Baptisms at St John's Church (19), 1891 to 1892

Source: St John's Cathedral archives, item 30-10-02

During the two years 1891 and 1892, the Rev. Pelham Ogle had assistance briefly from the Revs. C. J. A. Batstone and Samuel Fraser Handcock. This was at the time of a fresh influx of immigrants from Great Britain, and clearly Ogle was at times hard-pressed by his duties.

We find Bishop Stirling himself, despite having episcopal responsibilities in every part of South America and the Falkland Islands, lending a hand. It had also helped that the Rev. Arnold T. B. Pinchard had been appointed in 1889 to take responsibility for the church groups in Barracas al Norte and Lomas de Zamora.

When born
When baptised
Candidate's Last Name, First Name Father's first names Father's nationality Mother's first names Mother's nationality Where born Occupation Officiating Minister
22/7/1890 16/1/1891 Ingoldby, Ida Olive William John Joseph Eng Ida Irish Montevideo Civil engineer Pelham Ogle
8/12/1890 22/1/1891 Walker, John Charles Milton William Henry Eng Annie Catharine Irish Rosario de Santa Fe Clerk Pelham Ogle
6/11/1890 29/1/1891 Perkins, Lawrence Banbury Lewis Banbury Eng Mary Theresa Eng Saavedra, Belgrano Commecial Pelham Ogle
15/7/1890 25/1/1891 Prince, Alexander Charles Charles William Brit. born in Russia Mary Hunter Brit. born in Russia Campana Civil engineer Cecil F. Luckman
28/11/1890 9/2/1891 Warble, George James Eng Mary Ann Eng Buenos Aires Mayordomo in Tramway Co. Pelham Ogle
12/3/1890 25/2/1891 Heyworth, Lawrence Ormerod Frederick Eng Amelia Agatha Arg Dpto. Nogoyá, Entre Rios Estanciero Pelham Ogle
31/12/1890 27/2/1891 Morkill, Marian Carlota William Lucius Canad Mary Josephine USA Quilmes Civil engineer Pelham Ogle
16/12/1890 3/3/1891, at Belgrano Chapel Clarke, Derrick Livingston Joseph Percival Eng Elizabeth Arg Belgrano Civil engineer Pelham Ogle
31/1/1890 8/3/1891, at Campana Tench, Henry George William George Eng Alice Eng Campana Tinsmith Pelham Ogle
27/2/1891 24/3/1891, at Quilmes Bolt, Francis Roberts Philip Bartlett Eng Elizabeth Eng Quilmes Commission merchant Pelham Ogle
13/9/1890 9/4/1891 Martin, Flora Janet Charles Eng Agnes Elizabeth Eng Ea. Grande, Partido de La Plata Sheep farmer Pelham Ogle
15/3/1888 9/4/1891, received Martin, Henry Donald Charles Eng Agnes Elizabeth Eng Campana Engineer Pelham Ogle
4/2/1891 12/4/1891 Stockdale, Elena Cristina Henry Arg Jane Arg Belgrano Government employee C. J. A. Batstone
21/1/1891 10/4/1891 von Poellenitz, Herman Walter Arthur John George Mackenzie Bavar Caroline Elizabeth Scots Ea. Lucerne, Pergamino Baron Bishop Waite H. Stirling
8/10/1889 20/4/1891 Emslie, Caroline Mary William Scots Margaret Ellen Welsh San Fernando, F.C.C.A. Electrician Pelham Ogle
24/2/1891 2/5/1891, at Belgrano Chapel Paton, Zella Jane Trelawny Robert Scots Rose Clementina Arg Belgrano Insurance clerk Pelham Ogle
