Foreigners resident in Buenos Ayres in 1863

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listed in M. G. and E. T. Mulhall, "The River Plate Handbook for 1863"
presented in order of addresses:
(6) calles Reconquista to Rivadavia
calle Reconquista
Reconquista 16 J. Binden merchant
Reconquista 21 D. T. Visser & Co. merchants
Reconquista 24 J. N. Boschetti
Reconquista 24 J. P. Boyd & Co. ship brokers
Reconquista 24 F. Crowther
Reconquista 24 W. Davis
Reconquista 24 Austin Latham merchant; representative for the Provincial Bank
  of Ireland; his agent is H. N. Hart, San Martín 33
Reconquista 24 Wilfred Latham merchant
Reconquista 24 Samuel B. Hale & Co. merchants
Reconquista 24 R. Nolting
Reconquista 24 J. P. Pearson
Reconquista 24 Charles F. Perry
Reconquista 27 Bieber & Co. merchant
Reconquista 27 Boie Bros. merchants
Reconquista 27
  (or San Martín 154)
Henry Cammann consul for Lubeck
Reconquista 27 E. Moller
Reconquista 28 William Atherton
Reconquista 28 A. M. Bell
Reconquista 28 John Elliot
Reconquista 28 J. C. Thompson & Co. merchants
Reconquista 28 William C. Thompson bank director
Reconquista 35 E. Herrand
Reconquista 36
  and Maipú 74
J. M. Crosbie doctor of medicine
Reconquista 39 H. Eustace engineer
Reconquista 46 M. Parker and Cordero bootmaker, sheep and cattle dealers
Reconquista 46
  (or Piedad 44)
Terence Moore retail grocer
Reconquista 48,
  Merced Church
Rev. Anthony Fahey missionary vicar to the Irish community
Reconquista 48,
  Merced Church
Rev. John Cullen missionary curate to the Irish
Reconquista 48 Andrew Kirwan doctor of medicine, A.B. & M.D., R.C.P.I.,
  consulting physician
Reconquista 60 Bemberg & Co. o. merchants (?)
Reconquista 60 M. De Chapeaurouge
Reconquista 66 Cranwell Murray & Co. apothecaries, chemists and druggists
Reconquista 66 Dr Leeson doctor of medicine
Reconquista 66 Charles Murray apothecary
Reconquista 68 Adolphus Ereythropol
Reconquista 70 George F. Buttren
Reconquista 70 Ferdinand Kob committee member of the Strangers' Club
Reconquista 72 (or 66) A. Leeson doctor of medicine
Reconquista 76,
  Hotel de la Paz
B. Volk
Reconquista 77 Octavius Rossi ship broker
Reconquista 78 C. A. Barth importer
Reconquista 83 Topatus T. (J. H.) Fox law agent, attorney
Reconquista 83 Henry A. Green & Co. ship brokers
Reconquista 83
  and Artes 274
John Hughes produce broker
Reconquista 89 Bernal & Cárrega steam-boat agents
Reconquista 105 Dr Browne doctor of medicine
Reconquista 111 Otto Arning merchant; secretary of the Board of Public Works
Reconquista 116 Estevan Chabry jeweller
Reconquista 116 Madame Chabry schoolmistress
Reconquista 117 E. H. Folmar merchant
Reconquista 119 James C. Nelson
Reconquista 140 Bunge & Co.
Reconquista 142 C. C. E. Lengnick Danish consul; committee member of the
  Strangers' Club
Reconquista 195 Alexander Brown doctor
Reconquista 196 Charles Brills undertaker
Reconquista 218 Hiram Hunt carpenter
Reconquista 237 E. G. Cutts estanciero
Reconquista 241 George Keenan pilot
calle Riobamba
Riobamba M. Duffy house-owner
Riobamba y
Irish Convent, School
  and House of Refuge
Riobamba y
Rev. J. Kirwan rector, Irish College
Riobamba y
Mrs Mary Evangelist
superioress, Irish Convent
calle Rivadavia
Rivadavia 19 John Malcom
  of Malcom and Allinson
livery stables
Rivadavia 20 W. Cumming
Rivadavia 21 C. Tudor engineer
Rivadavia 21 and Plaza
  25 de Mayo and Plaza
  Once de Setiembre
Adolphus Wilkinson Standard Almacén
Rivadavia 23 J. Caldwell engineer
Rivadavia 23 Edward Davis engineer
Rivadavia 23
  and Piedad 26
William L. Allinson
  of Malcom and Allinson
livery stables
Rivadavia 29 J. Cannessa confectioner
Rivadavia 34 Williamson & Milligan merchants
Rivadavia 41 A. Baumeister
Rivadavia 54 Milligan and Williamson merchants
Rivadavia 79 Alexander Henderson captain of the Caaguazú
Rivadavia 92 H. W. Bentham
Rivadavia 92 William Gilmour merchant; director of the Casa de Moneda
Rivadavia 92 N. Orme
Rivadavia 95 & Tuyú Gibson Bros. estancieros
Rivadavia 96 Best Bros. merchants
Rivadavia 102 J. Corfield Bible Society; moved from Bolívar 2 (January 1863)
Rivadavia 124 Leon L. Isaac merchant
Rivadavia 124 William Steward
Rivadavia 129 James Moran boot and shoemaker
Rivadavia 130 T. Haltmeyer
Rivadavia 134 Henry Bercht
Rivadavia 134 Theodore Fels & Co. merchant
Rivadavia 134 R. Heuser
Rivadavia 134 H. Spileker
Rivadavia 143 A. Klengel
Rivadavia 192 Altgelt Ferber & Co. merchants
Rivadavia 192 Adolfo Bohmer
Rivadavia 215 Richard Hargreaves ironmonger
Rivadavia 218 Davis & Co. house, land and general commission agents
Rivadavia 226 Anthony Astoul draper
Rivadavia 230 E. Neumann
Rivadavia 275 (or 75) Dr Cornwall dentist
Rivadavia 555 A. Laplam
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