Foreigners resident in Buenos Ayres in 1863

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listed in M. G. and E. T. Mulhall, "The River Plate Handbook for 1863"
presented in order of addresses:
(8) calle Suipacha to Whitfield's quinta
calle Suipacha
Suipacha 18 M. Dooley teacher
Suipacha 20 H. N. Nicholson English Seminary
Suipacha 50 Anthony Zinny Mayo College
Suipacha 316 James Knight draper
calle Tacuarí
Tacuarí 28 Conde Bartolomé Villa
  sur Yllon
Italian Consul
Tacuarí 28 Count Ulysses Barbolani Italian Chargé d'Affaires
Tacuarí 40 Francisco Hallbach Prussian consul
calle Talcahuano
Talcahuano 174 Frederick Prangue barraquero
calle Temple
Temple 98 J. Taynor
Temple 127
  and Cañuelas
Mrs. Moncks estanciera
Temple 127
  and Cañuelas
John Moncks estanciero
Temple 179 Peter Ashton
calle Tucumán
Tucumán 22
  and Areco
Louis De Chapeaurouge estanciero
Tucumán 62 W. Austen lodging house
Tucumán 118 William Roberts
Tucumán 140 Samuel Lea broker
calle Venezuela
Venezuela William Barry schoolmaster
Venezuela Mr Losh English School
Venezuela 14 Charles Howard builder
Venezuela 74 Freyer Bros. merchants
Venezuela 74 A. Grube
Venezuela 111 M. Lefebre de Becour chargé d'affaires, France
Venezuela 149 (or 190) Patrick J. Bookey tanner
Venezuela 204 John Shaw cabinet maker and furniture mart
calle Victoria
Victoria 27 James Gibson bespoke tailor
Victoria 93 Wedekind Fehr & Co.
Victoria 93 C. Zeigler
Victoria 93 Charles Zuberbühler
Victoria 93 S. Niebuhr
Victoria 124 C. Schulz merchant
Victoria 170 Felix Udaeta merchant
Victoria 170 Raymundo Udaeta
Victoria 202 Balbin & William Plowes auctioneers
Victoria 207 Mr Davis house agents
Victoria 218 Wilson & Co. importers and ironmongers
Victoria 241 Linnay & Son gunsmiths
Victoria 269 J. & J. Black lumber merchants
Victoria 302 S. J. Price
Victoria 313 Robert McClymont
Victoria 351 E. N. Duchesnois doctor of medicine
Victoria 379 William J. Livingston barraquero; committee member of the
  Strangers' Club
Victoria 668 J. Krutiske broker
Whitfield's quinta, Retiro
Whitfield's quinta,
Mrs. Von Fowinkel
Whitfield's quinta,
John Coghlan government engineer; member of the Board
  of Public Works; removed from Mayo 135
  (January 1863)
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