14/4/1891 6/5/1891 Roberts, Marie Elizabeth Rose Robert Henry Ellis Eng Marie Annette Brit. born in France San Martin Clerk Pelham Ogle
28/1/1890 4/5/1891 Fitzwalter, Emily Mary McLellan Charles Alphonso Eng Julia Jane Eng Charcas 1077, Buenos Aires Artist decorator C. J. A. Batstone
10/3/1891 4/5/1891 Fitzwalter, Julia Rebecca Charles Alphonso Eng Julia Jane Eng Charcas 1077, Buenos Aires Artist decorator C. J. A. Batstone
16/2/1891 10/5/1891 Maitland Heriot, George Vivian Frederick British Emily Macaulay British Saavedra, Buenos Aires Manager of the English Bank of Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires Pelham Ogle
24/10/1890 11/5/1891 Arcus, Mabel William Scots Etta Irish Barracas al Sud Engine driver Pelham Ogle
13/3/1891 24/5/1891 Turner, Georgina Florence George William (deceased) Eng Alice Eleanor Eng Buenos Aires Mercantile clerk Pelham Ogle
22/4/1891 31/5/1891 Pink, Ellen Jane Richard Henry Eng Mary Jane Eng Belgrano Labourer Pelham Ogle
1/4/1891 1/6/1891 Gibbon, Dorothy Edith Thomas Eng Annie Maud Lomax Eng Buenos Aires Ship broker Pelham Ogle
27/2/1891 6/6/1891 Farran, Robert Tucker Richard Johnson Eng Mary Florence Buchanan Uru Belgrano Estanciero Pelham Ogle
8/11/1890 6/6/1891 Scott, Aileen Eleanora Carlos Diego Arg Adelaide Arg Buenos Aires Merchant's clerk Pelham Ogle
6/9/1886 14/6/1891 Dallison, Mary Annie Richard Eng Lily Eng England Engine driver Pelham Ogle
1/5/1888 14/6/1891 Dallison, George Richard Eng Lily Eng England Engine driver Pelham Ogle
23/11/1890 14/6/1891 Dallison, Rosa Richard Eng Lily Eng Tigre, F.C.N. Engine driver Pelham Ogle
1/5/1891 20/6/1891 Barton, Geraldine Maitland Alexander Mackinlay Eng Magdalen Eng Rivadavia 65, Belgrano Stock broker Arnold T. B. Pinchard
4/12/1885 29/6/1891 Brown, Dorothy Adelaide Frank Eng Adelaide USA Montevideo Circus manager Pelham Ogle
14/7/1887 29/6/1891 Brown, Francesca Jessie Frank Eng Adelaide USA Buenos Aires Circus manager Pelham Ogle
5/1/18991 29/6/1891 Brown, Amelia Sarah Frank Eng Adelaide USA Buenos Aires Circus manager Pelham Ogle
18/10/1890 2/7/1891 Moss, Alice Emeliana John Rushton Eng Virginia Arg Belgrano Merchant Pelham Ogle
7/10/1888 23/6/1891, at Mercedes, B.A. Damon, Florence Dorothy William Thomas Eng Florence Augusta Eng Mercedes, Buenos Aires Railway traffic inspector Pelham Ogle
12/6/1891 12/7/1891, at Campana Windsor, Sarah Eleanor Harry Calvert Eng Martha Eng Campana Carpenter Pelham Ogle
1/3/1891 13/7/1891 Tetley, Eric William Frank Eng Mary Elizabeth Eng Espartilla Ranchos, Chascomus Estanciero Pelham Ogle
4/12/1890 23/6/1891, at Mercedes, B.A. Damon, William Ethelbert William Thomas Eng Florence Augusta Eng Mercedes, Buenos Aires Railway traffic inspector Pelham Ogle
9/4/1891 17/5/1891, at Quilmes Preston, John Henry John Henry Eng Elizabeth Eng Espeleta, Buenos Aires Painter Pelham Ogle
14/9/1890 14/7/1891, at Campana King, Minnie Joseph Alexander Eng Elizabeth Mary Eng Córdoba Carpenter W. Foster John (a layman)
