Burials in the Victoria Cemetery, 1854 to 1855

Source: St John's Cathedral archives, item 35-25-03

The officiating ministers encountered regularly in the years 1854 to 1857 were as follows:
The Rev. August Ludwig Siegel, Minister of the German Lutheran Church, from 1843 to 1854;
The Rev. Henry Martin Faulkner, English Chaplain at St John's Church, 1847 to 1854;
The Rev. Dallas D. Lore, Minister of the American Methodist Church, 1847 to 1854.
The Rev. James Smith, Scots Chaplain at St Andrew's Church, 1850 to 1883;
The Rev. John Chubb Ford, English Chaplain at St John's Church, 1854 to 1870;
The Rev. Goldsmith D. Carrow, Minister of the American Methodist Church, 1854 onwards;
The Rev. Erich Wilhelm Schweinitz, Minister of the German Lutheran Church, from 1854 to 1860;
The Rev. George Ogilvie, Assistant Chaplain at St John's Church, 1856 to 1858.

Last Name, First Name Where born Age Date
Occupation Died from Officiant
Dickson, Matilda Scotland 27 10/1/1854   Inflammation Mr Smith
Coyle, Mary England 70 11/1/1854 brought from old cemetery Old age H.M. Faulkner
Pingel, Susannah Germany 7 14/1/1854   Burnt to death Mr Siegel
Larsen, Peter Germany 44 16/1/1854      
Falleans, Dorothea Germany 8 days 18/1/1854   Mal Mr Siegel
(unknown), Peter England 36 18/1/1854      
Cummins, Agnes Ireland 34 23/1/1854   Child-bed Mr Smith
Ackerley, Charles Buenos Ayres 10 months 24/1/1854   Brain fever J. Chubb Ford
Macdonald, Alexander England 38 27/1/1854   Sudden death J. Chubb Ford
Oliver, Charles Bass England 53 1/2/1854   Inflammation of the liver J. Chubb Ford
Lea, Ann England 70 3/2/1854   Cancer J. Chubb Ford
Melberge, John Germany 58 6/2/1854     Mr Siegel
Sterling, George England 44 16/2/1854   Sudden death J. Chubb Ford
Ferguson, Mary Scotland 82 20/2/1854   Old age Mr Smith
Connor, Edward North America 58 3/3/1854 Hatter   Mr Lore
Noble, Mary Buenos Ayres 16 days 3/3/1854   Mal Mr Smith
Male from British Hospital England 32 5/3/1854     J. Chubb Ford
Marshall, Thomas Buenos Ayres 16 days 7/3/1854   Mal Mr Smith
Rosenthall, Caroline Germany 10 months 7/3/1854   Water on the head Mr Siegel
Nash, Henry England 33 13/3/1854   Apoplexy J. Chubb Ford
Kufers, Matthew Germany 6 months 18/3/1854     Mr Siegel
Brown, William North America 32 24/3/1854      
Leng, Louis Germany 45 25/3/1854   Sudden death Mr Siegel
Schultz, Margaret England   26/3/1854   Consumption J. Chubb Ford
Walls, William Scotland 36 29/3/1854   Disease of the heart Mr Smith
(unknown), Augustus Germany 3 4/4/1854   Infirmity of the breast Mr Siegel
Moody, James Scotland 71 8/4/1854 Gardener Old age Mr Smith
Cummins, Ann Buenos Ayres 10 days 9/4/1854   Mal Mr Smith
Atwell, James Scotland 45 16/4/1854 Carpenter Sudden death Mr Smith
Dand, John England 44 22/4/1854   Sudden death J. Chubb Ford
Rutenleg, Frederick Germany 2 22/4/1854   Cold Mr Siegel
Mason, Sarah Buenos Ayres 10 days 23/4/1854   Mal Mr Lore
Livingstone, Elizabeth North America 36 30/4/1854   Consumption Mr Lore
Mills, Isabella Scotland 76 30/4/1854   Old age Mr Smith
Deetjen, Agnes Germany 4 weeks 2/5/1854   Cold Mr Siegel
Champion, James England 36 8/5/1854   Paralysis Mr Smith
