Register of Burials in the first Protestant Cemetery, 1821 to 1833

The Anglican Church of St John the Baptist, located in the centre of Buenos Aires, has been the focal point for English immigrants since 1831. St Andrew's Presbyterian Church has served the Scots community for a similar period of time.
The British in Argentina, from the earliest days of the nation's independence, have negotiated with the government for certain freedoms. One of the first of these was the privilege of being able to bury their dead according to the religious rites and customs they brought with them from Great Britain.
In a country predominantly Roman Catholic, many people arriving from the British Isles found themselves to be in a minority as members of churches belonging to the reformed tradition of Christianity.
So in 1821, a group of influential settlers obtained the necessary permission to acquire a small parcel of land, 18 by 75 yards (68.55 by 16.45 m.) for what was to be the first Protestant cemetery in the City of Buenos Aires. It was located in Calle del Socorro (now the calle Juncal) at the side of the Socorro Parish churchyard.
Between the years 1821 and 1833, a total of 584 persons were buried in this cemetery. Subsequently the British community acquired the Victoria Cemetery for burying their dead, and this in 1892 was superseded by the British Cemetery in Chacarita.

The register of burials in the Socorro Protestant Cemetery forms part of the archives of St John's Cathedral (as it now is). The Rector and Cathedral Council have given their kind permission to reproduce here the list of the people buried in it.
There is an excellent recent history written about this cemetery by Maxine Hanon and Jorge Alfonsin: El Pequeño Cementerio Protestante de la Calle del Socorro en la Ciudad de Buenos Ayres, 1821-1833, 111 pages, published in 1998 in Buenos Aires. In it the authors give a detailed account of the foundation of the cemetery and of the principal people buried there.

A new transcription of the burial register follows on the following four web pages. Any further information for clarification has been added in italics. People searching for particular names should bear in mind that the spelling in the burial register was sometimes phonetic. For example 'McClymont', a well-known name among the earliest Scots settlers in Argentina, is found here as 'McLimont'.

What information was recorded in the burials register changed over the years. There was a major alteration at the beginning of 1829, which is reflected in the column headings in these tables. For the purposes of containing the display of this data within the width of the monitor screen, certain categories of data in the burial register have not been reproduced here. In the period 1821 to 1828, they are Burial Number, Grave Number, Sex and Colour. In the following period to 1833, only the Burial Number and Grave Number are omitted. Should any one wish to have a complete transcription of any particular entry, contact me, Jeremy Howat.