27/7/1891 3/8/1891 Stanham, George Herbert George Graham Eng Emma Gertrude Eng Belgrano Bank clerk Pelham Ogle
29/5/1891 6/8/1891 Doune, Walter Prebble John Haslehurst Arg Ellen Prebble Anglo-Russian San Isidro, F.C.C.A. Contractor Pelham Ogle
10/3/1891 8/8/1891 Guppy, Henry Robert Frederick Francis Robert Eng Leonor Lützelschwab Arg Belgrano Railway employee Pelham Ogle
19/4/1891 14/8/1891 Zimmermann, Alexander Leon John Christian USA Victoria Eng Buenos Aires Broker Pelham Ogle
14/7/1891 15/8/1891 Candy, Ethel Charlotte Walter George Eng Ellen Eng Chascomus, F.C.S. Manufacturer Pelham Ogle
1/8/1891 23/8/1891, at Campana Pearse, Ensor Stanbury Harry Eng Jane Annie Eng Campana Engineer Pelham Ogle
3/5/1891 4/9/1891, at Belgrano Tebbutt, Lionel Francis Francis John Eng Louisa Katherine Eng Belgrano Comerciante Bishop Waite H. Stirling
13/2/1891 7/9/1891 Murray, Percy Cecil Felix Richard Henry   Lucinda Caroline   Buenos Aires Gerente, Gas Company Bishop Waite H. Stirling
13/2/1891 7/9/1891 Murray, Richard Herbert Richard Henry   Lucinda Caroline   Buenos Aires Gerente, Gas Company Bishop Waite H. Stirling
13/9/1890 13/9/1891, at Belgrano Dickinson, Alfred Laurence George Clarke Eng Eleanor Arg Belgrano Merchant Pelham Ogle
5/4/1891 20/9/1891, at Villaguay England, Eric Cecil Gordon George Eng Amy Eng Ea. El Jubileo, Villaguay E.R. Estanciero Pelham Ogle
28/6/1891 20/9/1891, at Villaguay Wakeling, Amy Cecilia John William Eng Martha Eng Ea. Sta. Teresa, Villaguay E.R. Servant Pelham Ogle
14/6/1891 20/9/1891, at Villaguay Berkempas, Tiele Leon Dutch Akke Fokkema Dutch Ea. El Jubileo, Villaguay E.R. Colonist Pelham Ogle
11/3/1891 20/9/1891, at Villaguay van Diyke, Jan Geert Dutch Anye Dutch Tres Arroyos, Buenos Aires Colonist Pelham Ogle
10/12/1890 20/9/1891, at Villaguay van der Hock, Elisabet Pieter Dutch Sartje Dutch Tres Arroyos, Buenos Aires Colonist Pelham Ogle
15/8/1891 20/9/1891, at Villaguay van der Hock, Saadye Pieter Dutch Sartje Dutch Ea. El Jubileo, Villaguay E.R. Colonist Pelham Ogle
10/7/1891 23/9/1891, at Belgrano Delamain, John Herbert William Grenville Eng Ellen Mary Eng Belgrano Civil engineer Bishop Waite H. Stirling
11/6/1891 24/9/1891, at Tala McDougall, Alister John Peter Scots Annie Lockwood Eng Gualeguaychú, E.R. Farm labourer Pelham Ogle
26/6/1890 24/9/1891, at Tala Bush, Oscar Smedberg William Faulkner USA Marion Smedberg USA Gualeguaychú, E.R. Civil engineer Pelham Ogle
28/7/1891 25/9/1891, at Tala Baker, Arthur William Hay Arthur Conyers Eng Mary Abercrombie Scots Ea. San Juan, Rosario de Tala, E.R. Estanciero Pelham Ogle
8/8/1891 29/9/1891 Stevens, John Godfrey Henry Nathaniel Eng Sophia Eng Buenos Aires Estanciero Pelham Ogle
7/8/1891 6/10/1891 Fair, James Conroy Thomas Conroy Uru Catherine Arg Balvanera, Buenos Aires Estanciero Pelham Ogle