Kern, Frederick Germany 3 12/5/1854   Fever Mr Siegel
Morison, Jane Scotland 48 18/5/1854   Sudden death Mr Smith
Duncklers, Matilda Germany 4 months 19/5/1854   Weakness Mr Siegel
Pulls, Margaret Germany 3 days 24/5/1854     Mr Siegel
Schifferd, Samuel Germany 46 28/6/1854 Pulpero Murdered Mr Siegel
Nelson, John England 24 15/6/1854   Sudden death Mr Smith
Henderson, June Buenos Ayres 20 months 20/6/1854   Bowel complaint Mr Smith
Gibbins, William North America 44 20/6/1854     Mr Smith
Cummins, Henry England 17 21/6/1854   Drowned Mr Lore
Dick, George Scotland 25 7/7/1854 Seaman Drowned J. Chubb Ford
Tottman, Henry England 44 9/7/1854     J. Chubb Ford
Daniell, Jane Ireland   13/7/1854   Sudden death J. Chubb Ford
Nuttall, George England 44 25/7/1854     N
Christine, Caroline Germany   27/7/1854     Mr Siegel
Black, Neil Scotland 60 3/8/1854   Liver complaint Mr Smith
Dick, Catherine Scotland 60 3/8/1854   Consumption Mr Smith
McCargo, Susannah Buenos Ayres 4 months 4/8/1854     N
Galaher, Antony Ireland 26 9/8/1854     Mr Smith
Lob, James Germany 50 18/8/1854   Consumption Mr Siegel
Brown, Elizabeth Buenos Ayres 22 19/8/1854   Sudden death Mr Smith
Graham, Mary Ireland 50 22/8/1854   Consumption Mr Smith
Smith, Charlotte England 63 27/8/1854   Inflammation J. Chubb Ford
Puckey, Joseph England 28 28/8/1854 Seaman, caulker Drowned J. Chubb Ford
George, Nicholas S. England 32 28/8/1854 Seaman Drowned J. Chubb Ford
Norcott, William England 22 28/8/1854 Seaman Drowned J. Chubb Ford
Hudson, Jacob England 24 28/8/1854 Seaman Drowned J. Chubb Ford
Edwards, William England 18 29/8/1854 Seaman Drowned J. Chubb Ford
Lambert, James England 25 29/8/1854 Seaman Drowned J. Chubb Ford
Roberts, Thomas England 45 29/8/1854 Seaman Drowned J. Chubb Ford
Davidson, Edward England 30 29/8/1854 Seaman, carpenter Drowned J. Chubb Ford
Crocker, Thomas England 26 29/8/1854 Seaman Drowned J. Chubb Ford
Dancy, R. England 34 29/8/1854 Seaman, butcher Drowned J. Chubb Ford
Hargreaves, Mr A.'s stillborn child     4/9/1854      
Wright, William Charles Germany 50 9/9/1854     Mr Siegel
Chote, Thomas P. England 50 17/9/1854 Painter etc. Consumption Mr Carrow
Finis, Charles Germany 69 25/9/1854     N
Dolphin, Richard England 80 26/9/1854 Saddler Old age J. Chubb Ford
Rodger, Mary North America 52 11/10/1854   Inflammation Mr Smith
Campbell, John Scotland   16/10/1854 Estanciero Liver complaint Mr Smith
Rolle, Alexander Scotland 22 19/10/1854 Seaman   J. Chubb Ford
Henderson, Mary Buenos Ayres 6 months 7/11/1854   Cold N
Ferguson, Catherine Buenos Ayres 3 23/11/1854   Brain fever Mr Smith
Stanfield, Mary Ann Buenos Ayres 2 days 4/12/1854   Premature birth J. Chubb Ford
Stegmann, Claudius Germany 56 12/12/1854 Merchant Cancer Mr Schweinitz
Loch, Mr's stillborn child     15/12/1854      
Howe, Sarah England 55 16/12/1854   Dysentery J. Chubb Ford
Lutenberg, Fernando Germany 1 day 17/12/1854     N
Ball, Richard England   20/12/1854      
Gibson, Mr's stillborn child     20/12/1854      
Sandeman, Hugh Scotland 22 20/12/1854   Consumption J. Chubb Ford
Barnecott, Richard England   24/12/1854 Ostler Drowned J. Chubb Ford
