British Cemetery(Victoria), Buenos Aires

Register of interments, 1855

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page date names where born age grave occupation disease service conducted by
10 1/1/1855 Bell, George Buenos Aires 5m     croup Rev. James Smith
  9/1/1855 Heath, Harratl [Harriet] Buenos Aires       brain fever Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  19/1/1855 Bown [Brown], David Buenos Aires 8m P17     Rev. James Smith
  20/1/1855 A man from the Hospital English   Q42     Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  24/1/1855 Barton, Jean English 14 D37   sudden death Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  271/1855 Umpleby, Margaret Scotland 90 N10   old age Rev. James Smith
  29/1/1855 Cleaver, Edward English 60 F17     Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  1/2/1855 Olsen, Soren German 39 A32   drowned Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  1/2/1855 Syngberg, Peter German 24 A33   drowned Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  2/2/1855 Setake, Mary English 60 Q32   inflammation Rev G. D. Carrow
  4/2/1855 McLean, Patrick Scotland     merchant sudden death Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  5/2/1855 Spraggon, George English 22 M46   sudden death Rev. J. Chubb Ford
11 12/2/1855 McDowden, Ian Buenos Aires   N146   brain fever Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  16/2/1855 Crompton, William English   Q43     Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  26/2/1855 Sturfon, John English   Q44 sotor? drowned Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  26/2/1855 Sanders, George English 28 Q44 seaman drowned Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  26/2/1855 Schall, Peter German   M34     Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  26/2/1855 Burns, Hannah English 54 M7   sudden death Rev. James Smith
  1/3/1855 Rosenthal, Charles German 5d B8     Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  6/3/1855 Wheelwright, Samuel T. North American 22 K5   sudden death Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  18/3/1855 Whitman, Henry North American 22 S7 seaman sudden death Rev G. D. Carrow
  23/3/1855 Ramsay, Janet Scotland 49 M5   dysentery Rev. James Smith
  25/3/1855 Wigman, Justo German   C42     Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  31/3/1855 Murphy, William English 50 C44   consumption Rev G. D. Carrow
  31/3/1855 Drysdale, Betsy Buenos Aires 6d P49   mal  
  4/4/1855 Hart, John Buenos Aires 11 M48   killed Rev G. D. Carrow
  10/4/1855 Mason, Mr’s stillborn child     Q6      
  11/4/1855 Grierson, James Scotland 84 Q45      
  16/4/1855 Higginbotham, John North American 76 P7   apoplexy Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  18/4/1855 Martindale, Sarah English 60 C43     Rev. Stockbridge
  22/4/1855 Lewis, Prudence North American 65 K20   old age Rev G. D. Carrow
  30/4/1855 Robson, James Buenos Aires 6 K12   typhus fever Rev. James Smith
  4/5/1855 Snodgrass, Archibald Scotland 22 Q47   consumption Rev. James Smith
  6/5/1855 Hossack, Jessie Buenos Aires 6d P1   mal Rev. Stockbridge
  7/5/1855 Dunkler, Matilda German 1 C144     Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  14/5/1855 Rife, Elisabeth German 1d C145     Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  15/5/1855 Dowes, Elisabeth Buenos Aires 10d P54   mal  
  21/5/1855 Bowner, Charles English 56 Q48   a disease in the ear Rev. Lord
  27/5/1855 Schuaber, John H. German 22 A35   lock jaw Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  30/5/1855 Galt, Captain John Scotland 38 G7   inflammation Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  30/5/1855 Jackson, Captain Gilbert English 36 G8      
  1/6/1855 Snodgrass, Adam Buenos Aires   ?     Rev. J. Chubb Ford
12 2/6/1855 Vincent, Eliza English 86 A41   natural debility Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  3/6/1855 Stanshasky, Hannah German 85 A34   old age Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  4/6/2855 Bachor, Julia German 2 B3   brain fever Rev. James Smith
