyth, Margaret (argentine) 26 daughter of the late Niven Smyth native of Ireland and of Elizabeth Matilda Wilde native of Argentina   Owen Smyth, Hele S. Bruce, J. W. Roscoe  
27 22/3/1909 Cornish, William (England) 24     son of William Cornish native and of Elizabeth Bowden both of England Annie Toomey (argentine) 22 John Toomey native of England and of Ellen Drennen native of the Falkland Islands   E. A. Leshlean, Elena S. Toomey  
28 24/4/1909 Liddle, Robert Walker (argentine) 30     son of James Liddle and Janet Kay both native of Scotland Lagrava Maria Ruperta (argentina) 25 daughter of Domingo Lagrava and Felipa Bourguete both of Spain   Andrés Liddle, Lucía Lagrava  
29 3/6/1909 Puga, Juan Ramón (Spain) 35     son of Andrés Puga and Dominga Lorensa both of Spain Burnet, Mary (argentine) 42 daughter of Robert Burnet and Mary Cribbes both of Scotland   William C. Burnet, Ethel M. Sinclair  
30 9/6/1909 Feller, Baltaza (Germany) 28     son of Peter Feller and Elizabeth Sonehalter both of Germany Carrigill, Anita Clorinda daughter of Carlos Carrigil and of Anita McArthur   Roberto W. Buchanan, Jane Carrigill  
31 14/10/1909 Attwell, Robert Leslie (argentine) 29       MacGaw, Eleanora McMurray (argentine) 25     James A. McGaw, Grace S. Attwell Chascomús
32 14/10/1909 Yorston, James (argentine) 28       MacGaw, Margaret Ann Gilmour (argentine) 27     J. D. O'Neill, Maggie Yorston Chascomús
33 14/4/1910 Jensen, Luis (argentine) 33       MacGaul (O'Puignacia), Elena     Robert W. Buchan, A. E. Yairez  
34 28/4/1910 Sinclair, James (argentine) 30       Burnet, Elizabeth Adelaide (argentine) 22     Juan B. Sinclair, George Sinclair Olavarría
35 18/8/1910 Liddle, Andrew McHaig (argentine) 30       Graham, Hilda Ann (argentine) 29     Guillermo L. Simons, Lizzie A. Torry Paraguil
36 7/4/1911 Medina, Gregorio Urbano (argentine) 28       Henderson, Caroline Charlotte (argentine) 18     Leonardo Henderson, Lucia Henderson  
37 12/4/1911 Johnstone, Ninian (argentine) 42       Hatrick, Isabella (argentine) 36     Isabella Harrison, Ninian J. Donaldson  
38 20/4/1911 Novoa, Manuel (Spain) 28       Allan, Emmeline Jane Johnstone (argentine) 22     Antonio Novoa, Orwald A. Allan  
39 29/6/1911 Ewart, William (Scotland) 39     son of Robert Ewart and Jessie Thomson both of Scotland Walker, Euphemia Jane (argentine) 30 daughter of Robert Walker and Margaret Brown both of Scotland   John B. Walker, Margrita B. Colven  
40 1/7/1911 Holt, Ludlow Fraser Entwistle (England) 38     son of Robert Hallett Holt and of Clara Rush both native of England Bryan, Elsie (England) 22 daughter of Thomas W. Bryan and on Rosetta Clayton both natives of England   G. A. Culil, Constance Hawkins  
41 23/4/1912 Ewens, George (England) 24     son of Albert Joseph Ewens and of Alice Rebecca Thompson Walther, Margaret Ada (argentine) 18 daughter of Luis Adam Walther native of Germany and of Isabella Barclay (Argentina)   N. Johnstone, Maria E. de Johnstone  
42 22/4/1912 Stranio, Carlos (Italy)     son of Francisco Stranio and Traversa Catalina natives of Italy Barclay or Sproat, Margaret (argentine)     Octavio Tasca, Teresa F. de Botony  
43 5/7/1912 Carrigill, Ernest Peter (argentine) 29     son of Carlos Carrigill and Anita McArthur both argentine Hatrick, Agnes Miller (argentine) 28 daughter of John Hatrick native of Scotland and of Isabella Johnstone native of Argentina   Joseph J. Hatrick, Jane M. Carriglll  
44 1/7/1912 Grant, James (Scotland) 45       Cribbes, Susana Sinclair or Burnet (argentine) 43 daughter of George Cribbes and Catherine Dow both of Scotland   V. E. Lea, E. E. Burnet  
45 18/9/1912 Burnet, Robert (argentine) 23       Sinclair, Ethel Martha (argentine) 27     John J. Burnet, Jean C. Sinclair  
46 18/9/1912 Gates, David (argentine) 33       Burnet, Margaret Alice (argentine) 19     William A. Gates, Susan B. Sinclair  
48 1/7/1914 Allen, Oswald Arnelton (argentino) 27 mayordomo Laboulaye, Prov. Córdoba hijo de Diego Gilmour (fallecido) y de Margarita Johnstone Melton, Carolina Ana (argentina) 18 hija de Patricio Melton y de Catalina Ward partido de Chascomús Daniel Melton, Normando Diego Allan  
50 30/9/1914 Reeves, Roberto Kinley (argentino) 33 empleado de escritorio Chascomús hijo de Jorge Reeves (fallecido) y de Ester Kinley Cabanillas, Amalia Ángela (argentina) 30 hija de Juan Cabanillas (fallecido) y de Juana Avinzeta Chascomús Guillermo McInnes, Marcos Elizalde  
51 24/3/1915 Cameron, Roberto Diego McGaul (argentino) 36 hacendado Chascomús hijo de Roderick Cameron y Maria Johnstone McGaul, Janet (Jacinta) Johnstone (argentina) 32 hija de Diego McGaul (fallecido) y de Janet (Jacinta) Johnstone (fallecida) Chascomús Luis Juicanca, Juan Roberto Candy  
52 15/4/1915 Eldrid, Arthur A. (inglés) 27 jefe de la estación Parravicini FCS hijo de Arturo Eldrid (fallecido) y Gertrudis R. D. White Blanc, Francisca Maria (argentina) 25 hija de Joaquín Blanc y Ignacia Marcia Chascomús J. Moline, Ángel Blanc, Joaquín C. Blanc  
53 24/7/1915 Chambers, Guillermo (argentino) 26 electricista Chascomús hijo de Ricardo Alejandro Chambers (fallecido) y de Margarita Johnstone de Chambers Lombardi, Antonia (argentina) 21 hija de Luis Lombardi y de Antonia della Vodora domiciliada en la Estación Adela Telísforo Mardones, G. Lhommé, Margarita J. de Chambers, Luis Lombardi  
54 31/7/1915 Grunja, Donato Silvano (argentino) 41 peluquero estación Jeppener FCS partido de Coronel Brandsen   Greig, Eloisa (argentina) 45 hija de Alejandra Greig (fallecido) y de Elena (fallecida) domiciliada en la Estación Jeppener Juan Osterman, J. A. Dubaumidany Estación Jeppener
55 25/9/1915 Jensen, Eduardo (dinamarqués) 23 mecánico estación Lezama FCS partido de Chascomús hijo de Cristian Jensen y de Carolina Hennigsen Dunghi, Carolina Virginia (argentina) 27 hija de Pascual Dunghi y Constancia del Barba domiciliada en la Estación Lezama Benito A. del Barba, Pedro E. de Berti, Josefa D. de Berti Chascomús
Fuente: Archivo Iglesia San Andrés Centro, Buenos Aires—Chascomús tomo 4, pág.. 1-55

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