22/2/1890 9/10/1891 McNamara, James James Eng Catalina Arg Barracas al Sud Foreman of Gas works Pelham Ogle
28/8/1891 11/10/1891 Wallace, Evelyn Cranstown L'Estrange Frederick L'Estrange USA Gwendoline Eng Buenos Aires Steamship agent Bishop Waite H. Stirling
26/8/1891 17/10/1891 Robson, Frederick Edward Edward Eng Mary Eng Palermo Engineer Pelham Ogle
25/9/1891 18/10/1891 Campbell, Harold Edward Eng Nellie Eng Buenos Aires Engineer Pelham Ogle
11/9/1891 23/10/1891 Hughes-Hallett, Arthur William   May   Buenos Aires Merchant Bishop Waite H. Stirling
21/9/1891 30/10/1891 Harriss Gastrell, Catherine Edith William Shaw Eng Harriett Lucinda Eng Belgrano Vice-Consul Bishop Waite H. Stirling
18/9/1891 11/10/1891, at Campana Ball, Alice Maud John Eng Julia Eng Campana Fireman S. F. Handcock
8/10/1891 1/11/1891, at Belgrano Holder, Norah William Eng Emily Eng Belgrano Railway employee S. F. Handcock
17/7/1891 13/11/1891 Calvo, Adela Belen Nicolas Antonio Arg Adela Belen Arg Buenos Aires Auctioneer Pelham Ogle
17/2/1891 20/11/1891 Ackroyd, Nancy George Eng Clara Maria Emeline Eng Ea. Cruz de Guerra, Pdo. 25 de Mayo Estanciero Pelham Ogle
1/10/1891 23/11/1891 Reeves, Winifred Ethel Frank Eng Henrietta Cecilia Eng Palermo Engineer S. F. Handcock
11/2/1891 1/12/1891 Glover, Ethel Matthew Henry Eng Edith Eng Buenos Aires Engine driver S. F. Handcock
17/8/1891 7/12/1891 Mathews, Jessy Thomas Henry William Eng Eliza Eng Buenos Aires Locomotive foreman, F.C.S. Pelham Ogle
11/11/1891 1/12/1891 Francovich, Margaret Antonio (deceased) Austrian Margaret Irish Buenos Aires   S. F. Handcock
1/4/1891 17/12/1891 Hammond, Edward Arthur William Irish Mary Eng Belgrano Tailor S. F. Handcock
19/9/1891 19/12/1891 Danvers, Frederick Ernest Carey Danby Ernest Eng Elisa Isabel Eng Belgrano Engineer S. F. Handcock
13/9/1891 23/12/1891 Boote, Stanley Samuel Samuel Eng Elizabeth Anne Eng Buenos Aires Merchant Pelham Ogle
11/10/1891 17/12/1891, at Quilmes Cordner, Winifred Caroline Edward Ellis   Caroline Eugenie   Quilmes Insurance agent Arnold T. B. Pinchard
12/6/1891 31/12/1891 Mulcahy, Julia Lovat Lovat Ash Irish Ellen Matilda Eng Buenos Aires Doctor S. F. Handcock
13/7/1890 24/12/1891 Beck, Annie William Eng Rose Eng Buenos Aires Labourer S. F. Handcock
12/11/1890 12/1/1892 Darbyshire, Eva Mary Henry Eng Mary Walkden Eng Buenos Aires Estanciero Pelham Ogle
24/9/1891 15/1/1892 Pettinger, Charles Vincent George William Eng Florence Eng Buenos Aires Physician Pelham Ogle
1/11/1891 5/2/1892 Andrews, John James Thomas Franklin Eng Grace Alice Arg Banfield, F.C.S. Railway clerk Pelham Ogle
6/12/1891 9/2/1892 Pentreath, Benjamin Benjamin Eng Annie Eng Banfield, F.C.S. Draughtsman, F.C.S. Pelham Ogle
25/1/1892 18/2/1892 Collinson, Alfred Douglas Alfred Howe Eng Isabel Douglas Eng Cerrito 693, Buenos Aires Engineer Pelham Ogle
24/12/1891 21/2/1892 Hiscocks, Alice Florence Frederick Easton Eng Alice Eng Boca Clerk Pelham Ogle
