List of vessels arrived at Buenos Ayres in the year 1826 and 1827

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Shipping movements in the Port of Buenos Aires (1826-1835)
In The National Archives in the series F.O. 6, Foreign Office: Political and Other Departments: General Correspondence before 1906, Buenos Aires (Later Argentine Republic), there are reports sent back to London listing merchant vessels entering and leaving the Port of Buenos Aires. At first, all the vessels are listed, but with very sparse details. Then from 1828, the British Consul General sent back detailed reports of the movements in and out of the port of only the British shipping.

These give full details of each ship and captain, the port of origin, the goods each carried and their value. Then, the same vessels, loaded with local produce, are listed on their departure with similar details, date of clearance, port of destination, nature of cargo and its value.

In transcribing and publishing these tables as far as 1835, a very interesting story is revealed of the earliest years of British commercial activity in the River Plate region, of the kinds of goods imported and exported in those days.

This transcription keeps very close to the original documents, though tiny editorial alterations have been made to maintain consistency of style. In addition, most of the ships' tonnage details was listed to the nearest 1/94 part of a ton. Here, these fractions have been rounded up or down to the nearest ton as the case may be.

Vessel Name Where from Year
American Brig Ant Santos 1826
American Schooner Grace Ann Santos 1826
American Brig Caroline Boston 1826
British Brig Harmony Greenock 1826
Hamburgh Ship Daphne Hamburgh 1826
British Brig Intrepid Packet London 1826
American Brig Bud Santos 1826
American Brig Thomas Boston 1826
Swedish Brig Gustavus St Bartholomew 1826
French Ship Olinde Havre 1826
American Brig James Noble New York 1826
French Brig Panurge Havre 1826
American Schooner Hazard Rio Janeiro 1826
British Brig Mary Tarragona 1826
Dutch Brig Dicoek (?) Antwerp 1826
British Schooner Eliza Ann Santos 1826
Sardinian Polacca Tiburtina Santos 1826
French Brig Bearnois Havre 1826
Dutch Brig Victor Valparaiso 1826
American Ship Corsair Bahia 1826
American Brig Horner Rio Janeiro 1826
American Schooner Hazard Santos 1826
British Schooner Nymph Gibraltar 1826
British Schooner Cesar Patagonia 1826
French Ship Antonine Havre 1826
American Schooner Rylox Santos 1826
American Schooner Beauty Montevideo 1827
American Schooner Nancy Baltimore 1827
American Brig Eliza Ann New York 1827
American Brig Rebecca St Thomas 1827
American Schooner Hero Plymouth 1827
American Schooner Magnet Buena Vista 1827
American Schooner Liberty Rio Janeiro 1827
American Schooner Dove Baltimore 1827
American Schooner Lafayette Montevideo 1827
American Brig Midas Montevideo 1827
American Brig Sylph Rio Janeiro 1827
American Schooner Ranger Rio Janeiro 1827
American Brig Sicily Montevideo 1827
American Ship Governor Hawkins Montevideo 1827
American Schooner Montezuma Rio Janeiro 1827
American Brig St Thomas Montevideo 1827
American Schooner Liberty Rio Janeiro 1827
British Brig Liberator Montevideo 1827
American Brig Tuscaloosa Rio Janeiro 1827
American Brig Anne Prize to a Privateer 1827
American Ship Columbia Montevideo 1827
American Schooner Robert Armstrong Rio Janeiro 1827
Sardinian Schooner San Fernando Montevideo 1827
Sardinian Brig Viva Genova Rio Janeiro 1827
American Brig George Washington Rio Janeiro 1827
American Schooner Duplicate Rio Janeiro 1827
American Schooner Alexander Rio Janeiro 1827
American Schooner Rylox Patagonia 1827
American Brig Niger Rio Janeiro 1827
American Schooner Joseph Meads Boston 1827
American Brig Fidelity Rio Janeiro 1827
British Brig Rapid Liverpool 1827
Amercian Brig Edward Rio Janeiro 1827
American Brig James Lawrence Philadephia 1827
French Brig Jeune Navarrois Montevideo 1827
American Schooner Delphin Havannah 1827
American Brig Arethusa Montevideo 1827
American Brig General Sucre Boston 1827
American Brig Edward Rio Janeiro 1827

Source: The National Archives, FO 6/20, ff. 276-7
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