Linklater, Lewis Scotland 42 25/12/1854 Shoemaker   Mr Smith
Bell, George Buenos Ayres 5 months 1/1/1855   Croup Mr Smith
Heath, Harriet Buenos Ayres 6 months 9/1/1855   Brain fever J. Chubb Ford
Brown, David Buenos Ayres 8 months 19/1/1855     Mr Smith
Man from hospital     20/1/1855   Consumption J. Chubb Ford
Barton, Jane England 14 24/1/1855   Sudden death J. Chubb Ford
Umpleby, Margaret Scotland 90 27/1/1855   Old age Mr Smith
Cleaver, Edward Esmy England 60 29/1/1855 Farmer Decay J. Chubb Ford
Olvin, Soain Germany 39 1/2/1855 Seaman Drowned Mr Schweinitz
Syngberg, Peter Germany 24 1/2/1855 Seaman Drowned Mr Schweinitz
Chote, Mary England 60 2/2/1855   Inflammation Mr Carrow
McLean, Patrick Scotland   4/2/1855 Merchant Sudden death Mr Smith
Spraggon, George England 22 5/2/1855 Farmer Sudden death (accident) J. Chubb Ford
McDowden, Jane Buenos Ayres   12/2/1855   Brain fever J. Chubb Ford
Thompson, William England   16/2/1855     J. Chubb Ford
Stanfort, John England   26/2/1855 Seaman Drowned J. Chubb Ford
Sanders, George England 28 26/2/1844 Seaman Drowned J. Chubb Ford
Schall, Peter Germany   26/2/1855     Mr Schweinitz
Burns, Harry England 54 26/2/1855 Estanciero Sudden Mr Smith
Rosenthal, Charles Germany 5 days 1/3/1855     Mr Schweinitz
Wheelwright, Samuel F. New York 23 6/3/1855 Merchant Sudden Mr Carrow
Whitman, Henry New York 22 18/3/1855 Seaman Fall from yard Mr Carrow
Ramsay, Janet Scotland 49 23/3/1855   Dysentery Mr Smith
Wigman, Julia Germany   25/3/1855     Mr Schweinitz
Murphy, William England 50 31/3/1855 Farmer Consumption J. Chubb Ford
Diesdale (Drysdale)?, Elizabeth Buenos Ayres 6 days 31/3/1855   Mal N
Hart, John Buenos Ayres 11 4/4/1855   Murdered Mr Carrow
Mason, Mr's stillborn child     10/4/1855      
Grierson, James Scotland 84 11/4/1855     N
Higginbotham, John North America 66 16/4/1855 late Broker Apoplexy J. Chubb Ford
Martindale, Sarah England 60 18/4/1855   Inflammation Mr Stockbridge
Lewis, Prudence United States 65 22/4/1855   Consumption Mr Smith
Robson, James Buenos Ayres 30/4/1855   Typhus fever Mr Smith
Snodgrass, Archibald Scotland 22 4/5/1855   Consumption Mr Smith
Hossack, Jessie Jane Buenos Ayres 6 days 6/5/1855   Mal Mr Stockbridge
Dunkler, Matilda Germany 1 day 7/5/1855     Mr Schweinitz
Refe, Elizabeth Germany 1 day 14/5/1855     Mr Schweinitz
Dodds, Elizabeth Buenos Ayres 10 days 15/5/1855   Mal N
Bowness (alias), Charles England 56 21/5/1855 Colonel in Army Inflammation J. Chubb Ford
Schuber, John H. Germany 22 27/5/1855   Lock jaw Mr Schweinitz
Galt, John Scotland 38 30/5/1855 Merchant captain Inflammation Mr Smith
Jackson, William Gilbert England 36 30/5/1855 Merchant captain Delirium tremens J. Chubb Ford
Snodgrass, Adam England 1/6/1855   Swelling in the knee Mr Smith
Vincent, Eliza London 62 2/6/1855   Paralysis J. Chubb Ford
Stinshasky, Hannah Germany 85 3/6/1855   Old age Mr Schweinitz
Becher, Julia Buenos Ayres 2 4/6/1855   Brain fever Mr Smith
Trant, William Germany 54 5/6/1855   Lock jaw Mr Schweinitz
Thompson, William Wales 54 15/6/1855 Carpenter Debility J. Chubb Ford
Bruce, John Scotland   20/6/1855   Consumption Mr Smith