11/11/1891 21/2/1892 Watts, Alice Maud Jane Harry Eng Mary Eng Recoleta, Buenos Aires Coachman Pelham Ogle
25/11/1891 4/3/1892, at San Martin Downing, Dolores Kathleen Henry Bowles Eng Julia Augusta Eng San Francisco, Córdoba Esquire Pelham Ogle
21/12/1891 9/3/1892 Meier, Charkes James Francis Henry Eng Grace Sophia Eng Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires Engineer Pelham Ogle
13/10/1891 12/3/1892 Thurston, John James James Eng Sarah Eng Buenos Aires Locomotive engineer Pelham Ogle
4/10/1889 12/3/1892 Breingan, Ellen Rose Frances John Scots Mary Ann Eng Buenos Aires Stevedore Pelham Ogle
3/2/1892 19/3/1892 Wanklyn, Margarita Nelson Edward Nelson Eng Emmeline Martha Eng Belgrano Esquire Pelham Ogle
16/1/1892 20/3/1892 Bourne, Phyllis Arthur Mason Eng Edith Mary Eng Belgrano Estanciero Pelham Ogle
29/8/1891 24/3/1892 Timmis, Grace Maria John Eng Margarita Sofia Uru Buenos Aires Mechanic Pelham Ogle
6/7/1884 27/3/1892 Wilson, Edwin Septimus Eng Mary Elizabeth Eng Hull, England Contractor Pelham Ogle
14/2/1888 27/3/1892 Wilson, Dorothy Kathleen Septimus Eng Mary Elizabeth Eng Bradford, England Contractor Pelham Ogle
23/2/1892 27/3/1892 Wilson, John Seaton Septimus Eng Mary Elizabeth Eng Buenos Aires Contractor Pelham Ogle
31/3/1882 27/3/1892 Pursall, William Henry John Eng Catharine (deceased) Eng Birmingham, England Jeweller Pelham Ogle
16/5/1889? 27/3/1892 Pursall, Arthur John Eng Catharine (deceased) Eng Buenos Aires Store keeper Pelham Ogle
7/2/1892 9/4/1892 Penrose, Algernon Fane Keane Henry Keane Eng Lizzie Norah Eng Martínez, F.C.N. late Lieut. Royal Fusiliers Pelham Ogle
12/1/1892 20/4/1892 Hurrell, James Lewis James Eng Matilda Arg Boca Locomotive inspector Pelham Ogle
26/10/1891 21/4/1892 Williams, Matthew Matthew Eng Agnes Eng Boca Marine engineer Pelham Ogle
17/3/1892 5/5/1892 Grant, Emilia Richardson George Alexander Arg Harriet Adelaide Arg Buenos Aires Clerk Pelham Ogle
22/11/1891 6/5/1892, at Belgrano Stockdale, Ernesto Alejandro Charles Ernest Arg Catharine Jane Arg Mecedes, Buenos Aires Empleado Pelham Ogle
17/2/1892 12/5/1892 Wood, Beatrice Isabel Carmen Frederick Gordon Eng Beatrice Irish San Martin, Buenos Aires Clerk Pelham Ogle
10/3/1891 17/5/1892 Schultz, Edward Paget John Frederick Eng Lily Uru Palermo Clerk Pelham Ogle
21/8/1891 21/5/1892 Nowell, Carlota Argentina Nicolas Justus Eng Emily Eng Buenos Aires Merchant Pelham Ogle
27/8/1891 27/5/1892 Dougall, Agnes Maud Andrew Scots Harriett Eng Las Conchas, Tigre Engineer Pelham Ogle
16/4/1892 27/5/1892 Drabble, Lilian Isabel Charles William Eng Emily Parry Arg Buenos Aires Merchant Pelham Ogle
13/3/1892 6/6/1892 Lomax, Leslie Robert Yuall Robert Harrison Eng Martha Yuall Denton Thornton Eng Buenos Aires Architect Pelham Ogle
23/12/1891 19/6/1892 Cooper, Leonard Francis John Leonard Eng Annie Louisa Eng San Martin, Buenos Aires Railway employee W. Barnes Chamberlain