  5/6/1855 Traut, William German 34 C107   lockjaw Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  15/6/2866 Thompson, William English 54 C46     Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  20/6/1855 Bruce, John Scotland   I82   consumption Rev. James Smith
  22/6/1855 Moller, Frances German 18m B   brain fever Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  22/6/1855 Newham, William English 44 ?49   sudden death Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  29/6/1855 Hollings, Emma Buenos Aires 2 F17   indigestion Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  1/7/1855 a German child Buenos Aires 3d C14      
  11/7/1855 Strube, Mr’s stillborn child     C12      
  19/7/1855 Boot, Martha Buenos Aires   N12     Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  23/7/1855 Sheerer, Frederick German 34 A37   lock jaw Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  24/7/1855 Abbot, John English 48 D41   sudden death Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  27/7/1855 Smith, Peter English 54 I vault pilot consumption Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  4/8/1855 Ottenen, Maria Buenos Aires 2 C     Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  16/8/1855 Cumrers, Andrew Buenos Aires 16m I5   cold in the head Rev. James Smith
  17/8/1855 Kauffman, Frederick English 54     apoplexy Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  18/8/1855 Wilson, James Scotland 46 B50     Rev. James Smith
  20/8/1855 Green, Edward Buenos Aires 7m A vault     Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  22/8/1855 Oscermen. Herman Buenos Aires   N146     Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  23/8/1855 Brash, Theodore German 58 A38   consumption Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  31/8/1855 Pettigrew, James Buenos Aires 4m M34     Rev. James Smith
  20/9/1855 Brodie, Thomas Scotland   I59      
  22/9/1855 Klick, John German 58 D   palsy Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  26/9/1855 Shlutty, John German 26 A39 seaman   Rev. E. W. Schweinitz
  1/10/1855 Fisher, James English 56 O52      
  3/10/1855 Ludlam, Matilda English 56 C8      
  8/10/1855 Donne, Charles Buenos Aires 7d N104   mal  
  8/10/1855 Tournbeson, James English 67 D55     Rev. James Smith
13 16/10/1855 Walker, William H. English 25 ?8 clerk consumption Rev. James Smith
  20/10/1855 Drysdale, Thomas Buenos Aires 1d M44     Rev. James Smith
  24/10/1855 Clydesdale, Robert Scotland 36 G57   liver complaint Rev. Lolnleag
  26/10/1855 McLean, Hugh Buenos Aires 10d N149   mal  
  30/10/1855 Smith, James English 32 C44   sudden death Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  2/11/1855 Crage [Craig?], Mr’s stillborn child     I59      
  2/11/1855 Green, Mary Buenos Aires 3m N150     Rev G. D. Carrow
  10/11/1855 Wiverand, Robert English 52 G60      
  14/11/1855 Fish, George North American 54 S8 chair? maker   Rev G. D. Carrow
  17/11/1855 Gibbs, Peter North American 24 S9 seaman   Rev G. D. Carrow
  20/11/1855 Whiters, James Scotland 18 S1 seaman drowned Rev. James Smith
  28/11/1855 Lonel, Friedrick German 48 A 40      
  28/11/1855 McDonald, Mary Buenos Aires 18 S2   consumption Rev. James Smith
  5/12/1855 Stanfield, James   1d F15      
  6/12/1855 Kauffman, Alfred North American 3w V     Rev G. D. Carrow
  6/12/1855 Ross, Isabella English 29 D5   inflammation Rev. James Smith
  12/12/1855 Jackson, Henry English S S3   disease of the heart Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  13/12/1855 Plummer, Olive English         Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  16/12/1855 Hollings, Anna Buenos Aires 7m E17      
  18/12/1855 Brown, John English 73 S4 seaman old age Rev. J. Chubb Ford
  18/12/1855 Brown, George North American 32 S10 seaman   Rev G. D. Carrow
  18/12/1855 Shaw, Catherine Buenos Aires 4m E9   water in the head  
  27/12/1855 Ayliffe, Lucy Buenos Aires 9m N151   water in the head Rev G. D. Carrow
  30/12/1855 Taft, Thomas North American 45 S11   inflammation on the lungs Rev G. D. Carrow

fuente: tomo tres, oficina directiva, Cementerio Británico, Buenos Aires