Burials in the Victoria Cemetery, 1834 to 1892

In November 1833, the new Protestant cemetery was opened. It was situated some way out of the then centre of Buenos Aires, on the corner of calles Victoria and Pasco. It was described in Mulhall's Handbook of the River Plate Republics, 1875, as covering a "manzana" of 4 acres, nicely planted and walled in. The Germans have a quarter to themselves, and English, Scotch, and Americans occupy the rest. This was to be final resting place for many an immigrant from Northern Europe and North America until 1892, when it was declared to be full, and many of the headstones were transferred to line the walls of the newly created British Cemetery at Chacarita.

The St John's burial register continues to give the full set of details of each death, including the cause of death, and the Officiating Minister.

Burials in the Victoria Cemetery, 1834 to 1835

Source: St John's Cathedral archives, item 35-25-01

* For the sake of completion, the first five interrments in the Victoria Cemetery, although they took place in 1833, are listed here.
Last Name, First Name Where born Age Date
Disease Occupation Officiant
Priestley, William Hudson * Liverpool 37 6/11/1833 Accidental death Merchant J Armstrong
Gowland, Thomas * London 65 6/11/1833 Accidental death   J Armstrong
Dwerhagen, Herman Conrad * Bremen 66 2/12/1833 Liver complaint Merchant J Armstrong
Dorr, E. J. * Buenos Ayres 3 months 11/12/1833     J Armstrong
Parlane, Mary A. * Buenos Ayres 3 months 31/12/1833     J Armstrong
Sheridan, Alfred Buenos Ayres 6 4/1/1834     J Armstrong
Stevenson, James Boston 40 5/1/1834   Sailor W Torrey
Glue, William England 62 11/1/1834   Bricklayer  
Wilson, Robert England 38 15/1/1834 Consumption Labourer  
Richmond, William Buenos Ayres 8 months 20/1/1834      
Watson, James Virginia, N. A. 26 25/1/1834   Mariner  
Smith, Elizabeth Buenos Ayres 7 days 29/1/1834 Bowel complaint    
Veitch, William Scotland 21 29/1/1834 By taking Arsenick Clerk  
Smith, Jesse England 45 31/1/1834     W Torrey
Dupignac, John     31/1/1834 Bowel complaint    
White Buenos Ayres Stillborn 16/2/1834 Bowel complaint    
Symes, James England 26 20/2/1834   Mariner J Armstrong
Shipman, John England   28/2/1834      
Wilson, Thomas Buenos Ayres Stillborn 6/3/1834      
Adams, Samuel Buenos Ayres (Scotland)   13/3/1834      
Ray, Samuel Boston 60 20/3/1834 Sudden death Mariner  
Bruce, Robert Buenos Ayres Stillborn 27/3/1834      
McPhail, James Buenos Ayres 7 days 31/3/1834      
McKeig, Catherine Ireland 36 11/4/1834     J Armstrong
Steward, Mrs Argyll, Scotland 38 11/4/1834      
Cummings, Thomas Buenos Ayres 12 days 8/5/1834      
Martin, Edward Yarmouth 43 16/5/1834 Apoplexy Master mariner J Armstrong
Brown, Nancy Buenos Ayres 6 days 28/5/1834      
Ilian, Jane Ireland 85 3/6/1834      
Dugall, Thomas Scotland 38 7/6/1834 Sudden death Mariner  
McCabe, John Guernsey 32 25/6/1834 Consumption Servant J Armstrong
Robertson, John England 35 22/7/1834 Drowned Mariner  
Montrose, Francis New York 56 26/7/1834   Mariner W Torrey
Balandin, Manuel alias Aaron Burn New York 34 31/7/1834 Consumption Mariner  
Buchannan, Robert Buenos Ayres 9 days 4/8/1834      
Watson, George Banffshire, Scotland 48 8/8/1834 Liver complaint Store keeper J Armstrong
Wilson, Donald Isle of Mull, Scotland 29 17/8/1834 Inflammation of bowels Mariner J Armstrong
McLean Buenos Ayres Stillborn 29/8/1834      
Sheen Buenos Ayres Stillborn 4/9/1834      
McNab   Stillborn 8/9/1834      
Thompson, William England 42 11/9/1834 Consumption Carpenter J Armstrong
Webster, Jacob England 60 14/9/1834 Died suddenly Labourer  
Beard, Henry Scotland 19 6/10/1834   Mariner  
Scott, Catherine Buenos Ayres 11 days 14/10/1834      
Marsden, Thomas England 35 16/10/1834 Inflammation Mariner J Armstrong
Clapperback Buenos Ayres (Germany) 11 days 23/10/1834      
Sidders, Thomas Buenos Ayres 16 days 24/10/1834     J Armstrong
Lewis, Thomas   29 27/10/1834   Mariner  
Mar, John North America 35 1/11/1834   Mariner  
Devett, William England 41 11/11/1834 Consumption Carpenter J Armstrong
McCloud, John Scotland   10/12/1834 Sudden death Mariner J Armstrong
Jones, John   44 16/12/1834      
White, Henry Buenos Ayres 14 months 1/1/1835     J Armstrong
Broatch, James Dumfries, Scotland 32 5/1/1835 Accidental death Farmer  
Lewis, John England 43 9/1/1835 Consumption Mariner  
Read, Matthew Ayrshire, Scotland 58 24/1/1835   Bricklayer J Armstrong
Mills, Alexander Edinburgh, Scotland 40 25/1/1835   Blacksmith  
Fabre, Henry Germany 31 3/2/1835   Carpenter  
Hart, Robert Buenos Ayres 16 days 18/2/1835      
Wells, James Ireland 38 3/3/1835   Tailor  
Rushmore, James England 44 13/3/1835 Mortified leg Carpenter J Armstrong
Kruise, Samuel Charles North America 34 22/3/1835 Dropsy Mariner  
Wain , Thomas Buenos Ayres 11 days 1/4/1835      
Bluemstein, Jacob Jersey 38 2/4/1835 Inflammation Merchant  
Junor, Hugh Buenos Ayres 6 days 11/4/1835      
Williams, John Liverpool 37 14/4/1835 Convulsion fits   J Armstrong
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