Burials in the Protestant Cemetery, 1821 to 1825

Source: St John's Cathedral archives, item 35-25-01

Last Name, First Name Where born Age Date
State Disease Occupation
Adams, John England 30 ??/1821 Single Consumption Carpenter
Okes, Henry Cambridge, England 32 9/4/1821   Accidental death Merchant
Lampkin, Mary England 32 19/6/1821 Married    
Wilkinson, Crispin Clifton, Yorkshire, England 37 more or less 5/7/1821   Fever Merchant
Overton, William England 28 19/7/1821 Married Hepatitis  
Unknown male North America   ??/8/1821   Poisoned Master of vessel
Jones, John England 40 ?/1821 Married Liver complaint Servant
Forest, Robert England 30 28/10/1821   A fall from his horse Master of the brig Pleyedies
Unknown male England   ??/12/1821   Suffocation Seaman
Lane, John Sweden 32 20/3/1822   Accidental death Bootmaker
Elliot, Henry Scotland 27 26/3/1822 Single Dropsy Carpenter
McLachlane, Alexander Scotland 35 30/3/1822 Married Consumption Merchant
Benn, George England 35 8/7/1822 Single Suicide Merchant
Charleston, George North America 33 14/7/1822   Smallpox Merchant
Glue, William England 4 7/8/1822   Scalded to death  
Green, John England 52 3/9/1822 Single Hepatitis Seaman
Ohlerking, Friederick Hanover 55 6/9/1822 Single Gangrene Musician
Page, John Plymouth, Devonshire, England 31 9/9/1822 Single Smallpox Bootmaker
Unknown male     23/9/1822   Drowned Seaman
Daley, Joseph North America 39 23/9/1822 Single Drowned Seaman
Fabian, William North America 29 23/9/1822 Single Drowned Seaman
Cambell, William North America 18 23/9/1822 Single Drowned Seaman
Longhorn, George England 21 7/10/1822 Single Drowned Seaman, brig Nancy
Camren, Samuel England 35 10/10/1822   Locked jaw Herrero
Bruce, William Scotland 28 20/10/1822 Single Gangrene Seaman
Grey, William Scotland 35 4/11/1822 Married Drowned Seaman, brig Pluedy
Yates, Hannah England 33 22/1/1823 Married Fever  
Cooke, William Norfolk, England 33 28/1/1823 Married Fit(?) Captain of brig Liverpool
Smith, John Hamburg 35 31/1/1823 Single Consumption Seaman
Dwier, William County of Cork, Ireland 28 10/2/1823 Married Assassinated Labrador
Halliday, Robert’s child     14/2/1823   Stillborn  
Witfield, Thomas Buenos Ayres   16/2/1823      
A sailor found drowned     18/2/1823   Drowned Sailor
Pogerstrom, John Sweden 40 10/3/1823 Married   Carpenter
McDougal, William Scotland 50 30/3/1823 Married Assassinated Master of a ship
Paris, Thomas England 34 30/3/1823 Single Assassinated Sailor
Sheridan, James Ireland 36 31/3/1823 Single Apoplexy Merchant
Smith, William Ireland 23 19/4/1823 Single Sudden death Seaman
Williams, John Wales 22 28/4/1823 Single Spasm  
Lane, Mary England 34 13/6/1823 Married    
Lee, William England 52 10/7/1823 Single   Seaman
Downes, Joseph England 44 14/7/1823 Married Fever Merchant
Mordaunt, Mr England 25 16/7/1823 Single   Seaman
Kinock, James Scotland 65 17/7/1823 Single Dysentery Carpenter, brig Laurel
Sterling, William Buenos Ayres 26/8/1823 Single    
Willis, Mary Ireland 35 29/10/1823 Married    
Williams, Anne England 36 4/12/1823 Married    
Gamble, Edward England 37 14/12/1823 Married   Captain of Jason
Unknown male England 18 14/12/1823 Single   Seaman of Jason(?)
Davies, George England 36 5/1/1824 Married    
Branigen, William Ireland 47 11/1/1824 Single    
Evans, James England 26 13/1/1824 Single    
Miller, James North America 34 17/1/1824 Single    
Hargreaves, Emily Buenos Ayres 9 months 11/2/1824 Single    
Unknown male Liverpool, England   8/3/1824 Single    
Sterling, Mary Buenos Ayres 10 days 13/3/1824 Single    
Allan, William Canada 54 17/3/1824 Married   Carpenter
Ladd, Ventura Buenos Ayres 14 months 17/3/1824 Single    
Evans, Mr England 30 17/3/1824 Married   Tailor
Zimmermann, Helena Maria Germany 29 28/3/1824 Married    
Bevans, Edwin England 4 2/4/1824 Single    
MacKintosh, Mrs Scotland 40 18/4/1824 Married Dropsy  
Evans, Mr England 30 19/4/1824 Married    
O’Farrell, Mary Buenos Ayres 3 months 1/5/1824      
Canney, William Sunderland, England 34 15/5/1824 Single   Master of vessel
Wincey, Judith Maria Jersey, Channel Islands 36 15/5/1824 Married    
Sherriff, Peter Dunbar, Scotland 26 15/5/1824 Married Thysis [Phthisis] Captain of vessel
Foggeln, William Scotland 30 7/6/1824 Single   Seaman
Rodney, Caesar Augustus North America 52 12/6/1824      
