The Lincolnshire Farmers—a disastrous emigration scheme

Studies in 19th and 20th century emigration

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The case of the Lincolnshire Farmers Link
Who were the Lincolnshire Farmers? introduction
A list of their names
   Background and Notes
   Names A—K
   Names K—Z
families A—K
families L—Z
Eyewitness accounts Annie Godward
   Tom Shrewsbury
   Emma Edwards
What happened later? afterwards
List of online documents (to come)
Printed accounts
   South American Missionary Magazine
   Walter Seymour (manager in Paraguay)
   Frederick St John (Chargé d'Affaires in Buenos Aires)
(to come)
(to come)
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Published articles by
   Andrew Nickson (Spanish and English)
   Jeremy Howat
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Bas-refief of the Revd William Case Morris
Bronze bas-relief of the Revd William Case Morris, educator and philanthropist,
who as a child was among the Lincolnshire Farmers
Photograph: Hugo and Helena Costello, 2007

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