27/6/1891 4/6/1892, at Belgrano Scholes, Francis Charles Charles Francis Eng Carrie Arg Belgrano Merchant Pelham Ogle
10/5/1892 1/7/1892 Smith, Mary Louisa John Edwin Arg Maria Ruecinda Arg Buenos Aires Government employee Pelham Ogle
13/6/1892 10/7/1892 Eccott, Nellie Louise Arthur Eng Louisa Eng Buenos Aires Engineer Pelham Ogle
13/4/1892 10/7/1892, at Belgrano Buxton, Arthur Claud Andersson Edward Greene Eng Mabel Eng Villa Catalinas, F.C. B.A. y R. Railway employee Pelham Ogle
5/2/1892 15/7/1892 Thompson, Alice Barton James Barton Arg Adelaide Elizabeth Georgina Arg Palermo Broker Pelham Ogle
15/12/1891 16/7/1892 Tarling, George Ralph George Eng Rose Helen Eng Junin, Buenos Aires Mechanical engineer Pelham Ogle
1/2/1892 18/7/1892 Sutton, Lily Janet William Eng Jane Isabel Uru San Fernando, F.C.C.A.(norte) Mechanical engineer Pelham Ogle
19/6/1892 19/7/1892 Mortlock, Lionel Leasowe Lionel Eng Theresa Walker Eng Palermo Merchant Pelham Ogle
16/4/1891 21/7/1892 Balfour, Dorothy Frank John Eng Nellie Eng Montevideo Editor Pelham Ogle
31/5/1892 24/7/1892 Ackerley, John Charles Malcolm Edward William Arg Eliza Anne Arg Buenos Aires Merchant Pelham Ogle
22/2/1892 31/7/1892 Ambler, William Alfred George Eng Rose Eng Campana Coach trimmer S. E. Nichols
14/5/1892 31/7/1892 Roberts, Gladys May Thomas Welsh Ellen Eng Campana Clerk S. E. Nichols
3/1/1892 31/7/1892 Nicolaisen, Sophia Hermine Peter Julius Danish Henderika Margareta Elbrechs Danish Campana Blacksmith S. E. Nichols
15/12/1891 11/8/1892 Hand, John Alfred William Eng Margaret Eng Buenos Aires Clerk Pelham Ogle
10/4/1892 14/8/1892 Brown, Florence Evelyn John Eng Laura Eng Barracas al Norte Clerk W. Barnes Chamberlain
23/4/1892 14/8/1892 Pasquette [Pasquet], Hilda Jacob Italian Victoire Italian Campana Gardener Pelham Ogle
24/7/1892 15/8/1892, at Saavedra Maitland Herriot, Edward Errol Frederick Scots Emily Macaulay Eng Saavedra, Belgrano Bank manager Pelham Ogle
9/12/1891 18/8/1892 Heyward, Percy Wilfred van Buren Wilfred   Ann   Buenos Aires Currier S. E. Nichols
6/5/1891 20/8/1892 Gillingham, John Samuel John Samuel   Mary Edwina   Buenos Aires Mariner S. E. Nichols
16/12/1891 21/8/1891 Waner, Alfred Sidney Charles Gerhard William   Frances Clotilde Alkaine de   Buenos Aires Corredor de Bolsa Cecil F. Luckman
19/5/1892 25/8/1892 Wood, Mary Clara Frederick Eng Dora German Belleville, Prov. Córdoba Railway stationmaster Pelham Ogle
19/6/1892 25/8/1892 Sutton, Beryl Emmeline John Robert Eng Adeliza Pratt Eng Buenos Aires Architect Pelham Ogle
2/4/1892 27/8/1892 Guppy, Edward Frank William Francis Robert Eng Leonor Arg San Isidro Merchant Pelham Ogle
21/4/1892 27/8/1892 Brown, Charles James Salvador John Henry Eng Celina Arg San Isidro Cashier Pelham Ogle
3/6/1892 8/9/1892 MacLean, Ethel Ada George Hugh Arg Mary Ann Arg Buenos Aires Lighter owner Pelham Ogle
7/7/1892 25/9/1892 Dickinson, Cecil Courtenay Alfred John Arg Gertrude Louisa Eng Las Lomas, Santa Fe Estanciero Bishop Waite H. Stirling
