Queen Victoria’s birthday and marriage celebrated, 1840

List of guests in alphabetical order

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Agrelo, Don Emilio.
Agrelo, Don Juan Antonio.
Agrelo, Don Marcos.
Alsogaray, Don Alvaro.
Alvear, Don Torcuato.
Alvear, Señora Carmen Quinanilla de.
Alvear, Señora Joaquina.
Alvear, Señora Virginia.
Anavitarte, Don Jose Antonio, lady and daughter.
Arana, Don Felipe, Minister for Foreign Affairs, lady and the Señorita Mercedes Arana.
Arana, Don Felipe de la Paz.
Armstrong, Mr Thomas and lady.
Arnold, Lieut. of Marines Henry of H.B.M.’s ship Actaeon.
Arrotea, Señora Amalia.
Arrotea, Señora de.
Arrotea, Señora Mercedes.
Bangs, Mr Freeman H.
Barton, Miss.
Becke, Miss Aurelia.
Belaustegui, Don Francisco.
Belaustegui, Don Luis.
Belaustegui, Señora Maria Antonia.
Belt, Captain William J. of United States ship Marion.
Biedma, Colonel Francisco.
Blanco, Don Eulogio.
Blanco, Señora S.
Bosch, Don Rafael and lady.
Brown, General William and lady.
Brown. Reverend William.
Bunge, Charles, Esq., Consul of H.M. the King of Holland.
Bustos, Lieut. Colonel Ramon.
Buteler, Don Elias.
Caceres, Colonel Casto.
Campbell, Miss Ellen.
Carlisle, Mr Richard.
Castellanos, Señora Juana Guillerma Irogoyen de.
Cliff, Miss.
Clint, Mr F. A.
Coloma, Lieut. Colonel Martin Santa.
Corbalan, Don Vicente.
Corbalan, General.
Cordero, Don Fernando.
Cordero, Dr. Fernando.
Crespo, Colonel Francisco.
d’Hermillon, Baron Picolet, Consul General of H.M. the King of Sardinia.
Dalton, Mr John and lady.
Diaz, Don Antonio, Minister of War and Finance of the Oriental Republic, lady and the Señoritas Alsira, Fatima, and Micaela Diaz.
Dickinson, Mr D. B. R.
Douglas, Mr Stewart.
Dowdall, Mr George and lady.
Downes, Mr Jonathan and lady.
Duguid, Mr Thomas and lady.
Dunlap, Surgeon John of H.B.M.’s ship Actaeon.
Erezcano, Colonel Francisco.
Ezcurra, Don Felipe de.
Ezcurra, Don José.
Ezcurra, Señora Juana de.
Ezcurra, Señora Maria Josefa de.
Fairfield, Mr George S.
Fairman, Lieut. Alfred N. of H.B.M.’s ship Actaeon.
Foley, Mr Bartholomew and lady.
Fontes, Colonel Nicolas Martinez, lady and daughter.
Fontes, Don Nicolas Martinez and lady.
Frank, Mr George and the Misses Sophia, Louisa and Clara Frank.
Garcia, Dr. Don Miguel, President of the Honorable House of Representatives.
Garrigós, Don Agustin, Under Secretary for the Home Department, and lady.
Gilbert, Mr Henry W.
Gilpin, Mr William.
Guido, Don Tomas.
Guido, General Tomas and lady.
Hallet, Mr Stephen.
Hargreaves, Mr Richard.
Harrat [Harratt], Mr John.
Hartwig, Mr Nelson and lady.
Heredia, General Felipe and the lady of the deceased General Alejandro Heredia.
Hidalgo, Colonel Martin.
Huergo, Don Bonifacio.
Huidobro, General Jose Ruiz and daughter.
Hunter, George Martin, Lieut. commanding H.B.M.’s brig Camelion.
Hutchings, Purser John H. and son (Captain’s Clerk) of H.B.M.’s ship Actaeon.
Inchaurregui, Señora J.
Insiarte, Don Manuel, Minister of Finance, lady and daughter.
Irigoyen, Don Emilio.
Irigoyen, Don Fermin.
Irigoyen, Don Jose Maria.
Irigoyen, Don Manuel, Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs, and daughter.
Irigoyen, Don Manuel.
Jimenes, Don Eustaquio and lady.
Johnson, Surgeon Edward of H.B.M.’s brig Camelion.
Jones, Mr Thomas.
Kiernan, Miss Catherine.
