Foreigners resident in Buenos Ayres in 1863

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listed in M. G. and E. T. Mulhall, "The River Plate Handbook for 1863"
presented in order of addresses:
(5) Magdalena to Navarro
Magdalena George Browne  
Magdalena J. Cowell  
Magdalena Mathew Cribbis  
Magdalena William Hailes  
Magdalena Cecil W. Harrisson  
Magdalena John Kenny  
Magdalena John Lynn  
Magdalena John Malcom senr. farmer
Magdalena Peter Melledy  
Magdalena Thomas Melledy  
Magdalena Samuel Moore  
Magdalena James Ritchie  
Magdalena J. Sadler  
Magdalena James Sprott  
Magdalena Henry Thompson estanciero
Magdalena J. Vincent  
Matanzas John Davies  
Matanzas Edward Dillon estanciero
Matanzas Gerald Dillon estanciero
Matanzas, Posta de Zamudio Michael Doherty  
Matanzas, Posta de Zamudio Patrick Gannon  
Matanzas, Posta Barnachea Thomas Kelly  
Mercedes Michael Allen  
Mercedes and Rojas James Ballesty estanciero
Mercedes Louis Barry  
Mercedes W. Barton estanciero
Mercedes James Carberry  
Mercedes Bartholomew Casey  
Mercedes William Cleary  
Mercedes Patrick Coghlan  
Mercedes Maurice Connor  
Mercedes Dennis Connors  
Mercedes, Leones Archibald Craig estanciero, moved from
  Fortín de Areco (appendix)
Mercedes Robert Devereux  
Mercedes John Dillon estanciero
Mercedes John Dunn  
Mercedes John Evans  
Mercedes John Flanagan estanciero
Mercedes Joseph Gahagan  
Mercedes Roger Gaynor  
Mercedes Thomas Geoghehan  
Mercedes Michael Heavy  
Mercedes Bryan Hillian  
Mercedes Timothy Hillian  
Mercedes Patrick Howland  
Mercedes, Leones James Kavanagh estanciero
Mercedes Mathew Kearney  
Mercedes, costa de los Salados T. Kearney estanciero
Mercedes Laurence Kelly estanciero
Mercedes Andrew Kennedy  
Mercedes Thomas Kenny  
Mercedes Thomas Kiernan  
Mercedes Thomas Kilmurray  
Mercedes J. Kirby  
Mercedes Martin Kirby  
Mercedes Thomas Ledwidge  
Mercedes Dr. Lowe  
Mercedes Nicholas Lowe estanciero
Mercedes James Maguire  
Mercedes Thomas Maguire  
Mercedes James Maloney  
Mercedes Samuel Mason  
Mercedes Michael McCormack  
Mercedes Patrick McCormick  
Mercedes John McMahon  
Mercedes Edward Moore  
Mercedes Robert Moore  
Mercedes James Murphy  
Mercedes James Murphy  
Mercedes James Murray  
Mercedes Michael Murray estanciero
Mercedes Thomas Norton  
Mercedes Eugene Ones  
Mercedes John Shanahan  
Mercedes J. Simms  
Mercedes Edward Sinnott  
Mercedes Martin Sinnott  
Mercedes Henry Smith  
Mercedes P. Stafford  
Mercedes James Street  
Mercedes Frederick Swingel grocer
Mercedes M. Ward  
Mercedes J. Watson  
Mercedes J. Woodgate estanciero
Merlo Joseph Clavin estanciero
Merlo Joseph Clifford estanciero
Merlo Thomas Gahan estanciero
Merlo C. G. Robinson  
Monte Grande
Monte Grande Ronald Bayne estanciero
Moreno John Brown  
Moreno Michael Murphy  
Moreno M. Wade  
Morón Joseph Cunningham  
Morón John Kean  
Morón John Kearnes  
Morón J. Kiernan  
Morón Nuttall & Smith grocers and hoteliers
Morón Joseph Smith hotel keeper, now moved to
  town (January 1863)
Morón William Stinson  
Navarro Michael Broderick
Navarro Bryan Casey  
Navarro Edward Casey  
Navarro James Casey  
Navarro John Casey  
Navarro Laurence Casey estanciero
Navarro Mathew Casey  
Navarro Patrick Casey  
Navarro Joseph Evans  
Navarro Michael Fitzsimons  
Navarro James Gahagan  
Navarro Patrick Gahagan  
Navarro Richard Gahagan  
Navarro Thomas Gahan estanciero and agent for
  "The Standard"
Navarro Peter Kelly  
Navarro Patrick Lawler  
Navarro Simon Lawler  
Navarro John Mackay  
Navarro John Maguire  
Navarro Thomas Maguire  
Navarro John Manuel  
Navarro Bryan Mooney  
Navarro Colman Murphy  
Navarro James Norris  
Navarro Thomas Norris estanciero
Navarro Thomas Rafferty  
Navarro Michael Smith  
Navarro Denis Tormy  
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