14/7/1892 25/9/1892 Beamand, Mary Elizabeth Alfred   Mary Anne   Paseo Colon, Buienos Aires Coachman Bishop Waite H. Stirling
15/6/1892 29/9/1892 Mackern, George Theodore Gibson George   Maria Spence   Buenos Aires M. D. Bishop Waite H. Stirling
14/5/1892 30/9/1892 Scott, Ines Margarita Charles James Arg Adelaide Arg Buenos Aires Clerk Pelham Ogle
26/6/1892 1/10/1892 Robertson, Gilbert Arthur Arthur Swale Eng Helen Mary Eng Buenos Aires Contador Pelham Ogle
15/5/1892 1/10/1892 Beauchamp, Joseph Samuel William Eng Minnie Louisa Eng Bahía Blanca Engine driver Pelham Ogle
11/9/1892 22/10/1892 Davison, Roberto Diego Diego Tomás Ricardo Arg Ernestina Arg Buenos Aires Physician Pelham Ogle
9/3/1892 23/10/1892, at San Martin Vincent, Audrey Evelyn Allder Odell Eng Edith Cubitt Eng Palermo Clerk Pelham Ogle
9/7/1892 30/10/1892 Hoëtte, Frederica Whilemina Frederick William (deceased) Eng Emily Mackenzie Eng Villa Catalinas Estanciero Pelham Ogle
11/8/1892 7/11/1892 Bridger, Alicia Mary Frederick Eng Alicia Eng Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe Estanciero Pelham Ogle
12/7/1892 7/11/1892 Thurburn, Elaine Muriel Robert Augustus Scots Elizabeth Eng Montevideo Banker Pelham Ogle
20/10/1892 13/11/1892 Green, William Frederick Frederick William Eng Ellen Jane Eng Charcas 464, Buenos Aires Foreman mason Pelham Ogle
12/3/1892 16/11/1892 Heyworth, Frederick Harold Frederick Eng Amelia Agatha Arg Ea. Las Mercedes, Nogoyá, E. R. Estanciero Pelham Ogle
10/9/1892 18/11/1892, at Belgrano Harfield, Elena Louisa Thomas Daniel Eng Sarah Jane Eng Belgrano Tailor Pelham Ogle
22/9/1891 20/11/1892 Percival, Mary Sophia Charles Alexander USA Ophelia Sophia Eng Buenos Aires Boxing master Pelham Ogle
27/8/1892 22/11/1892 Perkins, William Banbury Lewis Banbury Eng Mary Teresa Eng Belgrano Bank Clerk Pelham Ogle
1/11/1892 26/11/1892 Wanklyn, Kenneth John Bradshaw Eng Matilda Platten Arg San José de Flores Merchant Pelham Ogle
25/9/1877 3/12/1892 Scharenberg, Gustav Adolph Gustav Adolph German Josephine Eng Brixton, London Clerk Pelham Ogle
15/9/1884 3/12/1892 Scharenberg, Fred Wilhelm Gustav Adolph German Josephine Eng Kentish Town, London Clerk Pelham Ogle
19/10/1892 22/12/1892 Shaw, John William John James Scots Adelaide Eng Buenos Aires Engineer Pelham Ogle
11/10/1892 25/12/1892, at Belgrano Trim, Edith Alice Charles Eng Harriet Eng Saavedra Labourer Pelham Ogle
24/6/1866 26/12/1892 Armstrong, Minnie Addison USA Aurinda USA Elma, New York, USA Farmer Pelham Ogle
15/10/1892 26/12/1892 Ridley, Edward Arthur William Robinson Eng Minnie USA Buenos Aires Ship broker Pelham Ogle
  28/12/1892 Paton, Joseph Steward Robert   Rose Clementina   Belgrano   Pelham Ogle
7/8/1892 4/12/1892 Stockdale, Henry Alfred Henry Alfred Arg Jane Lowry Arg Belgrano Government Custom House inspector Pelham Ogle
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