Davies, Elinor England 47 20/6/1824 Single    
Ladd, Mr England 38 26/7/1824 Married    
Sneller, James England 26 10/8/1824 Single   Seaman
Saunley, Edward, two children of     15/8/1824      
Vogelsung, Daniel Germany 42 18/8/1824 Single    
Hinton, Margaret Ireland 35 26/8/1824 Married    
Robinson, James England 28 19/10/1824 Married   Carpenter
Thompson, William England 30 22/10/1824 Single   Seaman
Wincey, William England 15 31/10/1824 Single    
Dallas, Hugh Scotland   11/12/1824 Single   Merchant
Unknown male Holland   15/12/1824      
Unknown     17/12/1824      
Lord, Benjamin North America 30 24/1/1825 Married   Pulpero
Schipman, George, two children of   infants 26/1/1825      
Livingston, John North America 25 2/2/1825 Single Liver complaint Mr Davies’ servant
Nicholle, George Scotland 60 3/2/1825 Single   Carpenter
Young, Barbara England 35 9/2/1825 Married    
Unknown male England   16/2/1825   Found drowned  
Robertson, W.P.’s child Buenos Ayres 6 weeks        
Nelson, Margaret England 35 7/3/1825 Married    
Brown, Mr England 21 14/3/1825 Single    
Evans, William Plymouth, England 38 19/3/1825 Single   A pauper
Parsons, William England 7 days 28/3/1825 Single    
Stewart, William Scotland 64 2/4/1825 Single   A pauper
Reid, James North America 28 4/4/1825 Single   Seaman, Capt. Anderson
Miller, Charles North America 25 10/4/1825 Single Liver complaint Seaman
Jervin, George England 30 17/4/1825 Single Liver complaint J. W. Jones
Mann, William North America 28 18/4/1825 Married Consumption  
Unknown male Sweden 38 26/4/1825   Found drowned Seaman, brig Pomona, Capt. Klinsfledt
Rush, Captain Philadelphia, USA 33 7/5/1825 Single Cramp Sailor
Marlin, Mr Sweden 30 9/5/1825 Single Assassinated Sailor
Johnston, John James Belfast, Ireland 35 13/5/1825 Single Consumption Store keeper
Bearsdale, John Jamaica 25 16/5/1825 Single Thysis Sailor
Lord, George’s child Buenos Ayres   21/5/1825      
Ross, Charles New York 28 28/5/1825 Single Cramp Sailor
Bear, Charles Antwerp 35 5/6/1825 Single Liver complaint Carpenter
Nixon, James   32 16/6/1825 Single Cramp Sailor
Coward, John Scotland 16/6/1825      
Cleland, Margaret Scotland 5 16/6/1825      
McVey, Jane Scotland 9 months 16/6/1825      
Graham, William H. London 22 19/6/1825   Liver complaint Clerk
Hunt, Joseph New York 24 22/6/1825 Single Cramp Carpenter
Barker, Mr’s child Buenos Ayres 3 days 26/6/1825      
Robertson, William Glasgow, Scotland 25 30/6/1825 Single Flux  
Haslin, Henry Germany 30 6/7/1825 Single   Merchant
Robertson, W.P.’s child Buenos Ayres   6/7/1825   Stillborn  
Moory, Martin Belfast, Ireland 28 27/7/1825 Single Fall from a horse Carpenter
Reid, Jeremiah Glasgow, Scotland 26 4/8/1825 Single Shot Emigrant
Muire, Capt. Jaime   55 15/8/1825 Married Dropsy Captain of vessel
Martin, Mr   40 17/8/1825      
Lupton, Edward   35 10/9/1825     Turner
Dawson, George Buenos Ayres 8 days 14/9/1825      
Scholfield [Schofield], Robert Yorkshire, England 28 23/9/1825 Married   Merchant
Johnston, Mary Ann Buenos Ayres 5 months 23/9/1825      
Elliott, William Unknown uncertain 3/10/1825   Drowned Sailor
Walker, James Whitby, England uncertain 3/10/1825   Drowned Sailor
Cridland, Charles London 22 3/10/1825   Liver complaint Shoemaker
Unknown     4/10/1825   Drowned Sailor
Yates, William Herefordshire, England 41 6/10/1825 Married   Farmer
Hicks, John London 28 13/10/1825 Married Drowned Bricklayer
Hinton, Arthur England 39 17/10/1825 Widower Liver complaint Hatter
Dutton, Leven Philadelphia, USA 35 19/10/1825 Single Liver complaint Sailor
Fletcher, Mr’s child Buenos Ayres 6 months 20/10/1825      
Stephenson, Captain A. Hamburg 38 23/10/1825 Married Lock jaw Captain of Tiptonhall
Kroplin, Frederick Altona 30 27/10/1825 Single Bit by a scorpion Carpenter
Froggat, Maria Buenos Ayres 18 months 17/11/1825   Typhus fever  
Taylor, James England 41 30/11/1825 Married Liver complaint Potter
McGuffey, Alexander Scotland 50 6/l2/1825 Single   Carpenter
Ferguson, Jane Liverpool, England 28 20/12/1825 Married Childbirth  
Green, Frederick Buenos Ayres 5 months 23/12/1825   Cutting teeth  
Hesse, Henry Liverpool, England 27 23/12/1825 Single Consumption Jeweller
Johnstone, John Buenos Ayres 12 days 27/12/1825      
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