Foreigners resident in Buenos Ayres in 1863

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listed in M. G. and E. T. Mulhall, "The River Plate Handbook for 1863"
presented in alphabetical name order:
(12) Muhr to Orme
M continued
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
Muhr Robert   Bolívar 20  
Muir Cockburn agent for Peto Betts & Co. San Martín 33  
Muir Robert grocer Defensa 162  
Muldarry Patrick   Chascomús  
Mulhall Edward Thomas joint editor and proprietor of "The Standard" Belgrano 72 & 74  
Mulhall Michael George joint editor and proprietor of "The Standard" Belgrano 72 & 74  
Mulhall John blacksmith Barracas  
Mullen John estanciero Fortín de Areco  
Mullens J. farmer Belgrano  
Mum E.   Strangers' Club, San Martín 44  
Murphy estanciero Rojas  
Murphy Colman   Navarro  
Murphy James   Arrecifes  
Murphy James   Lobos  
Murphy James   Mercedes  
Murphy John   Chascomús  
Murphy Michael   Lobos  
Murphy Michael   Moreno  
Murphy Patrick   Estancia Uncalito, Salto  
Murphy Patrick   Fortín de Areco  
Murphy W. D   Pedernales, Bragado  
Murphy (widow) estanciera Luján  
Murphy William estanciero Salto  
Murray Charles apothecary Reconquista 66  
Murray Eugene railway contractor Paraguay 82  
Murray Gerald   Pilar  
Murray Henry   Luján  
Murray James   Lobos  
Murray James   Mercedes  
Murray John   Cañuelas  
Murray John   Capilla del Señor  
Murray Laurence   Cañada de los Toros  
Murray Michael estanciero Luján  
Murray Michael estanciero Fortín de Areco  
Murray Michael   Mercedes  
Murray Mrs   Pilar  
Murray Patrick   Luján  
Murray Peter   25 de Mayo 220  
Murray Thomas   Fortín de Areco  
Murray William   Rojas  
Murtagh John   Fortín de Areco  
Murtagh Michael   25 de Mayo 9  
Murtagh Mrs estanciera Baradero  
Myles John book keeper Piedad 505  
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
Nagle Richard   Chascomús  
Nally Andrew   Capilla del Señor  
Nally Bernard   Capilla del Señor  
Nally Peter   Ensenada  
Nants George   Piedad 33  
Napp G.   San Martín 33  
Naughton J.   Guardia del Monte  
Naughton Thomas   Guardia del Monte  
Neild M.   Piedad 102 (appendix)  
Nelson H. Casa de Moneda San Martín 31  
Nelson James C.   Reconquista 119  
Nelson James   Guardia del Monte  
Nessler J.   Hotel Roma, San Martín 124  
Neumann E.   Rivadavia 230  
Neville Andrew   Ensenada  
Newall W.   Barracas, Admiral Brown's quinta  
Newall Nicholas carrier calle Defensa  
Newman William   Cañuelas  
Nelson Henry   Guardia del Monte  
Nelson Alexander   Guardia del Monte  
Newton Richard estanciero Chascomús and Potosí 194  
Nicholson Green   Piedad 173  
Nicholson M.   Luján  
Nicholson Mr. H. N. English Seminary Suipacha 20  
Niebuhr S.   Victoria 93  
Noetingen F. W.   Potosí 129  
Nolan John   Pilar  
Nolan Mrs (widow)   Lobos  
Nolan Mrs (widow) estanciera Luján  
Nolan Mrs (widow) estanciera Pilar  
Nolting R.   Reconquista 24  
Nordwholr F. J.   Moreno 126  
Norris James   Navarro  
Norris Thomas estanciero Navarro  
Norton Thomas   Arrecifes  
Norton Thomas   Mercedes  
Nouguier P. M.   Chacabuco 179  
Nugent Bryan   Areco  
Nugent Robert estanciero Luján  
Nuttall & Randle hotel Los Galpones  
Nuttall & Smith grocers & hoteliers Morón  
Nuttall S. & Co. grocers 25 de Mayo 92  
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
O'Brien John   Pilar  
O'Brien P. "The Standard" office Belgrano 72 & 74  
O'Bryen Patrick   Lobos  
O'Connell Daniel estanciero Fortín de Areco  
O'Connell William estanciero Fortín de Areco  
O'Conner John   Pilar  
O'Donnell Nicholas livery stables Esmeralda 102  
O'Donovan J.   Ensenada  
O'Dwyer Mr.   Gas House, Plaza Retiro  
O'Farrell Richard   Ensenada  
O'Gahagan Richardo      
O'Geoghegan Richard estanciero Ensenada  
O'Leary John   Chischis  
O'Loughlin Thomas estanciero Fortín de Areco  
O'Neill Patrick agent "The Standard" Lobos  
O'Neill Patrick J. foreman of "The Standard" Belgrano 72 & 74  
O'Rourke Michael   Baradero  
O'Shea Patrick   San Antonio de Areco  
O'Shee Richard merchant Bolívar 111  
Oldendorf Ernest   Chacabuco 25  
Oliver J. B.   Barracas  
Ollard Messrs   Ranchos  
Ondereyck C.   Piedad 23  
Ones Eugene   Villa Mercedes  
Orme N.   Rivadavia 92  
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