Foreigners resident in Buenos Ayres in 1863

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listed in M. G. and E. T. Mulhall, "The River Plate Handbook for 1863"
presented in alphabetical name order:
(5) Dodds to Ferreira
D continued
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
Dodds John   Ensenada  
Doherty Patrick estanciero Fortín de Areco  
Doherty Michael   Posta Zamudio, Matanzas  
Don J.   Chacabuco 61  
Donecke Louis broker Strangers' Club, San Martín 44  
Donne J. K. doctor of medicine Cañuelas  
Donnellan Laurence   Capilla del Señor  
Donnellan Michael   Ensenada  
Donnelly John   Salto  
Donoghue James estanciero San Antonio de Areco  
Donoghue Thomas estanciero San Antonio de Areco  
Donovan Mrs estanciera Flores  
Donovan Rev. M. parish priest Ensenada missionary curate to the Irish
Dooley M. teacher Suipacha 18  
Dooner James   Ranchos  
Dooner Patrick   Ranchos  
Dooner Thomas estanciero Fortín de Areco  
Doria J. Chargé d'Affaires British Legation, Bolívar 186  
Doria William acting Chargé d'Affaires Great Britain and Ireland British Legation, Bolívar 186  
Dorr Addison broker Tacuarí 275  
Dorr F. commissioner Florida 196  
Douglas William   Piedad 160  
Dowdall William broker Parque 114  
Dowling Francis estanciero Fortín de Areco  
Downes J.   quinta, calle Defensa  
Downes John   Guardia del Monte  
Downes Patrick   Guardia del Monte  
Downes Peter   Guardia del Monte  
Downes William broker Strangers' Club, San Martín 44  
Downey John   Fortín de Areco  
Dowse Henry steam-boat agent Cuyo 1  
Dowthat Thomas   Ranchos  
Doyle Luke   Capilla del Señor  
Doyle William   San Pedro  
Drabble Brothers importers Chacabuco 20  
Drysdale Thomas & Co. merchant Moreno 64 & Defensa 255  
Ducalel A. apothecary Bahía Blanca  
Duchesnois E. N. doctor Victoria 351  
Duckworth broker San Martín 33  
Ducoud J.   Barracas, Barraca del Sol  
Duffy John   Ensenada  
Duffy John estanciero Fortín de Areco  
Duffy John librarian Defensa 5  
Duffy M. house-owner calle Ríobamba  
Duggan Daniel   Plaza Once de Setiembre  
Duggan John   Capilla del Señor  
Duggan Michael wool broker Plaza Once de Setiembre  
Duguid Thomas & Co. merchants Piedad 32  
Duncan Robert broker Mayo 39  
Dunn John   Mercedes  
Dupin Julio barraquero Strangers' Club, San Martín 44  
Durand A. broker Plaza Once de Setiembre  
Dwyer Michael   Gas works  
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
Eastman & Co. druggists Defensa 7  
Eborall Mrs   Ranchos  
Eckell H. hotel keeper Mayo 51 removed to Paseo Julio 45 (appendix)
Egan Andrew   Ensenada  
Egan James   Ensenada  
Egan Patrick   Guardia del Monte  
Egan Peter   Fortín de Areco  
Egan Timothy   Fortín de Areco  
Egg J. F. broker Bolsa, San Martín 100  
Eivers Patrick   Guardia del Monte  
Elliff Mathew   San Antonio de Giles  
Elliff Thomas   Capilla del Señor  
Elliot John   Reconquista 28  
Elliot Thomas carpenter Cuyo 6  
Ellis George tailor Defensa 39  
Emmet John junr.   Florida 20  
Ennis Patrick   Guardia del Monte  
Ereythropol Adolphus   Reconquista 68  
Europa Hotel   Mayo 59  
Eustace H. engineer Reconquista 39  
Evans John   Mercedes  
Evans Joseph   Navarro  
Ewans James   Chischis  
Surname and name Occupation Address Additional Notes
Fagan J.   Ranchos  
Fahey David   Chaparro near Dolores  
Fahey John   San Pedro (appendix)  
Fahey V. Rev. Anthony D. Irish vicar, Merced Church Reconquista 48 died in the 1871 yellow fever epidemic
Fair John   Louvre Hotel, Bolívar 7  
Fair John estanciero Ranchos  
Fallon Thomas Hibernian House Piedad 78, 83 & 85  
Farquhar E. R. J. attaché, British Legation Bolívar 186  
Farrell James   Chascomús  
Farrell John   Arrecifes  
Fay James   Luján  
Fay John   Luján  
Fay M.   Luján  
Fay Patrick   Luján  
Fay Thomas   Galpones, Ranchos  
Fay Thomas   Luján  
Fearne J. J.   Chascomús  
Feenan Patrick   Luján (appendix)  
Fels Theodore & Co. merchant Rivadavia 134  
Fennon Thomas   Luján (appendix)  
Ferguson Alexander estanciero San Vicente  
Ferguson James   San Antonio de Areco  
Fergusson Rev. Thomas Scotch clergyman Chascomús (appendix)  
Fernau George   Belgrano 62  
Ferreira J.   Barracas, calle California  
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