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Commercial Academy, No. 30, Calle de la Catedral

At the Annual Public Examination of the above Establishment, on THURSDAY, the 24th ult., the following Pupils obtained the PRIZES (*) in their respective Classes:


First Class—First Prize, John Wilson; second Prize, Robert Grant.
Second Class—First Prize, John Hyndman; second prize, Mariano Amezaga.
Third Class—First Prize, Gustavus Sunblad; second prize, Charles Grant.
Fourth Class—First Prize, James Millar; second prize, Charles Tidbloom.
Fifth Class—First Prize, Joseph Mackinney; second prize, John Campsie.
Sixth Class—First Prize, Frederick Mayer; second prize, William Black.

English Grammar

First Class—First Prize, Charles Villatte; second prize, Charles Dick.
Second Class—First Prize, John Ramsay; second prize, William Forsyth.


Reading Class—First Prize, George Rogers; second prize, Mariano Amezaga.
Spanish Grammar—First Prize, Robert Grant; second prize, George Rogers.


First Class—First Prize, James Linay; second prize, Robert Grant.
Second Class—First Prize, William Lawrence; second prize, William Liddle.
Third Class—First Prize, John Ramsay; second prize, James Galbraith.
Fourth Class—First Prize, David Ramsay; second prize, Gustavus Sunblad.


First Class—First Prize, Mariano Amezaga; second prize, Frederick Acuña.
Second Class—First Prize, José M. Gutierrez; second prize, Charles Villatte.
Third Class—First Prize, Luis Braga; second prize, George Bayley.
Fourth Class—First Prize, James Galbraith; second prize, Alexander Dupignac.
Fifth Class—First Prize, Benjamin Simons; second prize, James Noble.
Sixth Class—First Prize, Joseph Mackenney; second prize, Joseph Davies.
Seventh Class— First Prize, George Tidbloom; second prize, Frederick Bayley.

REWARDS were also assigned the following, for Good Conduct, and general eminence in their respective classes: James Barton, Alexander Forsyth, Miguel F. Annat, Thomas Craigdallie, Joseph Fleming, William White, Thomas Barton, William Frogatt, Thomas Hunt, John Milner, and William Beech.

MR. RAMSAY avails himself of this opportunity to return his most grateful acknowledgements to the Public, for the liberal patronage dispensed in his Establishment during the past year; and begs leave to state, that the Academy will be re-opened on Monday 4th January, when a punctual attendance of the Pupils is earnestly requested.

(*) It may be proper to observe, for the information of Parents, that on this occasion the Prizes were not awarded either according to the arbitrary judgment of the Teacher, or the accidental opinion of those who were present at the Examinations, ---but from a correct record of their respective standings for the last four months. As this plan is unquestionably more equitable in principle, and better calculated to secure the general punctuality and diligence of the Pupils, it will be rigidly adhered to for the future; and, consequently, Parents and Guardians will do well to remind those under their charge, that to gain Prizes, two things are indispensably necessary: ---constant attendance; and regular systematic application throughout the school year.

Source: The British Packet and Argentine News, 2nd January 1836

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