Kiernan, Mr James and lady.
Kiernan, Mr John B. and lady.
Lambert, Midshipman of H.B.M.’s ship Actaeon.
Larrazabal, Don Juan Manuel and lady.
Lasala, Señora Eusebia.
Lenguas, General Pedro, lady and two daughters.
Lepper, Dr. James, Physician to the British Legation.
Lima, Don Manuel Sequiera, Chargé d’Affaires of H.M. the Emperor of Brazil to Peru and Bolivia, lady, and private secretary.
Llerena, Sr.
M’Dougall, Mrs.
Macalister, Mr Robert and lady.
Macdonnell, Mrs.
Macfarlane, Mr John and lady.
Maciel, Don Benedicto.
Mackinlay, Mr Daniel.
Mackinlay, Mr Edmund and lady.
Mackinlay, Mrs and Miss Mackinlay.
Maclean, Mr Patrick.
Maestre, Lieut. Colonel Manuel and lady.
Mancilla, Don Adolfo.
Mancilla, Don Manuel.
Mancilla, General Lucio and lady.
Mandeville, John Henry, Esq., Minister Plenipotentiary of H.B.M.
Marcet, Señora Dolores.
Mariño, Don Nicolas and lady.
Maza, Colonel Mariano.
Mends, Lieut. James A. of H.B.M.’s ship Actaeon.
Middleton, Lieut. Edward of United States ship Marion.
Mix, Passed Midshipmen Thomas A. of United States ship Marion.
Mohr, Mr Joseph.
Monteagudo, Don Eleuterio and lady.
Morrison, Miss.
Munilla, Don Gabriel and two daughters.
Nuñez, Don Manuel.
Olavarria, Señora Magdalena.
Oromi, Don Juan Rafael and lady.
Peña, Don Victorino.
Peña, Dr. Gonzalez and lady.
Peralta, Don Vicente and lady.
Phibbs, Mr Samuel R.
Pinedo, Don Agustin.
Pinedo, Don Federico.
Pinedo, Don Pedro.
Pinedo, General Agustin de and lady.
Plomer, Don Pedro and daughter.
Prentiss, Lieut. George A. of United States ship Marion.
Puddicomb, Mr Stephen.
Quevedo, Colonel Francisco.
Quevedo, Colonel Roman.
Quiroga, Señora Dolores Fernandez de.
Quiroga, Señora Jesus.
Quiroga, Señora Mercedes.
Ramiro, the lady and daughter of Col. Joaquin.
Ramos, Colonel Bonifacio.
Ramos, Colonel Pedro.
Revillo, Don Joaquin and lady.
Rhodes, Mr William A. and lady.
Riglos, Don Miguel de and lady.
Rolon, General Mariano B. and lady.
Romero, Don Pedro lady and daughter.
Rosas, His Excellency the Governor and the Señorita Manuela.
Rosas, Señora Corina.
Rosas, Señora Doña Mercedes Fuentes de.
Russel, Captain Robert of H.B.M.’s ship Actaeon.
Sagui, Colonel Andres.
Salomon, Colonel Julian Gonzalez.
Sanchez, Colonel Valerio.
Shaw Mr Thomas.
Sheridan, Mr Hugh.
Sheridan, Mr James.
Sheridan, Mr Peter.
Sillitoe, Mr Thomas.
Slade, Alfred M., Esq., Consul of the United States of North America, lady and Miss Agnes Slade.
Smith, Mr David.
Smith, Mr John.
Soler, General Miguel E., lady and daughter.
Souza Diaz, The Chevalier Don Luis, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary from H.M. the Emperor of Brazil, and private secretary.
Stewart, Mr William.
Thwaites, Mr Joshua and lady.
Torres, Don Lorenzo.
Vela, Don Pedro and lady.
Vicar General of the Diocese, The Rev.
Victorica, Señor Bernardo, Chief of Police, and lady.
Walker, Mr George.
Watson, Purser E. A. of United States ship Marion.
Wells, Passed Midshipmen George of United States ship Marion.
Wheelwright, Assistant Surgeon of United States ship Marion.
Winslow, Passed Midshipmen Francis of United States ship Marion.
Wright, Mr Angus.
Zimmermann, John C., Esq., Consul for the City of Hamburgh, lady and Miss Leonora Zimmermann.
Zuñiga, Don Tomas Garcia de.

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