Müller, Francis Buenos Ayres 22/6/1855   Brain fever Mr Schweinitz
Newham, William England 44 22/6/1855   Sudden J. Chubb Ford
Hollings, Emma Monte Video 2 29/6/1855   Indigestion J. Chubb Ford
German child Buenos Ayres 3 days 1/7/1855      
Staut, Mr's stillborn child     11/7/1855      
Boote, Martha Buenos Ayres   19/7/1855   Mal  
Sherer, Frederick Germany 34 23/7/1855   Lock jaw Mr Schweinitz
Abbott, John England 48 24/7/1855 Ship (illegible) Sudden death J. Chubb Ford
Schmidt, Peter Guernsey 48 27/7/1855 Pilot Apoplexy J. Chubb Ford
Altmann, Martha Buenos Ayres 2 4/8/1855     Mr Schweinitz
Cummins, Andrew Buenos Ayres 16 months 16/8/1855   Cold in the head Mr Smith
Kaufmann, Frederick England 54 17/8/1855 Merchant Apoplexy J. Chubb Ford
Wilson, James Scotland 46 18/8/1855     Mr Smith
Green, Edward Buenos Ayres 7 months 20/8/1855     J. Chubb Ford
Oseerman(?), Herman Buenos Ayres   22/8/1855     J. Chubb Ford
Brurth(?), Teodoro Germany 58 23/8/1855 Storekeeper Consumption Mr Schweinitz
Pettigrew, James Buenos Ayres 4 months 31/8/1855     Mr Smith
Brodie, Thomas Scotland   20/9/1855 Storekeeper   Mr Smith
Klick, John Germany 58 22/9/1855   Palsy Mr Schweinitz
Shlutty, John Germany 26 26/9/1855 Seaman   Mr Schweinitz
Fisher, James England 36 1/10/1855     N
Ludlam, Matilda England 56 3/10/1855 Reinterred from
cemetery at Rio Janeiro
Doune, Charles Buenos Ayres 7 days 8/10/1855   Mal N
Thoumbelson, James England 67 8/10/1855 Shoemaker   Mr Smith
Walker, William H. England 25 16/10/1855 Clerk Consumption J. Chubb Ford
Drysdale, Thomas Buenos Ayres 1 day 20/10/1855     Mr Smith
Clydesdale, Robert Scotland 36 24/10/1855 Shoemaker Liver complaint Chaplain of U.S. Ship of War for Mr Carrow
McLean, Hugh Buenos Ayres 10 days 26/10/1855   Mal N
Smith, James England 32 30/10/1855   Sudden death J. Chubb Ford
Craig, Mr's stillborn child     2/11/1855      
Green, Mary Buenos Ayres 3 months 2/11/1855     Mr Carrow
Wiulland(?), Robert England 52 10/11/1855     N
Finch, James [Fish, George] North America 54 14/11/1855 Chairmaker   Mr Carrow
Gillis, Peter North America 24 17/11/1855 Seaman   Mr Carrow
Wilson, James Scotland 18 20/11/1855 Seaman Drowned Mr Smith
Lonel, Frederick Germany 48 28/11/1855     N
McDonald, Mary Buenos Ayres 18 28/11/1855   Consumption Mr Smith
Stanfield, James Buenos Ayres 1 day 5/12/1855      
Kauffmann, Alfred North America 3 weeks 6/12/1855     Mr Carrow
Ross, Isabella England 29 6/12/1855   Inflammation Mr Smith
Justice, James   40 10/12/1855   died in the Spanish Hospital  
Jackson, Henry England 18 12/12/1855   Disease of the heart J. Chubb Ford
Plummer, Olive North America   13/12/1855   Mal J. Chubb Ford
Hollings, Emma Buenos Ayres 7 months 16/12/1855     N
Brown, John England 73 18/12/1855   Old age J. Chubb Ford
Brown, George North America 32 18/12/1855 Seaman   Mr Carrow
Shaw, Catherine Buenos Ayres 4 months 18/12/1855   Water on the head Mr Smith
Ayliffe, Louisa Buenos Ayres 9 months 27/12/1855   Water on the head Mr Carrow
Taft, Thomas North America 45 30/12/1855   Inflammation of lungs Mr Carrow
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